Don’t Fall Asleep Yet, The Paper Foxes are in the Gold Chicken House

Quick beat of the redundant drums once again, before diving into the subject matter.  One of the loneliest most difficult jobs is knowing some critical truths that others don’t, and furthermore don’t believe.  And that is compounded by the fact that this knowledge is tied to subject matter that some of your associates have already claimed to be supreme experts.  Equal to you, and sometimes superior to you in all matters of thinking.  They have FOX or CN’BS” at their disposal.

Many past installments highlight the values of informed courageous leadership on the other side of the King Dollar beat down.  Sadly most of the good potential leaders I meet don’t quite “get it.”  They normally fall into the ‘close but no cigar’ category.  Why would that be?  Once again, the talking points involved revolve around a subject that everyone is already an expert on, except they forget one little thing.  The sources they depend on for their superior expertise lie to them over & over.  Or worse yet they purposely mislead them, into believing “WE ARE ALWAYS THE GOOD GUYS!”  Yeah right, let’s do a quick refresher course……

Remember this clown and his war mongering rant about 2 years ago…..

For those that think we are the good guys all the time, look at the summary in the link above based on this idiot from Oklahoma showing pictures of Russian tanks in the Ukraine.  Beating the war drums to get your kids killed, except there was one little problem.  And that little miscue is?  They were pictures of Russian tanks in Georgia from 2008...!   Hardly dated during the onset of the Ukraine uprisings, which was ironically at the start of the Sochi Olympics in 2012.   Thank you once again, Victoria "F...the EU" Nuland.

This was harped on in a previous installment, but worthy of asking the question again.  What could be the motives of this buffoon?  There are 2 possibilities; he was paid off to keep the war machine moving or option 2, he is an idiot.  Option one requires some rope and a sturdy tree, and option 2 demands his dismissal.  Please note Mr. Inhofe might have very well been misinformed, and has since made good on a worthwhile retraction of his piss poor presentation, but I haven’t seen it anywhere.

And just for the record, I am a conservative and for the most part have voted repugnican in the past, but whether dumbocrat or repugnican, these clowns, each and every one deserve pink slips.  I know, there may be good ones, but who cares…we ain't got time to ‘vet’ them all.  I think it is time for them to enjoy the “thrills” of purchasing ZeroCare, and going through the Walmart grocery lines with the rest of us peons. WG

This is a call out to our future leaders, forget the dip shits in the District of Corruption, hoping they recognize this one little fact.  On the world’s stages we are not the presumed ‘good guys’ anymore.  Easy to say, but harder to accept.  BTW, just because you are wearing a “white hat” doesn’t mean the rest of the US citizenry is.  And we are not so perfect as judged by the other 95% of the world’s population.  Want more proof?  If you think El Chapo, a.k.a. Joaquin Guzman, is the drug import kingpin and destructor of youth in this USSA, then you are not paying attention.  Wake the hell up!

I ain’t going to preach too hard, because it took me two full years to cross this long “Truth” bridge of acceptance.  An acceptance that we ain’t the good guys on the world stage anymore.  Truthfully, it is embarrassing, especially when you are in the financial business, and it took two years for it to penetrate your skull.  Say hello to one Wolf Gray.  Good news abounds though.  Once you get to the other side of that bridge the “outside the box view” is very illuminating and quite easy to see.  After all, you first have to understand the circumstances surrounding a moral transgression before you can correct it.  Kind of like the value of a “time out” for junior.

Time to let Eric Clapton, and Derek Trucks (nephew of Butch Trucks the drummer for the Allman Brothers Band) deliver the musical message.  Boy are they telling it like it is.  Short but sweet message, and some serious playing to boot……..

                                        Tell me who's been fooling you?
                                        Tell the truth
                                        Now who's been fooling who?
                                        There you sit there, looking so cool
                                        While the whole show is passing you by
                                        You better come to terms with your fellow men soon, 'cause
                                        The whole world is shaking now, I can feel it
                                        A new dawn is breaking now, I can see it…..Eric Clapton
                                        A mouthful, using the “KISS” Method…WG


                    News that Defines the Situation, Provided You Read for the Truth

In this next 17 minute video, many of you will say that this is comedy WG, you have got to get serious.  Good comedy relies on a measure of the truth.  That being said, ole’ WG ad-libs to some of this material drawing rather deep financial meanings.  Enjoy this stuff, it is hilarious.  The guy reminds me stylistically of Paul Joseph Watson…….

