To See the Light at the End, You Must First Find the Tunnel

Commenters from last week’s installment, in particular “KW88”, suggested sticking with greater focus on the preparations for a western standard of living failure.  I agree, and some quick location theories will be addressed in the “Hard Asset Tip” segment, plus a little bonus tip..!  But I will still pound the drums of the current, and past failures that have led to this “WSLF” (western standard of living failure), if only for the purposes of chronicling it’s movements, and the hope of another “reader wake up call”.  As the headline of this installment indicates, I firmly believe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, the problem will be finding the tunnel and successfully traversing through it.  

Last Friday night was an interesting exchange with my teammates at ‘’  (V & Ken in this case), especially within the political conversation.  One thing was abundantly clear; the standard of living collapse will happen regardless of the candidate elected, and we all feel Hitlery is one of the worst candidates ever, period!  Trump being a far better candidate to likely join in with the future task of rebuilding properly.  That being said, I will throw some interesting tidbits of information for RM review that might taint the Trump bandwagon.

A humorous yet philosophically useful aside from my friend “The Russian Analysts”…check out an email he sent me, last week.  And btw, I did not choose the “Wolf” oriented moniker for ‘’ it was “The Guerrilla” that chose it.  We agreed on the name, as I thought it was stylish, but check out this cool video in the language of “The Bear”….

                                    My pack you are right, I'm an old one
                                    I'm like a blunt fang
                                    I can't gnaw my memory of freedom's dreams
                                    There isn't fire in them for long time*
                                    They beat hard
                                    Eyes of my friends, eyes of my friends-wolves!

Next only a couple (note this installment should be shorter) news items followed by a potential attack on your ability to bounce around the blogosphere.  An actual war if you will.  Followed by a different angle on the Donald, and then a review of a great interview with Dr. Jim Willie, that will lead to some more concrete solutions.

                                News that Reiterates Past Evidentiary Fiat Failures

This next link is not part of the different take on Mr. Trump, but it does add fuel to the fires of past “Why & Why Now” questions raised by one Wolf Gray……..

Regarding the above link, most RMer’s are now quite aware of why, but it would appear “The Donald” is trying with greater desperation to get the message out.  As reported many months ago once his nomination was confirmed, he immediately came out with this sort of “beware of western paper message”.  Back then, the WG assertion was he was getting himself fitted for a proper "pitch fork & torch proof vest” with messages that would keep him out of the “frying pan of blame”.  But that being said, maybe he is a lurker at '’ and is just getting the truth out.   Hey, that ain’t so far fetched. After all, some of his key guys communicate with the “Economic Great Ape”.  I am sticking with the “pitch fork & torch proof vest” theory. After all, I suspect he circulates among folks who know what is about to “go down”!

Here is a good one…..

Wow, looks like Aetna wasn’t getting their cut of the 58% juice to the GDP totals, the great “vig” on ZeroCare.  Once again, as detailed many many times before, the UCA (unaffordable care act) is pure “Fascism” without any apologies.  A total failure and a failure that is about to give everybody one hell of a Christmas and New Year’s hangover.  The Wolf says watch out for this one folks.

Boy here’s a repeat subject from ‘’ highlighting the first of the year predictions from the 01/01/16 radio broadcast……..

Folks, you can’t afford to finance a damned car for up to seven years, unless you are independently wealthy….!  You read that right, unless you are wealthy and clearly don’t give a shit.  That’s because you are behind the ‘8 ball’ for the first seven of the 8 years, and could care less if you are behind the “financial 8 ball or not”, due to being too rich & stupid.  If you can’t afford the car based on the monthly payment levels tied to a 4 year loan, then you don’t need the damned thing.   I can hear the “Stones” in the background….”You can’t always get what you want…”….We are without question about to get back to a “NEEDS” based economy through shear “pocket-book” pain, and I say “Hear Hear, hallelujah, amen & holy shit!”  The desire to feel entitled to all the “WANTS” based items you can reach for leads to bullshit fascist crap like placing the “penalty tax” from ZeroCare on the plus side of the GDP ledger, and to boot it all to the tune of 58% of the entire GDP.  

No doubt about it, the Team was right on Friday night, as the next major stop will be a “Western Economic Wake Up Call”…!  A wake up call that will leave ‘the-unaware’ searching for the proper tunnel to reach the light.  Good luck is all I can say if you haven’t taken action on your DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) preparations.  The PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) are corralling you, and the “Dodd Frank Wall Street reform & Consumer Protection Act” will be the sponsoring signs on your economic fence boundaries.   With supporting sponsorship from the lack of signs highlighting the “Glass-Steagall Act”, long gone since 1999.  Enough of that, it has been hit on as much as a sexy woman still sitting in a bar after 12:00 pm.  WG

And last, but not least, on the generic evidentiary trail of western paper failure is this headliner……

You know, I am not sure how this headline is remotely possible.  No manufacturing jobs at all in the past two years in this great recovery, none!  Just remember as detailed in the last installment, where it was highlighted that the restaurant traffic is slowing dramatically.  Never fear though, the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund), and their puppet the magic munchkin Janet Yellen & the defunct FED (defunct since 1934) are here with DOW & NASDAQ goodies for all.  Just no real jobs!  

Remember it is the Wolf Gray’s assertion that the FED has evolved into nothing more than a monolithic structure to take the public’s body blows where warranted (shielding the ESF).  A defunct entity!  I don’t think my prior installment from early July 2015 has been transferred to the new site, but here is the link to what I believe is the best summary of the massive powers of the ESF (posted before, but worthy of review once again)….

