Tired of the Bullshit? Good, It’s Time to Get Dirty & Take the Trash Out…!

The Wolf was beat to a pulp the past two weeks with illness, and the news headlines in the alternative media didn’t seem to remedy the situation.  Headlines like these are now a ‘dime a dozen’…“The World is on the Verge of Monetary and Financial Chaos”.  Good one, except I recall similar headlines almost 10 years ago.  Do I subscribe to the headline in the earlier sentence?  “NO!”  It would have been accurate in or around 2008, but at this juncture it should read, “The Eastern Powers are Finishing Off the Western PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) as the Game Draws to a Close!”  A job made all the easier by a moronic opponent. 

In fact they ain’t even trying to beat us, they are just doing business, which by default beats us to a pulp.  WG

I will tell you what I see as being on the “Verge”, boredom, boredom with the same old tired messages!  The game should have been over long ago, but it has gone into the longest overtime period in history.  More in the final thoughts, including what the Wolf Gray perceives as the biggest headliner of the year, if not the last quarter of a century.

Current stagnant events:  A German bank, some Italian banks, and the entire banking system in Japan…they are all about to officially be proclaimed DOA.  Anything new there?  Hell no!  Not really, unless you realize these are just the new exclamation points to the defeat in a game that is long over due for it’s final gun.  How about some more boring ‘bs’ on 7/29/16, the GDP came in below expectations at a lowly 1% or thereabouts.   Folks if the real inflation were a consideration in the US GDP, it would be negative which is what it has been for years now.  This numbers ‘bs’ will be hit on with a battering ram later in this installment.  GAAP style!!!

Facts are, I would give up on this writing gig, but my friend “Jerry5” commented on the last installment with a message of “keep sounding the warnings, Wolf!”  Let’s face it…do realists want to practice forever or get on with the game?  You know the answer, again more in the final thoughts.  All realists give a hoot about is “solutions”, especially when all the bad news continues to point to the same basic “solutions”.  Which means wise pragmatic people get bored with this “economic game in overtime” crap.  

First some geopolitical musings, and then news that leads to the titled subject matter, and I will do my best to not make it boring.  Or bore myself to tears.  Hopefully that will not happen as I am super po’d, which means……..

This stuff is really starting to wear on my nerves

This installment will be long a long one, so if you continue, you might want to get your book marks out………

                                       Geopolitical Redneck Observations

Has anyone noted that the EU is getting fed up with US led invasions of refugees?  Why WG, you are confused that is ISIS not the US?  Yeah right!  I smell US isolation in the offing…….

Nope, the rest of the world recognizes who is behind this garbage and they are getting fed up with us.  NATO will fall apart due to it’s leadership arrogance and stupidity.  The “chess mater” from Russia has once again “check mated” the rookie checkers player from the USSA.   This is 5th grade simple: in order to get respect you have to earn it by your honest deeds.  First we have to get back to straightening our own house out, and then earn the respect of our potential and former business partners.  And I do mean former, as forcing toxic products down the rest of the world’s throats doesn’t work, morons in charge (also referenced in a great article by Paul Craig Roberts below).  

Doubt this business thesis?  Then go back to the prior installment where it is detailed that Russia passed us as the number one exporter of wheat.  Talk about “give us our daily bread”… how the hell is that possible with our land and climate?  It ain’t, that is if we are doing our jobs right!

The article below from Dr. Roberts gives a great pictorial view with historical evidence.  You may not agree with all of it, but that doesn’t matter.  The rest of the world does.  And we, the remaining 5% in the world who are chasing Pokemon Go, “ain’t all that and a bag of chips” anymore.  We sure think we are though!


We need to wake up, clean up the house, rebuild our house (not frickin’ flip it), and earn our place in the world’s key trade outlets.  Sounds hard, right?  Wrong...!  That’s what real Americans do, or at least did, per the Wolfpack.  It should be easy with some hard work and favorable trade winds at our backs.  Especially when you have some of the most natural resource rich lands on God’s green earth under your feet.  You just got to get back to frickin’ work!  And for you pansies out there, it can actually be fun, so let’s get back to work!  Don’t like that theory?  Go the hell somewhere else, you are boring me to tears.

