Ship Wrecks, 1910 Corralling vs. 2008 Corralling, and The What Movement..? Just Look Up..!

In this installment it is time to take issue with an alternative media political prediction, as well as the overall change in the collapse backdrop.  A collapse backdrop, that is dramatically different than it was in “The Great Depression” of the 20th century.  And that folks, is one heck of a significant issue.  

From Jackson Hole to the four corners of the financial world, nothing has changed, and all still isn’t well.  It is boring and an insult to everyone’s intelligence to think these financial numbskulls will create something revolutionary at their latest meeting of “Economic Think Tank Wizards.”  Especially in some place with a last name like “HOLE.”  It is delusional to believe that an election will have any bearing whatsoever on this coming economic train wreck.  And it is completely frickin’ brain-dead to feel we will magically wake up one morning after a good night’s sleep, and CN’BS’ will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that…”All’s Well…!”

Try this on for size…what the hell else is the FED going to talk about that John Q Sixpack is going to understand, other than interest rates?  Nothing!  Thus we are left with constant jawboning from the FED puppets at regular intervals on rates, telling the western world, “All’s Well..!”  Hmm, maybe that’s why they first have a media parade of false data via the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) or other government propaganda arms, and then nail the coffin shut with a final arbiter of legitimacy.  Like the outstanding Federal Reserve Board’s irrelevance.  I know someone is going to say the FED is destroying the economy.   WRONG...! They are just a group of messengers…!

An outfit that tells you, we have no inflation.  And back at home, the Sixpacks slurp up their weekend beer with no worries.  After all, the FED should know what they are talking about right?  Just ask an inebriated Sixpacker!  Just ignore those price increases in insurance, healthcare needs, education, grocery bills and energy needs.  And btw, don’t think energy is immune to this price issue.  Though the gas pumps may be tame, the power bills haven’t gone backwards in my neighborhood.  

Ship Wreck: Oh, let’s not forget the cratering “baltic dry index” and a major container company filing for bankruptcy.  Watch the coming frickin’ ripple effects on this one folks!!!!!  Epic may be applicable....!

All’s Well…!  All’s Well…!  All’s Well…!  Blah Blah Blah Blah….over & over!

Meanwhile the gold community’s alternative media folks continue to set the contradictory world speed record by saying, “All’s Well…!  As long as you own gold & silver to protect you from the coming dollar collapse, while at the same contradictory moment we usually hear, gold will go to 10,000 dollars an ounce….!”  My eyes are crossed again!  Gold will go to 10,000 “WHAT” per ounce?  Kind of like a 100,000 “DOLLAR” life insurance policy post the dollar collapse. “My husband died Mr. Insurance Man and he has a 100,000 "DOLLAR" policy, what will I get?”  Fasten your seat belts folks, and be sure your DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) is stocked properly.  WG

Full Disclaimer:  Don’t let the above paragraph confuse you, the Wolf Gray is a big believer in owning physical GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) regardless of the currency unit used for conversion.  It is just a no-brainer.  The above introductory rant proves one thing though…“No one has a clue, including yours truly, what the hell may come down the pike.  Once “one of the biggest” financial events in world history takes ‘root’!”   And that definition will go from “one of the biggest,” to “The Biggest” in your household if you have no DHAP in place.  It is all relative to your state of preparations.

                        Took my family away from our Carolina home
                        Had dreams about the west and started to roam
                        Six long months on a dust covered trail
                        They say heaven's at the end
                        But so far it's been hell
                        And there's fire on the mountain
                        Lightening in the air
                        Gold in them hills and it's waiting for me there…Marshall Tucker Band

Refresher: Remember the installment from several months ago, detailing my opinion that there is no bankster control, it is all an elaborate illusion?….I still maintain that to be the case, only God has that level of power….

We are in an environment where, as Charles Hugh Smith among others likes to say, the central banks have been providing welfare for the wealthy.  And as WG likes to say, you need look no further than the multitude of “Government Welfare Whores” like Warren Buffett.  These big money dudes are “money junkies,” and when the free printed money music quits playing, don’t be fooled, they will take shelter in their “gold & silver houses”…!  Don’t look for an invitation to visit either.  This says it perfectly, and again from Mr. Charles Hugh Smith……

Central banks can only do one thing, and that's provide monetary welfare for the wealthy. Now that the central bank has enriched the obscenely wealthy, distorted markets globally and addicted the economy to cheap credit, the servile toadies and lackeys in the mainstream media and the Cargo Cult of economic "professionals" is finally admitting that it was all a fraud, a racket that favored the rich. CHS

Control is already lost, but make no mistake…it will be the unprepared that will be at greatest risk….!

