Business “Truthers” in an Angry Search for Critical Mass

A business’s very success or failure can reside within the confines of a good marketing program.  But if no one is seeing or hearing the message, then you haven’t a prayer of selling any products or solutions.  Recently I had the privilege of communicating with a pretty high level thinker from the UK.  One idea became crystal clear, the messages of financial truth aren’t remotely close to reaching an important level of critical marketing mass.  Then behold, I had what I perceived to be a “light bulb” moment that I had to share with him……..

My brilliant solution was that we need a larger sales force to deliver the message.  I got the impression he may have already thoroughly understood that business solution, and he was polite enough to let me bask in my own brilliance.  But my marketing epiphany led to an immediate same evening telephone call to “The SilverBack” at which point I sensed I might very well have been behind the marketing curve.  More later, but first some news, followed by some pretty sharp cookies on the interview trail.  A trail that will finally lead to a hopeful critical mass of “Paul Revere Messaging”……. Speaking of messaging, don’t miss the ‘audio’ version of “The Final Thoughts” segment with some howling by your hairy host.

                                            Hard Asset Tip and News Segment

Check out the following link for some detailed metals investment percentages supplied by Mr. Steve St. Angelo, a regular to the Wolf Gray news advisory pages…

In the above link Steve provides great graphs and supporting analysis.  At this late juncture of the King Dollar failure, I have to admit to being a big believer in the, ‘don’t waste time talking, just do something’ philosophy in your physical pm inventory ‘build.’  Personal preferences on percentages have been mentioned many times before, but once again with respect to silver and gold, I believe that 75% or more of your allocations to physical precious metals should be in silver with the remainder in gold.  With a good portion of the gold allocation in what I like to improperly term ‘fractional gold,’ or in this case the ‘gram bar units.’  Anything larger than that in gold stacks, say like the one ounce and up category, should possibly be considered long term savings or better yet something for usage on the big big ticket items.  As always, attempt to buy recognizable brands from reputable dealers, and with respect to gold try sticking with LBMA certified products.

Feel free to throw corresponding questions at me in the comments section.  If I can’t answer them, I know plenty of folks who can.  

Please note that yesterday, the 5th, I talked to one of the top precious metals dealers in the southeast, and he said for the moment there was still plenty of gold and silver to be had.  Their operation which is very large, at least large by most retail standards is having plenty of traffic.  Unlike a year ago they have been able to source plenty of inventory for customers.  Folks he didn't say this, but I will buy now while the doors are wide open.   I suspect his tune will change once again, and the next time could very well be for good.

                                                      News to Use & Abuse

This week there will be less paper news, but more presented in the video or audio vaults.  First it is time to bring back the “Who gives a shit” news release…….

Nothing else needs to be said with respect to the above farce.  Stepping up in class, but still a bit of a farce with a bite of business meat to it, check this out……..

It ain’t the paper, it’s the paper pushers that need shredding.  Many times I am presented with questions, questions that ask for proof of the US isolation.  The proof can be gathered from US headlines on a daily basis, but here is one that caught my attention….

Using the above headline, can you recall a time where we were losing so many allies in such a compressed time frame?  I can’t!

You know I hate to be classified as a conspiracy theorist, but how about throwing me a “realist-theorist” moniker.  Check this next link out…..

Is it a conspiracy when the following events can be chronicled in a very compressed time frame?  First up; about a month ago we had the German government telling it's citizens, for all intents and purposes, to become "preppers!"  And then just a week prior to the above link’s headline, witness the massive protest in the streets of German cities against the TTIP, and now we see the headline in the link above.  Seems rather convenient wouldn't you say?  I don’t smell a conspiracy anywhere!  And for those of you in America that think this has nothing to do with you, you best be prepared to take a “chill pill!”  Because when the final economic ‘fall-out’ hits, I bet you will clearly recall headlines like the ones described in this paragraph.  Believe me it has everything to do with the western banksters and the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be).

In the next interview with the esteemed Dr. Jim Willie, the theme seems to revolve around the growing difficulties providing seamless payments for goods and services, with the biggest problems directed squarely at the units for payment.  Specifically the King Dollar.  Dr. Willie takes on the key problems in the pre, the post and the current ‘transactional payment’ world, and shows how the King Dollar is the payment medium or solution on a steep decline, or in total rejection.