And by the way, I agree with Dr. Jim Willie…the US populous is the dumbest nation geopolitically in the world, and will fall to third world status, if they don’t wake up quickly.  I keep saying it, and I keep saying it, and I keep saying it, we ain’t number one.  Swallow your frickin’ arrogant egos.  How the hell could we be number 1, with ZeroCare taxes comprising 58% of our total GDP?  Folks, we have got to rebuild from within.  It is the only way to fight back honestly with any integrity still in view.  Swallow your frickin’ egos!  From the Wolf’s den it appears we are trying to start unwarranted wars with the approval of a dumbed down populous.  USA…USA…USA…We’re Number one…We’re Number one…!  Hell yeah, we are #1 in moronic arrogance.  Your ego is going to get smashed, best you swallow your medicine now.  That goes for each of us!

The final Wolf Gray geopolitical observation is, and please note I tread lightly when doing this as my ‘roguemoney.net’ colleagues are superior to me on these sorts of subjects……….

Please ignore the western ‘msm’ when judging the true temperature of the German economy.  It is still (per sources I trust) the most powerful economic manufacturing force in the EU.  And the captains of industry in Germany are doing business with Russia in spite of the US/NATO sanctions (refer to prior installment with material on the recent St. Petersbug economic summit).  Merkel is apparently totally meaningless in the overall argument of the current trend in German business. 

The EU will fall and the leading business trends say so.  Could I be wrong?  Yes, but not likely as it has already failed!  Coming back home, could the King Dollar survive?  Yes, but not likely as it has already failed (great side note observation later from my Hat Trick Letter)!  And by the way for those that desire the truth, most business leaders in Germany recognize that the US is the true thorn in the side of honest economic growth, not Russia.  I could be wrong, but I ain’t!

                                                        Hard Asset Tip

Some of the following tips come from conversations with gun experts, with one expert being about as good as it could get with regards to practical experience and knowledge.   First, if you haven’t done anything in the home protection segment of your preparations, then get to it.  If you have no firearms at your disposal, then I recommend favoring a long gun as your first purchase.  Long guns are traditionally defined as rifles, but in many cases shotguns are considered to be long guns as well.  In fact guys & gals with shotguns in hand tend to equalize their lack of handgun proficiency rather quickly when buckshot starts flying at an intruder.   

Do your own research in the firearms category.  Keep in mind though, being skilled enough to handle a dangerous situation in the dark with a handgun ain’t no walk in the park.  Possibly your last walk as well.  

The above is no slight to the handgun owners.  If you already have a handgun, but no long gun, then get the latter.  Best to have both, and possibly several in each category.  Please note, seldom do you see SWAT teams charging through doors with their handguns drawn.  SWAT & Special Op’s guys normally shoulder short bodied long guns as they charge through doors.   AR or AK, 5.56 or 7.62 it doesn’t matter.   Additionally keep this in mind, nearly everyone alive recognizes one universal sound as “danger…danger…let’s get the hell out of dodge!”  That sound, is the sound of a pump shotgun chambering a shell/round.   I once had a cop tell me one of the scariest things you can ever face is a scared old dude on the other side of the door with a pump shotgun, and an itchy trigger finger.  Shotguns can make you an expert badass real quickly.

An update on a DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) failing by one Wolf Gray.  I have failed to give the proper attention that knives deserve in your overall DHAP.  In a coming “Hard Asset Tip” I plan on getting into the swiss army/pocket knife, the KA-Bar style or similar sized knife, possibly a Gurkha style knife, all with tips from some special friends.  In addition I hope to get some help from a possible conversation with Frank DeLalla of “Justifier Knives”.

Once again, I hate to be redundant, but we may be entering the last convenient time where you will have an opportunity to do something about your location situation.  Quick review……get out of the city if at all possible.  In fact, coming to the country has some side benefits, the “scenery” can be easy on the eyes, check out the following musical message…..

                                You were raised on an asphalt farm
                                Ain't never heard a rooster crow
                                Never walked barefoot by a river
                                Felt the mud up between your toes....Randy Houser

I have said this before, and it bares repeating, get away from the tall buildings.  One of the baddest dudes out there with a firearm in hand, had this wisdom to offer me when I asked him what was the best advice when it comes to entering a city ringing with shots being fired and smoke in the skies from the burning.  His answer, “Don’t go in the city WG, the sight distances suck!”  Get out of the city folks, period.  Oh btw, he then said, when things calm down we can then go in, and enjoy a target rich environment.  When guys like him say avoid the city, I tend to pay attention.