Oops, I found one more news link to harp on from ZeroHedge, before getting into he meat of the matter……

Folks, that headline is total bullshit. The numbers I suspect are way way higher than 14%.  This requires a WG rant.  Why is it that P/E’s for sock exchange equity members (PE-price to earnings ratio), and the pricing structures of said equities have always come under a magical future pricing formula?  I have a theory: “so the fires of “crapola tied to the GAAP” method of accounting (see last installment) can lend a more positive pricing flavor to the equity markets.  Just one of many reasons, but how about this?  Try this on for size, a little forward pricing to the paper money personal balance sheets of most western Joe & Jane Sixpack’s?  I suspect you see where this rant is going, right at the heart of a balance sheet fantasy, it's a personal balance sheet mirage.

Thanks to Dodd Frank, and the fact few Americans understand the definition of ‘legal tender vs. real money’, it begs the question, “what wealth can actually be counted and what wealth shouldn’t be counted, at all…!  CAUSE BY DEFINITION, IF IT AIN’T ON YOUR PERSON, IT AIN’T YOURS…!  A definition that will be exercised at the right time, which is right now.  That’s right, right now, thanks to things like SAR’s (suspicious activity reports).  I harped on this over 18 months ago, but the restrictions now seem to be getting tighter.  Like a piddly $3,000, tight!   

Say you have mid 5 figures worth of legal tender in one of our fine bankster institutions, and you want to take out $3,000.00.  BTW, that’s $3,000 in what you perceive to be your money.  After you give them every piece of known data on you tied to planet USSA to walk away with “your money”, a couple weeks later some rather nasty looking dudes all ‘duded-up’ are knocking on your door wanting to know just what the hell you are up to.  Boy ain’t nothing like “The Patriot Act”, and “anti-money laundering” language to put the kabash on those pesky terrorists, TERRORISTS LIKE YOU THAT IS!  You took too much of your money, dude.  Or you at least thought it was your money.   Just what are your terrorist ties punk?

I can’t confirm that $3,000.00 dollars is the new trigger level for spurring a SAR’s whistle, but one of my favorite fascists to beat up, that wacky globalist pecker head Jim Rickards put out a piece that highlighted that figure.  Regardless, you ain’t likely to get your money in cash form without raised eyebrows, if the figure is a goodly portion of your total on-demand deposits.   If it ain’t a credit union or a small local bank, try testing that theory out folks and prove us all wrong, especially me.

Important Example:  Let’s revisit an illustration from an older installment on RM.  Many of my contemporaries love to ask me, well Wolf where would you put your money for security or at the very minimum, a return of your principal?  My reply GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) in PHYSICAL form.  I love their moronic retorts like, you can’t eat off that stuff, it isn’t accepted over the counter WG.   And as reported over a year & a half ago, I have a challenge I always throw at them.  I’ll bet you I can get $10,000 in legal tender ‘in-hand’ quicker from my antiquated GSBC’s than you can from your 401K program.  Folks, it’s a lock, I’ll win!  In fact I might even be able to best your time retrieving it from your on-demand accounts as well (not likely though, but that will change & may have already).  I mean, “come-on man…$3,000.00!”  WG

History is boring as hell to me and normally I leave history to my contemporaries @ ‘’, but at least I went to class.  Apparently not one of the standard US citizenry took history at all.  Or they played hooky when the class dissected the fact, that no fiat currency survives the test of time…“No Fiat Currency”.  In fact, a test of time that can typically be measured over your life years from your birth to the first of your ‘pride & joy’ heading off to higher educationville, as in 40 years or thereabouts.  And for us it is King Dollar on year 45 and counting.  And soon to be counted OUT!  And if you have too much in their coffers, you will be counted out as well.

If inflation were properly accounted for and then applied to the rate of returns on the vaunted (still by CN’BS’) safe government debt instruments, the forward pricing of a persons wealth may change dramatically.   May, my arse..!!!   Once again, I reiterate the real numbers are well above 14% negativity in personal wealth.  Don’t think I am right?  Then ask "CalPERS" (California Public Employees Retirement System) how those forward stats are working out for them, or any other forward pricing major pension program in the “AAA” rated USSA.  This shit isn’t even rant worthy.  Unfortunately I did anyway.

Quit insulting my intelligence........

Let’s move on…….I have posted this song far too many times over the past 2+ years (so I will not insert it), but Jonny Lang’s “Lie to me” is ringing loud and clear………

                                            Lie to me
                                            and tell me everything is all right…Jonny Lang

Obtuse moment:  Maybe I should have put the “Lie to Me” music video up, especially since yesterday it was announced the US productivity levels hit 37 year lows, and just what did the equity markets do shortly thereafter?  You guessed it, jumped to the upside.

                                    The Blogosphere Losing it’s Freedom & Luster

One of my esteemed “online advisory board” members (people I use as key references on the internet), James Wesley Rawles wrote a sobering piece a week ago with respect to what a Hitlery presidency may bring.  Here is the cut & pasted article from his website, ‘’…..