@ 1:38…Everyone has seen something like this on their tv set.   But please note, it is symptomatic of a society that has no real economy and are now stuck with only one option, “financializing” everything but the kitchen sink in order to stay afloat.

@ 2:14…I can’t prove or disprove his statement that 25% of all auto loans are of the subprime variety, but it does leave one’s mouth agape……!

@ 3:30…Here’s a WG takeaway that has nothing to with the message of predatory financing.  At this point he mentions the average interest rates in a subprime loan is 19%.  Keep this in the back of your mind as we get through the rest of this video.  As pointed out in a recent installment, sources like ZeroHedge have numerous articles stating that the auto subprime lending facilities are going broke.  And that is even after charging these excessive interest rates.  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

@ 5:37…I guess business is business in this absurd segment.  Hope the repo guys had a diaper change on hand.

@ 6:18…Don’t let this next segment get you laughing too hard.   I detect some constitutional violations in this business practice.  Hey, who would be surprised in the current US fascist business machine.  I believe it was Ron Paul who said this (if not please correct me in the comments), “The problems we are having in the US economy aren’t due to failures of capitalism, because we don’t have capitalism anymore!” (paraphrasing)

@ 9:47…This segment gives an image of another just in time sort of business scenario, but that is not accurate in my view.  It is the only option left (just in time or not) after decades of farming out too much real business to other countries and therefore leaving you with only financial “Tom Foolery” to make a profit.   Gambling supplemented with usury, or maybe it’s usury supplemented with gambling.

@ 11:02…Note in this segment that he mentions one of the companies highlighted in a recent installment, one also mentioned by yours truly on the radio with the Financial Great Ape a couple Fridays ago.  In this case “Skopos Financial Group,” an outfit who literally couldn’t report their earnings this past quarter.  This is just another fascist get rich quick scheme inspired by the only tools you have left, “paper shenanigans,” and they always end the same way!   With the companies themselves going as bankrupt as the people they contracted with for subprime auto loans.  Ironically John Oliver asks the question “Why is this happening again, since it is via the spitting image of the failed subprime mortgage template?”  We at RM know why.  It is the only tool left in the money making machine, especially after giving away your manufacturing base.  Let me introduce you to “paper shenanigans”.  That is literally all you have left. “Paper shenanigans.”   Well actually, as we all know, there is another thing left… the foreign holders of this bogus paper getting the hell out of said paper, leading to some smoke on the water (more on this later).

@ 14:40…At this point Mr. Oliver opens the door for some more WG ranting.  He states that it appears market pressures may be pushing the auto lending businesses to take greater risks with substandard loan applicants.  Though he doesn’t say it, I will.  This is what a paper economy does.  It “GAMBLES” on mortgages, interest rates, student loans, auto loans, and anything else enamored in “paper.”  Encompassing anything that can be insured, and then resold in a derivative gambling casino, over & over & over!  Time to pay the piper folks, and like it or not the competition is going to make us do it.  It’s just business.  It’ coming, and nothing can stop it.  I can see the smoke across the Atlantic right now……hold that thought….

Say you don’t believe me on this western paper failure gambit coming to a neighborhood near you?  Well try out some bad news from one of our own tech juggernauts, Apple….

Yep, you always see headlines like the one above from ZeroHedge, when the underlying fundamental business environment is robust.  Oh yeah, that makes sense.

Don’t believe me yet, well do we see a trend here in this next news release?

It ain't 2 less, it's 2 more banks charging people to be a depositor in their banking complex.  I know, I know it hasn't happened here yet.  Do you really want to risk waiting to take action?   Waiting for official confirmation in your upcoming bank statement?  Wait a second.  Didn’t one of Irelands biggest banks just start charging depositors?  Yep!  By the way if you read further, that wasn’t the “Lazy Acres Bank and Hair Care Center” going into NIRP mode, it was two major German banks, but maybe your protective “CD” (cognitive dissonant) bubble will save you when it comes a calling to the US.  That won’t happen here WG, the US is strong.  And to that I say, you are wrong.  We are weaker than they are, they don’t have an ESF to absorb the incoming currency dumps, thus staving off inflation a little longer.  Nothing like our drug and gun running trades to save the day.  And when that day comes to an end, our blow up may just make Ireland’s or Germany’s or Greece’s, or how about this, Venezuela’s look like “child’s play.”

