Battle of Syraq SITREP 6: U.S. Backing Down in Syria or Setting Up a #BlameRussia October Surprise False Flag?


“MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia has built up its forces in Syria since a ceasefire collapsed in late September, sending in troops, planes and advanced missile systems, a Reuters analysis of publicly available tracking data shows.

The data points to a doubling of supply runs by air and sea compared to the nearly two-week period preceding the truce. It appears to be Russia’s biggest military deployment to Syria since President Vladimir Putin said in March he would pull out some of his country’s forces.

The increased manpower probably includes specialists to put into operation a newly delivered S-300 surface-to-air missile system, military analysts said.

The S-300 system will improve Russia’s ability to control air space in Syria, where Moscow’s forces support the government of President Bashar al-Assad, and could be aimed at deterring tougher U.S. action, they said.

”The S-300 basically gives Russia the ability to declare a no-fly zone over Syria,” said Justin Bronk, a research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in London.

”It also makes any U.S. attempt to do so impossible. Russia can just say: ‘We’re going to continue to fly and anything that tries to threaten our aircraft will be seen as hostile and destroyed’.”


US govt "officially" accuses Russia of hacking to placate Congress

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Is the Dominant Faction of the U.S. Deep State Using the Russian Card to Help Hillary?

In any 'limited' and provocateured clash, there's always the risk, despite the neocons assumption of U.S. military omnipotence and technological dominance, that American jets could come out of any game of chicken with Russia's S400/300s and Su-35s with embarrassing losses. 

#S300 VM ( RCS= radar cross section )

RCS target + max detection

0.5 Tomahawk = 277 km

1 F 18 Growler (jammer) = 370 km

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Hide and seek ruined for F 35 + F 22 vs multi band #NEBO-M

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all the illusions of #amateurs about the existence of ‘#invisible#jets will face a disappointing reality,” Konashenkov

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Far better, having put U.S.-Russia relations into the deep freeze and perhaps infiltrated the Trump camp via the neocon-ish comments of GOP Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence, to keep Cold War 2.0 where it currently is in order to save the real fireworks for after the war hag Queen takes office in January. But what if these assumptions are wrong, and the Teflon Don Trump brushes off the latest scandal about his supposed misogyny from off-color comments made years ago to pummel Hillary in this Sunday's presidential debates? Then the urgency of a conveniently timed shoot down of an American jet or another act of 'Russian aggression' may be just what the doctor ordered to save a plummeting Hillary's poll numbers from the menace of disgusted Bernie voters staying home or supporting Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

If U.S.-Russian forces do clash in an incident that only gets stopped due to rapid use of the Kheimmim-CENTCOM hotline, the Narrative of an eternally aggressive evil Russia can be affirmed, and the mainstream media can pretend that a sudden surge of veterans and Republicans switched from Trump to Hillary enough to put the War Hag Queen over the top. The Plan B in case of a Trumpslide as the Russia Analyst has mentioned earlier in this space, is to #BlameRussia #BlamePutin for 'hacking the voting machines' to help The Donald in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio.

Do distract from info released by hackers that are damning to Democrats. Focus on the Russians instead.

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Can Team Trump Take Preemptive Measures to Demonstrate That Voting Machines Aren't Linked to the Internet and Are Audited Before the Elections to Stop a Democrat 'Blame Putin's Hackers' for Trump Victories Scenario this November?

Unfortunately, the Russia Analyst has yet to see push back from Republican Attorney Generals and Secretaries of State in 'red' but contested states like Florida warning the Democrats and the feds that they will audit the voting machines to ensure they have no connections to the Internet and not to try the 'evil Rooskies padded Trump's tally' gambit to throw election results and the post-Obama succession into chaos, while blaming Putin for doing so. Maybe the steady war drums and allure of military industrial complex fiat cash is sufficient to keep even Republicans at the state level in line and not calling BS on any DHS or Democrat-run cybersecurity companies attempts to game the voting tally after the election, using foreign hackers' meddling as the false pretext. The Russia Analyst did reach out this weekend to the Guerrilla and ask him to convey our concerns on to people in the Trump camp that V knows, so hopefully preemptive defensive measures will be taken in the states where state officials are vigilant against a politicized DHS against such 'blame Putin's hackers for any Trump victories' fraud.

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An Election Of Leaks And Counter-Leaks

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The most recent story planted in the putty-pliant presstitute MSM, that Moscow's envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin, privately objected to the anti-Trump comments of a Jordanian Muslim representative to the world body, only serve to reinforce The Narrative among supposedly informed people who read The New York Times that Trump = the Kremlin candidate. Mike Pence's tough talk about how Obama emboldened 'Russian aggression', which is half-true if one considers sponsoring a violently anti-Russian coup in Ukraine and making violent threats of sponsoring terrorism against Russia emboldening, is certainly not going to be enough to get the Democrats off their 'Siberian candidate script'. Not when they're saddled with the most despised woman in America as their candidate or the Obama-nation that is the present 'economy' as their incumbent's legacy. Of course they're going to talk about the Russians or Trump's secretly recorded reference to a crude word for the female anatomy endlessly, rather than Hillary's sycophantic pandering to her bosses aka a roomful of Goldman Sachs banksters -- or her stated globalist dreams of a borderless North and South American Union.