@ First 5 minutes... Here Jim lays out detailed reasons for why NATO will blow up.  Clearly for those paying attention he is correct, as it is an ongoing event.

@ 8:50...The question is asked how will the EU will become irrelevant?  Dr. Willie reaffirms that the defiance of the US led Russian sanctions stand out as how the EU has become irrelevant. Primarily by the fact no one is paying attention to the sanctions, and are instead doing business in the face of political theater directed at the Russians.  This serves as another confirmation of prior installments on '’  Just another in a long list of points that indicate the US/EU is a only a paper dictator.  Just the fact that as of yet no EU nations have signed on to the TTIP serves as “proof positive” that the action is contrary to the political theater. 

@ 13:10...Here Dr. Willie discusses the fact that the US T-Bills are having trouble as the form of payment in shipping.  And the rejections of the US paper is starting to make some real noise, which would tend to merit some truth to some of the stories.  Business logic and a little speculation seems to lend credence to this theory, after all “where there is smoke there is fire.”  He also says China may be on the verge of offering a gold trade short term RMB note.  Seen as the solution to resolving the problems at shipping ports.  Put simply, the start of something fresh and honest to circumvent the stalled business created by the un-trusted US paper.  Another among the many things that rings the bells of logic in common sense business.  Why would I say that?  You have to have the ability to trust the exchange for payment.  Trust, as in the legal tender unit ain't going to be going out of style due to continued moronic Zimbabwe monetary policy, like QE.

@ 22:00...Note Dr. Willie's brilliant explanation of easy money to the elite.  Then he heads into the more complicated subject of…RMB means money in the Yuan denomination.  The RMB will be included into the IMF, raising the total to 5 currencies included.  Will the new SDR have a different makeup for the IMF bond transactions?  Possibly and a likely dumping of the US bonds for Chinese debt.  The western leaning banksters are trying to make an SDR gold backed bond.  This is more corruption for the world, and the banksters running things without skipping much of a beat.  The bottom line is, we will see lots of lies and story telling for the amounts of western gold on hand, followed by gold confiscation of other countries.  Hopefully Russia and China will win out, as our team of banksters have proven themselves to be corrupt to the core.  The banksters aren't out of the loop entirely, but thankfully they are on the run.

@ 36:30...Note the discussion of the ARAMCO sale, which based on backward math and accounting for the values of the 10% sale of ownership rights, it would yield a potential 11 trillion dollar value.  Jim lays out an interesting theory of China stepping in and 'ponying up the dough,’ which could be followed by a near instant switch by the Saudi's to start doing sales of oil in the RMB.  And get this action, his theory is any other countries wishing to trade in RMB would be welcomed.   One has to admit it just makes common business sense. 

@ 38:20Here Jim notes the obtuse accusations from the Empire of Chaos over the 9/11 events and how it could blow up in the US's face.  And it is very possible that the Saudi's will not stand for the accusations without sending hot monetary missiles right back to the US elites (paper dumping, and they have a lot).  Rather interesting monetary counter attacks to come to the US shores.   All of which guarantees a rush to the arms of the Chinese and the Russians for the furthering of new business partnerships that have real money at it's core.  Can we be any damned dumber?

@ 39:50…Here the point is highlighted that the Saudi's are currently setting up shop or working with the Russians on oil marketing, and with the Chinese on business investment in oil products.   Makes sense to me!

@ 40:55Here Dr. Willie notes that Algeria and Nigeria already accept oil sales in RMB, as preciously reported by Ken Schortgen Jr. in prior '' articles.  Do we see a trend here?  Of course, but I see one that is more important but less obvious, there is no growth in "King" dollar usage, absolutely none over the past several years, only decline.  Making it the outgoing King to be sure.   Folks there is no stopping this, and if you are on the receiving end, you must make plans accordingly.  It's just business, and it is us the SU sheeple that will be taking the brunt of the economic pain here.  You must hunker down, and then prepare for some really really hard work on the other side of this chaos.  Following all of this Dr. Willie goes on a mainstream media rant.  Pretty darn good stuff too.

