It Ain’t Complicated, It’s EFP!

Mrs. WG and I were watching one of my all time favorite movies last weekend, by now must be for the 5th or 6th time, and one thing became perfectly clear, “simplicity is the calling card of genius!”  A full movie review later, that hits a home run on the current western economic landscape, for those who are awake.  Apparently I wasn’t as awake as I thought, as this movie thumped me right over the head with a 16 pound sledge.  But first, in this installment I want to concentrate on the covert power of bankster led fascism, and follow it up with a “Hard Asset Tip” segment that takes a look at ‘protection’ in a more spartan “Mad Maxish” scenario.

Standard RM Philosophy:  If you stay within the confines of the western system it all seems so confusing.  As promoted all the time here at ‘,’ step outside the system’s box and things have a chance at being crystal clear.  The Sept. 16th Guerrilla radio broadcast with Del Bigtree, brought to mind one thing.  The current corrupt system has made an industry out of a simple service tied to “the health and good will to one’s fellow man.”  I have no problem with that except for the 3rd word in the prior sentence, the one that ruins the whole system’s script, “corrupt!”  The Guerrilla’s recent show was in my view his best to date, and Del Bigtree was awesome.  That being said, I hate to inform Del, but “Big Pharma” ain’t got nothing on the “Big Banksters.”  In fact, the banksters make them look like amateurs.  More later……

                                                 News that will Abuse

In the first news brief, I would like to bring attention to a regular on the WG installment news pages, Steve St. Angelo of ‘’.

Several Wolfpack engineering associates tell me exactly what is being depicted in the link above, that the infrastructure is falling apart, and it ain’t just the highways and byways.  One engineer informed me that the sewage lines under the city he lives in are now barely in compliance with existing codes, and they actually run side by side with the water supply lines.  The bad news is that both lines are now seeping at the junctions, yummy.  But that ain’t the bad news, the really bad news is there isn’t enough money in the budget to handle the proper repairs or, what’s really needed, a complete new system.  But once again that ain’t the really bad news.  The “really really” bad news is this ain’t the only engineer I have heard this from.  Don’t worry though, those promoters of our superb economy will save the day.  

Next up is a WG favorite Rob Kirby, interviewed on “Reluctant Preppers,” and he is on fire as usual.  Much of what he says is well known among ‘’ readers, but it doesn’t hurt to have some cheer-leading from guys of Kirby’s caliber, to keep our eyes on the “Collapsing Western Ball”……Thus protecting ourselves as best possible from it’s fall…..

@1:46…Several minutes of notables are mentioned that believe the King Dollar will fall, names like David Stockman.

@3:25…As a sign of the outgoing King Dollar he brings up the image of Zero not getting the red carpet treatment when he arrived for the G20 meeting in China.  Literally, btw!  Hey, who is that showing up on runway, “0”?  Oh that’s the USSA representative, to hell with them, let’s go to the keg party next door.

@6:15…Here they discuss how we are very close to a breaking point in the global financial system.  I know a repeat message for sure, but eventually someone will be saying “remember when Rob Kirby or ‘so & so’ said the King Dollar was going to collapse, I wish I would have listened!!!!”  The key as far as I am concerned (as he touches on), it is the world’s reserve currency this time, it is a much bigger deal than any prior time in history….!

@10:05…Kirby touches on what foreigners are fed up with?  It’s the lies stupid, USSA style!  Employment issues, and inflation numbers are highlighted here.

@17:10…A series of question on Donald Trump are fielded from Rob Kirby.  Interesting exchange on bankster elites vs. the ‘real world’…!  Rob’s generic view is that he feels Trump is actually a true ‘patriot’…

@24:30…Here they agree with WG in the 9/03 installment, that the “Trump Movement” is not just about Trump, it is much bigger than that.  Very good stuff in my humble opinion.

@25:44…A statement that western standards of living are starting to go down.  A view that I say has much much further to go, before it starts going up or even stabilizes.

@26:05…Gold & Silver markets are touched on.  Bottom line, and my interpretation, “get it will you can!”  And, pay attention to his quoting of the CIA insider, that wild and wacky globalist Jim Rickards.  Along with some interesting timing in the very near future.  Bottom line once again, get your GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) while you can.