D.C.'s Dirty Deep State Can't Tip the Scales for Hillary Without Leaks/Pushback

Having the stage set with coy comments from an intelligence community press release that might as well have been written by the DNC, and with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on standby 'just in case' the IC's assessment turns out to be wrong and you really can rig a Diebold voting machine in Sarasota from a computer in Siberia, the cynical Russia Analyst sees all the bases being covered against a Trump victory. Perhaps the newest member of Team Rogue Money, RM's Mideast correspondent 'The Prince' who is making his debut in the RM Magazine this autumn, is spot on with his grim forecast: that the fix is in for Hillary. Or is it? We've yet to see the biggest salvos fired from Wikileaks or Trump challenge Hillary to her face about what the millions donated by the Saudis and Qataris to Clinton Foundation bought in terms of State Department and CIA support for 'moderate' Al-Qaeda from Libya to Syria when she was Secretary of State and afterward.

Like the Guerrilla we prefer hope and rationally observing the undeniable absence of any enthusiasm for HRC over the 2012 experience. Nonetheless, the signs that the 'U.S. intelligence community' by which the media actually means the political appointees at the top of the NSA, CIA and DHS are closing ranks around the globalist uni-party of war in D.C. is not encouraging. Neither is the cognitive dissonance avoided on the part of supposedly anti-Hillary ex-spooks like John R. Schindler (aka @20Committee aka the @20CONmittee), who rightly condemn the FBI's flagrant obstruction of justice and license for Hillary to perjure herself, but can't consider that the same Bureau might also exaggerate the evidence of Russian hacking against the DNC to help Hillary as well. 

As many loyal Americans in the lower to middle levels of organizations like the FBI realize that their agencies are being politicized in favor of globalist Democrats and against any America firster or 'isolationist' Americans like Trump, we can only hope that more leaks revealing the partisan hackery and in the case of the CIA, treasonous arming of America's jihadist enemies will come out. The reaction of the NSA to the latest 'leaker' who took highly classified data home with him suggests a frantic mole hunt, with the suspect in custody not fitting the bill of the individual(s) behind the scenes who may have aided Snowden or whose leaks were attributed to now Moscow-exiled Ed.

In a forthcoming post, we'll have more to say about the recent reporting of about how U.S. special forces soldiers inside Syria -- ironically the same men who might be the subject of Russian retaliation if the neocons initiate hostilities against Russia's forces -- hate the 'moderate' jihadists they're training. In addition to reporting the JSOC guys' 'f--- it, we're training the next generation of jihadis' disgust over their mission and dealings with the 'moderate' Syrian rebels, some of whom threatened to kill them in the town of Al-Rai a few weeks ago, SOFREP is also turning its ink barrels on the Syrian jihadists and Saudi/Qatar lobby advocates in Washington.

The Options for the Empire of Chaos/Exceptionalistan After Moscow's Declared NFZ

Returning to the subject of the Syraq theater, we see the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its Iranian and Hezbollah allies continuing their grinding advance against the 'moderate' jihadists besieged in east Aleppo. The jihadist offensive in north Hama province meant to take some of the pressure off Aleppo has also collapsed into bickering and fleeing takfiri groups. UN envoy Steffan de Mistura has appealed to Moscow for a ceasefire that would permit many rebels and their families to leave the encircled enclave, which UN Amb. Samantha Power claims has 275,000 civilians left in it, but in reality may only hold 50,000 souls or less (with a fifth of those male combatants).

De Mistura has accused Moscow of taking an excessively hard line and of indifference to civilian casualties, claiming that only a few hundred of the jihadists in east Aleppo are actually members of the UNSC designated terrorist group Jabhat-al-Nusra, recently rebranded as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham. But that still leaves thousands more who, even if the 'Nusrats' weren't rejecting any surrender, would never stand down unless their Saudi and Qatari paymasters permitted them to leave.

The way media talks about #Aleppo , you would think whole city population is under siege. Truth is 85% of pop. is in govt. controlled areas

— Beauchard (@DougFlagel) October 9, 2016

Moscow says it's open to safe corridors for rebels and their families to leave east Aleppo, but will not permit any Security Council resolution to pass declaring a no fly zone barring Russian and Syrian aircraft over the city. Allowing jihadists and their relatives to leave east Aleppo would follow the model the Syrian-Russian Center for Reconciliation at Kheimmim has pursued in other war town urban enclaves like Hama and the eastern suburbs of Damascus, where rebels were bus-ed out with their families to jihadist-held Idlib in order to avert further bloodshed and reduction of the areas to rubble.

