It’s Time to Take Inventory, Just What is it You are Nurturing?

There is an interesting problem separating the world of preparations from the world of fantasy.  The separation of the paper world accompanied by the collapse it deserves versus a recognizable standard of living decline.  Please note, they will merge onto the same path…it will happen, it is a mathematical certainty.  We are witnesses to just a slight hold up in the schedule.  Interestingly, the number of major events has not slowed this year, but the change in living standards of the western world is running on a different schedule.  Astute observers like yourselves recognize some standard of living changes, but the selfie takers are having none of it.  Rest assured, it’s like a lot of hot steam entering a closed container with no bleed valve, eventually once it goes it will be, EPIC!  

The real problems now facing the PPPTB (paper using powers that be) are the facts that more people are aware something is wrong.  Unfortunately most of them don’t quite understand the dire nature of the math involved.  They have the feeling of a floor to their standard of living is well in place, ready to be properly adjusted to the upside at a later date.  Meaning, there will be no further drops down the ladder of comfort.  WRONG...!

The obvious facts are, that from a business, physics, numerical, and psychological perspective, maintaining the status quo isn’t possible.  Why you may ask?  As long as there are other business competitors, sovereign entities in this case, out there vying for a piece of the business pie, the “Former Kings” will drop a few notches on the ladder of comfort.  Former being the operative word.  That hasn’t happened yet, but it will and everyone needs to be cognizant of this eventuality.   Folks, we are undoubtedly in “The Land of confusion”

                                            I must've dreamed a thousand dreams

                                            Been haunted by a million screams

                                            But I can hear the marching feet

                                            They're moving into the street.

                                            Now did you read the news today

                                            They say the danger's gone away

                                            But I can see the fire's still alight

                                            There burning into the night.

                                            There's too many men

                                            Too many people

                                            Making too many problems

                                            And not much love to go round

                                            Can't you see

                                            This is a land of confusion….Genesis

Again, smart people recognize a drop in the standard of living is likely, selfie taking morons haven’t as of yet.  In fact, most of those just waking up, be it via “the Trump movement” or via other sources, typically don’t realize the magnitude of current US business losses.  Losses that are due to farming out our manufacturing and a huge portion of our debt to international sources.  Both are actions that still guarantee to create a big drop in the standards of living domestically.  Declines that will continue until a solid base of business autonomy, creativity and self reliance is reborn.

Get your minds ready for what is coming, because it ain’t what many perceive it to be.  How far down the “standard of living ladder” it goes is anybody’s guess, or more appropriately how far it will go before we grab the “bull by the horns”….!   But, down it will go.  Awareness is increasing, but the invisible bubble protecting those who are gradually waking up will be broken.  Get over the belief that if the right guy gets elected that it will magically start getting better.  We are well past that point.  This is redundant I know, but some new stuff is coming up below.

This is going to be EPIC!   It is just competitive business, nothing more nothing less.  Accept it and then correct it, if that is your chosen path.

The Wolf smells a necessary return of “rugged individualism” is required.  A trait that is a staple in a “competitive” global economy, one that demands the “public putzes” (PP) in charge be held accountable.  Time will tell….meanwhile….

Please take the time to review some of the comments below last week’s installment.  Some really good intel. was provided.  The RM crowd seldom disappoints, and as usual your comments provide interesting material to review, material to utilize in an overall protective game plan for your family.  Material that leads to much of the subject matter in this installment, to be followed by an almost illegal “Hard Asset Tip”.

A Theme to Keep in the Back of Your Mind

As you review anything I write, any videos posted, or any links highlight in this installment keep one thing in mind, monetary corralling is well apace in the USSA.  Don’t look for capital controls to arrive, they are already here.  SAR’s which was highlighted last week is a perfect example. In fact, in a follow up on SAR's this week, I want to highlight an interesting comment to last Friday night's Team RM 'web' broadcast (shown below). 

Don’t be lulled asleep by the belief that there are no capital controls just because you can still move your money and your person off shore.  And by the way, It’s my understanding that even that ain’t as easy as it used to be.  Clearly your opportunities for easy access to your funds is far different than the type of access one had prior to 1999.  Your monetary freedoms are being corralled pure and simple.

