How Russian TV is Covering #SickHillary's Health Meltdown

#FullTinFoilHat Conspiracy Theory for Me Because PhD 'Expert'/Evil Rooskies and 'Muh Establishment', But Not for THEE Infowars Listener Peasant!

The following video gives a pretty fair idea of how Pervy Kanal -- Russia's most watched  terrestrial and satellite domestic news channel -- is covering Mrs. Clinton's ill health and her campaign's manifest lying about it. While we do wish Hillary a speedy recovery from pneumonia, we also wish she wouldn't hug children while she has it and would finally do the honorable thing and step down before the entire electoral process is (conveniently for some) thrown into chaos.

Russian nationalist model and State Duma candidate Maria Katasonova holding an antiwar protest outside the U.S. Embassy Moscow in August 2016

Former NATO spokesman Ben Nimmo, who has unsuccessfully waged information war against the Internet meme, "Russia wants war -- look how close they put their country to our bases" and others have whined about how the coverage of Mrs. Clinton on Russian TV has been relentlessly negative. Well when Hillary's own statements appear to threaten conventional if not thermonuclear retaliation for alleged Russian hacking, what exactly do Mr. Nimmo or the in-the-tank-for-Hillary at U.S. taxpayer expense hacks at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty expect? Nothing but sweetness and sunshine?

No doubt the taxpayer sponging off of hacks at the @EUvsDisinfo project and RFE/RL -- who have the nerve to insist only the Russians do taxpayer funded propaganda and disinformation -- will have their panties in a wad about this statement from notorious pro-Kremlin TV host Dmitry Kiselyov, who says the dirty U.S. Deep State may try to kill Trump for seeking peace with Russia. Ultimately, the question RogueMoney readers should ask themselves isn't whether the U.S. or Russian mass media are in the tank for their respective governments -- both sides are and both sides engage in propaganda. The real question is, if even U.S. officials starting with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admit that Washington is losing the infowar, does that mean America's propaganda is more detached from reality than Russia's? Evidently the answer is yes, and all the ridiculous lying about #HillarysHealth is just the latest proof. - JWS