Next up in the news trail is the international man Doug Casey, a deep thinker extraordinaire….

In this article Doug gets into some good advice regarding international diversification, but for those of us stuck on the US mainland, this point still needs to be brought home and catalogued once again……

Once a deposit is made at the bank, it’s no longer your property. It’s the bank’s.

What you own instead is a promise from the bank to repay. It’s an unsecured liability. That’s a very different thing from owning physical cash stuffed under your mattress. Yet, 99.9% of people conflate the two.

Cash deposited into the bank technically makes you a creditor of the bank. You’re liable to get burned should the bank make a bad bet and get into trouble. The risk is not insignificant. Most banks gamble with their customer deposits on risky investment fads like mortgage-backed securities.  D.C.

The above excerpt highlights the corralling that we have been discussing on the pages of RM for some time now, and the proof that is contained in the tightening dragnet of financial instruments like SAR’s (limits now down to 3,000 dollars).  Be vigilant, my friends, and don’t forget the value of ‘GOTS.’  Get Out of The System (credits to Jim Sinclair once again).  

Next up, Gerald Celente still harping on a crash in 2016.  I Hope he is right, as the sooner the better.  I ain’t apologetic about that last sentence, let’s get on with it.  The financial hurricane will make room for getting on with the rebuild, as it will not happen until the storm has passed.  As most RM readers know by now, it ain’t passed yet.  Brace yourselves. WG

@5:15…He reiterates his crash in 2016 prediction.

@5:25…Here he touches on a WG pre-2016 prediction in which the leisure and hospitality industries begin taking it on the chin this year.  That’s good news in my view, as it is a sign of moving closer to the inevitable “beat down,” that will be self cleansing and very necessary.

@6:30…He makes fun of the jobs numbers.  All LIES!  The proponents of western liars is stacking up.  See Rob Kirby’s views above, or WG’s right here every 7-10 days at ‘’...!

@7:55…He beats up on Trump here with the farce that is the medical records releases….This guy is funny…”Hitler or Hitlery, we are getting Clumped!” G.C.

@12:39…Here Gerald highlights how most industry donors are backing Hitlery.  Does anybody doubt she is the facsist’s candidate?   Again, if you see one Wolf Gray at the polls, you can bank on one thing…,I ain’t going to be casting a vote for “Mrs. Physical Fitness…!”

@14:17…Gerald gets fairly animated in this segment about the political farce out there.  You can make up your own minds on this rant by Gerald….He appears to be pissed at all of the District of Corruption residents.  Who could blame him?

And as a follow up on that last rant by Gerald Celente regarding the political theater, check out the following short video from the SGTReport.  Another political overview, but one of the best I have heard of late….just plain and simple logic….really good stuff I think…

The SGT Report says it perfectly.  “Can we believe Trump will do what he says?  But does that really matter, because we know what Hitlery will do?”  It is still the Wolf Gray’s humble opinion that Trump has delivered several warnings, warnings that show he is getting his pitch fork proof vest sized properly.  Sized properly because some Trump sheeple don't understand the economic downfall that is not only underway, but about to pick up pace.  And that downfall will require some major steadfast work ethic and toughness.  That said, in my humble opinion, has a great message and is well summed up by the folks @ SGTReport.   Please watch it and listen if you haven't already.

I don’t mean to be redundant week after week, but at this late stage there isn’t any skill in predicting this next one…

Those regulars at ‘’ saw the above charts and stats coming many moons ago.  In any event it still needs to be chronicled.

Time to visit with Max Keiser and a beat down of Warren “Daddy Warbucks” Buffett.  The Wolf Gray’s favorite welfare whore, though who is counting with other welfare whores like Mark “Rockefeller” Zuckerberg, or other hot shots like the entire fascist crowd at Google waiting in the wings.

