What’s that I See In Your Wallet? A True “Store” of Value!

It is amazing to watch people take “stock” in themselves, over and over and over, while at the same time they keep putting aside taking stock in their personal financial situation.  A facelift here, a”tuck” there, a pill here, a pill there, but no need to worry about their personal financial situation.  Why?  We are in the USA, and we always win.  Sorry folks, the fact is we haven’t won much of anything in quite a while!  Witness the failure that is the TPP (toilet paper protocols) and the TTIP (The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) which is being rejected in massive fashion by the primary industrial powerhouses in the EU.  We couldn’t sell breath to a dying man.  Even if we had good salesmen it wouldn’t help as the product is crap, so no-one is buying.

To all of us in the west, we should be asking what is on the shelves in our “Stores,” and what supplies us with a true “Store” of value? Or better yet, to be cliche’ “what’s in your wallet?”  Imagine that catch phrase making it big in a non-debt ridden society.  Depending on your age, for some of us that is very difficult to do.  Are you loading up on legal tender that is scheduled for devaluation and guaranteed per historical precedent to go out of style?  Or are you wisely accumulating real money?  By now ‘roguemoney.net’ regulars know the correct answers to these questions.  

But it is time to reaffirm that knowledge with one of the best interviews I have heard in quite a while (at the end of the installment), by some like minded friends from across the pond.  Friends who add confirmation to our efforts, but with a different perspective from a different front in the currency vs. real money battle.  A perspective that helps to reassure us that our answers to the above questions are still on target.  But first a health update, with confirmation from a personal friend who knows the real score first hand!  Followed by the “Hard Asset Tip,” then news that abuses, and finally one heck of an informative interview supplemented with Wolf Gray, redneck business analysis.  

Please don’t skip the “A ‘Store’ of Value” segment with brilliant analysis from across the pond!

                                                         Health Update

In the last couple installments Del Bigtree’s movie “Vaxxed” has been highlighted, along with some of my homeopathic friend’s wisdom on vaccines laced with toxic substances.  Seems that this is the subject that will just not go away in the alternative media, and with good reason.  Enough of a reason for me to call my friend Manfred Mueller (note his lengthy credentials are available in the first video clip in the 9/13 installment) to interrupt his weekend activities for verification on the claims in the following link……


The goal of my call was to see if all the material in the above article was accurate.  Personal admissions: one I don’t have a clue what nagalase is, nor what “GcMAF” (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor) is, nor what “GC Protein” is, nor if the deceased doctors mentioned in the article died under suspicious circumstances.  But if my friend says that it is accurate, then that is good enough for me.  Short answer, he said it was accurate.  In fact I conducted a quiet test.  While I was talking to him I had the article in front of me on my desk top, and with no prompting and just a few generic questions, he reaffirmed all the key material in the article.  Either he was looking at it at the same time I was, or he wrote it, or more accurately he knows the subject thoroughly.  **Nagalase is a protein made by all cancer cells and viruses

More appropriately for informed RM readers, he is another insider, literally a witness to EFP (‘Evil For Profit’, see last installment).  Additional ‘Tip of the hat’ to Dr. Jim Willie here as well, as he is been all over this nagalase stuff in his “Hat Trick Letter” for some time now.  Until now, I just never connected the dots.  Sometimes I am a bit slow on the uptake, especially after last week’s Del Bigtree interview and the details on dangerous vaccines.  That being said, the term nagalase still laid dormant in my mind, until now.  Note the cancer references in the link provided above and the autism references.   

Mr. Mueller knew some of the deceased doctors, and has been personally working on procuring some homeopathic remedies to help in clearing these injected toxins, but guess what?  As you might expect, the US pinheads in charge not only don’t want nagalase interfered with, they apparently want your body to have the natural GcMAF’s for immune protection exterminated as well.  “Evil For Profit” anyone?  Hold on, it gets better.

Manfred told me that he was prohibited from getting the nagalase clearing remedies he needed in the US, so he was instead trying to work with a firm in Japan.  Guess what happened?  As RM regulars know by now, Japan is a US lapdog (gradually shifting east with China though), who was willing to allow their own pension funds to be robbed by the US to the tune of 1.2 trillion dollars in late 2014.  So is it any surprise that the remedy Mueller wanted was stalled in Japan as well?  Wait it gets even better.  Guess who he is working with now to get this natural remedy?  China!  Can we be any damned dumber?  NO, come-on-man, this is pure EFP!   Hopefully my friend will be successful in his pursuit of natural remedies for this medical problem.

