Trump the MSM: The Donald Says Crimea Wanted to Be With Russia, Talks Relationship (Or Lack Thereof) With Putin and RF Government

Trump has done it again: he has deliberately provoked the neolibcon Establishment, seeing to it that he stays in the headlines while his opponent crooked Hillary Clinton continues to duck any live news conference, even with a mainstream media that's 99% in the tank for her campaign.

While denying any 'relationship' formed with Russian President Vladimir Putin since Putin sent him a note during the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow Trump organized, the maverick billionaire has acknowledged reality: that the vast majority of Crimea's population wanted and wants to be a part of the Russian Federation. This has enraged Ukrainian politicians and D.C.'s eternal Cold Warriors alike.

While acknowledging 'selling a lot of condos' to Russians, Trump denied owing debts to any Russian entity or having investments in the country. He also repeated his statements that he will get along with Putin and that an improvement in U.S.-Russia relations would be a good thing, allowing the two great powers to cooperate in destroying ISIS.

Writing about Trump's business or personal relationships with the Russian government or the lack thereof for the Washington Establishment news outlet The Hill was Trump's unofficial campaign adviser and surrogate Roger Stone. Roger was a guest on the Guerrilla Report earlier this year. Warning The Hill's Washington readership that Hillary's actual not imagined relationships with Russian oligarchs donating to the Clinton Foundation would be fair game, Stone had this to say. By citing a Wall Street Journal piece -- and the WSJ's editorial board has been anything but sympathetic to Trump, preferring his neocon/cuckservative competitors throughout the GOP nomination contest -- published this week by Clinton Cash author and documentary film producer Peter Schweizer, Stone cleverly turned the tables on the media and the Democrats' 'Trump is the Siberian candidate' meme. If Stone's statements are anything to go by, the Trump campaign is going to be taking advantage of whatever Wikileaks or other groups put out to rightly emphasize the Clintons' history of corrupt if not treasonous foreign influence peddling (bold text/emphasis added by JWS):

"By attacking the Russians, she seeks to distract from the substance of what has become known. Hillary Clinton’s people had to cheat to beat Senator Bernie Sanders, and managed to make disparaging comments about blacks, gays and latinos while doing so."

"While Donald Trump has never met Putin, Hillary and her husband have exchanged enormous contributions at The Clinton Foundation and The Clinton Global Initiative with the Russian oligarchs friendly to Putin in exchange for governmental favors. That includes turning over 75% control of Uranium production in the United States.

"Hillary Clinton and her campaign actually pretend that it is outrageous that a U.S. presidential contender would urge the Russians to attack the email of a U.S. official. This is ludicrous, in view of the fact that Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server already allowed the Russians, and presumably the Chinese, to hack top secret classified information."

"It is important to look immediately at Russian motives. If Putin prefers Trump as President, it is because he knows Hillary Clinton is a neocon, and that many of her major contributors would profit from war between Russia and the United States."

"Putin understand that war serves neither nation, but he fundamentally does not trust Hillary because he knows she is a liar. Perhaps, in Trump, he sees a strong man whose word is good, opening the possibility of hard negotiated agreements, which would achieve peace and avoid war. Putin is making that bet."

"It is the Obama-Clinton policies that have brought us to the brink of nuclear war with Russia. Trump favors a new era of detente' in which we lessen tensions with Russia and work together to eradicate ISIS. Trump is not only the Law and Order candidate, he is also the Peace candidate."

"In many ways, the hacked Clinton emails are like Richard Nixon’s Watergate tapes. The information they contain came back to bite Hillary in the ass. It is clear that whoever is leaking these revealing documents has an innate sense of timing; dropping proof of the theft from Bernie Sanders and the complicity of Clinton henchwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz just before the Democratic National Convention. A cache of documents about the Clinton Foundation are almost surely next."

"This will be a relentless drip-like water torture, with potentially devastating information about the Clintons being written in bold for the American voters..."