          Evidence from the News Files that should be Collapsing your Desk by Now

For those of you who worship supposed big company capitalists, note I said supposed, check these buffoons out……


Speaking of why I get so bored, and still darn near a blood pressure unload, check out this headline….


Well there you have it, a prime example of why we should all be tired of this crap in the news, and chomping at the bit to take out the trash.  I mean you just can’t fool those wizards of the S&P ratings agency.  They are now downgrading the “Deutsche Bank” outlook to negative.  Duh huh!  Really!  Ya think?  Ooh wait a second, maybe that was for 7/19/2012 not the 2016 dates reported in the above link.  Yeah right!

Want a signal that we’ve got to be getting close to the moment that the western standards of livings are starting to collapse? Then check this out from ‘shtfplan.com’…….


Folks, these numb skulls (insurance companies) are always the last guys to make it in the doors as they are about to be closed.   This is a clear, clear sign, that the time is drawing short for your ability to prepare.

Pay no attention to this next item my friends, it is the DOW that really matters to each of us.  It is what makes us all feel so warm & fuzzy…..


Folks if you really want some solid numbers analysis check out this thorough comparative numbers article from Ken Schortgen Jr….


Ken’s comparisons to zero coupon municipal bonds is brilliant.  Imagine taking out a bond with a negative yield, and no guarantee of principal.  Need we even mention the fact of the zero coupon municipal’s…federal tax advantages, another item typically not offered on “Big Brother’s” bonds.  Hey no problem though, the in vogue thing to do is go negative (indoctrination baby I love it).  Could this be coming to our shores?  I would put the odds well above 50/50 in favor of it happening, especially with a pension plan takeover caveat, covered in “to save the country” clothing.  I hear Mr. Dodd & Mr. Frank cheering in the background.  One way or another the odds go to 100% that the return of your entire basis of capital is very unlikely.  And I wager it wont make a diddly-do who is elected either. 

Speaking of municipal bonds, and a possible increase in their popularity, check this article out from Bloomberg…


What does this all mean?  Fiat paper money is running out of places to hide, that's what..!   And the alternative media stories covering the fact that US bond holders are net sellers, is clearly getting more and more difficult to hide.  I got a tip for them…get out of paper period!  Who cares about this noise anymore?  The solutions are all that matter, especially when each and every headline seems point to the same solution.  More in a second…..

Continuing down the road with a few items from the evidentiary trail....first up here is a big notice from Economic Mother Nature…..


It is time to take the paper trash out, as that is what created headlines like the one in the above link from ZeroHedge….!

Forget Economic Mother Nature WG how about some real human factors.  Glad you asked…..


In rapid fire sequence of failure implosion announcements here is another timely message…..


A quick review of the above headline is worthwhile here, because I don’t know if CAT is being politically correct or they are just confused?  The BREXIT & Turkey turmoil?  Though they make great current excuses, the real reasons were “EASY MONEY PRINTING WHICH PROMOTES LITTLE OR NO CAPITAL FORMATION”..!  And, ironically that is the same thing that led to the BREXIT & Turkey turmoil events.  In fact I have a transcript of Mrs. Economic Mother Nature’s gavel pounding speech on this very subject, “It ain't Turkey & it ain't the BREXIT that are the lone contributors to a poor quarterly earnings report, after all this is a company with 43 straight months of declining sales.”  Court dismissed!

As preached many times before, CAT is one of the ultimate global “canary in the coal mine” indicators.  After all with the BDI (baltic dry index) at record lows, money velocity at school zone speeds, collapsing shipping indices, “CAT’s” sales in ski slope mode, and a US GDP that is totally phony, what else could we add to the mix to make it negative here in the USSA?  I got it, how about the longest streak of durable goods declines in US history, that will do the trick……WG


The beat down cometh, and the election results will not change it’s path.  In fact there is something fishy about this election, and I can’t put my paw on it yet.  Hitlery, the elite’s choice is no better than “navel lint”, and was actually well behind.  Very curious indeed, now ironically as I edit this installment, she's well ahead!  Are they really going to count the votes?  Feed-back welcome on that one…

Speaking of the system being torn apart, check out this academic market review by John Hussman….