@8:55...The conversation by Stacy & Max goes headlong into the "Welfare Whore" business.  And they don't say it but allow me, there is total GAAP fraud in the reporting of western earnings (hammered on heavily in a prior installment).  I truly suspect that without government welfare, Warren "Daddy Warbucks" Buffett wouldn't have a castle on the hill.  It has been my thesis that the bankster’s paper windfalls have been the by products of the triple headed hydra (see many prior installments) of banking, brokerage, & Insurance being allowed to play in the same fraudulent house.  The 1999 repeal of Glass Seagall anyone?  The prelude to “picking up the throttle” of speed in fascism.  "Mrs. Yellen give me warp speed," with the blessings of, the “Financial Mac Daddy,” the ESF…!  This stuff is starting to bore me to tears.  So let’s get on with the 100% guaranteed western beat down, and get it the hell over with damn-it!

Next up I think I hear “Weekend at Bernies Part Three,” but in this case with a new stunt double “Hitlery”.  This guy is a bit quirky but worth a listen anyway…..

And to follow that up with a really strange post from this guy’s channel, check this next one out…..

Looks like the Benjamin Fulford channel, is "channelling" some Jim Willie intel.   Fulford is a different style dude to be sure, but something is unhinged in this case.  I have a big question mark on the presentation and timing of this one ??? 

That being said, there is still some good info here.  But in truth what gets my ears raised is the borrowing of intel from Dr. Willie, as if he were the lowly Wolf Gray or something.   Is Fulford now succumbing to the same issues 'doctrine', written about several installments ago, highlighting the fact the changes to the economic back drop are coming fast and furious, but alas it is still only changes in the magnitude of the same ole' news releases?  The audiences are now restless and want closure.  Recall this installment......

This once again brings to mind the current news releases depicting the timing of the coming "FINAL" Moore's law King Dollar collapse moment with an attached "western standard of living failure", and the fact this news is getting stale to the viewing alternative media "gold bugs".  Political season is muddying the waters and is breeding false hope.  All I can say is log this into your minds, don't be distracted from the bigger scenes that are developing, and quit worrying about getting rich if that is the monkey on your back.  At least for the moment. WG

                                     Proof that it Ain’t Complicated, It's EFP!

Next up is our very own V with Del Bigtree hitting hard on the vaccination scams.  

In the 9/03/16 installment we highlighted a Del Bigtree interview with Dane Wigington (posted in the news segment) regarding the movie "VAXXED.”  Refresher: Believe it or not, the guy who told me about this stuff, did so almost 2 decades ago, and also said at the same time that the cell phone industry was the next big cancer delivery system.  That man was featured in the 9/16 installment, my friend Manfred Mueller.  When considering cell phones one has to ask, does he have the ability to bat 1,000 on these predictions?  Question everything folks, not just banksterism……But, as I will try to detail in a minute, in truth the banksters have their fingers on all of it…..In fact, and staying on point, check this out…..

Once again I have to reiterate this, my homeopathic friend told me that vaccines were laced with toxic substances two decades ago, and at the same time he also said that cell phones not only “will”  but “are” causing cancer.  Take it for what you feel it is worth, but I can tell you from personal experience, he ain't no dunce.  Please see the first video in the prior installment under “Health Tip” for verification, of "dunciness".  This guy was way ahead of the curve on the vaccines, and I wouldn’t bet against him regarding the truth to potential health issues via cell phone usage.  

Back on Direct Point: A common mantra from the Wolf Gray is step the hell away from it all and get outside the box…the view is better.  And just apply a little pre-age of accountability, non-corrupted 5th grade logic (I use my 5th grader all the time).  The trail of tears and the trail of money lead to the same people over and over.  F…ing western banksters!  And most nations across the world now figure ISIS is USIS, and once again the money trails don’t seem to lie.  It ain’t complicated, a 5th grader could get this stuff right.  And whether we want to believe it or not, the 95% in the rest of the world’s population see it that way.  A way, that depicts us as the non-US John Wayne good guys.

I felt that the above interview by “The Guerrilla” with Del Bigtree was one of the most timely I have heard to date.   Timely with truth, and quality information that could help “YOU” to protect your family.  I am ashamed to say I knew of it long before, but never understood the “gravity” of the situation until the last several years.  A “gravity” based around the concept of “Evil For Profit.”  The new acronym of the day, ‘EFP’ delivered with a smile from the District of Corruption.  Hey, they are just here to help.  GOTS baby! “Get Out of the System.”