Of note, I hope to visit with Manfred this weekend to get greater detail on this amazing “Evil For Profit” subject.  In talking with him I got the impression he had more to say.  Because he was the one who initiated the idea of meeting this coming weekend.  

                                                       Hard Asset Tip

This was mentioned several years ago, but it deserves another quick highlight for those that didn’t catch it then.


Get your "Celtic Sea Salt" now, it is healthier, and a worthwhile addition if times get hard.  Get it in bulk, thus measured in pounds not ounces, and yes it is a bit more expensive.  The good news, it is from my home state in the mountains of N.C.  I was informed about it's benefits several years ago.  Their product is harvested from the oceans, not the mountains (I assume that is still the case).  As you would expect it tastes much better than iodized salt.  Real salt (not iodized) can usually be ID'd by the fact it is somewhat moist and has a grayish tint to it, just like the products at "Selina Naturally."  By the way, that does not mean I am endorsing abandoning typical US store brands of iodized salt.  In fact, I would recommend having quite a few boxes of salt on hand, because you never know what you might need to “salt” for preservation and protection in the name of life support.

And salt, just like most other DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) items, has the advantage of being a tangible product and can therefore eventually be used fully in some form, be it in barter or physically consumed.  Thus the legal tender used to procure them is rarely wasted.

                                        News that You Can Sometimes Use

I will not say this next link is perfectly on point with what WG believes, but it only misses by a skosh.  I have said for several installments that Trump has his weaknesses, and can easily be controlled or bought.  Sorry folks, but based on information I trust, compared to the guys running things he is a little ‘leaguer' in the monetary department. Thus he could be bought.  And though the ever astute Pepe Escobar, the supposed originator (can't prove otherwise either) of the US's world wide moniker "The Empire of Chaos,” feels nothing will change regardless of the elected US puppet, I for one disagree slightly based upon "on-the-ground" intel from the Wolfpack....!  Eventually it will change.  Enjoy the article and note the final quote in the article after the link below....


“It will be very difficult for Hillary to beat Trump in a debate as he is quick on his feet and will take no prisoners. Let me say this. If Hillary were to win, and we don't think she will, she will do what she is told and follow the same policies as Trump would.” PE

For the record, I don't trust Trump.  I think he is a buffoon, a buffoon who said “debt is cool and he is the king of debt” (see prior installment for references).  Thankfully someone stuck a boot up his rear end, and ‘his arrogance’ corrected that statement literally the next day.  Damage was done though.  All that said, Hitlery is a pure "Wolf Gray No-Way Jose!” As such, I somewhat agree with that final excerpt from the article, he will not change anything.  But it ain't all negative, because we will!  He will be easily controlled if he is alone.  WE HAVE TO JOIN IN IF HE MARCHES STRAIGHT!  

It’s the intel. from the on the ground folks, folks that form the Wolfpack, and that's what gives me hope. They say he ain’t going to be alone. Time will tell!  We ain't counted out yet, it's just going to be tough because the financial King Dollar beat down is a lock and it will be EPIC.  And as such, it will require EPIC courage to rebuild.  Forget being #1.   We ain't anymore, but we can still be a winning operation no matter who is tallying the score!  It's “us/you,” not Trump!  We live in interesting times, that will soon be categorized as “EPIC!”

By the way, from the Wolf Gray’s cigar smoke filled office, it has been EPIC since 2008.  If you didn’t know that wake up and pay attention.  Un-fog your rear view mirror.

Time for the message I have posted several times now by Pink Floyd…….

                                On the wings of the night
                                As the daytime is stirring
                                Where the speechless unite
                                In a silent accord
                                Using words you will find are strange
                                Mesmerised as they light the flame
                                Feel the new wind of change
                                On the wings of the night

                                No more turning away
                                From the weak and the weary
                                No more turning away
                                From the coldness inside
                                Just a world that we all must share
                                It's not enough just to stand and stare
                                Is it only a dream that there'll be
                                No more turning away?…..Pink Floyd
                            Your Politicians Turned Away, will You?  WG

As a supplement to Pepe’s article, check out this next link.  A link which proves that our version of capitalism is anything but capitalistic.  Never mind the proof availed in the fascist manifestos of the TPP and TTIP, the endorsements of this imbecile is plenty proof enough…….