@ 45:30...Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner.....Dr. Willie nails it.  Here he is describing the very theory proposed on the pages of RM, where we have been sounding the alarms to the "Corralling of Your Money," and that is to accomplish what?  To corral you and your money.  Period....End of story...! What other reason could it be?

@ 49:55...A new forecast by Dr. Willie is that the 401K's and the IRA's will be steered into the government debt funds.  Note his reasoning is based on a domestic launch of a new dollar.  WG has been screaming this for a couple years, and it was due to my background in financial product sales, and the language that was creeping in many investment prospectuses and contracts that had me screaming “get out!”  I love having confirmation that I respect from a guy like Dr. Jim Willie, especially when all theories lead to the same solution, the same solution that has been repeated over & over & over here.  GOTS, “Get Out of The System.”  You have been warned, please prepare yourselves.

@ 54:00...A discussion ensues with regards to the Treasury yield’s potential cratering.  Note how Dr. Willie follows that with a discussion on how we have been in a very powerful recession, and that it is now becoming quite clear.   Let one Wolf Gray add that it is clear to me that without the dark money of the ESF, (Exchange Stabilization Fund) you could toss recession out with the bath water, it would be a depression.  And that revelation will come at future sentencing by Mrs. Economic Mother Nature.

@ 1:10:00...October, per Dr. Willie, could be a month of big surprises.  He follows this with another rant on the totally paid off, msm.   Great stuff, delivered with passion.

Next up a big statement from Mr. Gold, Jim Sinclair.  “The most dangerous period in history!”  Please note I have a slight disagreement regarding the state of the elite/PPPTB control at the 34:20 mark.  Also note, V had an interview with Bill Holter on Monday the 3rd of Oct., but I didn’t have the time to properly screen it, and transfer it to paper…….

@ 3:10...Bill Holter speaks the truth, at least as far as I am concerned.  It doesn't matter what rumors or quick fixes swirl around Deutsche Bank (D.B.), it will still fail.  I agree fully, and the short of that is, "It's just business"..(WG)

@ 7:00...Jim Sinclair says we are in the most dangerous economic times in world history.  Followed up shortly thereafter by Bill Holter's statement about the other unfunded side of the D.B. derivatives exposure.  Unfunded because D.B. isn't anywhere in the ball park for covering the 75 trillion of derivatives exposure.  In fact they aren't even within miles of the funding stadium.  A time bomb for sure, one where the fuse may be lit.

@ 10:35…Here the discussion goes to whatever comes out of the Syrian conflict which headlines the US and Russia, Mr. Sinclair feels, and so do I, that Russia would come out on top, and thus it is unlikely to result in a full blown WWIII.  Note the additional heads up from Joseph P. Farrell in this interview yielding the fact the US is run by outside sources.

@ 24:30…Here we have an interesting way to look at why China and Russia continue to accumulate gold.  Different verbiage from the past WG theories.  That being said it is still a great usage of excess capital being properly put to work as 'in-house' business insurance.  Sort of the same result, but Mr. Sinclair states it differently than I do. 

@ 29:15…Here Jim Sinclair has the best quote I have heard to date regarding the western world situation, and more specifically the USA.  Jim Sinclair, "We are in a world which is being orchestrated by the loosest cannons that ever existed.  The most dangerous period in world history is today!”  I sure wouldn't argue against that one.  Follow that up with the host and the interviewees agreeing to the fact the US suffers from a lack of the rule of law.  Good stuff!

@ 34:20...Interesting here as Sinclair says the Powers that be, or WG's “PPPTB,” are still in control at this moment, or D.B. would have already cratered (I detected this statement catching the host a bit off guard).  I for one "somewhat" disagree with this point and side with “V.”  Siding with the theory that they are already in the process of being out of control, and that is why D.B. is a major news item and very much in decline.  It is the measure of control that is in question.  Based on a few basics like AIIB popularity, BREXIT, Trump popularity, major policy failures by the west in the middle east and in the EU, not to mention dollar failures everywhere, I would say the PPPTB may still be at the control panels, but their panels are starting to short circuit and smoke rather badly.  Desperation is clear, and for me that spells the opposite of control, at least “total control.”  This is one of the few times I would disagree with these guys.

@ 35:20Mr. Sinclair says, "the short term will probably show the dollar staying up, indicating false strength, but that is only due to weaker currencies in the currency index basket.  In the long term, inflation or a loss of buying power is the future outlook for the dollar.”  (paraphrasing)

@ 40:40…Here Mr. NWO is highlighted, George H.W. Bush.  SGT Report indicates that over 200 plus mentions of the NWO was used in speeches by Mr. Bush.  And then they finish with the common idea of "Being Prepared."  Nothing else matters, and spot on with the analysis by the guys in this interview.  A point made here over and over and over "All Roads Lead to the same Solutions!”  Just get prepared!


                                                   Reaching Critical Sales Mass

In this next interview with Rory Hall, “V” gives a great sales pitch to add to the necessary critical mass for the awakening of the sheeple.  A first rate sales pitch requires great client references, or in this case, intel sources (see 39:40 mark), plus a superb knowledge of the product landscape.  Landscape, as in the knowledge of the AIIB, or the ravages of ‘stagflation,’ the effects of believing the FED’s jawboning on rate hikes, or detailing the potential of a Saudi US paper ‘dump.’  This is a pro knowing his product, and outlining the “features & benefits.”  This is reverse psychology selling from the “features and benefits,” which means that the “features” embodied in the economic storms that are approaching lead to the only logical solution.  The “benefits” that are a part of a well thought out DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio)…!   All leading to one “closing argument or statement” defining the establishment of your goals for preparations against the winds of change, change that will be coming from the inevitable King Dollar failure/collapse.  A collapse that is not a possibility, but a 100% certainty. WG

Enjoy the interview, listen to the “features” and visualize the “benefits” delivered by a real pro, and ask yourself what are you doing right and what are you doing wrong…..?  Wrong, as in nothing!

@ 2:15Here “V” lays out ideas for the rescue of Deutsche Bank.  For example: The German government owning some of D.B. and or other banking entities and governments getting involved in the D.B. rescue, but no one wants them as they are totally radio-active.  Now there is a signal to prepare.

@ 5:00…Here we have a discussion of a complete line up of issues facing Saudi Arabia, and the future power plays that may follow…

@ 9:00“V” highlights how the Saudi's know the US is throwing them under the bus, so they have been making moves away from the west, note the deep intel. from “V.”  WG’s take on it, "It's Business" and the "Kingdom" is moving over to the new power player on the block with an apparent greater belief in "honest" business expansion, "The BRICS & Associates.”  Led by China and Russia!  Bottom line, the Saudi's, and they ain't the lone rangers, knew the US is on the way out, and there is a new sheriff in town.  And he is riding in from the east.  If this isn’t laying out the “features” which clearly lead to the “benefits” of proper preparations, I don’t know what does.

@ 13:00...Will the Saudi's dump their massive US treasury holdings? 

@ 18:00...Note the refresher from "The Guerrilla" on the IMF heading possibly to Beijing, China.  In fact “V” restates a very solid theory for the IMF to be absorbed by the AIIB (Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank).  This is high level business maneuvering folks.  A maneuvering to kick the dollar under the bus.  Note the heads up discussions that follow on the theory that China is getting into the IMF as a gold play.  Great 5-6 minutes, please pay close attention, as more “features” are laid bare for the informed to see.

@ 27:25...The reassurance of a standard RM mantra that we are heading to a collapse regardless of the outcome of the election.  This will also lead to the titled subject matter later in the installment, a subject of possibilities of reaching critical mass in controlling the narrative of the truth.

@ 32:00...A rate hike discussion ensues.  “V” makes sense of it here while highlighting some key “features” as he reiterates that there is no price discovery, and thus there is no market.  Any major rate moves to the upside will destroy the gambling casino described by the derivative bubble blowing machinery.  I totally agree with “V” & Rory. If they do start hiking rates it is a signal by the PPPTB that it is "game over, so who cares now, let's blow it up!"  And the implied solution with quality benefits is?  DHAP!

@ 36:00...“V” puts forth the theory of stagflation, no growth in the economy combined with higher prices.   I concur, because of our addiction to imports, which takes control away from the importing source.  The USSA, formerly the USA.

@ 39:40...Listen to the identification of “V’s” key connections within the Chinese government, and the unique views.  And please grasp the value of the intel he delivers, as it comes from deep within the banksters competition.  We have been offered, we the USA, a seat at the business tables, and we, the now USSA, rejected it.  That once again doesn't surprise me, arrogance run amuck usually yields such answers.  But what sort of excuse can we the sheeple make for our morons in charge, excuses for not doing something to assist with our own nation's business development plans?  The excuse is simple, and “It’s just business, bad business.”  …………

Business embodied by fascist “features” with no “benefits” for our business partners.  Witness the failed TPP and the TTIP both the blue prints for fascism.  And in real time, no real business is taking place on USSA soil in spite of the fact it is super resource rich.  Continuing with a rant from last week, we probably have the best natural resources on God's green earth, and yet we scorn the development of "The New Silk Road” while sitting on our arses and doing nothing to supplement our own business growth.  All the while the infrastructure is failing. Lazy morons is the operative term.  Bottom line, the Wolf Gray says a massive beat down will happen on US soil, it is already happening and will continue.  Folks, get the hell over it, it ain't no business cycle.   Time to visit some lines on the “Real World”

                                I wonder what it's like to be the head honcho
                                I wonder what I'd do if they all did just what I said
                                I'd shout out an order, I think we're out of this man get me some
                                Boy don't make me wanna change my tone, my tone
                                Straight up, what did you hope to learn about here
                                If I were someone else, would this all fall apart
                                Strange, where were you, when we started this gig
                                I wish the real world, would just stop hassling me…..MatchBox Twenty
                    I got an answer “Get Out of the System”….”GOTS” tip of the Hat to Jim Sinclair

The good news, based on conversations with the Wolfpack, is I still suspect a rebirth of real Americans responding to the call to rebuild once the dust settles.  Only if the “Truth Sales Forces” can reach critical mass, and beat back the on-going ravages to freedom via fascist chicken shit ‘bs’…!   WG

Next up is another sales pro.  A pro who knows the value of preparing ahead of the storm, Rob Kirby.  Folks, Wolf Gray, a pretty fair salesman himself, will give you some personal tips on helping us reach the critical mass necessary for the “Truth” to take off.  Stay tuned until the “Final Thoughts” audio segment.  Please stay tuned to the end.  But first up, another part of the “getting the message out” sales team, Rob Kirby……….

@ 1:54...At this point there is a litany of quotes replayed from the EU parliament by the host Mr. Dave Janda: "Prison for all the criminals involved, for stealing from us."  They didn't say stealing but I will, and that is exactly what has happened here. Then @ 4:25...Rob Kirby gives a perfect one word descriptor for the globalist bankster mindset, "detached.”  I had a long talk with my buddy Manfred Mueller this past weekend, and the conversation stayed on the globalist not medical news.  And the word Kirby used “detached” fits perfectly with a description from Mr. Mueller, we the regular folks are in an invisible bubble governed by laws, some immoral laws, but the elite literally reside outside the bubble and do what they want with total impunity.  A.K.A. …. “Detached”….And speaking of words starting with a “D”…..

@ 9:15...Deutsche Bank (D.B.) and it's associated problems come up, along with it's associated brethren.  All attacked perfectly by the doctor of the debt markets, Rob Kirby.  Rob offers up this superb analysis, "the only difference between Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan, or Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs, or Deutsche Bank and Citbank, or Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley, is the difference in the regulating authority (paraphrasing)....!"   Interesting, in the midst of that statement around the 10:21 mark he suggest that JP Morgan's derivative exposure could be even larger than D.B's.  Then note that Rob feels the underlying difference is the regulating authorities in the US allow their banks to skirt the rules more effectively than the regulating authorities who oversee Deutsche Bank.  In short, BaFin (the D.B. regulators) is more up to speed on honest banking than the US regulators.  Rob stated that freedom is permitted per the phrase, "Saving the banks are in the interest of national security."  Hmm, I think I hear "The Battle Hymn of the FASCISTS," playing in the background.  

Do we see any sales “features” here that lead to the clearest of “solutions?”  Yes, the one way answer that leads to the soon to be benefit superstar, a well thought out “DHAP,”

@ 13:15...Nothing new here, but Rob emphasizes that physical precious metal is the 'Achilles heel' of the fiat financial system.  Now there is a damned “benefit” folks!