How about a little more levity, as supplied to me in an email alert from my friend “The Russian Analyst”…..

Unfortunately, the above article isn't funny.  It is instead symptomatic of a business environment and an economic situation that is in serious decline.   Just look at it this way….

What comes to mind after reading the above article?   How about the initial stages of a civilized version of Venezuela.  Well civilized, at least for now.  That's right, at least more civilized for now.  Let’s suppose nothing bad is going on anywhere.  When all systems are go, and there are no problems anywhere, just who would you bet gets the best in first class "just in time" service with respect to restocking of the shelves, the USA or Venezuela?  If forced to lay down my favorite silver eagle, I would clearly bet on it being the US.  So just how do you think the most spoiled brat on the world block will react when things aren't done "just in time?” WG

Prepare yourselves folks for the worst, and pray for the best.   Remember the article written two years ago (not transferred forward to the new site yet) about the various ‘just in time’ restocking services for medicine, food supplies, and energy needs here in the US.  Two days for food needs.  I still can’t believe it was less for medicine, but that is what the study said.  Think about that, just TWO DAYS!   If I recall correctly, a comment was made to that old installment by an RM friend involved in the trucking.  His handle was “Farmer,” and he said those delivery times were actually a bit optimistic.   Need I say it, “prepare yourself…!”  

Enough brow beating on this subject let’s get on to something more positive with Mr. Gerald Celente.

Couple quick notes from the above update from Mr. Celente……

@ 7:05….Celente says, “The USA wages war, and China wages business.” I agree, that is the way it is folks, and is the primary reason we will lose, and go backwards substantially.  That is why I keep saying Trump, Daffy Duck, or whoever becomes president, it will not matter where the King Dollar beat down is concerned, it is mathematical certainty.  The competition says so.   Just like we used to do.  In other words, they have beaten us with honest business.   They stole our template.  Pretty smart of them, don't ya think?  It is time to get the working template back and develop on our own stuff…sorry ‘a broken record’ to say the least from one Wolf Gray.

@ 11:20...Another wake up call over the same thing we have harped on here at RM, clean food & water will become the next major plays in this country.  Mr. Celente feels that way, and so do I.   As emphasized on prior occasions at multiple times, there will be some great opportunities in those business categories.  As referenced in the sentence prior to the video, this is a really really big positive.

@ 12:45...Folks, let's get back to taking care of our own problems.  Note how Mr. Celente hits on a subject that we have highlighted (not me as much as my teammates) many many times…we are waging phony wars in the middle east.  Well maybe they aren't phony, that's if your definition of “real war” is killing people for oil.  Wake up, folks.  Look at a damned map.  Yemen is on the same land mass as Saudi Arabia.  It has been highlighted going back two years now, that the giant Ghawar oil field in Saudi Arabia is pushing far too much water, and who shares the same land mass?  Yemen!  Well hell there’s a surprise in the attack thy neighbor strategies.  Ya think we and the Saudi criminals might be trying to get control of a land mass that may have the same oil rich resources, but untapped to date?  ARAMCO full steam ahead folks, or at least trying to be full steam ahead.  Nah WG, not via “war for oil,” not the "Empire of Chaos,” we are the good guys.  Wake up!   We are not the good guys in that one, that's for sure.

Sticking with Mr. Celente, here is another interesting video……

@ 5:10...Gerald highlights the fact the recent GDP numbers suck, as in a sucking @ only 1%.  He follows by telling Zero & company to quit claiming everything is rosy, no more fiction, that the fact is the economy sucks.  What I personally find so interesting is that most of our truth information pros like Gerald Celente seldom go into the fact the government inflation numbers are total 'bs’… A somewhat important item, since it is used to calculate the final GDP numbers.  And if the real inflation were properly considered in the GDP equation (like including food & energy costs), along with an elimination of "false positives,” like the taxes on ZeroCare, the frickin' GDP would be grossly negative.  I would venture a very safe guess that it has been negative for some time now.  Our economy is a fraud.  A paper fraud.  When it comes home to roost, you best be adequately prepared or you can tape the scenes from Venezuela as your template of what to expect.