That is one of the good things about Trump. For now it appears, “The fascists” are running scared from him.  Wolf Gray prediction: He will be running scared of them if we don’t get behind him.  Keep an eye on that theory folks.

Speaking of the failure that is the US backed and heavily “ENDORSED” TTIP, check out this massive rally…..


Oops what was I thinking these are record level crowds telling the US & the EU to take the TTIP and stuff it.  Sorry about that initial misstep in my link intro analysis.  The TTIP is the future fascist business foundation of the “USA/EU/Bankster” conglomerate, and it now seems to be a well known fact among most of the EU citizenry. 

If you can't see the obvious worldwide momentum away from the US/EU/Globalist elite led policies, and the growing isolation of the USA, then you are late for your weekly appointment at the "The Center for Lobotomy Hair & Nail Care!"  Or you are stuck on the useless election as being an economic savior, useless in respect to the fact it will make almost no difference in the actual end game of US isolation.  None...!  A worldwide momentum that will overcome and literally trample over any election results.  Thus the reasons for Trump's recent repetitive ’cya’ announcements of "Be wary of US paper everybody!”  Most of the key economic gurus I talk with say, “it is correctable, but only if it is supplemented with some good ole’ hard work.  Something we preferred to “farm out” of late….!”

This subject in this next link needs to be chronicled continually, whether you are bored with it or not.  Especially since it should represent something from the red side of the balance sheet, instead of masquerading as a positive (black side of the balance sheet).  A positive to the tune of 58% of the prior quarter’s US GDP!  Hello to the 3rd world???!


Inflation?  What inflation you say?  The msm crowd says there is none.  RM readers by now know what inflation we are talking about.  Folks, the odds of not seeing a massive increase in your insurance premiums and medical care is slim and none.  And Slim left town.  What’s the only way to cover the loss of the insurance retail & wholesale outlets (carriers), especially when it is from our country's largest component of our GDP (58% last quarter btw)?  Transfer some cost increases to the sleepy sheeple.  Ya can't beat fascism can ya?  Again, “What’s in your wallet?”  If this thing goes the direction I think it will, and by the magnitude I think it will, I know what will not be in my wallet, A FASCIST INSPIRED INSURANCE CARD!  

And for those of you that doubt my analysis in that venue, note this link from a prior installment on 8/16 detailing the insurance companies wanting financial assistance……


Pop some popcorn for this one folks.  With the fascist architects claiming a 58% GDP plus mark (bullshit as we all know) via the UCA, the unaffordable care act, you can bet on one thing for sure.  They ain’t going to remove their greedy fingers off “ZeroCare” instantly.  They will have to be pried off.  

For economic proof that can’t be denied or hidden by phony ‘stat-houses’ like the BLS (Bureau of Labor Stats) check out this link from Zerohedge highlighting the State tax revenues……Quit asking me about a collapse, it started in 2008.  It ain’t a light switch moment, and my proverbial 5th grader from the future will look back at this moment in history and say, “Back then, those people in the US were blind.  Couldn’t they see what was happening?  It happened so quickly!”  So it will be written in the history books…..!  The book’s cover will likely read some derivative of (pun intended)……”EPIC!”


What's up, isn't the BLS anywhere near by to save the statistic day?  According to sources I trust, tax revenues at the state level have been down for sometime now.  Hard to hide the fact that this is an accurate indicator of the true temperature in the US economy.  Don't worry though, I expect a FED wizard like “Dullard,” oops sorry that’s Bullard, will come out and make a really brilliant "canned statement" about the strength in the US economy once again for the 113th time in the past couple months!  

Keep drinking the msm kool-aid folks it is laced with all kinds of brain softening goodies!  Just ignore the SAR (suspicious activity report) limit dropping to a piddly 3,000 dollars, it will not affect you.  After all, it ain’t your money anyway it is the bank’s thanks to the Dodd Frank Act, the Jesse James gang of the 21st century.  Sorry for the installment to installment repetitive rant, but this stuff really ticks me off. WG

Next up is some amazing spot-on analysis by Charles Hugh Smith……


With the brilliant analysis of Mr. Smith in mind, a visit down “rogue money lane” is necessary here….!  Note the following installment which towards the end questions all the accounting that we view or accept as "on point", via the GAAP (Generally accepted accounting principles).  Time to burn that down once again as a supplement to the great article by Charles Hugh Smith.


