Short Battle of Syraq SITREP 7: Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Receiving Pantsir Air Defense Systems

To further discourage any efforts at piecemeal American air strikes on Assad government forces that might try to skirt Russia's air defenses, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is being supplied with Pantsir air defense systems. These modern SAMs are designed to strike low to medium altitude aircraft and can engage drones or ground hugging planes and helicopters with rapid fire, high caliber cannons. As the Russians have made crystal clear, there will likely be no more Deir Ez Zor 'oopsie' incidents in which the U.S. bombs the SAA and then pretends it was trying to hit ISIS. Summarizing the situation and the emptyness of Washington's threats, Dmitry Orlov of the Club Orlov blog has written:

“The Americans are now without national leadership (neither Obama, nor Clinton, nor Trump qualify), without a plan (Plan B for Syria is no plan at all), and being carefully corralled and thwarted by other nations, which realize that even in its senescence and decrepitude the US remains dangerous. In response, the US will no doubt continue to make minor mischief around the world, continuing to try to make use of “terrorism by proxy” while periodically hurting itself and claiming that it was all the terrorists’ fault in order to be able to play the victim. These efforts are likely to be as self-defeating as the previous ones, but some of them may accidentally get out of hand and trigger a wider conflict.

And so I feel it safe to conclude that the largest remaining possible cause for a major war between the US and Russia is yet another American “Oops!” However, Russian diplomats, foreign policy experts and military men are consummate professionals, and are dedicated to preventing just such an accident. They remain involved in negotiations with the American side on multiple levels, keeping channels of communication open at all times. Although some people somehow got the erroneous notion that the US has broken off diplomatic relations with Russia, what in fact has happened is that the US has suspended bilateral negotiations with Russia over Syria, while multilateral efforts continue.

But Americans shouldn’t labor under the misapprehension that the Russians will remain infinitely accommodating. Recetly, the Russians took the Americans to the woodshed over their “accidental” bombing of Syrian troops at Deir-ez-Zor, which was clearly coordinated with ISIS, who went on attack immediately after the airstrike. This incident, which was a clear breach of the cease fire agreement, prompted the Russians to label the Americans with a particularly hurtful Russian word: ”недоговороспособные”—incapable of honoring an agreement. Some observers thought that the Deir-ez-Zor fiasco signaled that the Obama administration was no longer in control of the Pentagon, which was now running around like a headless chicken around a barnyard. This claim was bolstered when the Americans, or their terrorist proxies, then bombed a humanitarian convoy and attempted to pin the blame on the Russians.”


Good @snarwani analysis: leaks prove @HillaryClinton knowingly backs Syria jihadists to benefit Israel & SaudiArabia

— Charles Shoebridge (@ShoebridgeC) October 14, 2016

Southfront has been providing outstanding coverage of the rapid fall of multiple jihadi strong points around Aleppo to the SAA's assaults. The news that some of the last jihadi pockets in the Damascus suburbs are surrendering and accepting safe passage with their families to Al-Nusra/takfiri territory in Idlib certainly won't inspire the 'moderate rebels' left in Aleppo to fight on to the death. Nor will the news that the Russian aircraft carrying heavy missile cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov is passing through the English Channel with its escorts en route to Gibraltar and the Med encourage the jihadists that the relentless Russian bombing will stop any time soon due to the outcry in (post)Western media against Moscow.

#Russia saying to #USA who protect Jihadists: I go ahead with or without u. #Syria is not your playground but mine.

— Elijah J. Magnier (@EjmAlrai) October 15, 2016

To counter propaganda claims that the Russian Air Force (RuAF) is always bombing the last hospital in east Aleppo, ANNA News is releasing video interviews with the real Syrian civil defense and doctors at the restored al-Kinda Hospital in the government controlled part of the city, where the terrorists massacred wounded soldiers and medical staff alike months ago:

WOW Journalist was tortured by US backed Syrian rebels at one of these so called "hospitals" in #Aleppo

— Partisangirl (@Partisangirl) October 14, 2016

German blogger Moon of Alabama (MoA) summarizes the increasingly hopeless tactical situation of the jihadists in east Aleppo thus, and Washington's attempts to rebrand Al-Qaeda allies as 'moderates' in order to preserve them for fighting Assad another day:

“In other siege areas where the rebels gave up to the Syrian government the numbers of people coming out of them were much smaller than the original inhabitants. The numbers were also smaller than all prior estimates. Daraya, near Damascus, originally had some 80,000 inhabitants. The numbers of besieged people in Daraya the UN had given were variously between several ten-thousands and down to 8,000. When the evacuation of Daraya started the Syrian army estimated that 800-1,200 fighters and 4,000 civilians would come out. In the end the numbers of leaving fighters was some 600-700 and less than 2,000 civilians turned up to leave. The area was searched and all had left.

Based on the Daraya numbers and those of other sieges in Syria there are probably no more than 4-5,000 fighters and some 3-5 civilians per fighter, i.e. their immediate families, in east-Aleppo. The real total could easily be as low as 20,000.

But even then the al-Qaeda fighters will be still be the majority of the “rebels” in the city. It is implausible that their total number is now less than the number which were earlier announced to enter as reinforcement. The official spinmasters talking to Reuters obviously want the numbers to be very, very low to keep the al-Qaeda fighters unharmed and in place for future operations.

I am confident that neither the Syrian nor the Russian military will be a sucker for such bullshit. That role is reserved for “western” journalist and the the usual lobbyist-“analysts” who are employed by Qatar, the U.S. and other Jihadi sponsors.”


On other fronts, the SAA's elite Tiger Forces are attacking jihadist held towns along the Hama-Aleppo highway, seizing gas fields from the Islamic State. The renewed SAA assaults on ISIS positions come as Iraqi and Iranian media report the U.S. is pressuring Baghdad to give safe passage for ISIS terrorists from Mosul in northern Iraq to ISIS-held territory in Syria:

In conclusion, over one year after Moscow directly intervened in Syria at the behest of the Assad government, the Syrian war is far from over, but the 'moderate' jihadists and ISIS are in retreat. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his commanders have won a great victory for the forces of non-sectarian if not secular governance, and put an end to Exceptionalistan's regime change rampage in the region.

What happens next -- whether the Anglo-Globalist Empire accepts defeat or doubles down via military means -- may depend on the American voter.