@ 11:45...Gerald once again mentions "Clean Food" as a great opportunity, and I once again couldn't agree more.  He also mentions a few other note worthy things, like "clean cell phones".  He didn't say it, but one has to wonder is that clean as in...'all the germs are gone,’ or clean as in 'big brother among others is blocked from listening.’  Interesting stuff from a passionate, courageous, and smart guy.  I haven’t been highlighting him lately, but that is my mistake.

Next I want to refer to a great article by Mr. Steve St. Angelo of “’

I love his analysis.  Especially the polite attack on the CIA operative that super spook, Jim Rickards.  I was going to attack Mr. Rickard’s recent 30 minute report (try watching it if you can stand it) regarding having 10% of your investment portfolio in GSBC's (gold & silver bars & coins).  But Steve beat me to it.  Here is one of the best excerpts I ever read attacking this “10%” stupidity courtesy once again of Mr. Steve St. Angelo......

This is like saying:  I AM GOING TO PLACE 10% OF MY MONEY ON THE GOOD BET and 90% ON THE LOUSY ONE.  I don’t understand that reasoning at all.  We must remember, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate and even Fine Art (which represent 90% of Rickards other allocation), are going to collapse in value during the Falling EROI Energy Supply scenario.  Why in the living hell would you keep 90% in assets that are guaranteed to collapse in the future????  S.A

And speaking of the CIA super spook, check this link out……

As much as I tend to cut this guy down, due to his "IMF has all the answers" leanings, he is still a fairly well connected, and therefore worthy of paying attention to when trying to read the “economic tea leaves.”  I had trouble recognizing him in the video (in the link above) without his cool CIA issued sunglasses.  In this case I suspect he is hyping his books or book, but his hype is centered around the end of September or possibly the first of October time frames.   In this case a potential dollar hiccup at 4:00 pm on Friday, September 30th, 2016.  Rather specific wouldn’t you say?  And he says, “I am certain I am right,” right with respect to the King Dollar beat down being on that exact date.  Oh well, just more fuel to the fires…..

For about the 3rd or 4th installment in a row I am drawing on the information found in the work of Mr. David Stockman, check this link out…..

David Stockman is firing on all cylinders once again, and this time he is attacking the "economic paper hopium" that is getting stoked via announcements of possible helicopter money.   Great article, except for one excerpt that I had a problem with.  Though it was something that “W” politely took the time to correct my views, via Team RM email chatter.   Here is the excerpt in question....

That latter area especially includes the United States. Despite Wall Street’s hoary tale that the domestic economy has “decoupled” from the rest of the world, the evidence that the so-called recovery is grinding to a halt is overwhelming.

After all, the real GDP growth rate during the year ending in June was a miniscule 1.2%. It reflected the weakest 4-quarter rate since the Great Recession. D.S.

My response was 1.2%…who the hell buys that crap?  Everyone 'in the know' knows that if a proper inflation baseline were established, (one that included food & energy), the GDP would have been reported as negative for years now.   "W" reminded me that Stockman assuredly knows that, but is stuck analyzing from a field wherein phony batches of data are fed to him.  Thus his academic audience needs numerical justification I would assume.  I trust "W" on this one for sure, since Stockman was also a member of “Team Reagan.”  A darn good team in my view.

Folks, if you aren’t getting the picture that once this thing grabs hold of your purse strings there will be one collective “WTF just happened?”  Then, catch this excellent overall economic analysis with Dave from the X22 Report.

I hate to say it, but I disagree with the title of all things in this great economic summary from The X22 Report........"If this is the so Called Recovery, then the Financial Collapse is Going to be a Disaster.”  Regarding this title, I feel "Disaster" is the wrong word, as it will define a necessary cleansing process, and thus it is not a disaster, or a “negative” in my view, but it is instead a welcome cleaning process.  It might just be a bankster cleansing, therefore even though it may be a difficult time period, it is likely to be just another necessary step to help right our ship. 

