Russian Foreign Ministry Announces Visa Free Travel Between RF and El Salvador Starting August 27

While Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers asks "Who Will Rescue Venezuela" this weekend, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced an interesting development with respect to Latin America. According to TASS news agency Moscow and the central American republic of El Salvador will inaugurate visa free travel starting Saturday, August 27:

An agreement between the governments of Russia and El Salvador on conditions of abandoning visa formalities for reciprocal trips by the citizens of Russia and El Salvador is coming into effect on August 27. The document was signed in Guatemala on March 26, 2015,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Under the agreement, citizens in both countries who hold valid passports, which give them the right to cross the state border, can enter, exit, travel by transit or stay in the territory of the other country without visas up to 90 days in the course of each 180-day period calculated as of the date of the first entry.

Visas will still be required for a longer stay in the territory of the foreign state as well as for commercial and business activities.


The announcement that no visas will be required at least for tourist or cultural activities between El Salvador and the Russian Federation will be a benefit to the Moscow Patriarchate or other Orthodox churches efforts to start Orthodox Christian communities in the traditionally Roman Catholic and increasingly Pentecostal/Evangelical country. It also comes at an interesting time in terms of geopolitics.

Washington is pushing the Trans Pacific Partnership on to Latin America including Central American states like El Salvador that have historically struggled with high crime rates, poverty and corruption. According to Costa Rica based American expat Dr. Jim Willie Russia's commercial activities have been on the rise in Nicaragua where Russian companies have helped build out the country's cellular infrastructure and China has postponed its Panama Canal alternative project via Lake Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is also, under the co-presidency of the aging socialist Daniel Ortega and his wife, apparently buying more used Russian T-72 tanks. Despite visits of Russian military and defense technicians however rumors that Moscow is establishing a 'spy base' in the country reported by the Washington Times' Bill Gertz appear to be unfounded. Southfront analysis reports the Russian military is extremely unlikely to set up any bases in Central America or in Cuba for the foreseeable future: