Putin's Grey Cardinal KGB/SVR Lt. Gen. (Ret) Leonid Reshetnikov: CIA Plotting Removal of Russian President -- Including Via Assassination

For those RogueMoney readers who may not recall or new RM readers, the Russia Analyst wrote about Tsargrad TV -- where Katehon think tank director and Eurasianist ideologue Alexandr Dugin is a frequent pundit -- back on May 28, 2016. We published an article, "A Prayer for Holy Rus: The Deeper Meaning of Putin and Patriarch Kirill at Athos" that weekend highlighting Tsargrad TV and the other Russian networks coverage of Putin's visit to the monastic republic of the Holy Mountain in Greece, one of the most sacred places in the Orthodox Christian world.  

In that piece we mentioned Dugin's tweet, which later proved incorrect, regarding Putin sitting in a seat that the monks on Athos have symbolically reserved for a patron who disappeared in battle with the Turks before the walls of Constantinople on May 29, 1453 -- the (last) Byzantine Emperor by the Grace of God of the Romans Constantine Paleologos, aka the Marble Emperor. Later the explanation was offered that the Athonite monks had merely provided Putin as a visiting dignitary with an adorned chair that was not of such highly, historically charged significance, but Dugin never retracted his sensational Byzantine Emperor's chair claim.

According to some Greek legends the Marble Emperor like the Prophet Elijah didn't die, but was taken up to heaven or occulted (like the Shi'a hidden imam), and will reappear one day when the Hagia Sofia is restored to the Orthodox Christians before the return of Christ. As a frequent envoy to the Orthodox churches of the Balkans particularly the Church of Serbia and a friend of its Patriarch Irinej, the retired Lt. Gen. Reshetnikov is aware of these Orthodox end times prophecies. Reshetnikov has worked both in public and private to turn the warm ties between the Moscow Patriarchate and the churches of Serbia, FYROM/Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece into more Russophilic policies on the part of the governments in these nations, whose elites remain under firm EU/NATO influence if not always control. Dissatisfaction in siloviki circles like Reshetnikov's with the slow pace of Moscow undermining Atlanticist domination over historically Orthodox Christian southeastern European nations (with Serbia as a partial exception) and over Europe in general was the subject of a recently published article in a-specto, translated by 'Borislav' at Southfront.

Prophecies concerning Russia, Constantinople/Istanbul and the last days curiously have been the subject of Islamic cleric Imran Hosein's extensive research on Islamic eschatology in the Sunni, Sufi or Shia traditions. For several years now Sheikh Hosein has been discussing his belief that an end times alliance will emerge with 'Rum' meaning the Orthodox Christian world led by Russia and the Muslims against an Antichrist system, and that as a gesture of reconciliation and peace five centuries after the bloody Turkish conquest of Byzantium, Muslims should return the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul to its rightful owners -- the Greek Orthodox and indeed all of the Orthodox Christians. Sheikh Hosein is a friend of The Saker's and was recently interviewed via Skype on the subject by Katehon contributor Morris Herman, an expat based in southeast Asia.

At any rate, here is the video from Tsargrad TV broadcast last week, and a transcript originally published in late September at SOTT.net:

Andrey Afanasyev: Some experts say that the incident in Syria was not just an effort to provoke Russia, but to involve it in a global conflict. Are today’s American or their elites in favor of this?

Leonid Reshetnikov: We need to take into account that Americans like using well-tested methods. This was the scheme they used in Syria, where they just signed a truce; Russia is busy with elections, no one expects an attack, so they think they’ll probably get away with it: “We’ll see how Russia responds”. They did the same thing in Georgia on August 8, 2008, thinking it would go unnoticed because of the Olympics, and Russia would not dare respond...

There’s nothing surprising here; it’s a typical US Special Services/military job.

I think they mainly want to save their country in its role of Master of the Universe, which they are losing. They feel their weakness better than we do, aware that most countries no longer want to continue as obedient stooges, either morally, or spiritually, or politically.

Now they have the only one option - hit the enemy to show their force - maybe he will back off. This would start with removing our president....

Andrey Afanasyev: Some are even talking about assassination...

Leonid Reshetnikov: The Central Intelligence Agency specializes in assassination. They’ve been practicing it for decades, assassinating leaders around the world. That’s why it would be naïve to think that they’re not planning to do the same with Vladimir Putin: if they can’t remove him from power they will assassinate him. The second goal is to blockade Russia, involve it in various conflicts. Unlike when Turkey shot down a Russian plane, they think we would take the bait. The policy in Syria is the same: You have to respond.

We should have no illusions. Today’s United States of America is interested only in one thing - destroying Russia as a civilizational, geopolitical, military and political rival — as well as an economic rival, with its treasure trove of resources.

— https://www.sott.net/article/329139-Retired-Russian-General-Expect-the-worst-in-US-war-against-Russia

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