Minor detail in my disagreement with the title.  Yes it will be a disaster at a specific point in time, but for those with courage to take the bull by the horns, it should also be a great opportunity.  Stay tuned folks, it will happen one way or another, the "Disaster" that is, but let's instead make it a spring board to opportunity.  An opportunity, to set thing right..!  WG

                          The Smoke is on the Water Don’t Fall Asleep Just Yet

By this point most RMer’s know that there are some important negotiations taking place over things like a reset for the World’s business exchange standards.  These major international negotiations are taking place in the ongoing meetings in Basel, Switzerland.  I haven’t touched on this subject with much fervor due to the excellent job done by other RM contributors and most recently a thorough piece by “Bankster Slayer.”   Let me reiterate something that seems rather upside down.  I am pulling for China, not our team, team bankster!  I wish I could pull for our representatives, but they don’t represent us, they represent themselves and dishonest money.  

The uninformed SixPacks, and the rest of the informed US citizenry will suffer a beat down regardless of the final terms of this meeting in Basel.  The facts based on informed logic are clear.  The guys representing our side of the negotiations are just plain “wrong,” no if’s and’s or but’s.  I haven’t a clue as to what China has on the brain regarding the future.  It could be pro business here on our shores or not.  But I know one thing for sure, our guys SUCK.  In order for us to get ahead, they have to get out of the way.  Referencing the title of this installment, I for one, and I suspect you as well, “Don’t want the paper foxes controlling the gold chicken house.”  The odds are (I doubt this scenario) if the banksters come out with their hands raised in victory, our financial pain will be much much greater.  

By the way, these bankster pecker heads could come out with their hands raised in victory when they achieved nothing of the sort.  Would it surprise any RM readers for the western msm to translate something onto the news screens describing a major victory for team bankster?  I will answer for you, “NO!”  For that I will continue to rely on my team of advisors to provide proper insight based on the truth.  The WGFSPC, “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation” highlighted in last week’s installment.  Stay tuned folks the truth will come out.  That statement leads me to an interview that caught me off guard a bit.

The above interview is filled with great insight from a couple seasoned pros in the financial world.  There are a couple of minutes that really perked my ears.  Starting @ 18:00 mark a superb discussion ensues with respect to the possibilities of an economic reset.  I am going to be politically correct here and agree with both John’s, and especially Egon’s, views of a global reset being attempted.  

The key word is “attempted.”   Attempting to complete a uniform reset that governs the entire world's key economic zones is just not feasible.  A global reset that is strictly adhered to in all four corners of the globe isn’t remotely possible.  Some sovereigns will be able to survive in the new global economic system, while others will not have any chance at doing things effectively and will therefore abstain from agreeing with a reset.  At least agreeing to it in “total.”  Undoubtedly a standard of living beat down will follow for some countries.

Those that can’t reach a 100% compliance level may suffer some issues in the global transition.  A transition that will require trading backed by real money, honest money like GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins).  Those that lack in these areas will probably suffer problems in their abilities to trade at the same efficiency levels that they were formerly accustomed to.  I suspect that will possibly include more western countries than eastern ones.  Exciting and dangerous times, times that require you to fend for yourself with a "Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio"....DHAP...!   A planning technique, that when trading opportunities present themselves, will allow you to emerge with a decent chance of trading from a position of strength, yielding more efficiency and greater opportunity.  WG

So you’re still a doubting Thomas?  It ain’t going to happen to you.  It will never hit the western banking system with full force.  Check this out from the Wolf Gray’s FB friends “The Sirius Report” …..

With Deutsche Bank being in the headlines of late, can you still say, “It can't happen at a major western bank?”  Maybe the above headline is faked, or maybe the pictures attached aren’t real.  All that said, can you afford to ignore them?  If you are still fence sitting and need more paper convincing, let me give you the bankster number to call for real enlightenment “1-800-Lucifer”.

So what is in the boiling cauldron?  Oh yeah, a US election is coming up.  The major world’s players are negotiating an equitable economic reset right now.  Plus the super spy Rickards has said the King Dollar suffers dramatically at the end of September.  All due to the inevitable…the guaranteed failure of the “King.”  Yep, “The Smoke is on the Water” all right, but it ain’t on the Lake Geneva shoreline.  It is in Basel, on the “Rhine”…the Rhine river shoreline in Switzerland….Once the smoke stops, “Watch Out.”   Next a rather unique band, a macabre sound with a lefty on drums and a lead singer who was the lead character in “Jesus Christ Superstar.”  Strange stage for the times……