Note the following excerpts from the above link……

Speaking of taking out the trash, last week one of my favorite authors Mr. Dave Kranzler threw a dirty nuke into the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).  I don’t have his calculations at hand, but In the past I have usually concurred with most of his conclusions.  Why?  They just make common business sense most of the time.

But this time Mr. Kranzler tested the “outer limits” with the statement that if the P/E metrics of 1999-2007 were applied to today’s S&P 500 the P/E would be around 65…..!  Wow!  P/E is the ratio of the stock’s price to earnings, and if you are wondering about historical averages, something along the order of 12 or just under could be considered normal for many of the S&P member stocks.  Some of the more aggressive growth stocks might warrant a 16-18 P/E ratio, but 65…!  WTF!

Wolf side note to this GAAP ‘bs’… Look up the definition or defining characteristics of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)  and you could clearly add the word “platitudes” next to everything you read.  For example check out the Wikipedia discussions on GAAP.  Nobody knows what the hell this crap even means.  Literally Wikipedia had the humor, though I suspect it was not meant to be humorous, to compare “Mom & Dad’s checkbook or the “cash method” of accounting, to GAAP methods.  At least I understand the family checkbook/cash method, GAAP is not even definable.  

GAAP are accounting principles set by some mysterious board, hey, maybe the “magic munchkin Yellen” is on that board.  And the literal purpose of this GAAP crap is what, and the answer is laughable?  To help investors understand what the heck is going on within the corporate books…!  Are you kidding me?   You just can't make this crap up baby!

I am not an accountant, but I do get the differences between accrual & cash methods at a very basic level.  I can tell you one thing for sure.  If I am the corporate CPA, or CFA, or CFO, or UFO (unidentified financial officer) and the boss says, “We are headed toward tough times Mr. CPA.  We need to be able to baffle the investors tuned in to the “quarterly earnings reports.”   What do you recommend?”  Hands down, no brainer, I would recommend reporting the earnings via the GAAP method.  After all, it is hard to hide “hey we made more than we paid out,” or “hey we made less than we paid out”…!   The foundations of the “mom & dad’s check book plus & minus” methods a.k.a. “Cash.”  Another acronym that needs to be updated RM style.  “GAAP” tips welcome here.  I am going with…….”God Awful Accounting Practices”...WG

And in the “wake the hell up” category, check this link out…….


For all of those who say, “Ah Wolf, you are just howling too loud over this stuff.”  With the above link as fodder I say, “REALLY?”  Want a Wolf Gray “palm reading?”  US paper will continue rushing ashore at record paces until the foreign holders are told nothing is left for sale here, or they are given a deal that makes sense.  Who told me that?  No one, it’s just “Business 101, just common sense.”  Our leaders preferred to cheat others, and we weren’t standing as vigilant as we should have, now it is time to pay the piper.  The ponzi well has about run dry. WG

                                                      A “Store” of Value

The argument that the King Dollar is money falls on it’s sword with the Wolf Gray, as it does with most RM readers.  An ounce of gold today will buy the same thing that the same ounce would have in the great depression.  Can you say that about a dollar that has lost purchasing power by percentages, per sources I trust, that indicate it’s devaluation has now sky rocketed into the high 90’s since then?  Not when the King Dollar is measured against it’s ability to purchase “needs” based products.  Any and all legal tender units not backed by real money fail in all categories when measured as a “Store” of value.  So what’s in your “Store?”

It ain’t just a store of value.  GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) literally are, and they can serve as your “Store.”  They can procure anything you “need” with efficiency in a near perfect continuity of purchasing power.  An ounce of gold or silver will come close to buying as much of any needs based product today as it did 100 years ago, if not MORE!  While what’s most likely in your wallet will get you about 1/99 of what it could buy 100 years ago.  GSBC’s are a store of value, and literally a “Store” in and of themselves.  An item that people will be wanting for themselves in quantity if at all possible.  So “What’s in your store, and what’s in your wallet?” WG

First let’s listen to a rant for more detail, and then to the calm logic of“London Paul/Paul” of “The Sirius Report.”  I highly recommend you tune into his report for additional color on the ongoing western paper failure.  But first Bill Murphy of GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee)……..

In the interview below Bill Murphy from GATA has an epic rant moment about the price manipulation in the precious metals complex, and the fact the price will never do anything until the cartel falls!

I would recommend not getting frustrated over the banking cabal’s price rigging of the precious metals market… they are paper for “Pete Sake.”  As I said two years ago, just my opinion nothing more, the silver and gold price might actually never go anywhere until the "standard of living" beat down is fully recognized throughout the western world.  And even then, it would be no surprise if GSBC pricing in the west goes “dark” as no offer might be made.  Meaning no one would dare sell their precious metals.  Fear not, "Economic Mother Nature" will eventually have her way, but the west is still in trouble.  Until businesses demand real money (that day will come, in a big way too) in the face of the political theater, the price in the western world could be well south of a true supply and demand equilibrium.  Be patient.

Just remember the recent amazing examples of real business standing tall in the face of “political theater.”  Recall the big industries in Germany doing business with Russia in the face of the “political theater” of the Russian sanctions.  Merkel be damned, and the US/EU as well.  That is Economic Mother Nature having her way in order to survive.  It will happen here too, or we will DIE.  I ain’t too worried about that as I like to believe, “Life” tends to find a way! WG

In late 2014 I wrote an article titled “Wise Businessmen Go Where Trust is First, not the Money..!”…at the risk of sounding cocky, it was my best “short to the point” article.  In fact, I take special pride in the fact that “The Team” took the time to congratulate me on it’s message.   The message was simple.  The US isn’t trusted anymore as the world’s business leader.  And it is that very fact that leads the rest of the world’s business leaders in search for non-US solutions.  A change is necessary, and will be carried out by this now unstoppable business momentum.  On that note, it is time to review one of the best common sense interviews I have heard recently……

In the following superb interview with “London Paul or Paul” (also found on “The Sirius Report”) hosted by “Truth Frequency Radio” I want to highlight how easy it is to cut through his brilliant analysis with the simple phrase, “It’s Just Business!”  For Wolf Gray the significance of this interview is that it comes from an entirely different perspective, a US offshore perspective incorporated with a genuine sadness of what is being witnessed on the US’s business failures.  A true reaffirmation of your reasons to be steadfast in your DHAP preparations.

Reference Paul's... "The Sirius Report", here......


I highly recommend that you listen to the entire 2 hours to absorb the tenor of the interview, and the intellectual honesty, as they are clearly high level witnesses to the ongoing unstoppable King Dollar Failure…..And, count how many times you can insert, “It’s Just Business!”……..


@9:20…LP comments on clearly seeing a shift to Russia and China, and the EEU the “Eurasian Economic Union.”  Note the countries discussed, and note the mention of the US lapdog Japan now showing signs of moving east as reported on the pages of ‘roguemoney.net’.  Do I detect a chorus of “It’s Just Business?”  I better!

@11:00…LP discusses how no one buys the US’s msm “by-lines & propaganda” anymore…The isolation continues!  Now we have to ask why don’t foreigners buy the US’s ‘bs’ ‘by-lines’?  Simple, they are busy in the pursuit of honest business solutions.  I can’t quite give it a full, “It’s Just Business!”  But, the phrase is hovering nearby.

@12:45…Here LP delivers another off shore view of how we are considered with “contempt” on the world’s business stages.  Note the G20 snub of Zero in China (of course RM readers have already), and reference to “The New Silk Road”….Can I get a “It’s Just Business!”....amen?

@15:00…Here LP agrees with the Team @ RM, that the Cabal is losing control and have been reduced to “Al Capone-ish” business maneuvers (I added the Capon-ish line).  This is one more confirmation from a wise off shore perspective, and requires one to ask, are the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) losing control?  YES!  And “It’s just business!”…the pursuit of safe and simple honest business.

@16:50…Here LP details how the rest of the world is clearly headed east, where the strength of business relies.  Clearly another chorus of....“It’s Just Business!”.....is required at this juncture.

@17:55…LP hammers home how the US isolation is now blatantly obvious to the rest of the world.  Continue to note the calm yet wise tenor, and grave concern being expressed via a different perspective from off US shores.  It is very very clear cut to my in-tune acute salesman's Wolf ears. Can I get a proof of, and a result of, “It’s Just Business!”…An ongoing Business Amen!

@18:25…I will lead off with our catch phrase at this point, ”It’s Just Business!”…..LP confirms what RMer’s are now acutely aware of, that China is buying US assets.

@19:45…LP points out the fact that hardly anyone living in the US (except folks like RM readers) Is paying attention in the US and it’s selfish greed inspired “going out” party?  Indeed, it’s just CD (cognitive dissonance).  