@ 14:10...Rob lays it on the line regarding the LBMA and the Comex, and their ongoing fraudulent pricing.  Another sales pro highlighting the “features” that for my money require you to take action.

@ 16:25…Here a discussion ensues about the huge scam that is now the bond and equity markets.  Hit-on very hard by Mr. Kirby.  Interestingly, he says it isn't really unprecedented anymore, it is common place.  I agree, a whole 100%.  Folks, the “features and benefits” are a full and 100% clear and certain.  DHAP???!!!

@ 17:55...Rob follows the above 16:25 discussion with a 'home run' detailing how sad it is that most Americans will not believe there is such an in your face level of fraud inherent in the system.  Sounds to me like the sales force of "the truth" needs to be expanded in order to achieve critical mass levels of DHAP acceptance (more in a second).  Then note this cool timing tip from Rob, “when signs indicate the inventory of precious metals is almost ‘Sold Out,’ it could be a signal the cash machines will be freezing up.”  A “feature” that should indicate that solutions should be well in place, or else!

@ 18:55…Here an attack on Jim Rickards is cued up, via the prediction of dollar failure on the the 30th of September.  Rob says, "the globalist best friend" Rickards may still be delivering kernels of truth, and that he may well be considered correct in the fullness of time regarding his predictions.  Note the discussions of a potential massive US paper dumping from the Saudis, thanks to the possibility of Americans suing the Saudis over damages from the 9/11 attacks (also touched on heavily by “V” and Rory Hall, shown above).  Look for some unintended consequences by not following the money to the real source of the problem.  

@ 22:55...The mantra that needs to be remembered is hit upon once again.  There is nothing new here, but it doesn't hurt to have quality support from real pros like Mr. Rob Kirby.  "Back up the Truck, folks.  Believe me, if that truck is within your budget and you don't back it up to the precious metals loading dock then he is right, you are absolutely crazy!"  And as I like to say, you are suffering from extreme cognitive dissonance "CD,” deluded with the belief that your standard systems tool box will have the tools you need to save the day.  It will not, not this time around!  Think outside the box, as the box has your solutions trapped within an unconstitutional fascist system.

Wait a second Wolf, where is ‘on paper’ proof that we are still accelerating down the King Dollar tracks to failure/devaluation?  Here is a lightening round of failure “features” that should have you scurrying for solutions.

Nothing says failure like nothing in the oven!  Services industries cratering, mentioned before but it doesn’t hurt to chronicle it once again.  Next on the “lightening round”….

Manufacturing down again, but who cares…many of the sheeple in this country don’t even know what manufacturing is anymore?  Next in the “lightning round”…..

That not enough?  Then next in the “lightening round,” you might be a moron if?  If you don’t think this is important…..

Really, 50 year notes?  Do I hear any 10 year car loans somewhere out there?  Why not, it ain’t any dumber than 50 year notes.  More “lightening round” topics…..

Good fascist thinking Larry, that will do the trick.  Taking a slight pause from the "lightening round" note this excerpt from the above link….

So, Summers wants us all to get familiar with the idea that our tax dollars should go to government officials … so that those government officials can put those dollars to work and help prop up stocks in the Dow and S&P 500.

And, why should that surprise anyone?  Especially when we count ZeroCare tax penalties on the plus side of the “Phony GDP Ledger.”  Now back to one last “lightening round” in your face piece of evidence…..

Ya can’t make this shit up folks!  The "lightening round" has spoken!


                                                        Final Thoughts

A new business philosophy may need consideration.  Please see below.........

Consider "Surviving and Thriving" as a new personal family based business, and align yourself appropriately.  The message of "Economic Truth" needs greater penetration.  Align yourself with partners that will consider "Surviving then Thriving" as the only option to be considered!  It's not desperation, It's just business!  It always has been, the US sheeple just don't get.....that their tool boxes are empty.....!

God Bless and Be Well!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team Rm, Steve St. Angelo, The Wolfpack, ZeroHedge,,, Golden Isles Coins & Bullion, Manfred Mueller, Joseph P. Farrell, Elijah Johnson & Jim Willie, SGTRpoet & Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter, Rory Hall & V, Dave Janda & Rob Kirby,, Matchbox 20