Shipping the rebels out also frees up the SAA's most limited resource, its precious manpower, for operations on other fronts where the enemy refuses to surrender. But the point is mostly moot as the 'Nusrats' are reportedly mining escape routes out of east Aleppo and threatening civilians who want to accept the Syrian government's offer to flee with death. Not that Samantha Power has anything to say about that, or other war crimes of the 'moderate' jihadists whom the State Department spokesman admits Washington hasn't bombed in months, if ever. No wonder this crew of belligerent incompetents is reduced to making threats -- or rather, dialing them back after Moscow responded by saying, 'Bring it on, the S300/400s are ready'. Commenting on the standoff, retired Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analyst and Army Colonel Patrick Lang had this to say: 

“I once asked the boys and girls from the WINEP and ISW [Institute for the Study of War a neocon think tank - JWS]/Kagan thinkeries where they got their information. That is an awkward habit I have that can be summed up as “how do you know that?” In the case of these citadels of exalted brooding the information is almost all sourced to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (an activity of MI-6). This of course makes all the numbers suspect. Nobody knows how many civilians and rebel fighters are in Aleppo.

The UN will investigate Russian activities in Syria? So what? The Russians will veto anything they don’t agree with. That’s real life folks.

The war party in the US is growing steadily in the halls of supposed power. The American people, to the extent that they think about distractions from actual life, do not want war with anyone. Least of all do they want war with Russia, but, it may happen, provoked by the chauvinists in both US political parties.

The Israelis now realize that the Russians have already shot down a couple of their aircraft and that they now do not command the skies over Syria. This is a game changer.

Natanyahu has asked Putin to mediate the Israeli/Palestinian dispute. This is another game changer. The US and especially our useless, arrogant and impotent State Department has clutched the ownership rights over the Palestine Question to its bosom for decades refusing to let the Europeans have any role at all.

The war party; McCain, Lindsay Graham, their staffers et al are doing their best to provoke a war in the insane belief that the Russians will back away from us before that happens and that if they don’t back away we can destroy them without being destroyed.

I am old. I lived through the great days of the US. I am ready for the cataclysm that may come soon. pl ”


Rumors of Covert Tit for Tat Strikes Between U.S. and Russia

As the gentleman the Virginia State Senator Richard Black tells Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) in the video above, there can be no illusions at the Pentagon anymore, if not among the idiots on Capitol Hill and Saudi-Qatari funded neolibcon think tankistan, that the Russians will back down if their forces are bombed or Tomahawk'd alongside the Syrians. Launching strikes on Assad's forces means killing Russian advisers, and that means war. Moscow has already hinted, through Eurasianist ideologue Alexander Dugin and his Katehon think tank, that Russian personnel were killed or injured in the 'accidental' U.S. bombing of Syrian Arab Army troops at Deir Ez Zor. Moscow has made it clear there will be no further 'accidents' allowed without retaliation against American planes or personnel, and hinted via its propaganda that Americans were already struck by Kalibr missiles along with Israelis, Saudis and Qataris at a support facility for the 'moderate' jihadists in the hills along the Aleppo-Idlib province border.

False Flags and Rumors of False Flags: Who's Playing With FlightTracker?

So if the option of direct confrontation with the Russian military is deemed too risky, what's left? How about an October Surprise false flag in which the Russian Air Force is blamed for bombing U.S. troops in what can be sold as a Russian act of revenge for Deir Ez Zor? The stage has already been set, and the U.S. F/A-18s have been painted in the exact same colors as RuAF SU-34s for this purpose, if you believe some of the Internet chatter picked up by Moon of Alabama and 'Scott' at the Saker blog:

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Syria - Is The U.S. Preparing A "False Flag" Bombing?

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.@katMotja похоже пиндосы маскируют свои самолеты чтобы радары видели в них русские самолеты

Flight tracker "увидел" 2 azaz909

— Scott's Humor (@ScottsHumor) October 9, 2016

#FlightTrackers "see" #RuAF AWACS planes flying over Maryland and Washington


— Scott's Humor (@ScottsHumor) October 9, 2016

It isn't clear that these F/A-18s painted for Red Flag or 'Top Gun' style aggressor simulation training at or near Nellis AFB in Nevada are anywhere close to Syria at the moment, or headed that way. Therefore while the situation bears watching, it should also be pointed out here at RogueMoney as we have many times before that there are some 'white hats' in the U.S. military, from the lowest to the highest ranks, who want nothing to do with an engineered war with Russia. So there are more than just Russian intelligence or independent bloggers eyes on what elements of the Dirty Deep State are up to, there's also people inside trying to prevent a serious provocation designed to bolster Hillary Rotten Clinton, if not set the stage for her to take the U.S. to war with the Russians.

Masha Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, has clearly had enough

The Russia Analyst isn't sugarcoating it, we are entering the most dangerous months for humanity since 1983 if not 1962. But we aren't saying go hide in your basement with tins of cat food awaiting the nuclear holocaust either. There is still hope to advert a global conflagration if 'the good guys' can expose what the bad guys are doing. As W's friend Juan Savin once wrote in this space, let us pray.