Madame President Clinton’s Coming War on the Blogosphere, and Your Countermeasures
  By James Wesley Rawles | August 1, 2016
|      |     |
Now that Hillary (“Hitlery”) Rodham Clinton (HRC) has received the Democratic Party nomination for president, there is a strong likelihood that she will win the election in November and then be enthroned as president in January of 2017. I predict that she will waste no time in launching an onslaught of punitive new policies via executive orders, presidential memoranda, and policy directives promulgated through her cabinet and Federal agencies to eviscerate our Constitutional rights (most notably the 1st and 2nd Amendments). A key goal this campaign will be silencing dissent in the alternative press and the American blogosphere. Given HRC’s history in government “service”, her outlook on life, her socialist agenda, and her vindictiveness, I anticipate that any or all of the following measures will be undertaken by the HRC Administration:
    •    The Department of Justice (DOJ) will be used to selectively prosecute dissenters for “hate speech”. For instance, simply objecting to illegal immigration or state sponsored relocation of Muslims will be called “evidence of hate.” They will also declare blogs, news sites, and podcasts to be “public accommodations” and hence saddle them with a long list of new restrictions that would effectively muzzle them from making any comments opposed to HRC’s agenda and “protected” classes. Even the use of “trigger words” could be restricted.
    •    The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) will be used to target dissenters who make any comments about any corporations, mutual funds, or banks, for “operating as unregistered investment advisors”.
    •    The Federal Election Commission (FEC) will be used to target Libertarians and other dissenters for “unlawful campaigning”.
    •    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will use their newly-assumed powers over the Internet to enforce a new radicalized version of the moribund Fairness Doctrine upon bloggers, vloggers (video bloggers), podcasters, as well as newspapermen, magazine writers, and talk radio hosts. Under this new and improved fairness policy, any media outlet that is deemed a public accommodation will be forced to free of charge provide equal space to assorted perverts, leftists, and Social Justice Warriors. Failure to do so will open up these news outlets to both criminal prosecution and costly civil lawsuits.
    •    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be used to selectively audit tax filings, levy bank accounts, garnish wages, and refer criminal prosecution of anyone who voices dissent of HRC’s statist/collectivist agenda. Lois Lerner’s group was just the precursor!
    •    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be used to target dissenters who own property with seasonal puddles that could be deemed “wetlands” or creeks that could be arbitrarily declared “navigable waters”.
    •    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency will be used to target dissenters living within 50 miles of the Mexican or Canadian borders for harassment and intimidation, searching their homes without warrants.
    •    The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and associated Tribal Police will be used to target dissenters living within 100 miles of any Tribal Reservation for harassment and intimidation.
    •    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will crack down on any bloggers who make posts that might be construed as a product review or product endorsement.
    •    The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) will be used to limit the travel of anyone deemed by HRC’s cronies to be an Enemy of the State (through expansion of the No Fly List, Terror Watch List, and Selectee List).
    •    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will crack down on producers of raw milk and nutritional supplements (and also on the bloggers who promote them).
    •    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will prosecute anyone operating unlicensed drones weighing more than just a few ounces.
    •    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will use both its own agents and paid (or coerced) surrogate agent provocateurs to infiltrate militias, patriot groups, and secessionist organizations. There, they will foment schemes that can be prosecuted under loosely-worded Federal conspiracy laws. (This is precisely what was done with the Bundy Ranch and Malheur Wildlife Refuge protestors.)
    •    Working in conjunction with the FCC, the U.S. Coast Guard will board any ship within Territorial Waters that they suspect of operating an unlicensed transmitter.
I can see all of this coming, and I refuse to be muzzled. I aim to misbehave. If need be, I will relocate so that I can still blog freely. In anticipation of HRC’s possible upcoming coronation, here are some possible countermeasures for my fellow bloggers to seriously consider:
    1.    Contract for the use of an offshore server in a country that has minimal influence from the United States government, and move your web pages there.
    2.    Get set up for encrypted e-mail. (The free GPG software installed on your local PC works quite well. And for those who are less tech savvy, the paid service in Iceland works fine.)
    3.    Post provisos on your web site that are similar to my own. (Most importantly, these provisos must declare that you do not operate a “public accommodation.”)
    4.    Buy an Iridium satellite telephone and a set of Iridium international power adapters. (Unlike cell phones or other sat phones, calls made from Iridium constellation phones can be traced only to a particular oval satellite “footprint” that measures hundreds of miles across.)
    5.    Buy several inexpensive prepaid “burner” cell phones. Pay greenback cash for these phones, and use an assumed name when you eventually activate them.
    6.    Buy a nondescript camping trailer or RV and quietly (via face-to-face contacts only) develop a “hospitality list” of like-minded families who own parcels of land that you can bounce between, in the event that you need to take refuge.
    7.    Buy a spare laptop computer (preferably one that is ultra-reliable, such as a Panasonic Toughbook), a 12 VDC car adapter, and a set of international power adapters.
    8.    Buy a USB external long range Yagi wireless antenna to use with your laptops. (The standoff distance that these provide will make it harder to pinpoint your location when using a public wi-fi hotspot.)
    9.    Buy a batch of at least 40 inexpensive 2 GB USB memory sticks that you can use to physically mail (or courier) digital content, to keep your locale secret.
    10.    Make sure that your passport is updated.
    11.    Do some research to develop a short list of countries where you would consider relocating. Ideally, a country should have respect for the freedom of speech, minimal taxation, minimal influence from the United States government, and NO rendition (extradition) treaty with the United States.
    12.    Establish an offshore bank account.
    13.    Beyond just offshore residency, if you can afford it, then buy a second passport. (Typically, this is done with a “Citizenship Through Investment” program.)
    14.    Via encrypted e-mail, develop contacts with foreign bloggers, and get their tentative agreement to post your ghost-written articles, if circumstances change.
    15.    Pray hard.
I don’t mean for the foregoing to sound alarmist. Consider me a realist. – JWR
Note: Permission is granted for re-posting of this entire article, but only if done so in full, with proper attribution to James Wesley, Rawles and SurvivalBlog, and only if the included links are preserved.)

Folks I have my reservations about Trump, but in my humble opinion Hitlery is one of the worst candidates in US history.  Let’s forget the fact that she appears to be unfit for office due to health issues, reported on recently by “James the Russian Analyst” (be sure to read the next paragraph).   The reason I say “let’s forget the fact” is that she has several “felony charges” chasing after her at the moment.   Think she might ought to be recusing herself from the electoral process?  Duh huh!

How about this one???  A story suppressed by the media, but a story with a good bit of solid ‘intel’, that says Hillary was in a plane wreck around two years ago.  A situation that nearly resulted in her losing her life.  Could that incident be the reasons for the unusual health behaviors witnessed in public?  Though I said forget the fact regarding the health issues in the previous paragraph, as reported by “The Russian Analyst”, could that very wreck be the cause of her health issues?  Issues that would or should be enough to keep her out of office.  Yes indeed, "should keep her out of office" the operative phrase, food for thought folks!