I consider Mr. Hussman as one of the better analysts of the market’s health.  Especially while staying within the system’s metrics, and in point of fact he still calls for a major western paper market decline.  For the record, he has been calling for a decline for some time.  That being said, you still seldom read of the western trade books not balancing properly.  And why is that?  Folks, that is the “dark money” trick, where system strong holds like bonds are not meeting things like the “Wolf Gray’s common sense test”.  For example…….take the US’s bond fraud on a larger scale, a scale that has 250 billion dollars being dumped on US shores in a couple months in late 2015, but the bond yield going down!  Talk about upside down.  Repeated so so many times here on RM.

I continually read Mr Hussman’s commentary each week, but he, like most economists, doesn’t seem to want to admit to the fact evil is involved in the monetary system.  They avoid the pure greed and corruption on the largest of scales in the USSA.  I guess staying true to the academic text books is the proper thing to do it would seem.  This guy is smart, but the system is feeding us a 'bs' story.  

It is my prediction that the entire business academic viewpoint will eventually be thrown away, and the trash that signed off on the papers, studied by scholars like Mr. Hussman, need to be taken out to the landfill.  A beat down is a given, and if you have read this far, then get on board with preparing yourself as best you can.  If your ego will permit it.  Again more in the “final thoughts” segment….

Check out this next piece on the evidentiary trail of the western collapse chronicles from Egon von Greyerz…..


I agree with each of his six points (listed below but without his summaries), but I think number 2 may not be enforceable to the point he describes.  Caveat to number 3 might end up being, “As measured against what?”

1. No Sovereign state will ever repay their debt
2. No bank will ever give depositors their money back
3. Stock markets will fall 90% or more
4. Property markets will collapse
5. Currencies will go to ZERO
6. Geopolitical risk, terrorism and social unrest

Next up, some additional time markers in the western market collapse.  Markers mentioned at the first of the year in the RM predictions show as being very final with respect to their timing………


I am sorry folks, I may be alone on this one, but for the record, real estate is not an investment, unless it produces something with the natural resources therein.  You can agree or disagree, but that is the only way I see it.  Over the last several decades, even the dumbest guys in real estate have been able to make money due to a stupid belief that property always goes up…including residential property.  I smell bubble blowing paper machinery somewhere???  That is now coming to an end.  Just like a car, a house doesn't last forever.  And if you add all the yard maintenance & home expenses, it has a piss poor rate of return compared to natural resources, or hard assets like GSBC's.  Sounds similar to a car to me.  That is the way it should be, and that truism is about to make a come-back.  “Good”, is all I have to say, since it was paper manipulations that caused the irrational property rises to begin with!  Ties into number 4 in the prior news release quite nicely I say.  WG

If you persist in arguing against the above argument, which is bolstered by the repeal of Glass-Steagall & an Alan Greenspan assisted bubble machine, then just compare real estate over history against real money, not paper.  I rest my case.

Speaking of “Neat Guys & Gals” check this out…….


More bad news in neat guy land.   And if that wasn’t enough for their “neatness”, then this is more fuel to the collapsing paper fires…


Quick summary, the final money outlets are drying up big time…!  In fact to spit in the face of the BLS reports, how could the statistics in the following link be possible?  Especially since they have been the ones responsible for most of the jobs gains?


The 'leisure & hospitality' services economy can not support a good portion of an entire nation's GDP.  Once again, as regulars to RM already know, a decline in this segment of the economy is one of the final signs that Economic Mother Nature is about through handing out sentences for improper usage of a nation's resources.  Resources that are not being used to support it's citizenry with proper positive business output.  This is old news, but outside of ‘roguemoney.net’, I don’t know of anyone tying it into the overall timing in the collapse of western fiat paper.  Stay tuned folks, I am right on this one.

As highlighted at the first of the year the ‘leisure & hospitality’ industries would be the last to “feel the burn”.  I don’t know if the restaurant industry falls into that category, but it does in the Wolf Gray’s book.  After all who cares how a group of morons actually categorize industries and employee work groups, when same said morons don’t consider food and energy part of the inflation equation?