If you can’t access more than $3,000 of your “on-demand” deposits without getting “felt up TSA style,” then capital controls are here.  Off shore, on shore, I don’t give a rats rear end, they are here.  As highlighted many months ago, your freedoms, especially your economic freedoms, are being corralled.  Keep that in mind when you hear the words “capital controls,” as it is my view that off shoring is irrelevant to the full definition of capital controls.  WG

Here’s a brain twister.  Maybe it was part of the overall PPPTB game plan to force you to be financially tied to your current monetary resident nation.  Separating those that can freely afford to move about abroad, typically those of the proverbial 1% category, while detaining your abilities even further as a member of the 99% category.  Add a little entertainment side show material (Kardashians, selfie tools etc.), some cash movement restrictions and “presto-chango” your mobility has been further corralled.  Mentally & physically.  On to the news……..

TheRedundant News, But the Meanings are Becoming More & More Clear

In a continuation of the excellent article I inserted into last week’s installment by James Wesley Rawles describing attacks on freedom of speech, here is another illustration of what I perceive to be an additional corralling of our freedoms.

Thanks to Zero, and a continuation of your lack of “habeas corpus” courtesy of the NDAA signed on 12/31/2011, as well as the "Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” (2010), constitutional freedoms are being swept under the rug.   The meat in the above “” article is akin to the acts listed in the previous sentence and detailed in prior installments.  Based on the facts, that they all share a clear path to the subversion of constitutional freedoms.  Stay vigilant my friends.

The guy highlighted in the next link from ZeroHdege is a walking talking “cluster f…..”.  He is like a vampire that only comes out when an announcement of reassurance to the “economic dunder heads in the msm” is required.

Recognize it for what it is, a lie to hopefully cover up the realities of economic failures piling up on the King Dollar.   It is painfully obvious, and pathetic to those that are awake.   Actually I am not sure who is buying this ‘bs’ anymore.  Maybe the same idiots that buy the msm’s attacks on Trump, which have been backfiring miserably.  Never fear the DOW is here, backed by the FED’s Bullard.  Or is that “DULLARD”.

No WG news brief rant would be complete without an example of “on the ground” proof of economic failure.  In fact, proof of a long preached Wolf Gray theory, a theory that easy money leads to doubling down on acts of past failures.   Reports of these acts seem to abound around or just after the seasonal quarterly earnings announcements.   Check out this next laboratory example of business and economic stupidity or put simply “pure failure”…….

Folks, the above link is proof positive that easy money leads to risky investment, or risky use of available funds in a business’s cash or debt portfolios.  Actually stupid or not, the above article is detailing a business that is primarily paper oriented, a business that is stuck within the paper matrix, and the only choices are poor and piss poor.  Any way they choose, they lose.  Simply put, easy money without properly gauged risk will eventually blow up.  There is no other option.  Folks put on your sunglasses and enjoy the fireworks to come.  Oh, and best to be prepared with a well stocked DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) in advance or you will not enjoy the show with as much jocularity.

All this stuff is bunch of exaggerations on your part WG.  Yeah, O.K., let’s check back in with my favorite indicator, an indicator that highlights a failure is looming.The ever decreasing time gaps between macro business/economic events and micro business events.  And as mentioned before with the gap inverting in some cases, with micro events via certain pre-announcements preceding the macro announcements in an attempt to further levitate the stock’s share price for additional executive pocket book increases.  Check this aborted order of business example out.  It is not something you would find in a classic MBA course text book….

Details from the headline in the above link indicate Macy’s stock rebounds 10% after announcing disappointing sales and earnings.  No worries though, the shuttering of 100 stores with the attached reduction in employment expenses will save the “Equity Day.”  Simply amazing stuff folks.  Never fear though, the now completely meaningless DOW and it’s equity brethren are here with bogus values for all.   Wonder how this will all be sentenced on the final day of judgement in Mrs. Economic Mother Nature’s courtroom?  

Boy this next guy has been on fire of late, and once again Mr. David Stockman doesn’t disappoint in the following article…..