Think ‘’ will survive the first two bullet points in Mr. Rawles’s article?  Let me tell you something, the powers of the SEC, referenced in the second point, is nothing to start laughing at.  They can ruin your life.    Read all those points, but just for a spot check, take a quick review of this one 4th from the end……The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will crack down on producers of raw milk and nutritional supplements (and also on the bloggers who promote them).  

That is nothing to laugh about either, as I have heard that for years from alternative medical practitioners a.k.a. homeopathic doctors, among others.  Quick summary, they are going to force you to eat GMO, especially since they couldn’t force Europe or Russia, or most of the rest of the world to dig in.  The PPPTB have too much money invested in it, your health be damned.  Got to make that mulah one way or another.  At least they have an excuse for their GMO failed marketing efforts.  Their international sales rep. was the incompetent John F….ing Kerry!  

WG summary of the above article from Mr. Rawles:  “Hitlery is likely to declare war on free speech, and the definitions of what is free speech will be quite broad.”  Oh Wolf, you are getting over dramatic.  She will never pull all that fascist crap off.  Oh really?  First off, some of it already has been pulled off, but check this uninformed head scratcher out……..

It’s Saturday morning and I am headed to my local hardware super center to advance some ideas in my DHAP preparations and while listening to the Sirius XM Satellite radio, this mental midgetry hits the air waves courtesy of the Rock DJ on channel 26…….“Gee whiz, how long did Rio have to get ready for the Olympics?  Like 7 years, you would at least think they could get a modern sewer system in place instead of using nasty ‘port-a-johns’!”  Hey moron, shut up or tune into RM, their economy blew up many moons ago courtesy of the “Empire of Chaos” and this was expected by those in the know, ya dip-shit!  Oh yeah, we the Sixpacks are on top of things.   

As I said in last week’s installment, the biggest headline in world history goes unpublished in the west, and reads “the western ongoing over bloated egos & stupidity over the last couple decades permitted criminal acts in broad daylight to go uncontested” (paraphrasing).   BTW, when an apparently pragmatic guy with “military intelligence” experiences like Rawles comes out with an article like the one above, I pay serious attention.  So should you, as war has been declared, ON YOU. Because what is defined as speech is really broad….!

The Wolf is really really feeling anti- establishment right now…...!

          Almost cut my hair, it happened just the other day.
          It's getting' kinda long, I coulda said it wasn't in my way.
         But I didn't and I wonder why, I feel like letting my freak flag fly,
         Cause I feel like I owe it to someone.
         Must be because I had the flu' for Christmas and I'm not feeling up to par.
          It increases my paranoia, like looking at my mirror and seeing a police car.
         But I'm not giving in an inch to fear cause I missed myself this year.
         I feel like I owe it to someone.
        When I finally get myself together, I'm going to get down in that sunny southern weather.
        And I find a place inside to laugh, separate the wheat from the chaff.
         I feel like I owe it to someone……….CSN&Y


                                           Donald Trump Another Take

For the record, I ain’t that high on this guy.  In fact, it is only “The Guerrilla’s” high level contact’s positive opinions on this dude that keep me in his corner.  And the 'itsy bitsy' fact that the opponent sucks!  And the people at large who make up “The Trump Movement” are a big positive.  Simply because they finally recognize that something is way way wrong.  Unfortunately, the majority of them still don’t get the fact that we ain’t the good guys on the world stages in many instances.  That last item will change, one way or the other, for the better I hope.  Anyway…check out this video I found from an apparent high thinking British dude, on of all places, FB….

The entire video above is only 5 minutes long, and for me the significant part was only a few seconds long and started 1 minute into the video…….”Trump is a reaction, filling a vacuum that should have never been there in the first place, and wouldn’t be there if America had a president worth the name!”….Wow, that’s short, to the point, and just plain “good”.   Interpret it as you see fit.   

But on to a more sobering, if not down right negative view of “The Donald”.  Check out David Stockman’s piece below.   Stockman’s history goes back to Reagan’s terms in office.  He is a well respected “numbers guy’, but that being said, he seems to lack any confidence in Mr. Trump’s ability to lead and or solve our problems.   In fact, the article is only an introduction (and worth a read btw) to an upcoming book, check out this excerpt from the article:

It also delves into the good and bad of the Trump campaign and platform and outlines a more consistent way forward based on free markets, fiscal rectitude, sound money, constitutional liberty, non-intervention abroad, minimalist government at home and decentralized political rule.

Mr. Stockman is someone who wasn’t on my original board of online advisors (like Mr. Rawles for example who is), but should have been, and is now.   Especially since I have referred to his work multiple times over the past couple of months.   Stockman’s credentials are quite good and not to be taken lightly.  The excerpt from the article above indicates that in his upcoming book he discusses the “good & bad” of the Trump campaign.  But if you read the full article (to introduce the book), there ain’t much good to be found in “The Donald” per Mr. Stockman.  Just some more material worthy of review.  I would recommend reading the whole text from the link.

Unlike the rest of the “RM Team” I am not sold on the real truth behind Trump’s financials.  His name may be on a lot of properties, but just how much of the property is his, and how much is someone else’s, like the bank’s?   His statement a month or so ago on how to handle debt, in which he described himself as the king of debt (something along those lines), sent the Wolf to howling, and giving out written installment penalties.   But as quickly as I wrote about his economic/business misstep, he retracted his statements as not being the wisest choice of words, knowing full well he was wrong.  Or did he know?????????

Simple Wolf gray question:  Using newly contracted cheaper debt to take care of existing debt, whoa, what happened to the “biz wiz” moniker, Mr. Trump?  Either he woke up, or one of his higher level confidants told him to put a torch to that statement.  All said, he still said it, and the important question for me remains, is that his reflexive instinctual view?  It is clear to one Wolf Gray, and apparently to Mr. Ken Schortgen Jr. and “The Economic Great Ape” the collapse will happen here in the US one way or another (listen to last Friday's radio show).  And, the meaning of that is, what?  Don’t get your hopes up with this guy being the sole answer to our economic problems.  WG

Clearly he is better than Hitlery, but he isn’t the answer.  At least not yet.  As I have said all the time, the real on the ground answer is “YOU!  Redudnant but: Who is more important the NFL owners, the players, or the fans in the overall scheme of the NFL business empire?  It’s simple…no fans and the other over paid putzes are put out to pasture (mentioned again on last Friday nights show).  Now even grandson Wolf Gray gets it, and says the same thing, but he has blood line advantages.