Del touched on the fact that “Big Pharma” is probably the biggest fraudster of them all.  Hard to argue with that, especially if you do a chart breaking down things, industry by industry.  Fortunately, it is the only thing I will disagree with in that interview, as at the bottom of each of the charts I suspect you would find that the sponsoring organization is “Bankster Inc.”…! 

Each corrupt industry listed in any western based chart, especially “Big Pharma,” has names like “The Rockefeller Foundation” and other bankster luminaries lurking in the background.  I learned two decades ago from my wise friend, Manfred Mueller, but my “for profit” brain was stuck in the system back then.

Get outside the frickin’ box, let your brain be free!  Let it into the “Truth and smart zone!”

For a better visual vantage point, I recommend you see the movie “Michael Clayton,” which clearly is highlighting a direct attack on Monsanto & GMO poisoned products.  Monsanto is played by “U-North,” and a true genius defense attorney named Arthur flips to the prosecution side of the argument in order to effectively attack the GMO cancer deliver systems of “U-North.”   

A Wolf Gray Outside the Box Observation:  Check this out folks this is very telling.  The really interesting discovery for myself is that there are very few clips offered from this movie in any of the popular online outlets like “YouTube.”  In fact, all I could find were ones with foreign ‘subtitles,’ and with very few views to boot.  Gee wonder why?  Might it be the movie's obvious attacks on fascist run companies?  Naw!

If you choose to watch the following clips (foreign subtitles and all), here is something worthy of keeping in the back of your mind…the brilliant attorney Arthur uses a child’s version of a book for inspiration, and even names his legal brief after it, “Realm and Conquest.”  Eventually, exemplifying that “simplicity is the calling card of genius!”  The irony is, that the child is Michael Clayton’s son who looks to be of 5th grade age.  How about that a Wolf Gray writing prop, a 5th grader?  In this case a 5th grader that Arthur actually uses for advice.  The parallels between the movie and real life are amazing, and one thing keeps sounding off in my head, “this stuff just ain’t that complicated,” it’s EFP baby!

First up is a scene from the start where Arthur is clearly flipping to the prosecution side, but the defense (Michael Clayton and company) doesn’t recognize it yet.  It is R rated language folks, view at your own peril…..

Moving forward, the significant lines in this next one are short.  Michael says, “I’m not the enemy!”  And Arthur says, “then just who are you?”  but the whole scene is awesome as Arthur eventually proves who the brainy one is.

In this next clip, Arthur sends out voice evidence of the fraud and corruption in case he is killed.  The verbal evidence is directed at the EFP.  Filth that he is tired of defending and which shortly thereafter leads to his death.  But I love the symbolism at the first of this next clip where he pulls his brief off of his highlighted copy of the kid’s version of “Realm and Conquest.”  It ain’t complicated folks, none of this stuff is… whether it is in a movie or in real life.  Just can't figure out how I missed some of this stuff until this the 6th viewing....!

And finally after Arthur’s demise, they try & fail to kill Michael Clayton as well with a car bomb, which is followed by the final standoff between the hot shot ‘mouth-pieces.’  All that said, this stuff is just “5th grade simple!”  

“It Ain’t Complicated, after all it’s just EFP!”

Make no mistake about it, the banksters don’t ride shotgun or take a back seat to anybody. They prefer driving the vehicle.  Mr. Bigtree is clearly a passionate man who is hitting on something major!  Something that my friend Manfred Mueller alerted me to, and now with the advantage of 20/20 hindsight I have to say, never doubt that banking is bigger than Big Pharma, or any other ‘ industrial-establishment’ in the bribery business.  They are the source of the bribery!  Why do I say that?  

Banksters are invested in Big Pharma, they are invested in “Energy”, they also seem to be tied to anything that has a potential “EFP” motif.  They are the great overlords.  The great pieces of shit!  The pieces of shit that were once driven out of a temple over 2,000 years ago by “The Prince of Peace…!” WG

It’s time for GAG “Get your Arse in Gear!.”  Nothing else needs to be said, and with the end of the last paragraph in mind, the “Final Thoughts” segment is done for this installment.