                                    They burned down the gambling house
                                    It died with an awful sound
                                    Funky Claude was running in and out
                                    Pulling kids out the ground
                                    When it all was over
                                    We had to find another place
                                    But Swiss time was running out
                                    It seemed that we would lose the race
                                    Smoke on the water, a fire in the sky….Deep Purple
                            A soon to burn gambling house filled with derivative ashes…WG


                                                      Final Thoughts

Any reports of financial victories for the west, and the bankster cabal coming from the reset negotiations will not be good news for the non-elite citizens in the US.  In fact, you could categorize it as a disaster, or even more likely, as an msm (main stream media) lie of humongous proportions.  In order to re-energize our economy here in the USSA, making it once again the constitutional-capitalistic USA, it will first require the foundations of honest money.   With the goodies that go with it, a resume showing renewed manufacturing and the production of real tangible goods and services.  And btw, that hasn’t a chance in hell with the current group of paper pushers in the control towers.   Therefore……

We don’t want the paper foxes in the real money chicken houses.  If that happens, I would suspect the import prices will rise dramatically and really really quickly, as the eastern debt holders will probably not want to take a quick permanent major hit to their US debt holdings.  BTW, that eastern sentiment will be the case in almost every economic reset outcome, with minor differences in severity, and timing of the reactions.   So where does that leave us?   

A reset will happen, backed by real money, not fiat crap.  It’s a lock.  The business momentum is too strong… only a major war could stop it.  The majority of the forward thinking world will be happy to jump on board (they already are btw), as it will be the new economic engine of the future.  A future right around the corner that we will all soon witness.  If our leadership in the US refuses to get on board, then it leaves you with one option.  Insuring yourself with a quality, well thought out DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio), and if they decide to get on board with the worldwide move to a reset backed by honest money, then your option is once again a DHAP to bridge the gap.  That’s the domestic manufacturing gap, a gap that requires us to be able to pay for imported goods and services until we can get back to properly taking care of ourselves. WG

All intelligent solutions lead to the same destination, the establishment of a quality family organized DHAP.  I could write an installment every damned week, and the prior sentence is all that is needed to explain the final thoughts and the best solutions.  Which now lead to the …..

                                                       Hard Asset Tip

In the recent article by Ken Schortgen Jr. I noticed an interesting comment, with references to some solar powered technologies.  Alternative power back up systems are a very worthwhile consideration.  Especially when it comes to freezer items that need to remain cold to safely provide your nutritional needs.  A propane powered fridge/freezer may be a worthwhile consideration.  Worthwhile, if the price tags (the price tags I see anyway) on portable solar are pinching your pocketbook too much.  If you are not considering powering the freezer by any methods other than the standard power grids, and the budget is a problem, then some old school methods for preserving your meats may be in order.  

As I was instructed by a wise Wolfpack associate just yesterday morning, canning your meat products for longer term storage is always an option.  An option, that is just like canning vegetables and tasty fruit jelly spreads (preserving in the latter case).  Quick canning side note: in addition to boiling, be sure to review pressure canning for most meats to thoroughly get rid of all the harmful bacteria.  Keep in mind you still have the old time favorites of salt curing and/or smoking your meats.  Cooler seasonal outdoor temperatures are a plus with these methods.  See the links below……

Quick medicinal side note: Keep plenty of garlic on hand, stored in a dry dark place, and lightly sealed from exposure to the air.   This stuff ain’t just for delicious entree’ seasoning, it is one heck of a natural boost to your immune system.   The smell also repeals liberals when used in the proper dosages.

Oh, and while we are talking about quality preventative treatments, would someone please tell the Germans to pipe down over there?  We are trying to do a good job of pulling the wool over the eyes of the brain dead sheeple & Sixpacks over here in the USSA….

You just can’t make this crap up folks, unbelievable.  Or is it possible the German government big wigs are fans of ‘’, and realize a well purposed DHAP is the key to survival preparations?  Like I said you can’t make this crap up folks.

             God, then your Family, then the Land of the Free & the Home of the Brave
                                                 Survive then Thrive…!

                                               Wolf Gray        

Credit to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team RM, "W", WolfPack,  '', ZeroHedge, John Oliver, Bloomberg, Gerald Celente, Steve St. Angelo, David Stockman, Dave & the X22 Report, John Embry & Egon von Greyerz, The Sirius Report, Off the Grid News, Survivopedia, Eric Clapton/Derek Trucks & Deep Purple