All this money for nothing stuff, now replaced with ever increasing debt, leaves my head ringing with an old posted Wolf Gray musical message from Dire Straits…….

                          I shoulda learned to play the guitar
                          I shoulda learned to play them drums
                          Look at that mama, she got it stickin' in the camera
                          Man we could have some fun
                          And he's up there, what's that? Hawaiian noises?
                           Bangin' on the bongoes like a chimpanzee
                           That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
                           Get your money for nothin' get your chicks for free.  Dire Straits


                               Find the Tunnel, Then Find the Light, or Fail…!

In this segment I am going to draw heavily from the mind of Dr. Jim Willie in two different interviews to prove what I feel to be crucial points.  Allowing them to lead straight to a solutions segment with a few tips which were brought to mind thanks to my friend “KW88”.  

First up, I want to touch on one point in the next interview. One that is backed up by a prior report from one of the Wolfpack…Check out this interview with the X22 Report and focus on the 16 minute mark and……..”the Importation of muslims via UPS”.  That is what I had heard from one of my favorite contacts as well….BTW, I ain’t so sure about Dr. Willie’s population numbers for Bowling Green, but it is still worth a listen, and the discussion of the drug money for the west that follows, is also noteworthy.  That is all I will cover on the "X22 Report" interview, as "Bankster Slayer" covered most of the other material quite well a couple days ago.

In the next interview with Dr. Willie I am going to focus more on the business/economic material along with a slight foray into the geopolitical situation, not my forte.  But I sure has hell know more than the ‘dj’ lady on “Sirius XM radio”.   I will touch on what I feel are key points in his interview with Elijah Johnson of ‘’, and then follow up with some solutions to the coming crisis…..Note, I would listen to all of this informative 2 hour interview, as my version of key points is possibly different than yours might be, due to the fact that I read and listen to this stuff all the time……especially 'Dr. Willie's' material.

@ 10:50…Japan is starting to flip off the US.  That’s right, the lap dog of the US banking system will head east.  Touched on numerous times by each member of Team RM.   Also covered are very useful explanations of the “yen carry trade”, and the gold lease arrangements that potentially bankrupted our vaults, thanks to Clinton & Rubin.  Oh yes, the Fukushima event is discussed (form your own opinions not that one) with some real colorful flavor.

@ 19:30…If China aggressively backs their currency (the RMB/Yuan) with gold, look for a big “follow the sovereign leader” event.  A very significant theory that makes perfect sense, as far as I am concerned.

@ 21:00…Folks, this is basic logic. But if you don’t want to believe me, (said this almost two years ago) then listen to Dr. Willie.  You don’t back paper with more crap paper, which will be viewed as a plague on humanity in the business communities.  Once the King Dollar begins a cascading form of devaluations on the domestic front, businesses will shun the paper King in future dealings for more honest stable exchanges for their products and services.  At least they will if they want to survive.

@ 24:00…The Doc agrees with one Wolf Gray and the rest of the Team @ ‘’.  Get most of your savings into real money, GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins).  This is just plain smart.   He recommends 80-90% in GSBC’s.  Meanwhile don’t sweat it, remember the WG example above on converting GSBC’s to legal tender, quicker than you can your typical 401K.  It is easy to do.  Get the picture out of your mind that you don’t have savings anymore just because it ain’t in a bank oriented paper savings vehicle.  That is total ‘bs’, get that indoctrinated STINK off of you, now!

@ 26:40…He concurs with something I wrote about several months ago; forgo the mining shares and own the real thing.  It is a sure bet, and that doesn't mean there aren't good mining shares, it just means go with the sure bet.  That was my view then, and still is now.  

@ 30:07…Confiscation is touched on.  It is WG’s view that they don’t have the manpower or the money to even pay for the manpower to dodge the bullets and do the collecting.   Business will be demanding “gold & silver bars & coins” soon enough, as they will not trust cash or it’s ability to hold it’s value to be used productively for business needs in the future.  He also agrees with something I have harped on: if they push making GSBC’s illegal, it will sky-rocket the GSBC prices.  Bring it on big boys. Physical GSBC’s…it’s not just what buys your needs, it’s what buys your dinners.

@ 33:00…Interesting discussion of platinum becoming a monetary metal.  An area I can’t say I have pondered much, but it is like owning the mining shares to one Wolf Gray.  Own the sure bets “gold & silver bars & coins", and meanwhile keep enough legal tender available to achieve other adjustments to your DHAP needs (diversified hard asset portfolio).

@ 39:30…The valuing of GSBC’s in dollars, and why would that be done post the collapse?   I have maintained for sometime now that I suspect the GSBC pricing will go to zero, and not be priced at all in western fiat paper.  A dark period for GSBC’s.   Is that a guaranteed event?  No, just something I see as very possible.  Personally I don’t give a shit.  Own the darn stuff.  It will win out in short order and will be highly sought after, once reaching “the light at the end of the tunnel”…..that is why I have preached for over two years, own diverse forms of food, have usable protection items along with access to clean water.  All items that bridge the gaps to whatever the future holds, especially while in the proverbial dark tunnel of chaos, post the Moore’s Law moment of the standard of living collapse.   Easing the pain during the time that leads to the light of a hopeful new renaissance at the tunnel’s end.  This is where survival needs “outside of the monetary metals” may just trump (no pun intended) physical GSBC’s, while in the tunnel.