The general subject matter in the above link revolves around abolishing the FOMC.   Ding ding ding ding…we have a winner, I couldn’t agree more.  A useless entity, unless you consider destruction useful.  These 3 excerpt paragraphs by Mr Stockman say a mouthful……

……The approximate hour Janet Yellen spends wandering in circles and spewing double talk during her post-meeting pressers is time well spent. When the painful ordeal of her semi-coherent babbling is finally over, she has essentially proved that the Fed is attempting an impossible task.

And better still, that the FOMC should be abolished.

The alternative is real simple. It’s called price discovery on the free market; it’s the essence of capitalism.......David Stockman

Next up....I don’t want to wear myself out patting myself on the back, but how about this one.  The Wolf Gray may be on the right track, or maybe I have an inside track to the very next day’s CN’BS’ financial announcements….

An excerpt from last week’s installment regarding what will likely become reality very soon on ZeroCare…….

A total failure, and a failure that is about to give everybody one hell of a Christmas and New Year’s hangover.  The Wolf says watch out for this one folks. WG

Maybe they are reading RM, but one thing is for sure, we all might as well "tie one on" for the New Year to drown our sorrows when the frickin’ ZeroCare rates come a calling. It ain't that hard to predict, especially when so many of the insurers are getting out of the health care business.  I have seen this act before, with true competition collapsing via product supply being effectively eliminated due to over regulation.  It's just business, but in this case negative business.  This will be ugly, and I don't think the ESF (exchange stabilization fund) will come to the rescue of this sort of financial malaise.  Your premiums, and or your health care benefits are going to insult you big time, and real soon….!   Official date by the end of the year, but the announcement dates may precede the reality.   

RM Radio Broadcast:  There was a comment (I tend to read the comments of RM authored material) after last Friday night’s Team Rogue Money broadcast that really caught my attention.  Especially since it was also a highlight from last week’s WG installment, that claimed the SAR’s trigger value could now be as little as $3,000.00.  SAR’s stands for “suspicious activity reports,” they are reports that banks submit to the “Big House,” that state you may be involved in terrorist or at the very least suspicious activity.Post the Patriot Act with it’s attached “anti-money laundering” language the SAR’s limit was $10,000.00.  WOW talk about deflation, but in a bad way.  Here is the YouTube link to the RM broadcast, and somewhere in there yours truly hammered the SAR’s limits once again…..

Here is the comment, yielding additional on the ground intel, from an RM listener named “Liberty Raptor”…….

YES! 100% TRUE about the SAR at banks! We made a withdraw from Chase bank UNDER $3000 and we were put on the Suspicious activity report! Funny thing is it was our INCOME TAX RETURN!!!!! WTF? It was just deposited from the U.S treasury days prior!  Liberty Raptor

Folks this is corralling of your freedoms with your own funds, and remember this installment’s…”Theme to Keep in the Back of Your Mind.”  No need to nit-pic this comment either, as I have maintained this day has not only arrived, it is busy dining off your kitchen goodies at this very moment.  All roads lead to a similar set of solutions, the establishment of more stable savings via GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins).  So take the time to do a complete inventory and see just what it is you are nurturing.  Is it paper garbage or real money in the form of GSBC’s..?

BTW, it was a pretty tough show for millennials this past Friday night, but I don’t think I was so adamant about their stupidity, as my colleagues.  I, for one, feel that the teachers (us baby boomers & a few others) are normally just as liable for their lack of productivity as they may be.  Plus grandsons Wolf Gray are millennials and I kind of like them, plus I see a few rays of hope with some of their age group being equally fed up with what is going on.  For an example, note some of my recent installment inserts of videos with Rob Kirby being interviewed by some young millennial aged Canadians stepping up to the “we get it” plate.   We need their more youthful energy to work out of this downward spiral folks, and they need our leadership.  It’s just common sense business.  Otherwise, it will truly be a teenage wasteland.  Bet you know what is coming next (been used before).

Next up, the USA Watchdog (Greg Hunter) and Bill Murphy of GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) deliver an interesting interview with respect to the tremendous capabilities of future silver pricing…….

@ 4:50…Bill and his inside contacts are of the opinion silver supply is drying up, and silver is about to be “in play.”  “In play” meaning the moves with supply drying up will be dramatic to the upside.  Bill says silver is the bankster’s kryptonite.  Remember the name of his organization, “Gold Trust-Anti Action Committee,” not silver….“Gold.”  Which to me says silver could be “Hot” in a good way very soon.  Time will tell, short time I suspect.