                            The News that Will Delineate the Old vs. the New…!

In a continuation from the last paragraph of the introduction segment, check out the next link and the video to follow from Max Keiser.  In this link from Steve St. Angelo, he knocks the economic status quo ‘bs’ out of the park.  I should have just inserted this whole article to cover the segment on 1929 vs. 2008 “a depression comparison”……

Referencing the above link, note the first debt illustration under the segment titled “Comparing U.S. Debt 1929 vs. Today.”  Pulling numbers from this illustration: 139 dollars of debt per person in the USA 1929, which would equate to an inflation adjusted 3,288 dollars today in the USSA.  Unfortunately that falls well south of the current USSA figures, which total a whopping 60,625 dollars per person today.   And what does all that mean?  I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but sticking with the baseball analogies, the banksters have really taken it to us, and knocked it way way out of the park.  These guys have been “beating the dog crap out of us.”

Simple explanation: They drew upon our own self indulgent “wants,” and then molded them into what we perceived to be standard “needs” for a daily lives.  Thus satisfying their (the banksters) money junkie desires by making “vig” money on their debt burdened western slave lands.  We took our eyes off the ball, got struck out, and when they came to the plate they kept hitting “grand slam after grand slam!”  We can blame the banksters all day long, but in the meantime we best go complain to the man & woman in the mirror.   We got suckered punched folks.  WG

This excerpt from the last couple lines from Steve’s article is where the ball left the stadium at a record distance…..

While Americans have been suffering 45 years of Gold & Silver Monetary Amnesia, PRECIOUS METALS RELIGION will finally wake up the living dead.  However, when this occurs, I would imagine most Americans will be caught by surprise as many will be wondering why their Banks are closed for an extended “Holiday” and their brokers are no longer taking their calls.

While I have tried to wake up family and friends about whats coming, I hate to say…


Aside: One of the most prosperous periods in US history was right after the “Civil War” and the several decades that followed.  All really was well, up until the dastardly PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) 1910 meeting in Jekyll Island, Georgia.  This meeting gave the “satanic debt slavery birth” of the IRS & the Federal Reserve Bank or Federal Reserve System in 1913.  Prior to that, America was “rockin’ & rollin” with honest trade, honest barter, honest productivity, and honest manufacturing.  All in a massive honest “true” growth mode.  Banksters, and banks were not needed, and a meeting in Georgia in 1910 set about changing that national prosperity into slavery and dependency.  

1910/1913 begot the first “Great Depression” less than two decades later.  And that same corrupt business plan, a paper plan, is about to unleash hell on earth to the current US populous.  I suspect the PPPTB knew it well in advance, and didn’t care, as it is just a part of the expected “end game”……an “end game” that wise readers of RM already know about.   Hopefully with DHAP preps in hand…….

In a continuation of the same sort of thinking, check out the 2nd half of this video with Max Keiser and Sandeep Jaitly.

@ 12:45  Sandeep Jaitly has a great a Gold discussion with Max, revolving around the socioeconomic & geopolitical issues facing the world, and primarily the west especially with an upcoming election in the US.

@ 15:00  This segment highlights that banks are running out of assets to pledge to cover anything.  Then an RM favorite ensues, a discussion of the velocity of money (cratering of course)……followed by a discussion of the central banks diving headlong into an already dead system, the corporate bond markets.  The goal is to keep the paper fiat ponzi scheme going a little longer, even though overcapacity already exists in the market.   Good stuff…..Again reflect upon the WG theory that they have lost control.  A system under control is a grand illusion.

@ 17:43  In this segment Sandeep brings up the most absurd idea I ever heard, but who knows maybe “personal bond issuance” will come to pass.  I sure as hell hope not.   QE for the people, and getting back to the debt per person numbers calculated by Steve St. Angelo, can you say “Debt Slave?”  This isn’t covert ownership of you IRS/FED style.  This is in your face paper ownership.  Call it what you will, if this farce actually comes about, it is signed and sealed slave ownership.