@43:40…Dr. Willie discusses his views on the best places to live.  The biggest takeaway here is he says avoid English speaking territories.   For the record, that is not something I am currently willing to do.  But after this interview we will get into safe location techniques, as a follow up to KW88’s requests, plus a tool discussion.  

@ 1:05:00…A discussion of the post collapse chaos time.  A time that I feel, and so does Dr. Willie, will be a 6 to 12 month tough adjustment period. I feel the first 3 months could be down right brutal.  The titled “Tunnel” portion of the “Survive then Thrive” equation preached here @ ‘’.

@ 1:10:00...What happens to the stock market?  Worth a listen, since most of you want to know, but personally I don’t give a shit.  It could go to DOW 50K, but the value of the legal tender units denominated in dollars may not buy you a loaf of bread short of presenting 200 legal tender dollars.  “Needs” will sky rocket, especially if imported, and “wants” will drop off a cliff as measured against real money.  Ya got real money?  If yes, you might be able to buy a McMansion, or top notch farm land, with ease.  Got paper dollars, and the pricing remains the same per wants item….Ya ain’t going to be buying diddly in a stepped up legal tender basis world with paper crap.  

@ 1:17:30…This one is significant on the world stage.  Will the US lose the world reserve currency status (handled nicely by Ken Schortgen Jr. on Friday night’s radio show & in a recent Bankster Slayer article) with the Chinese inclusion into the defunct IMF basket of currencies?  Note I said defunct, not Dr. Willie.   Personally I don’t give a rats arse.  China’s need for inclusion is to keep tabs on things and curry future business favor, that's my opinion.  The last thing I want is something coming out of Basel, where they will be handling the pricing and the sovereign balance sheets of gold.  I will leave that to the globalist pecker head Jim Rickards.  The US dollar will lose it’s global reserve status via trade agreements.  Note Dr. Willie’s explanations.  Great stuff.  All that being said, should this sophisticated stuff matter to you, within a solutions based concept?  No, the solutions remain the same, just grab this stuff (GSBC’s) while you can.

@ 1:23:00…This is a very positive segment highlighting what I love to hear, that the banksters will be on the ropes, or worse.  Good, and I agree btw!  Don’t cheer too loud, because you still have to recognize that those of us who reside in the bankster’s territories will suffer.  Even those folks who wisely find their way to the “Tunnel”, the one leading to the light……..

                         Final Thoughts/Hard Asset Tip: Let’s Shine Some Light On It

Let’s end the redundancies, and apply some realism to your light levels.  Even though we ain’t number one, and we will not be at the head of the international bargaining tables any time soon, or in a position of strength, the light will shine for those with some foresight.  We can’t expect a quick painless cure after being foolish enough to export our “needs” based industries.  We went to sleep at the wheel and allowed the idiots in charge to run amuck with poor usage of our natural resources.  A price must be paid, and it will affect the light, a light that many will never see. Be glad you are one of those with your eyes open.  Be glad you were “ mad dog mean”, and found the tunnel in order to get to the other side in one piece.  Enjoy the sunshine to come.  

In the comments section of the last installment I referenced an answer with some text I had read from my copy of the 3rd edition of “Strategic Relocation” by Joel Skousen.  Some of the material is slanted to a Mad Max sort of scenario.  Do I believe that is possible?  I haven’t a clue, but I do suspect some areas of the country could have some of those similarities, thus the need for some good basic location logic.  The nice thing about “Strategic Relocation” is it analyzes nearly all the human factors that are used in the relocation thought process, and even those in a non Mad Max scenario.  He reviews the entire globe, but with particular emphasis on North America.  

Here are a few basics (I will concentrate mostly on the US as well), but keep in mind what is important to me may not be as important to you, as your DHAP preparations may be slanted in a different direction than mine.  Mrs. WG and I did a full review of the situation we faced almost 3 years ago, and I will give you examples of how we attacked the location problem for reference points.  WG

Here are some Key Takeaways: 

* Get out of the larger cities.  Apply your own logic to the definition of larger, but mine is, if it has more than one “swank” restaurant, it is too large.  But that definition can be shelved if the city has a large percentage of the population on the dole.  Swank dining or not, too many people on the dole will lead to problems.  Potentially violent problems.  And you can talk as tough as you want, since most of us have never seen these sorts of conditions, big talk is just that “TALK”.  Get out, and get 10 miles out.

* Stay at least 5 miles off any major highways.  For example, Mr. Skousen’s publication gives really low marks to the entire 100 mile ‘north-south swath’ down the entire east coast line from the ocean westward.  Why?  Too many heavily traveled roadways like US 95 that interconnect major population centers within that swath.  Roadways that will become a pile of broken down cars.  Not because they are all “beaters”, but because they ran out of gas, blocking the good cars as well.  I have said many times, buy an Atlas.  Thanks to gps popularity they now give away those things.  Depending on the state of communications, a nice, up to date Atlas could be invaluable.  So why 5 miles or even 10 miles off the beaten path.  The stranded ain’t going to walk but so far before they physically give out, that’s why.  If some poor soul is walking to your doorstep in dire times, you got to ask yourself a few logical questions.  Questions I will leave you to fill in the gaps of your own suspicious nature.

* Stay away from nuclear power plants if possible, especially being down wind of one (typical trade winds that is).  And let me add if they import very much of their power needs, really stay away.  Our “needs’ based import binge has led us to huge weaknesses at the bargaining tables.  Happening right now, btw.  All thanks to an unwanted legal tender unit.  A legal tender unit that keeps dropping as a percentage of global trade, not rising.   Translation, it means it might be wise to consider relocations where power facilities provide their services with domestic sources of energy.  I don’t remember that economic angle being covered in Skousen’s book, but it is economically important.  For those of you that say that ain’t possible regarding the expectations of much higher inflation on imported goods, then try this on for size.  It has been reported, from several reliable sources, included Jim Willie, that some of our imported goods are still sitting at the shipping docks.  Why would that be? The importers are still waiting for sound payment.  Once again, why would that be?  They will not accept dollars for payment on their imported goods as it isn’t trusted, and the rest of the world is coming to the realization that it is soon to be an outgoing currency and no longer in favor.  Hey, I wouldn't want it coming back home to my sovereign reserves, since it is going out of favor.  Based on the current state of economic/geopolitical affairs, it is already on the way out.  It’s in the process of dying, as chronicled each and every week here at RM.  Buy American if possible, or with that future thought in mind.  We should have been all along.   Sorry for the long aside.

* Locate to property with good clean reliable water, and a decent growing season.  For this very reason I will stick with my southeastern US location, with a country address (& currently not country enough to suit the Wolf Gray family).  Mr. Skousen favors the western areas with very high marks to Utah for example.  I find this a bit curious due to a more limited growing season, and based on my sources, not near as much land mass that is as forgiving to a variety of good crops, as compared to some of the areas in the southeast.  I personally feel this is a high priority, as our food sources have been poisoned, and that is undeniable.  

For other categories, that are worthy of note in his publication, he goes into details that aren’t so Mad Maxish, but quite interesting, here is a short list……Alternative medicine, gun liberty, personal liberty, crime rates, corruption, taxes, health of the environment, food production, cost of living, high population density.  In my view, and the Wolfpack’s view, all of those items are noteworthy, but only with the backing of a functioning system in place.  Not one that will be cracking up, and ours will…thus only the last item I listed “high population density” matters.  Eliminate high population density, and you eliminate nearly all the other problem areas listed in the prior sentence.  Plus, if the system is cratering, (again outside the box thinking says it will to some degree) food production on a broad scale will be meaningless (there will not be any), gun liberty (with the system down, come and get it big boy), personal liberty will be irrelevant (people will enforce their own), and I think you see where I am going here.

Here is a sample of Strategic Relocation’s overall ratings for “good living” among US states….Utah & Idaho (5 stars)…Montana (4.5 stars)…Washington & Wyoming & Colorado (4 stars).  After that it is a crap shoot of 2 & 3 stars with the bottom of the heap being Florida, N.J. and most of the northeast states getting (“0” stars).  Note California got 1 star, and also of note my information is from the 3rd edition of “Strategic Relocation”, I think another edition may have come out.  Which may show some differences in these ratings.  

The Misses Wolf Gray & Wolf Gray family rating system…….I am not going to provide specifics, but some generic ideas many times via case studies can give some insight as to ways you and your family may want to proceed with respect to your own preparations.   We are currently in the central to western N.C. area, and would like to get more western (lower population density), but not out of N.C.  Skousen rates the Appalachian ranges fairly well especially the eastern Tenn. areas in or around the Cumberland Plateau.  We are 10 miles outside any major city, and feel somewhat comfortable due to good neighbors.  Good neighbors are also one of Skousen’s highest weighted rating issues, and by logic one of WG’s as well.

Absurd land prices have prohibited me from making any purchases, at least for the moment (it will happen, but not yet), so we chose to dig in and create gardening and other fortifications on site.  Primary worries were to satisfy continuous water supply, an excess of food supplies, fortifying protection needs, and reinforcing DHAP barter items.  Check, Check, Check, & Check…!   Why no move immediately?  Outside of pricing issues, which wasn’t the primary hindrance to a move, the answer is simple & it ain’t the good neighbors.  IT’S FAMILY!

This one is something Skousen or no one else has the answer to, only you & God do, when it involves “existing family ties”…!   Most of your family is probably thinking some of your “western economy collapse” theories are a load of crap.  So they ain’t going to move anyway.  But ditching them for higher ground, at least in our case, isn’t in the immediate WG family cards.  If they were total arse holes I would move, NOW, but unfortunately they are pretty nice guys.  Or fortunately I guess, who knows.  In our case, some family members have health conditions, and couldn’t move too far from modern and already trusted medical care.  

Our theory for the moment, diversify in a place that can be comfortable for the near term, then just hunker down, but be ready and light on your feet.  Like a coach I had once said, “Be agile, hostile & mobile!”  I love to deal with the WolfPack, and with you guys, for like the pack if you have read this far you are a leader not a follower.  Thus I learn a lot from you.  Just like the fact that if you have read this far, you are looking for more solid answers.  As was stated on last Friday night’s radio show, no elected clown will solve this train wreck, only we can.  And that is you, the leaders, that will be a safe parachute to the people close to you………make your arrangements accordingly

                                    You only need a roof when it's raining
                                    You only need a fire when it's cold
                                    You only need a drink when the whiskey
                                    Is the only thing that you have left to hold
                                    Sun comes up and goes back down
                                    And falling feels like flying till you hit the ground
                                    Say the word and I'll be there for you
                                    Baby, I will be your parachute...Chris Stapleton
                            Lead Don’t Follow & We will Howl in the Middle…Wolf Gray


                                                 Bonus Hard Asset Tip

The last segment wasn’t highlighted as a ‘hard asset tip’, but it clearly is, and location is still number one on my DHAP list.  A list that I stated last week did not devote enough attention to knives, and their practical utility.   Here is a quick review with the help of some real bad arses who think in protection terms, but followed by a really big assist from the mind of Frank DeLalla of “Justifier Knives”.  

First an amusing review of what one of my favorite special ops guys had to say about his choice of knives, in the defensive or attack mode.  In this case it was a special made hatchet, one that would make Freddy Krueger look like he was sporting a handful of butter knifes.  A special design with only one place to safely grip it, with sharp edges & points at every turn.  Made of a steel titanium mix.  I asked, is that for throwing or fighting, or what?  He never offered an answer, but he just smiled.  When I said “is it for blank?”  Okie-dokie then!  Now on to Frank DeLalla, and a more survival oriented knife review:

Quick Aside:  As my special ops buddy says, you don't fight with knives, if you do, you did something really wrong.  Knives ain't for fighting, they are an assist to surviving.

Early yesterday morning, I had the opportunity to converse with a professional at his job, Frank Della from “Justifier Knives”.  How do I know about his professionalism?  I have over 35 years of doing business, and I can recognize a professional who is excited and still humble about his or her craft and the ongoing learning processes that are required to be the best you can be.  Let’s just say I learned a lot in a 30 minute interview, more than needed, and just enough for me to be dangerous, but not ninja dangerous like my special ops buddy.  The goal is understanding knife basics, understanding them enough to make educated purchase decisions for survival type tools.

First thing is pricing.  Whether you buy from a business that specializes in handmade products or your local outdoor supplier a sturdy belt knife (what I will primarily address) of durable quality will graduate from double digit prices and cross well into the 3 digit price range.  My goal was to learn from Frank, what tools you could conveniently carry out the door (hatchets for example ain’t to convenient) to complete a typical “hunter/gathering” outing.  First up an “in your pocket” item: his choice is a “zero tolerance 350” product or a “Leatherman Wave”.  Good choices and I for one prefer the “Leatherman Wave” (an item that will run you around $100.00).  See below…

Next up the all important rugged belt knife, and let’s just rule out “gurkha knives”.  I have one, and they have their purpose, but they will not be the go to choice in most survival situations, they are a bit cumbersome.   Let’s get oriented, take a look at the picture below with some basic parts identified…

In the overall size area, Frank & I both agree (I was leaning slightly larger) something on the order of a total length of 9+ inches is probably adequate.  And throwing in my 2 cents worth here 11+ is a plenty.  My small “Marine KA-Bar version is 9+ overall”, and please note the standard in those “Marine” knives is just over 11 inches.  A 9+ inch will result in a blade length of (cutting length in this case) 4.5 to 5 inches, with the 11 incher will have around a 7 inch cutting edge.  

There is a variety of metal choices (blades & tangs) A2, CPM154, or O1 for example.  Each of those are great products, with A2 probably being the most durable.  Those are just a few of the most popular and most durable metals for rugged outdoor survival knife usage.  

Frank considers the convex or “Scandi (Scandinavian) grinds to be the best for full outdoor duty.  For example my Ka-Bar has a narrower grind, which will not be as durable or effective when being repeatedly used like a hatchet in a “batoning” effort or in “feathering a stick or piece of wood”.  See the video below for these examples of outdoor usages.  Please note Frank is a true pro he recognized this was not a sales request, so he did not try to sell me anything.  That being said I am going to use an “outdoor knife demo,” which happens to use one of his products so you can see the rugged uses of a true outdoor belt knife…….no sales pitch intended…

Next the need of having a sturdy spine or backbone.  Frank believes a 3/16” width across the spine is adequate, though some people request a full 1/4”.  In addition he also feels the tang (the metal inside or sandwiched in the handle) should run the full length of the handle for greater durability.  He is considering experimenting with skeletal tangs which could lighten the handle and overall knife a bit, but for the moment he prefers the tried & true full length solid tang.  In addition he typically prefers a single piece of metal serving the blade & tang duties (for reference go to his site to visually see the rugged look of one piece).   Regarding the knife points (tips), the “Drop & Spear” points are good for survival needs.  Note the popular looking “Clip” point in some batoning scenarios may not be as efficient, but it is very popular as a hunting knife.  

Finally the cover for your cutting tool the sheath, and the handle material.   You are pretty much going to be choosing between “kydex & leather” for the sheath, and Frank likes the ‘micarta’ handle.  For functionality on the sheath go with the kydex, but if you want slick looks, the leather is just fine (as long as it doesn’t get too wet).  Thus for all types of "hunter/gathering" outings entailing any types of weather, I would go with Kydex.

After some guidance from Frank the Wolf Gray favors the convex or scandi grinds to make feathering, and batoning easier with a drop or spear point, and a 3/16 spine.  Throw in a well planned kydex type sheath (above video is helpful), and you are pretty well situated.  Bottom line, a belt knife for survival needs to bad arse rugged, throw in a good “Leatherman Wave”, and you should be good to go for any “hunter/gather mission”.  Hope that helped, on a subject I am ashamed to say I devoted too little attention to……WG

A Sad Moment:  Sears the original distributor of “Made in America” is not doing so good.  More closings.  Nothing new, as we have harped on it for sometime, but my favorite Christmas store as a wolf pup is going by the way side.  Don’t tell me it is getting better, that dog will not hunt!

                                                         Quick Hunch

And finally, a totally off the wall Wolf Gray hunch, with a post BREXIT gut feel prediction.  RMer’s by now know that the “COL” runs the US, and the western world, thanks to the teachings of our friends W & “V the Guerrilla Economist”.  COL you say?  The City, the “City of London”.  Folks, the silence is deafening.  Too deafening!  I have this gut intuition, thanks to the timing of the BREXIT and the ongoing Basel negotiations, that we will be hearing from my more dangerous & devilish brethren real soon…..

Prepare to hunker down for the inevitable, then survive, then thrive.  If you don’t…. then don’t waste time trying to blame me for your pain, for you have been warned multiple times.   And forget this frickin’ election as a damned corrective device, it is nothing of the sort.  At best, it ain’t going to do anything but give you a brief warm fuzzy feeling if your guy gets in.  That being said, it may still be helpful to have someone that can at least assist in a rebuild.  I doubt that is Hitlery.  Once we get rolling, whoever it is, best stay the hell out of the way or pitch in.

            God, then your family, and then the land of the Free & the Home of the Brave!
                                                    Survive then Thrive!

Wolf Gray...........

PS....This ended up being another marathon installment, sorry.

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team RM, KW88, The Wolfpack, The Russian Wolves, James Wesley Rawles & ‘’, ZeroHedge, The British Dude, David Stockman, Dr. Jim Willie, X22 Report, ‘’, Elijah Johnson & ‘’, Frank DeLalla, Dire Straits & CSN&Y & Chris Stapleton & Warren Zevon