@ 8:00…To further prove the “silver kryptonite” theory he states the “bankster cartel” will lose control of the entire precious metals pricing complex once they lose control of the silver price suppression game.  The proof is in the huge, huge open interest, with little support in the physical supply chains.  As always, it has been the Wolf Gray view “to just own it and don’t sweat the price to purchase, just keep buying…!”

In addition, towards the last few minutes of the interview, Bill states that the price of gold should be dramatically higher in order to clear the system or equalize it for all the unnatural paper printing.   It is one of Wolf Gray’s views that the equilibrium pricing of precious metals could end up being much higher than we all anticipate.  This would be primarily due to Economic Mother Nature delivering “Final Monetary Supply Demand” sentencing (with BRICS backing), indicating much higher than expected penalties to the King Dollar, due to it’s “dark money” indiscretions, courtesy of the ESF.  This still changes nothing.  The solutions are the same as they have been since at least 2008, own it.  It = “Precious metals,” it is the soundest of all solutions.  Take inventory & nurture…….Additionally there is a side benefit of taking inventory besides the obvious ones…..more in a second.

If this next interview is posted by one of my teammates before I post it, then so be it.  I am still going to post it.  Why?  Turd Ferguson was on fire in this interview with “SD Metals & Marketing.”  It was an absolute ‘Hoot” to listen to.  No bullet points will be offered as the whole thing was great, analytically and from an entertainment perspective.

One has to ask themselves, do any of the charts and the pricing techniques really matter, when they are still tied to a baseline founded on a paper system?  A paper off shoot, that is going to be from a paper that will soon be roasted, just as every single fiat currency has, with a historical 100% certainty rate.

The end of the interview has some great philosophical analysis worthy of studying.  From the 40:00 mark on the good news I hear is spot on with what I believe.  The pricing is still irrelevant, get it in hand, and then watch what happens post what they are describing.  The "Turd" was awesome in this one from beginning to end.  This is not meant to sound condescending, but at the end “The Turd” pretty much says the same thing I believe, “Once this thing falls apart, and the PPPTB is running for cover, all the charts and pricing metrics on precious metals won’t mean a thing…!”  You just got to own it, folks.   It is my view once again that real money's pricing (GSBC’s) could go dark, thus no offer, and for that matter any number of things could happen in the pricing structures.  But one thing is for sure, if you have it in your tool chest you will be several standard of living grades above those that don’t.

Take Inventory to Understand What You are Really Nurturing

In this next interview from SGT Report, I want to revisit Mr. James Wesley Rawles of “’ (posted an article by him last week).  With a few points of interest to ole’ WG……The point he made at the 8:00 mark is stunning (pay attention)

@ 1:40…It is his view there is no chance; no chance of a recovery.  If you have no GSBC’s backing, then you will be doomed.  I concur, as preached here many, many times before.  It is just nice to have someone of his caliber reinforce that viewpoint.

@ 3:00…He goes into the Clinton crime family, and how it personally affected him.

@ 6:00…The chances of fixing things through traditional political methods, are out!  I concur!

@ 6:50…A discussion of the fact that there is possibly, and very likely (as detailed by “The Economic Great Ape”) some good guys in the background trying to straighten things out.  You have to pay attention to the next one……..

@ 8:00The US Navy is planning on naming a ship after a homosexual political official….You read that right (listen to it as well), absolutely un-frickin’ believable.  And yet it isn’t that surprising these days, is it?

@ 13:40…The DNC convention with an empty coliseum for the Clinton coronation as the official nominee.  Amazing footage as well.

@ 16:25…As detailed by “W”, Putin is trying to wake up the US populous with the truth…..(great actual footage)

@ 19:00…Rawles says we are at the 11th hour of an actual nuclear war……This is significant to me as it comes from a very pragmatic guy (at least from my take on his past works)

@ 22:30…Note the debt level discussions of a WWIII scenario.  Always keep in mind, as I love to preach, all discussions revolve around “reported” paper debt numbers.  It is my view that scenarios like the ones Mr. Rawles is discussing will probably bring the dark money to the light, and it would then be far far worse.  The unreported numbers will soon meet the light of day.  Why?  Because the foreign debt holders will force the dark money coffins open when they demand fair value for their dollar debt holdings.   It’s just business!

@ 24:00…Inflation & hyperinflation…..per the video, both hidden forms of taxation and then slavery.  Hey, I hear ZeroCare playing “Taps” in the background.  GSBC’s and a well thought out, well nurtured overall DHAP.  That is what will ease your troubled mind, and lead you out of the chaos.  

@ 26:12…They discuss the value of GSBC’s helping to assist in your own recovery after the coming US collapse.

@ 29:22…Venezuela discussions, and the same type of problems reaching the US shores.  Comments on food are referenced but……Also pay attention to his comments on the values of common caliber types of ammunition.  The Wolfpack & I agree with him, the common rounds will be very very valuable.

@ 33:35…He agrees with many Wolfpack associates I consult with, the fact we are becoming a banana republic.  Note folks, it is my view that it has already happened, but it hasn’t been announced.  Until the news says so sleepy sheeple don’t believe it anyway.  But just imagine a person running for president in a first tier country with several felonies chasing after them.  3rd world anyone?

In the interest of past disclosure Mr. Rawles is part of the WGFSPC, “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation.”  Mr. Rawles is an advisor in my “survival techniques” department.  That is the supreme value of the internet.  You can pick and choose key individuals to help in your preparations based on what you perceive to be core planning issues.  For those that haven’t seen this before, let me highlight some key departments in the “WGFSPC,” something you can do yourself as well.  It is certainly time to take inventory of your situation with some consultation with your key staff members.  Again, as mentioned earlier, I will hit on a key fun part tied to doing this in a second.

* Common Sense Solutions Team…Wolf Gray Sr. & GrandPa Wolf Gray & the Wolf Pack & the RM Comments Team (just added today, should have been before)

* Eastern Geopolitics team…James the Russian Analyst

* Overall Geopolitical Economic Team…The Economic Silverback, Dr. Jim Willie, “W”, Bankster Slayer

* Debt & Corrupt Paper Team…Rob Kirby (the guy is a encyclopedia of info in this area)

* Economic Minutia & Other Key Economic Details…Ken Schortgen Jr., David Stockman, John Williams, & John Hussman

* & Survival Techniques…James Wesley Rawles

The ‘msm’, PPPTB selfie driven ‘bs’ tends to take your attention away from important matters, like creating a quality advisory board.  In fact it is even making headlines in the alternative media, check out this one from ZeroHedge….

Look at me, look at me, this stuff is obvious and is likely by design.  By design???  That’s right, in the form of diverting your attention.

Refocus, and take the time to form a key advisory board from the best resources of our time, the web and your God given common sense.  Then use your advisory board’s wisdom to initiate a pragmatic, in-depth, heart felt inventory review.  This will allow you to see what should and shouldn’t be nurtured.  And now for the fun part……

If you are like me, I get a sense of “way to go WG” when I finish re-counting my DHAP inventory.   For me, it gives a good feeling of accomplishment and achievement.  It may not for you, but it is something that helps keep me motivated and positive.  Give it a try.  At the very least it is a necessity anyway, as it comes under the category of business, the survival business, but it can be fun.  A necessary diversion to remind me of just what has been accomplished and a memory lane trip that helps by highlighting what it was all for.  WG

For reference on the 32 item DHAP list (diversified hard asset portfolio) go to the link below from May 17, 2016, but be sure to add last week’s survival oriented “belt knife” (with additional tips from Frank @ Justifier Knives”)……An item that should have gotten greater detail prior to last week (making the list 33 not 32).

An 'Illegal' Hard Asset Tip

I probably shouldn’t go down this path, but I will anyway.  Check out this head scratcher of a headline….

The alcohol industry, or the wine and spirits industry pushes politicians to keep cannabis illegal.  Give me a break, “come on man”.  Hemp was legally used in many manufacturing processes, as well as in final manufactured end products in the early 20th century.  The problem was it was cutting into some of the “big wig elites” profit margins.  Guys like William Randolph Hurst, who had big news publishing businesses along with a vast tree farming industry soon to come to harvest, took great exception to the hemp based productivity.  After all, what was being used as paper at the time? “Hemp”!  I would surmise a hindrance to a big wig’s tree farms.

Check this out, hemp was even used by Ford to make a complete car.  Hey, when it comes time to trade it in, if you can’t get the ‘trade-in’ value you want, then you just go out and throw one heck of a week long neighborhood party, from one hell of a long bonfire.  Let me tell you what the Wolf smells throughout the entire link above, and it ain’t got nothing to do with the alcohol industry.   It has to do with “Big Pharma” since “pot” has legit medicinal benefits.  That last damned sentence says it all and I don’t even use or like the stuff.  

Don’t like my business conspiracy theories, then how about this?  I noticed your teeth looking spotless and clean, way to go fluoride toothpaste.  Oops, say ya can’t remember what I started writing about?  Sorry, that’s one side effect of keeping those teeth pearly white… the early onset of Alzheimer’s.  A recent phenomena by the way!  Hey, that shit (fluoride toxicity) was known about in the 1950’s, no problem though, the drug industry will make out “big,” so we best shut down that info trail.  Same info trail that indicates medical marijuana may be beneficial when used properly.  Ya never know it may become one hell of a barter item.

Go on line and google “cannabis,” and do a serious review of it’s actual benefits versus it’s side effects.  Then compare that to the side effects from synthetic “Big Pharma” crap.  Folks, this stuff (cannabis) if you can obtain it legally, might be a worthwhile addition to your DHAP.  Especially since I suspect the regular “Big Pharma” med supply chains to take it on the chin in the coming dollar collapse.  WG

Bottom line: Fascism didn’t start in 2008.  It was actually being put in your face in 2008.  It’s early fascist ancestors were under the covers of “Reefer Madness” indoctrination among a host of other crap, and it is all a part of the ever growing fascist state.  Though it was a more hidden covert version in the early 20th.  Once they get in your face, like they are now with no hidden remorse in sight, it is just another macro versus micro sign that the time is drawing near for a standard of living change to the downside.  Time to deal with it folks!

Posted before but this time it definitely needs to be posted again……These two guys have a real level of “cool’ tied to them…..

The End Game is Here & Some Final Thoughts

The end game for the US Governmental Crime Syndicates are here, and if you don’t think so, you are delusional or misguided.  With that in mind here is an update video from the mind of a real character, Benjamin Fulford.  I don’t pay attention to him very often, but he is a colorful dude who had enough connections to get an interview a few years ago with David Rockefeller.  The first 1:12 of the following 8 minute update is very noteworthy.  Amazingly, it has a connection with a Wolfpack & Wolf Gray theory that says, the further things go the worse it will be, as in worse for us, the US populous.  We are in the end game folks, and if you don’t think so remove your CD blinders (cognitive dissonance).  BTW, the rest of the interview has some real meat to it as well, listen if you so choose…..

As this installment is being completed the “back to school” sales are everywhere, and so are some great low prices on critical “Needs” based DHAP items.  In recent memory, at least during the time I have been associated with ‘,’ I can’t recall a more perfect time to take inventory of your DHAP shelves.   A real boost to your state of mind, and the state of your physical well being with an assist from your “Family Survival & Protection Corporation.”  Check the next couple of paragraphs of timing indicators out……WG

***I posted this installment around 8:00 pm on the 16th, but this morning's news required me to interject this news brief @ 6:28 am on the 17th.  CISCO one of the true indicators of the "Productivity/Economic" direction could be axing 20% of the workforce.  Be afraid, be very afraid.....of what this ZeroHedge link says.......If you haven't already "Wake the Hell up Folks!"

Bad business news is running amuck right now, especially for anyone living in the west, and the soon to be isolated US.  The economy will not improve anytime soon folks.  It is a mathematical foregone conclusion.  Note this coincidence (yeah right), the higher level of western world attacks of the terrorist variety as opposed to “no terrorist” attacks being reported out of the east.  Sort of a sign, wouldn’t you think?  An election the likes of which I have never witnessed before, fostering divisions of angry mainland neighbors at all time highs. Sort of a sign, wouldn’t you think?  Social divisions as measured by wealth at all time extremes.  Sort of an obvious sign, wouldn’t you think???