@ 20:12  Next is the discussion of Trump's team of advisors, and how real money in the form of gold would be treated.  Folks, for my money this is scary as hell.  I agree with Sandeep.  It sounds like more paper entrapment wrapped in phony gold colored paper.  This also coincides with something I read in a prior "Hat Trick Letter" from Dr. Jim Willie that said Trump may not be very well schooled in the value of real money.  Scared me then, and this scares me now.  Could he be that clueless?  You decide.  Of course look at the alternative.  He could be clueless as hell, and still beat the pants off of Hillary.  Now there is an ugly picture......Ouch!

@ 24:12  In this segment they both agree that the current group of wizards haven't a clue about real money, because they can't think outside the box.  Gee, what a surprise......

@ 25:02  At this point, Sandeep theorizes that something will happen before something needs to be done.  Ah ha!  Into the Wolf Gray theory that goes back several months ago, "The PPPTB have lost control.” (again see the former installment link above).  The appearance of control is now an illusion.  These morons are out of control.  The most important control parameter being "Time.”  Which means something big is going to happen!  Thanks to outrageous USSA debt.  Debt that is way way beyond the levels witnessed during the "Great Depression of the 20th" (recall the work above of Steve St. Angelo of”)   Something big will happen.  What that will be is anybody's guess per the astute individuals in this video.  But one of my very very best guesses is.....holders of fiat King Dollar paper are screwed.  And btw, what encompasses the definition of paper in the west right now is almost everything in your personal portfolio.....!  That’s not true WG, most of my wealth is in my real estate holdings.  Well well well, I am sorry to inform you.  But thanks to everybody thinking they “NEED a WANTS” based item, a home, PPPTB inspired massive paper financial entrapment ensued.  Entrapment, courtesy of your friendly neighbor’HOOD’ bankster with insurance and derivative gambling in tow to your supposed paper mortgage ownership.

Another Aside:  Does anybody find it illuminating that many billionaires rent instead of owning a home?   Food for thought, and detailed in prior installments.  It ain’t an investment, unless it produces something.

BTW, the above Steve St. Angelo article, and the Max Keiser interview were inspired from the comments sections of the last installment courtesy of RMer Cris, and my return comments (excerpt below)……

Cris you are correct, if people like to think of their home as money, then why not GSBC's...? I bet you could get some legal tender in hand quicker with GSBC's as the trade unit, than you could from your own home via an equity line or second mortgage.

What's the difference? It is still property that is worth something & can be converted to legal tender.  Except if you bought your GSBC's wisely, one doesn't have a tracking authority via the government tax offices. Care to guess which one?

This is worthy of another installment subject…….When times get tough, which would you rather have to procure legal tender units?…Non traceable GSBC’s, or very very traceable personal property with a tax rate that is likely to keep going straight up to save the lack of tax revenues? WG**

**Pay close attention to the lines in bold from the excerpt above from last week's installment.  Describing a benefit that is not measurable by our system's metrics.  It is just too huge to measure.  If you can, count yourself in!

Wolf Grayism:  “When Fear knocks on your door, don’t answer.  Fear profits you nothing!”  And what is it that repels “Fear” and builds confidence?  From my perspective, fear repellent is laced with a heavy dose of “proper preparations.”

                                         Who the hell is that at my door..!

                                         Workin' hard to get my fill
                                         Everybody wants a thrill
                                         Payin' anything to roll the dice
                                         Just one more time
                                         Some will win
                                         Some will lose
                                         Some were born to sing the blues
                                         Oh, the movie never ends
                                         It goes on and on, and on, and on….Journey
                                 Don’t Stop believing, Fear Profits a Man Nothing…WG


                                    News to Build Other Real Life Case Studies

After the last installment's notation on the German government’s telling it’s citizens to prepare for shortages in “needs” based supplies, check out this little goodie from that unusual character, Benjamin Fulford…..

One thing that really caught my attention, and seemed almost logical after the most recent German “get ready scare,” was this……Fulford reports that Germany told the US to "take a hike" over a proposed German homeland false flag attack......If this is true, "the end game isn’t nigh, it’s here!“

This coincides rather nicely with some other news reports, including heads up analysis from the Team @ ‘’, that France and Germany are starting to send up smoke signals that blow eastward.  Can you say, “US isolation is coming?”  One Wolf Gray, has been saying this for a couple years now.

