Charlie Foxtrot: U.S. Special Forces Cursed as 'Infidels' and 'Pigs', Threatened by 'Moderate' FSA Jihadists Washington/Langley Spent Billions to Arm and Train

My latest: Turkey-backed rebels in #Syria threaten to massacre US troops, calling them infidels...

— Wladimir (@vvanwilgenburg) September 17, 2016

Full video of #FSA chasing #US#SOF of #AlRai#Aleppo

"We're going to slaughter u. Ur coming to invade #Syria"

— Riam Dalati (@Dalatrm) September 16, 2016

#USA vetted FS consider "US forces = 2 #Russian & #Iranian. All occupation frcs 2be fought against".

— Elijah J. Magnier (@EjmAlrai) September 17, 2016

Presumably Michael 'Daeshbag' Weiss and the 'experts' at the Brookings Doha Center and its D.C. satellite office will insist these poor moderate Allah Snackbars are just angry about the fledgling ceasefire deal between the U.S. and Russia. Otherwise they're chanting that they love America (not 'death to America'). These are Syrian George Washingtons and Thomas Jeffersons would lead the Levant to freedom and peace if only the Kremlin backed butcher Assad as Senator McInsane (R-Neocon-zona) calls him were removed. Oh and did we mention that U.S. Special Forces also have to fly American flags over their positions in northern Syria to make sure our wonderful NATO allies the Turks don't mistake them for YPG Kurdish positions and bomb or shell them? 

#Syria | Syrian rebel takes selfie with phone rigged to bomb

— Syria Today (@todayinsyria) September 16, 2016

Yes the cackling Kremlin propagandists at RT are enjoying a bit of schadenfraude over this latest embarassment for the State Department and Washington's entire failed Syria policy. But they're only human after all. We'll have more to write about Syria soon, and in particular we are eager to read the contributions from Team Rogue Money's new Mideast correspondent. But for now, we leave you with these thoughts from a patriot who knows the region well, retired Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analyst/Army Colonel Patrick Lang - JWS

“It increasingly looks to me that the Russians believed before the Kerry/Lavrov latest “ceasefire” was announced that this effort on the part of the US was simply another ploy to gain time and breathing space for the unicorns and non IS jihadis so beloved by the Borg. If that is what the Russians believed they appear to have been correct. Rebel units are re-deploying under cover of the ceasefire. The rebel commands are resisting the delivery of relief supplies to the people under their rule in East Aleppo. Why? They prefer to retain the IO/propaganda meme involved in the image of starving civilians in their part of the city.

The overall situation favors the Russians and the Syrian government. The transformation of Russo/Turkish relations is a major gain for the Bear especially in economic issues involving pipe lines and other infra-structure projects. And then there is the over-arching problem of chauvinist Russophobia in the Borg, and now in the post Martin Dempsey world of Ash Carter’s Department of Defense.

I have asked many well connected people to tell me what the roots of this hostility may be. The usual answer is that the Russians threaten the US and our NATO allies. When pressed for specifics the only substantive thing produced is the Russian annexation of the Crimea. There is a lot of talk about threats. What threats are other than the possession by Russia of a world killing nuclear capability, a capability surpassed by ours seems unreachable. At root the Borgist problem with Russia seems to me to be a threat to the self-image of the American Borg (the foreign policy establishment both left and right). This self-image is born of our fantasy political construct of the Exceptional City on the Hill. How amusing that is! It is a fantasy of those ignorant of actual history.

The City on the Hill thing largely rests on the story of colonial New England. The Chesapeake colonies? Well, the less said about those mere commercial adventurers the better. (That was irony) Well, pilgrims, my 9th great grand dad, Major John Mason commanded the colonial force of Englishmen and friendly Indians in the Pequot War in 1633 or thereabouts. His men both European and Native Americans killed or enslaved something like a thousand Pequot Indians and very nearly exterminated the Pequots as a people. Was this the Exceptional City on the Hill at work? And then there was King Philip’s War, etc., ad nauseam. But, nevertheless most Americans have an ingrained belief in our superiority as a “people” and as the exemplar of the destiny of mankind. That being the case Americans and the Borg particularly, believe that we should be the world’s hegemon. Countries who resist our hegemony must be evil.

France has sinned in that way in the past and now there is ... Russia. Grrr!. pl”