Want a really big sign, if those in the prior paragraph didn’t suit ya?  How about the world’s leading manufacturing powerhouse aligning with one of the world’s natural resource leaders, a leader that also sports the current best in technological military hardware?  The world’s manufacturing and business hub aligning with the one of the world’s leading enforcement arms, if it is needed.   China & Russia.  How about declining usage of the King Dollar in trade? Just try finding a report of an increase in usage of late.  For another big sign, how about a DOA trade agreement for the west in the form of the fascist manifestos, now being embalmed in the TPP & the TTIP, all the while the Eastern trade blocks keep growing?  WG

Things in the western world couldn’t be worse from a current business perspective, and the signs of a tenuous USSA landscape couldn’t be more obvious.  Thus, if your feet are on western soil (especially US soil) it couldn’t be a better time to take stock of where you stand in your personalized goals.  Personalized goals defined by family safety, family health, and family viability for a new monetary environment.  If you read this far I think you get it by now.  Just a little more to the end though, this one was short compared to past Wolf Gray works.  

Do we detect a slight trend here, slight my arse!  Eastern growth, and western self parasitic destruction!  You have got to admit those “cognitive dissonance blinders” are very efficient when utilized by an over medicated, selfie driven group of morons.  The signs are everywhere, you just got to take off the blinders and open your eyes.  A call to action will soon go out to the left over, self motivated millennials, gen-Xers, baby boomers, and you name it.  A call to rebuild from within.  Leaders, builders, designers, and enforcers are welcome, parasites need not apply.  At least not anywhere where we wolves are.  

Oh, for those of you who insist with arguing on behalf of the reported vibrancy of the US economy, how about this simple statistic.  The trend in the volume of employee withholding taxes from US corporations has been trending downward since 2008 (tips to Dr. Jim Willie among others on this stat).  And dramatically over the last couple years.  And just like the BDI (Baltic Dry Index, a shipping index) you can’t hide this sort of weakness with monetary Zimbabwe style money printing.  I think I hear the US monetary policy in the background playing that “we foster fascist business failure” tune.  

Yep, it is a perfect time to take inventory.  Then nurture the achievements of a job well done, and or then nurture the ideas of some more jobs to be done.  I believe that if you don’t go through this somewhat arduous inventorying process, the feelings of loneliness will not be properly contained once the inevitable fall down the rungs of the “standard of living ladder” are at full steam ahead.  The feelings of, “I should have taken this into account in the summer of 2016,” will be ringing in your head…!

So what are you nurturing, the next frickin’ meaningless app for your cell phone or a way to keep your family viable in the face of a oncoming hurricane?  A storm that will not be diverted, it’s a lock! WG

Going through a very simple “inventory…development…nurturing” processes would seem to be the sort of building blocks that would make it easier for…..

”The body to complete what the mind conceives, and the mind to commence what the spirit believes."WG

Go for it, there is no more time for being “Tongue Tied & Twisted”…..

                                             Into the distance a ribbon of black

                                             Stretched to the point of no turning back

                                             A flight of fancy on a windswept field

                                             Standing alone my senses reeled

                                             A fatal attraction holding me fast how

                                             Can I escape this irresistible grasp?

                                             Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies

                                             Tongue tied and twisted just an earth bound misfit I....Pink Floyd

Just do it folks.  And remember, there is not one thing in a properly prepared DHAP that can’t be either consumed or bartered with at a future date.  In other words, they cost you nothing, nothing that you can’t get back.

God, then your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

                                                  Survive then Thrive..!

ps…Here is the cliff notes version of this installment, “We are still screwing up, and the other team is beating the dog shit out of us.  GSBC’s & DHAP’s are a requirement for all of us that are awake.  The End.

Credit to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team RM, The Wolfpack, ‘’, “Liberty Raptor, David Stockman, The USA Watchdog, Bill Murphy, ZeroHedge, '', SD Metals & Marketing, Turd Ferguson, James Wesley Rawles, SGT Report, Benjamin Fulford, Genesis & The Who & Merle/Willie & Pink Floyd