As mentioned at the beginning of the year, start keeping an eye peeled for problems in the ‘neat guy & neat gal’ markets, and this real estate headline confirms that….

You know, when you look at the above link, you have to assume the real estate failures can’t be due to a poor stock market performance!  Especially since equities never go down, at least not for long!  So what gives in real estate?  I suspect Economic Mother Nature is giving a nasty heads up to the ‘neat guys & gals’…..!  Again, it is my thesis that this will be one of the final signs in the standard of living failure to hit the US shores; the luxury oriented markets failing.   The likes of the “leisure and hospitality industries,” the ultimate in unneeded businesses.  End game stuff folks.

Here is a sad headline, that clearly indicates the free markets in the US are DOA….

The evidence of the failure of freedom keeps mounting, while the fascist game plan consumes it’s free rivals.  No elected official will stop the fascist consumption, only we can.  Next & redundant, but worthy of chronicling…..

I keep harping on this, and started harping on it at the beginning of the year, but the car business stinks.  Check out the 'year over year' numbers (link below) turning down at just the wrong time.  And this is while the new 2017 models are about to be jammed down the dealership’s showroom throats…….

Hey, I know what they should do, just opt out of the new model programs for 2017.  They just need to give “Skopos Financial Group” a call for the particulars.  Just ask them about canceling everything, like reporting their earnings on a timely quarterly basis.  And why not call them?  They are in the auto business, albeit “subprime business.”   Uh oh, what’s up next?

As much as I love ZeroHedge, the "Drudge of financial news,” I think the final line could be a little more definitive…

It also means that it is only a matter of time, and accumulated defaults, before the only silver lining in the US manufacturing sector turns dull.  Z.H.

I think that when major financial institutions are unable to come clean with their shareholders quarterly results (Skopos Financial Group), the word “dull” is so passe’.   D.O.A. @ the time of the earnings announcements is more appropriate.

Continuing down the road of random western stupidity, check this video out…….

I can’t vouch for everything discussed above, but considering the fascist criminal element in the District of Corruption, the subject matter isn’t too hard to believe…!  After all, the PPPTB makes up phony economic stats. in an attempt to describe our realities…!   So why is it not believable that these same phony “CRAPitalists” would not stoop so low as to use toxic chemicals in vaccines?  The "illogical," is mainstream to these dudes when it comes to servicing a money junkie greed motive.  So why would this be unbelievable?  Consider the above material, if you are so inclined......I was informed about it by my homeopathic friend almost two decades ago.

Next up check out how the ZeroCare Insurance Army Ants are consuming the free market countryside (see the maps).  It is all just a matter of time….Time clearly seems to be running out…..

Next in the why and why now category.....Bill Gross is at it, once again.  I think we need to rename this category.  How about, “How many damn times are you going to cry wolf and whine about the truth buddy?”  Hey, we don’t want to hear the truth, get lost arsehole….We want "Fantasies laced with wants under our tree."

And, since Gross attacked the FED, allow the Wolf to take his turn…..enter the Dullard….

What a piece of cow flop..!  He is “Exhibit A” to the lie based jawboning described in the installment introduction.

This next headline says all.  All one needs to know about how the free markets are buried 6 feet under and pushing up daisies…

True supply & demand on display in the above headline, don't ya think?  As we all know by now, paper depends on paper to move in any direction, especially when you have very very very little manufacturing.  Unbelievable.  The markets are waiting on the Janet “Yes I have a great Beatles Hair-do” Yellen for direction.  Free markets my arse…! 

And if your friends give you shit over saying something like that, ask them to explain the fact that the ultimate in paper ‘bs’ supports 58% of the last US GDP report”…the tax penalty on the UCA (unaffordable care act)”  A.K.A. “ZeroCare.”  Folks, if your budget is tight and can’t afford to go without health care now, then you best “tie on a hum-dinger” over the coming new year to aid forgetting your budget troubles when you try to figure out how to pay for next year's ZeroCare.

In the comic reality segment courtesy of, guess who, CN'BS'.....check out this Deutsche Bank wizardy…..

