More Escalation in Donbass: DPR/DNR Commander 'Motorola' Assassinated by Suspected Kiev Regime Bomb

For the numerologists and observers of esoteric clues among RogueMoney's readership and authors like @BanksterSlayer, Pavlov was killed in his 33rd year on October 16th (in the 8th month of Roman calendar on the 8 x 2 day, in the 8 x 2 year = '16). Other significant dates in the recent Cold War 2.0 have involved the greenlight for Georgia's attack on Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia on 08/08/2008 (three eights during the Beijing Olympics which had their own meaning in Chinese astrology) and the false flag shoot down of MH17 on 07/16/2014 (anniversary of the regicide of the Tsar Nicholas II and the Royal Martyrs, a 'black holiday' to post-Soviet nation Satanists). 

In a video recorded during the battle for the Donetsk Airport, in which 'Motorola's Sparta battalion played a major role, Arseniy Sergeyevich Pavlov spoke about how "even if we aren't here one day, others will replace us". A native of Russia's Komi region, Pavlov was not a tall man but a leader of men, who leaves behind his widow Elena and two children. Almost needless to say, the Wikipedia page accusing Motorola of executing POWs and other war crimes has been 'curated' by the Security Service of Ukraine or 'journalists' effectively under SBU control. Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP) war correspondent Alexandr "Sasha" Kots rejects Ukrainian claims that Motorola killed or tortured Ukrainian POWs (though there is video anyone can see online of Motorola's comrade Givi punching a Ukrainian colonel in the face and humiliating several UAF soldiers on camera). Russian journalists from published 22 photos they took from Motorola's time in the Donbass, where he was one of the lieutenants of the 'Russian Spring' in Donetsk, Lugansk and Slavyansk which turned into the uprising against the U.S.-installed post-Maidan coup Kiev regime. 

There will certainly be other commanders, including Motorola's comrade in arms 'Givi', who will lead the breakaway republics forces into battle again this winter, as escalation -- including tit for tat assassinations of Ukrainian Azov or 'Donbass' Battalion commanders -- appears inevitable. In a quickly called press conference Sunday night, DPR/DNR Prime Minister Alexandr Zakharchenko referred to Motorola's assassination as a 'declaration of war' (Russian language video with English subtitles below):

As for the perpetrators and the widely discussed topic of what the DNR/LNR will do in retaliation, or more accurately how far Moscow will let them go to send a message, Sasha Kots has posted a tweet by the (Nazi SS flag wavers) of the Azov Battalion's 'Misanthropic Division' group boasting about if not exactly taking responsibility for Motorola's death. Oblivious to how much he sticks out like a sore thumb when visiting Mariupol, where the occupying Azov Battalion parades ISIS-style through the streets in Toyota/Mitsubishi technical pickups, 'ex' Swedish 'white power warrior' Mikael Skillt also reveled on Twitter in Motorola's slaying. Skillt, who has denied any ongoing links to the Swedish military that trained him as a sniper or pro-NATO politicians in Stockholm like Carl Bildt (he now claims to work for 'NGOs' after Azov, having realized traveling Europe to recruit more NATO Foreign Legionnaires and supporting a wife in Kiev can't be plausibly done on his old official battalion salary of 300 euros a month equivalent in UAH), attributed the hit to Ukrainian 'stay behind groups'. We wonder if it has occurred to him just how many infiltrators the DNR/LNR or more likely the GRU have inside Mariupol:

The Russia Analyst isn't personally threatening any one, least of all former NATO 'Foreign Legionnaires' like Skillt we've never met and pray we will never meet. But we do notice like most sociopaths or psychopaths they are utterly convinced of their own un-touchability, particularly as foreigners in the Ukrainian armed forces. In actuality, Azov is not a part of the Ukrainian Army, but a unit of Kiev's Interior Ministry and some have alleged, Arseniy Avakov's private army whose leader Andre Biletskiy has frequently threatened the Poroshenko administration over 'betrayals' of Ukro-nationalist ideals such as the Minsk accords.

Motorola had admitted the prospect of his own death, he survived multiple assassination attempts before the enemy finally got him. But these Nazi standard-waving scumbags don't seem to understand that in the war planned for a President Hillary 'war hag' Clinton, whatever incentive Russia has had to not fry Azov's barracks on the edge of Mariupol with a single Kalibr missile (and then deny it the way the U.S. denied deliberately bombing Syrian troops at Deir Ez Zor) or carpet bomb their positions with Backfire bombers will be gone.