And for those of you living in total denial, and who shouldn’t have read this far anyway, check this next farce out……


I have been on planet USA for over 61 years, and I can’t recall a similar news story like the one above being reported with so little fanfare.  Today’s western society is filled with far more important things like Kardashian headlines, Pokemon-Go news, entertainer’s wardrobe malfunctions, and a stupid belief that politicians have the answers.  Wolf, you are an idiot. Pokemon-Go is clearly more important than a 29 year old randomly shooting an 88 year old female sleeping in a hospital bed, and killing a nurse sitting by her side.  Goooooo Pokemon!  

Yep, all western systems are on slow go captain, ya can’t warp speed a western sheeple’s moronic mind.   Swallow your ego folks, it will soon be force fed to ya.  That’s one frickin’ forecast that will be spot on, for each of us.  One that for once I can say I hope I am wrong on!

Think About it....!

                                             It’s Time to Take the Trash Out

When talking about taking the trash out, no one does it better than Rob Kirby.  In the interview below I will only mark a view points that caught my attention, but the entire interview has some great highlights.  Once again, let me say I love seeing those young guys getting involved.

Around the 10:00 mark Rob blisters the typical language in most investment vehicle’s prospectuses, but in this case he is actually beating up the paper funds for precious metals.  Great stuff.  Oh, & btw, a long discussion of my favorite paper protection racket, the ESF, starts after the prospectus language discussions.  Another great point is made at the 35:00 mark highlighted the fact that precious metals is being used as a political football, great stuff.

In a follow up to Rob’s comments above take the time to listen to what I think is the best “broad” summary of the current western economic malaise I have heard of late, courtesy of the “X22 report”……..

In the above video, please pay special attention to the 4:00 mark, which highlights a 01/01/16 prediction here at ‘roguemoney.net’ regarding the collapse of the auto businesses.  Reference to "Skopos Financial Group" comes into full view, an organization that is well known in the "sub-prime loan" world.  They are literally delaying their earnings because they can't make them look good.  I know what you are thinking, “That ain't what they said, Wolf!” 

Fair enough, but then why didn't they report their “quarterlies”?  I know their accountant was on sick leave.  Hey, maybe they couldn't get a grasp of the GAAP methods, Yeah right!   Which basically means they couldn't phony the numbers enough to look good, that is what this boils down to.  Imagine having a license to cheat on your books, via 'bs' GAAP reporting methods, and you still can't make it work.  Well, they didn't say that Wolf????  And I say again, why didn't they report something, all they have to do is follow the BLS model, "Lie Your Arse Off”?  More on this GAAP ‘bs’ in a second with some quarterly lies as evidence……WG

Additionally at the 5:15 mark of this X22 report a "constantly repeated" WG favorite economic indicator is brought up, "Caterpillar" and their now 43 straight months of declining sales numbers. 

Also pay close close attention to the 6:00 mark describing the numbers out of the "Dallas Fed", and how they continue to stink.  I have a question, “why is the Dallas Fed & some of it's leaders, both current & former, delivering stinky US economic news in the face of FED delivered ‘shangri-la’?”  How about this theory….

Interestingly this behavior sort of ramped-up right after the boys from Texas asked for their gold back, and then received a Conroe Texas "Petro-chemical" facility fire.  Could the Dallas Fed be a part of the "F-U" movement to the boys in DC?   Or is it just the Globalist Pecker Heads delivering another future excuse outlet of, "Don't blame us, see we told you so, look at the Dallas Fed announcements from several months ago.  We warned ya!”

In any event this is one of the best overall summaries I have heard recently.  And for my money, all this micro reporting on this fiat collapse stuff, especially the alternative media’s “give my my gold & silver big numbers or I will throw a tantrum” crowd, is getting under my skin a bit.  Including my own blathering.  In other words it is boring me to tears.  Let’s get on with it already, and start working on solutions to the obvious problems.  More in the “final thoughts segment”……Meanwhile time for a musical segue with Pink Floyd….