How much is this guy paid for this shit?  NIRP (negative interest rate policy) may have fatal consequences…!  Really, duh huh..?  Oh, I see the reason for the posting of this headline grabber.  The news agency that reported it was, CN’BS’.  Case closed.  On a more serious note, in this next link from Simon Black, technology is now kicking the King’s arse………

As detailed above and by other Team RM associates, four more mega banks tell the King Dollar to “kiss their arse!”   And for anyone who hasn’t been spending too much time at the “Nail Hair Care & Lobotomy Center,” this clearly says that there is a huge shift to anywhere the King Dollar no longer resides.  This stuff is front and center and in your face.  That is if your eyes are open, because you have sure as hell been warned, so don’t complain to me.

Wolf Grayism:  The times call for measured pragmatism and nothing more.  Shelve your egos, and your bravado for the moment.  The time for bravado will come.  

As confirmation to a key message via the video from Gerald Celente in last week’s installment, check out this article…

Nuff said……!!!

                                          Look Up or Better Yet in the Mirror

I have little confidence in the political process, and if you do, I suggest you might be somewhat misguided.   I have used the following term in the past, but never felt it was appropriate, “The Trump Movement.”  I am reminded of what one of my wisest Wolfpack associates once said, “the US is guilty of worshipping people for their answers.” 

Consider this….If Zero had not followed through with easy money practices, and the signing of anti-constitutional paperwork, would there be a “Trump Movement?”  Probably not.  Just a trail of deserved bank failures with a subsequent rebuild well on it’s way right now.

The Trump Movement ain’t about Trump.  It is about anger towards a total breakdown in honesty, faith, morals, the value of hard work, and the meanings that surround the words “God Bless not just America, more importantly YOU.”   I don’t want to jump too hard aboard the religious band wagon, but I feel we need to look up.  This is a “God movement,” or at the very least, a “more honest man in the mirror movement.”  It is about a demand for honest leadership and accountability.  Not about Trump. WG

Trump ain’t got diddly-shit to do with it.  He is just along for the ride.  Hopefully he knows that, if not, stay the hell out of our way Mr. T.   I still don’t trust the damned guy, yet….!  I told Team RM in an email a couple months back (I know redundant), “You drop me and Trump on a deserted island and one of us would very quickly be used for fish bait.”  I am reminded of a Godfather II scene with Frank Pentangali, describing “Hyman Roth,” and in this case, possibly Mr. Trump (at least in the Wolf Gray’s eyes)……

As a follow up to the above rant, note this great article from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.  The last paragraph says a mouthful…..

If the result of Americans’ dereliction of duty is nuclear war, the American people will be responsible for the death of planet Earth.  One would hope that with responsibility this great on their shoulders, the American people will reject the unequivocal war candidate and take their chances on holding Trump accountable to his words.  Dr. PCR

WG Personal Aside: If you see me at the polls, it will be to cast a vote for Mr. Trump.  The alternative is unreal.  The alternative is unconstitutional.  The alternative is immoral.  Like I said in the August 2nd installment, it is time to take the trash out..!

Political Side Bar:  I have heard many alternative media commentators mention that Mr. Trump may be assassinated.  I for one, think the PPPTB are way way way too smart for that.  Let’s do a little subjective math.   What motivates these pieces of PPPTB mastodon dung?  Control of the masses for their “Personal highs & the easy money.”   The Trump movement, or in WG’s opinion, “The God Movement,” has to be scaring the crap out of them.  To prove it ain’t about Trump, check this out.   Eliminate Trump, and would the PPPTB be able to stop the “God movement?”  Let me be a bit irreverent, “Hell no!”  It will pick up steam.  Eliminate the “God movement” and will Trump have any meaning?  Again, “Hell no!”  My guess is, he ain’t the one they would assassinate!  Or who knows?  Maybe, the PPPTB are now regulars at the “Nail Hair Care & Lobotomy Center.”

                                 This land today, shall draw its last breath
                                 And take into its ancient depths
                                 This frail reminder of its giant, dreaming self
                                 While I, with human-hindered eyes
                                 Unequal to the sweeping curve of life
                                 Stand on this single print of time
                                 Human wheels spin round and round
                                 While the clock keeps the pace
                                 Human wheels spin round and round
                                 Help the light to my face….John Mellencamp
                                 Look Up & into the Mirror…WG

                                                      Final Thoughts

It has been about you.  It always has been.  I have said before, that even in a crowded room, you will still be alone with these critical decisions.  The biggest decisions you are likely to ever be faced with.