Please continue to listen to the host and interviewee with an open mind and ears, as it strikes me as a truly intelligent foreign perspective.  An honest, well thought out perspective from guys who “get it!”  Even, my ranting self, can't disagree with anything these guys are expressing, except a slight point at the very end of the interview.

@20:55…LP says the rest of the world looks at us as insane.  This is creating self induced isolation, and leads to the rest of the world going elsewhere, and it’s what?  “It’s Just Business!”

@36:28…Here LP has another excellent re-hash of how junior business partners (sovereigns in this case) are being reassured, thanks to the military strength of Russia.  For once the US isn’t the only bad ass on the block.  You have the financial and manufacturing powerhouse China teaming up with a resource powerhouse and the new superior technical bad ass on the block, Russia.  This business narrative has been espoused via the works of “The Guerrilla” and Ken Schortgen Jr.  for years now …. This is a business characteristic that clearly inspires the confidence for junior business partners around the world to feel comfortable moving to the eastern “New Silk Road Trade Environment” headed by those who understand, “It’s Just Business!”  Those in the know being The BRICS & Associates, or more appropriately RICS with Brazil showing some weakness.

@39:15LP agrees with most of us at RM, there ain’t no near term WWIII in the works, at least in the classical sense.  And believe it or not, that may be the biggest “It’s Just Business!” endorsement of the bunch.  Forcing our “former” business partners to avoid bullying and gun boat diplomacy in search of business inspired with honest trade fundamentals.  Witness the failure that is the TPP & TTIP, who wouldn’t run from that crap if honest business was the goal?  Can the US be any dumber?  Yeah, they might put Hitlery in office.

@48:00…Here LP discusses how QE is the stimulus or formula for failure for any business wishing to expand the formation of capital (profits minus expenses). Per WG, this is the antithesis to any of the positives that surround the phrase, “It’s Just Business!”….Yeah, “Bad Business,” endorsed by who?  The former USA, and now by the recently formed USSA.

@52:05…LP says that Western accountability for the King Dollar failures will never be admitted to.  This guy is good!  It will only come about by the very phrase harped on as the keynote in this segment.  That is, at least until it becomes a final sentencing by Economic Mother Nature where she is heard saying over the sound of the gavel “Sorry Folks, It’s Just Business!”

@53:35…LP explains how empires don’t collapse overnight.  This requires a Wolf Gray mini rant, “that depends on who is marking the time, a 5th grader from a class in the future doing a King Dollar collapse book report or a group of unfortunates or in this case morons living through the chaos right now!  It is happening fast and it is happening now,  Depending on where you live in North America the collapse in your standard of living is very real, right now and not about to improve anytime soon.”  End of rant!

@55:30…Good news from LP in this segment. “The Rothschilds’ are on the run.”  Which in WG’s opinion, that is one of the signs that we will get a chance at an “honest” rebuild.  It is just a part of the transition defined by the phrase, “It’s Just Business!”….Also this fits nicely with the business theory espoused by ole' WG, that when a collapse is reaching final critical mass the timing between micro events and macro events closes dramatically.  "Rothschilds on the run," that sounds fairly final and very macro.  Fitting in nicely with the micro/macro timing closing distance as we speak (see the last link from zerohedge below) 

@64:05Here LP details that Russia and China will let things unfold naturally, unless they are pressed into an unnatural fight.  Why?  It’s the best thing for what?  BUSINESS!  Brilliant statements by LP which detail how Russia and China will win, because the west will clearly implode themselves.  Thus, Russia and China are committed to standing with the mantra that “It’s Just Business.”   Not surprisingly, honest business, and to that end they are letting things unfold naturally and not pushing the envelope.   Again, “It’s Just Business!”  Amazing isn't it?  So simple, and yet so damned obvious to any one with an open eye.

@67:35-74:00LP touches on something I can’t throw too much opinion behind, the fact he feels Italy is as worrisome a trigger for a domino like failure as is Deutsche Bank.  Note the financial details he lays on the listener's ears describing the Italian economy.  Again, I think this guy is darn sharp.