                             Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying
                             When I was a child I had a fever
                             My hands felt just like two balloons
                             Now I've got that feeling once again
                              I can't explain, you would not understand
                              This is not how I am
                              I have become comfortably numb...Pink floyd
                              If it doesn’t get REAL soon, then who gives a shit?…Wolf Gray


And speaking of the “sub-prime loan” issues, this next piece from ’srsrocco.com’ by Steve St. Angelo provides some great background to the larger players in the tangled web of the western subprime fiasco.


Don’t forget “sub-prime loans” extends into not just subprime "auto", not just subprime "home mortgages", and not just subprime "shale oil”.  It also extends to subprime "sovereign bonds".  How can that be?  Well, what else would you call negative interest rates?  This article by Steve St. Angelo gives a great rundown on the major subprime areas of the western economy with particular interest in the subprime oil industry.  But what caught my attention was the fact, which I am sorry I hadn't paid more attention to, the actual definable nature of sovereign bonds hitting negativity.  Very negative across the board, thus in subprime territory.  What else would you call negative rates?

Speaking of taking out the trash, last week one of my favorite authors Mr. Dave Kranzler threw a dirty nuke into the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).  I don’t have his calculations at hand, but In the past I have usually concurred with most of his conclusions.  Why?  They just make common business sense most of the time.

But this time Mr. Kranzler tested the “outer limits” with the statement that if the P/E metrics of 1999-2007 were applied to today’s S&P 500 the P/E would be around 65…..!  Wow!  P/E is the ratio of the stock’s price to earnings, and if you are wondering about historical averages, something along the order of 12 or just under could be considered normal for many of the S&P member stocks.  Some of the more aggressive growth stocks might warrant a 16-18 P/E ratio, but 65…!  WTF!

Wolf side note to this GAAP ‘bs’… Look up the definition or defining characteristics of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)  and you could clearly add the word “platitudes” next to everything you read.  For example check out the Wikipedia discussions on GAAP.  Nobody knows what the hell this crap even means.  Literally Wikipedia had the humor, though I suspect it was not meant to be humorous, to compare “Mom & Dad’s checkbook or the “cash method” of accounting, to GAAP methods.  At least I understand the family checkbook/cash method, GAAP is not even definable.  

GAAP are accounting principles set by some mysterious board, hey, maybe the “magic munchkin Yellen” is on that board.  And the literal purpose of this GAAP crap is what, and the answer is laughable?  To help investors understand what the heck is going on within the corporate books…!  Are you kidding me?   You just can't make this crap up baby!

I am not an accountant, but I do get the differences between accrual & cash methods at a very basic level.  I can tell you one thing for sure.  If I am the corporate CPA, or CFA, or CFO, or UFO (unidentified financial officer) and the boss says, “We are headed toward tough times Mr. CPA.  We need to be able to baffle the investors tuned in to the “quarterly earnings reports”.   What do you recommend?”  Hands down, no brainer, I would recommend reporting the earnings via the GAAP method.  After all, it is hard to hide “hey we made more than we paid out’, or “hey we made less than we paid out”…!   The foundations of the “mom & dad’s check book plus & minus” methods a.k.a. “Cash”.  Another acronym that needs to be updated RM style.  “GAAP” tips welcome here.  I am going with…….”God Awful Accounting Practices”

All that being said, I have to figure Mr. Kranzler is on to something here.  Constant layoffs and stock buy backs with no true expansion of most business metrics and yet, presto you have the S&P acting like the NASDAQ in 2000.  Mr. K also jumps right onto the stuff the Wolf loves, real, on the ground business metrics (not forward P/E mystical stuff) in this case the “market caps/sales ratio”.   I have absolutely no doubt these ratios are running at all time highs (they actually are btw).  Being at the upper end of the graph in this category ain’t something to write home to mom about either….!  Not with Economic Mother Nature on the war path.

OK Wolf, you are the guy who constantly says you weren’t sitting looking over the shoulders of most of the guys that produce most economic statistics…..Typically none of us were perched on that bar stool, so why is Mr. Kranzler worthy of paying attention to in this instance?  For my money it is the surrounding business environment that lends credence to his numbers.  Low, low interest rates, a jobs market that sucks (the real one…not the BLS one), wages stagnant or declining & in a consumer based economy to boot, low money velocity, combined with terrible shipping numbers, and that’s without even counting debt laden ‘bs’ service taxes on the plus side of the ledger, which means without it the GDP would be “NEGATIVE”.  In fact, if counted properly, we would already be able to cue up what would be history making repeat highlight reels of the US Negative GDP (NGDP) expressing it’s vows in a marriage with NIRP (negative interest rate policy).  Yep NGDP marrying NIRP.  A marriage made in Hell.