These Waffen SS wannabes also don't seem to even consider that Moscow's actual spetsnaz (and not the teenagers, truck drivers and coal miners they've been fighting in the LDNR) likely have missile-armed drones they could use for assassinations in places like Mariupol. The GRU/FSB's arsenal likely now includes man portable 'switchblade' kamikaze models copied from the Israeli drones sold to Russia's arms trade partner Azerbaijan, which Baku's forces used in the recent Ngorno-Karabakh fighting.'s NATO 'vacationer' contributors and Bild propagandastaffel member 'Jihad' Julian Roepcke think fighting Russia's foreign legion in Donbass is fighting the actual Russian Army and Air Force, even without a single documented air strike from the latter since Kiev declared an 'Anti-Terror Operation' against the Donbass militia in April 2014. Yeah, sure.

Perhaps these fools have convinced themselves the porous lines and bribe taking conscripts of the Ukrainian Army will prevent any truck laden with hidden explosives/thermobaric RPGs/Kornets in the hold from reaching Mariupol, Kharkov, or Odessa -- to partisans ready to use them against the local Azov/Right Sector UkroNazis or the SBU. But we can't really imagine why, given the incompetence of the SBU and their far greater success at arresting and torturing dissidents with the now cliched 'separatist in their underwear' videos than actual members of the Novorossiya or Transcarpathia underground.  

While the SBU desecrates Old Glory by flying it in front of their headquarters (reportedly featuring an entire wing occupied by CIA officers) in Kiev, where they 'disappear' and tortured 'suspected separatists', after many years of trying the U.S. couldn't secure the Green Zone in Baghdad from Iraqi insurgents' rocket or mortar fire. We don't think the SBU's overseers from northern Virginia or Ft. Meade can prevent Russian tit for tat retaliation over targeting commanders like Motorola against Ukrainian warlords all the way up the food chain to the Azov Battalion (now a political party's) Fuehrer, Andrey Biletskiy. Or should Zakharchenko himself be taken out, Biletsky and Azov's patrons, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arseniy Avakov and the UkroNazi 'Peacekeeper' hit list site promoter Anton Geraschenko. 

The Russia Analyst has no inside knowledge, but we strongly suspect the timing of this attack is intended like so many other threats dating to State Department spokesman John Kirby's rant about 'Russians coming home in body bags' from Syria earlier this month is to provoke Moscow ahead of the November elections. A vote which Hillary Clinton's increasingly unhinged and fanatical supporters both in and supposedly retired from the 'Deep State' like Mike Morell accuse Russian hackers of tampering with, thereby justifying a declaration of cyber-war. Russian President Vladimir Putin did not take the bait at the BRICS summit this past weekend in Goa, India.

Putin mentioned the NSA spies as much or more on America's allies like Germany as it does on Russia. Putin added that Vice President Joe Biden's overt declaration of cyber attacks against Russia was unprecedented in the history of U.S.-Russia relations, and that the two sides bear a special responsibility in light of Washington and Moscow's nuclear forces. Since Joe Biden declared the American response to Russian hacking that the U.S. provides nothing more than circumstantial evidence for will be at the time and place of Washington/Langley's choosing, we suspect the same will go for LDNR (Russian) retaliation to the hit on Motorola.

Someone once told me if an adversary is at war with you, then you're at war, whether you like it or not -- regardless of whether there's a Minsk2 agreement Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has renounced supposedly in place. If Washington is vowing to 'send Russians home in body bags' it's likely to discover that Putin is no Gorbachev bogged down in Afghanistan, and that Russia is more than capable of returning the favor in eastern Ukraine, Syria or southwestern Saudi Arabia and Yemen. No sane or patriotic American wants to see that happen, which is why the Russia Analyst has been warning in this space of a tit for tat covert war with the Russians and American coffins coming home to Dover AFB from Borispol airport in Kiev while labeled as coming from Bagram in Afghanistan since early 2015. But that scenario may be underway regardless, with only the thin reed that Americans might be able to defeat Hillary Clinton this November as a hope to prevent it.