Does Hillary Have Parkinsons? Russia Insider's Interview with Dr. Ted Noel

Upon seeing Hillary’s weird collapse at the 9/11 ceremony, the RI editorial team had a collective “Holy Cow” moment, because we knew that in an instant, the whole election had just shifted strongly in Trump’s favor.

We immediately began scouring the internet for background, and came across the video analysis of Dr. Ted Noel, who has been arguing since August in very detailed and convincing videos, that the evidence suggests that Hillary could well have Parkinson’s. Noel’s arguments are very convincing, certainly the most credible explanation out there that we could find about Hillary’s weird behavior.

We also researched articles criticizing Noel’s hypotheses, and found them unconvincing, to say the least.


- Charles Bausman, editor of Russia Insider

UPDATE 05:30 Eastern, Friday, September 23, 2016: Infowars' Paul Joseph Watson is concerned, like the Russia Analyst, that we're seeing the stage being set with a steady drumbeat of 'Russia is hacking everything' propaganda for a provocateured or false (Ukrainians playing Russians?) flag military clash engineered to help a desperate Clinton camp. We shall see. - JWS