                I don't know where I'm goin'
                But I sure know where I've been
                Hanging on the promises in songs of yesterday
                An' I've made up my mind, I ain't wasting no more time
                Here I go again, here I go again
                Tho' I keep searching for an answer
                I never seem to find what I'm looking for
                Oh Lord, I pray you give me strength to carry on
            'Cause I know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams..White Snake

1910 begot one of the most criminal operations in world history.  Ironically, one they lost control of once again, in less than 2 decades (1929).  Forcing the PPPTB to create a black ops money operation to cover the failing paper trails.  Possibly the most powerful financial force in the world to date, the ESF in 1934.  The rules they have created since, allow the corralling of you as a person, and they continue unabated.  Maybe not literally with respect to your body, but……..

Just how far from literal is it when they restrict access to your funds?   Be it reports of SAR’s limits being lowered to $3,000 or warnings from a presidential candidate (Trump) about the frailty and security of your pension and 401K’s?  Or be it pieces of shit like the “Dodd Frank Gang,” the modern day version of the James Younger Gang after the Civil War?  James & Younger had more honor.   I suspect the “Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform And Consumer Protection Act” would have been beneath James & Younger.  WG

Here is an example of some guys that have reached the end of their ropes to save themselves……..

If you don't think logical business decisions eventually take hold over "self cannibalistic paper financialization" then check out the above link, and think again!  It highlights something mentioned many times before with respect to what is really happening on the ground in key EU nations like Germany.....

While many German Social Democrats have serious reservations about TTIP but Merkel backs the talks: her spokesman insisted on Monday that talks should continue, while Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier - also a member of the SPD - said on Tuesday that both sides were still far away from agreeing on standards and procedures.  Z.H.

The above excerpt from this ZeroHedge article tells me EMN (Economic Mother Nature) entered the room and gave everybody a dose of reality to which way the wind blows.  And it ain't from the west.  See recent articles from Team RM, and specifically the Russian Analyst for greater detail.

Going back to 1910, that period of time was about the PPPTB panicking as they had lost control.  And this time around it certainly appears they don’t want that nightmare to ever happen again.  Personally I say, we give them a “Big Shit Sandwich” surprise.  The only way to do that and still defeat them is……

Take control of your financial and spiritual situation, or someone else will….!!!!  And soon….!!!!  You want to know how?  It’s simple, in my opinion.  Borrowing from the wisdom of Jim Sinclair,  “GOTS,” get out of the system.  It caused the PPPTB to “have a cow” in the early 20th.  If they want to do some corralling, let them put on their big cowboy britches and really have a cow!  Get out of the system...let them dig into that shit sandwich!


                                                      Hard Asset Tip

First up in the hard asset tip segment, is a piece from ‘’ on purchasing a second house with silver.  The author does a good job of backing up his theories with some numbers.  Personally I don’t worry with this stuff, as mentioned earlier I think the dollar will eventually disappear.  And then what will gold and silver be worth?  Infinity???  Don’t worry about all that stuff is what I say, just own it and see!

In a more practical application, note the following video that details several survival ideas that are fairly inexpensive, but there was one that really caught my attention……

@ 4:05  I really like the "water bricks" idea, especially if you purchased something like the "flojak” water pump I recommended long ago.  I hadn’t thought about water bricks before, but there is some real value here.  Especially since being seen outside pumping water, in broad daylight everyday during more spartan times, might lend itself to some unsavory types of individuals contaminating your water supply source.  It would be far better to do a less frequent convenient and covert pumping (late night or early morning) that permits your water supply to last you several days......thus the value of the "water bricks”.

           God, then your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave
                                                 Survive then Thrive…!

                                                          Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team RM, Cris, Benjamin Fulford, Max Keiser & Sandeep Jaitly, Steve St. Angelo, Simon Black, Jim Sinclair, Hat Trick Letter, Charles Hugh Smith, God Father II, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,, Dane Wigington & Del Bigtree, ZeroHedge,, Marshal Tucker Band & Journey & John Mellencamp & White Snake