@82:00…In the several key minutes in this segment, LP discusses how the western cabal has been in serious decline over the last several decades, and how the US used pure economic short term cya in the 90’s (check & check).  I think he is spot on!  WG version: Again the western banksters or PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) used an aborted, short sighted form of our key phrase, “It’s Just Business!”  This short sighted vision is now failing them, in clear panoramic view.  It is also disproving resoundingly one of the central theories of the alternative media.  A view where there is an all encompassing one world ruler, the western bankster cabal successfully pulling all the strings on a worldwide scale.   What is the proof of that?   Look at the current failures of the PPPTB (TPP & TTIP), failures they are backing.  Also take a look at the business partnership successes and who is behind them.  For the latter, it is clearly China and Russia and the titanic business event they envisioned, “The New Silk Road.”   Is this “Just business or what??????”

@91:00…Here LP discusses how Deutsche Bank (D.B.) appears to be the alternative media’s preferred economic sacrificial lamb.  He mentions how the alternative media’s continual drum beat may literally help initiate D.B. failure as the final trigger event.  But LP feels it may well be something else that triggers the economic dominoes in question.  A few minutes later he says he doesn’t think they will sacrifice a major bank or any bank for that matter due to the fact that it would thoroughly collapse the system due to the lashing of the banks via the mutual chain of derivative investments.  I agree, but have another “potential” view, but I don’t recommend it as a potential PPPTB strategy carved in stone.  The PPPTB may implode it (the western banking system) on purpose, just to make sure their entire kingdom in the west isn’t consumed via the usage of their own incoming paper as the form of legal tender payment by the eastern business block.  Again, short time will tell on this theory as the perfect timing scape-goats are on the scene with the election at the fore.   All of this is what?  "It's Just Business!"

@103:10In this segment, I finally disagree, but only slightly with LP regarding the discussion of the King Dollar collapse timing.  It is my view, and my future 5th grader’s view, that it has already happened.  But I have to admit he is discussing the “standard of living “ collapse moment, which hasn’t happened on a majority scale in the USA.  It is my view, that once it happens, “it” being that point where a majority of westerners say “it happened,” it will ultimately be over and everything else will be “timing semantics.”  Again, many in the US are living in a collapse right now!  Parts of Detroit or Chicago anyone?  In essence I agree with LP, agree in the view that we just haven’t reached what I describe as the “Moore’s Law moment” in the financial collapse numbers that say, “it has officially happened.” 

Again, let’s face it, the timing of this collapse will never ever be defined until it’s over!  That’s right, until it’s over!  Think about that for a moment.  And while your at it, with a “two day just in time” NEEDS based delivery system, that will be one hell of a time to ‘GET IT!”  Again, just a minor disagreement and that’s only due to a case of “Timing Semantics!”  A timing that will only be agreed to, after the fact. WG 

Seems I continue adding to the elite staff of my WGFSPC “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation,” because this guy and his “Sirius Report” (which I get updates on FB) should have been on it.  I mistakenly did not have him on my “elite online team,” an oversight that has now been corrected.

                                                     Final Thoughts

Get real Wolf how about some up to date government stats. that will force me to take my "Rose Colored Glasses" off!  You asked for it you got it.......


As brilliant as London Paul and his “Sirius Report” is, and as brilliant as all my friends are at Team Rogue Money, it’s still all very simple, “all roads and TIMELY solutions continue to lead to making your DHAP preparations, NOW!”  All the blathering by myself or anyone else is absolutely f..ing meaningless, when you have mouths to feed, and your supply chain is governed by a “just in time” two day delivery system.  And, sadly that will be one of those don't blame us, "It's Just Business" moments!  Leading to.....

And what time is it?  It is time to see, just what is it in your wallet.  If it is overloaded with plastic, and paper garbage, you will get hurt.  The world is clearly turning away from debt, and rejecting the lies that are inherently attached to it.  “It’s just Business, Folks!”  From the human ego perspective, time is swift…it is undefeated, and in this instance it will pass you by like a bankster thief in the night!  Only you can keep from putting yourself between a rock and a hard place……..

                            The fields of Eden
                            Are full of trash
                            And if we beg and we borrow and steal
                            We'll never get it back
                            People are hungry
                            They crowd around
                            And the city gets bigger as the country comes begging to town
                            We're stuck between a rock
                            And a hard place
                            Between a rock and a hard place
                            This talk of freedom
                            And human rights
                            Means bullying and private wars and chucking all the dust into our eyes
                            And peasant people
                            Poorer than dirt
                            Who are caught in the crossfire with nothing to lose but their shirts
                            Stuck between a rock
                            And a hard place
                            Between a rock and a hard place...The Stones

You have been warned, warned once again….!

            God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                           Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

                                                        Wolf Gray

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