Deutsche Bank, Japan Bonds, SDR China, Saudi USTs, One Heck of a Weekend: Open Thread

Dear Rogue Money Readers: we are posting this Open Thread to encourage Reader Comments in the spirit of "if you hear something, say something" as the Maelstrom of Autumn 2016 begins to unfold. The specific data points that I am watching as Q3 winds down tomorrow are listed below. But, as W. has reminded us, "Expect the Unexpected," and absolutely ANYTHING can happen now between today and next Monday... and beyond as we steer through the treacherous waters of October.

Shout-out to V. and to Ken Schortgen Jr. for sounding the preliminary alarm bells. You'll want to start with these Youtubes:

1. Posted Thursday Sept. 29th, a 3-minute update. You'll want to hit the Subscribe button at Ken's special channel page here.

2. V's interview with the recorded Wednesday, Sept 28. Comments on Deutsche Bank, the Silk Road, the potential for China to absorb the IMF into the AIIB and establish a Gold Control, lots more:

Honorary Team Rogue Money member Bix Weir has been busy. He reminds us that this past July's "credit watch" of Deutsche Bank could easily turn into "credit downgrade" any moment now:


Recent ZeroHedge headlines related to our favorite German Piñata, Deutsche Bank, are listed below. By the time this article is posted there will likely be a dozen more. Feel free to post breaking news down in the Comments section.


And then there are the two stories from Saudi Arabia: the Kingdom's continuous hemorrhaging of cash and their reaction to the JASTA Senate override of the Obama veto that now allows 9/11 victims to sue the Saudis. Will the Saudis follow through on their old threat to dump US Treasurys?


Holding our breath to see who gets downgraded below Investment Grade first: Deutsche Bank or the Bank of Japan.


Kabuki Theater (Pinterest)

For dessert, here comes the main event. The evening of September 30/October 01 marks the historic day when the Chinese Renminbi will be officially added to the SDR Basket of Currencies. This is an implied blessing from the High Priests at the International Monetary Fund. All Systems are now GO for the central banks of the world to load up on Chinese bonds. And if there aren't enough of those to go around, well, we've got a special going on Market-SDRs. Hey Saudi, about those UST's that you'd like to dump ... hmmm?

We've written often about the coming of the marriage between China and IMF, like this article New World Currency on Steroids. Jim Rickards has been one of the loudest voices on the subject and he will be chatting with Max Keiser about it yet again next week.

In a related story, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited the United Nations this week (story linked here). The IMF is just one sector of the U.N. upon which the Dragon has set her sights. We found this video statement copied below by Liu Jieyi, China's UN representative, to be thought-provoking. It has always seemed to me that a day would come when both Russia and China would realize the latent potential of this global governing body, an organization that has deliberately been kept tied to a leash of weakness by her Anglo-American masters ever since her creation. However, now with yet another escalation of the Syria tensions and China's arrival into the UN's financial framework, we wonder whether this pet beast will be allowed to play a more substantive role within the world's new management team?

China will certainly work with all the members to make the United Nations a more effective tool in advancing the common good of the international community.

— Liu Jieyi, UN Representative

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Bankster Slayer

"When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school, it's a wonder I can think at all." -- the "Kodachrome" song by Paul Simon, 1973

I grew up in a quiet, small, city east of the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, in Palmdale, California. I'm not quite old enough to remember the assassination of JFK, but do remember the assassination of Brother Bobbie on an early summer's day. I was finishing up my first grade at the elementary school just up the street from our suburbia house. Maybe that was when I became self-aware that something wasn't right. When I saw the events of that day unfolding on our new color TV, I remember a thought passing through my 6.5 year old mind. And silly me assumed that everybody else was also holding this same belief because it seemed so obvious to me:


"The President and his brother must have been killed by the same people."

I don't know how a little first-grader was able to come up with that conclusion. That certainly wasn't the sort of idea you would expect to be rumbling around the brain of a little kid. But it kept rumbling in mine and still does, to this day.

The people of my generation passed through the Space Race, the Vietnam War, Watergate, the Disco Era, Yuppies, the World Wide Web, and Irrational Exuberance. Throughout this entire period, a relentless Matrix Machine has been whirring in the background of our lives, unnoticed and largely unchallenged. In fact, that Machine has been whirring for centuries.

I guess it was inevitable that the 6.5 year old kid who once questioned the official doctrine of the Kennedy assassinations would one day swallow her own Red Pill. And so I did, following the 2008 Crash, as I watched the financial lives of my parents and myself collapse into disaster as the equity of our homes evaporated into the dry Arizona air.

I finally came to that moment as have so many readers and contributors of Rogue Money, that day when you finally stop and ask "Why did this happen?" I started reading, researching, listening. Gradually the bricks of The Matrix began to crumble. The monstrous beast was no longer hidden from view. 

And so I join this team of writers and readers who are all trying to Slay the Bankster Beast in their own way. We carry on with confidence because no Evil has ever stood forever against the onslaught of Truth. Undaunted, we move forward.

You will find that my contributions to the Rogue Money web site will focus on the deep history that created The Matrix in the first place. In other words, you won't find any opinion forthcoming on this-or-that presidential election ... unless you are talking about the overthrow of regimes 2- or 3- thousand years ago. In that case, I might be interested!

I make no apologies if what you hear steps on the toes of a long-cherished paradigm. I am just A Messenger. In fact, you will find that my blogs will invite your comments to provide additional pieces of information that perhaps you may have gleaned from your own research. I have many holes that need filling.

You've been told what, how, when, and where to think your whole life. I leave it up to you to exercise your own Mind and take appropriate Action to slay the monster for yourself.

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