                                              Protection, Hard Asset Tip

This past weekend I had the privilege of talking to a gent I have mentioned before here at '’  A true expert on combat in any environment, and a weapons expert par excellence. He has truly been there & done that!  In this case I hit him with some questions on the equipment basics for the homeowner.   In particular, I was curious about his opinions on storage and maintenance.  Here are some quick notes from the conversation…….

Me, “How often should you clean your weapon (remember this is for the homeowner) if it hasn't been fired?  A situation that should also always result in a quick equipment once over?”  His response was, “If it hasn't been fired,  a ‘once a month’ cleaning is good practice.  A side benefit of breaking it down for cleaning is that it will also reacquaint you with it's mechanical operations, and it's general feel.”

Me, “To give the springs in the magazines a rest, how often should you rotate "rounds" out of the current duty magazine into the second duty magazine with no rounds (thus spring at rest)?  His response, “In the military, his team had "Magazine Mondays," but for homeowner usage, once a month is plenty, and once a quarter is probably fine.  Note in his opinion pump shotguns are almost idiot proof.  You can leave them as-is for a long time without worrying about the spring.”  But that being said, he still recommends that it would not be a bad idea to every now and then give the spring in the tubular magazine a rest by removing the shells.  Then reload when you need the mental comfort of the loaded cannon being on hand/ready (like say at bedtime).

Storage basics:  He said, “Be careful in basements, due to moisture.  Moisture is the big enemy.  Use military style ammo cans, especially in a basement situation.  Ammo cans are readily available in this country (normally a cheap plentiful item at gun-shows).  He also recommends underground burial for some of your supplies, but we didn't get into specifics.”  If I can get more time with him I will report on that later, as he told me he would show me the proper way to do it.

Shooting basics, and practice repetitions:  His views, “There are no limits, just do whatever is necessary for confidence, while concentrating on getting reacquainted with your equipment.  Budget is probably the biggest limiting factor on the time at the range.  In this sort of training, he emphasized that being a great shot isn't the key.  It's getting past the mental barrier of killing someone, which ain't that easy.  Running your mouth about it is one thing, doing it is another.  Hesitation can be your enemy.”

I didn't ask it, but he said everyone should follow the basic fundamentals of handguns and rifles.  When I asked, what might they be?  He rattled them off so quick I missed some of them (not bragging but I know most of them), but he followed up by telling me to just "google" the list.  Hence the following links.

1. Aim
2. Control your breathing
3. Hold your aim
4. Squeeze the trigger

Though the above Army fundamentals are thorough, I like the following link that includes something that helps me personally even on long guns, "follow through" which is always included in handgun fundamentals (next on the list, below).

1. Aim
2. Control your breathing
3. Hold your aim
4. Squeeze the trigger
5. Follow through

Next up is a brief discussion on the fundamentals of handgun shooting.

    1.    Stance
    2.    Grip
    3.    Sight Alignment
    4.    Sight Picture
    5.    Trigger Control
    6.    Breathing
    7.    Follow Through

Personal note, and WG preference: If you get a short bodied “long gun” of the AR15 or AK47 variety, then I would recommend additional rails.  One atop the upper receiver and possibly some others along the fore-grip (easy to do on the AR15's).  These rails allow the addition of ‘vertical fore-grips’ as well as lighting accessories (also in the fore-grip area).  In addition, you can also add something (atop the upper receiver rail) that I consider a must for close quarters situations, a quality "quick" target acquisition product.  In this case, something like a holographic sight. For example, see the one pictured below........

My general takeaway on storage and maintenance after speaking with this “combat expert” (a.k.a. ‘spec. ops. weapons specialist’):  Routine weapons maintenance is very important and it can also help to some degree in keeping you acquainted with your equipment.  Not to mention the primary goal of keeping it at an “efficient ready” should it ever be needed!


          God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                          Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

                                                                    Wolf Gray


Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team RM, The Wolfpack, Steve St. Angelo, Reluctant Preppers & Rob Kirby, Doug Casey, Jim Sinclair, SGTReport, ZeroHedge, Gerald Celente, Del Bigtree, Max Keiser, Benjamin Fulford, Michael Clayton, Credit to one bad mama-jama, and the ever present 5th grader.....