Now with Brexit over with, will the European Union reboot, or hit delete?

Immediately following the Brexit vote that passed muster back on June 24, legislators and politicians from up to eight other countries called for their own referendum to decide whether to stay or leave the European Union.  And while none of these nations have to date followed through with setting up a public vote on the matter, the UK's example is having an affect on political situations all over the continent.

Take for example in France where every single candidate opposing Francois Hollande in next year's election is calling for either a complete pullout from the EU, or at the very least a radical reorganization of the European Commission and Maastricht Treaty.

“After a seminar at Les Républicains (LR) party headquarters this week, Sarkozy spelled out five points for EU reform that one of his backers said were “totally consensual” (never mind that Le Maire and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, also a candidate, did not bother to show up and brainstorm).
“In ten months [the job of fixing Europe] will be up to us.” — Nicolas Sarkozy
The Républicain plan en bref: 1) the EU should reform Schengen, so each country has more control over its borders; 2) Europe should get its own version of the International Monetary Fund, to avoid being “on its knees before the United States”; 3) the European Commission should write even fewer laws; 4) national parliaments should be able to veto them all; and, 5) Europe’s “never-ending” expansion should, well, end.”


And Marine Le Pen's position...

“Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French far-right National Front party, said the British Brexit vote is a “victory for freedom” and called for all countries to have referendums on their European Union membership Friday.

“Victory for freedom! As I’ve asked for years, we need the same referendum in France and in the EU countries,” Le Pen tweeted.”


Yet not all EU leaders are so quick to throw the Union out with the bath water.  In fact, on Aug. 22 Germany's Angela Merkel, Italy's Matteo Renzi, and the current French President Francois Hollande met on the Italian island of Ventonene to discuss the future of the EU.

“In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, there has been increasing skepticism and rising doubts about the viability and overall future of the European “project” which has been impacted not only by the stark British refusal to be part of Europe, but ongoing terrorist attacks in key European nations prompting calls for an end to the customs union.

As a result the leaders of Germany, France and Italy are meeting today on the Italian island of Ventonene to discuss how to keep the European project together in the second set of talks between the premiers of Europe’s three largest economies following the Brexit vote.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi hosts German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande on an island off the coast of Naples ahead of September’s EU summit called to discuss reverberations from the Brexit vote.

”They will be coming to discuss how to relaunch Europe from the bottom up, there’s a big need,” Renzi said on Sunday. “Relaunching Europe is a totally open game but it needs to be played,” he said.”

— Zerohedge

Perhaps their meeting today should have been labeled The Matrix: Reloaded.

Dependent upon which European politicians survive their next elections, since Hollande, Renzi, and Merkel are all trending downward in approval ratings from failed economic and political policies, the fate of the EU could be decided by a new group of leaders who are not as beholden to the oligarchy out of Brussels, or the Damocles Sword that is the United States.  But perhaps there is even a third option, which Trends Analyst Gerald Celente suggests is coming upon Europe, and that is that the entire Union simply crashes from under its own corruption, and all the Kings horses and all the Kings men will not be able to put the Union back together again.