As a supplement to the above, in a similar recent article posted on “silverdoctors.com” by Mr. Kranzler he also stated if the fraud and lies were counted, the S&P 500, P/E ratios would probably top the 65 mark.  Hear, hear, I say!  Want a reason I think he is on to something here?  Recall the recent 7/05 installment from yours truly, and the reference to ZeroCare (the UCA .. Unaffordable Care Act) accounting for 58% of the GDP, and still we ain’t going anywhere.  Jerk that horse shit item out of the equation, like it should be, and presto we have one of the worst economies in US history, and counting….!   I mean gee f…ing whiz, the insurance companies are bailing on this wonderful ZeroCare cash cow right now, and we are supposed to believe it is the leading POSITIVE in the GDP business metric.  Wake the hell up folks!  Get off the game’s playing field, now!  WG

Kranzler almost has the P/E ratio right, “almost” because it is probably closer to 165 with the proper minus marks to the inclusion of dark phony money suppressing the inflation rate (which by reliable metrics is closer to 8% YoY inflation).  

Sadly I failed to hyperlink the article from ‘silverdoctors.com’ (but I got another doozy from him below), but that is basically what I read.  Except he was too damned nice to these frickin’ bastards.  And to put an exclamation point on the truthfulness in his article, he put in bold print something along the lines of, “the stock market is a weapon of mass wealth destruction” take that ya Daddy Warbucks piece of crap, Warren Buffett.  After all derivatives & the stock markets are now one in the same, think about it!   Mr. K also went on to say you can protect yourself by getting out of paper, including the mining stocks, and then really protect your wealth with GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins).  I am paraphrasing his statements, but all I can say is “Hear hear, very little else needs to be said!”

And in the interest of the full story check out Mr. Kranzler’s blistering take of MSFT’s bogus earnings report in the link below…


Here is an excerpt from the roasting of the MSFT earnings report, which got rave reviews from much of the ‘msm’

"As an example, Microsoft reported earnings yesterday.  But companies can’t just report traditional GAAP earnings statements.   We get a highly unreliable version of GAAP that has been liberalized over the past 20 years to enable companies to distort the true earnings “snapshot,” enabling the presentation of reported net income that  exceeds actual net income." DK

Clearly it is time to take the paper trash out, if we ever want to get our country back on firm economic footing.  Oh Wolf, you are getting just like the headlines you railed against in the opening paragraphs, completely over emotional.  

Then show me were I am wrong…???!

Need some good ole’ fashion common sense combined with solid logic for proof?  How about another recent article from Ken Schortgen Jr. right here from the pages of RM…..


To my mind the first line in the above article is enough to call upon the “failed” template of Japan over the last few decades…….

"From nomadic times, to the height of civilization, the most important and fundamental building block of any society is not the government, its military, or its economy, but its family structure." KS

No growth in the population by pure logic means no probable future demand, which means no future supply, which equals the Japanese template of failure…..Ken hit on pure logic, and this sort of traditional family based thinking cuts through the fog of GAAP ‘bs’, that should be taken out as part of the trash to be picked up.

I started out with this installment blistering the tiresome continued headlines from the msm & the alternative media that have read the same for the past 9 or so years, but the numbers under the headlines are just as tiresome, and bogus.  But, they at least provide logical evidence to disprove the headline if you read with your brain turned on, and ignore the propaganda noises.

Want some real nitty gritty truths that hit home in the Wolf’s den?  Then check out this article from ‘nationalinterest.org’ …..


The headline says a mouthful, but from the Wolf’s den it is also the perfect way to visualize the trash targets ……. Absorb this excerpt…

"The crack-up boom, fueled by fiat money, QE, ZIRP and now NIRP, is coming. It will hit on a global scale, and “Rock the Casbah” (and all points north, south, east and west thereof). It will make the Great Depression look like a picnic party in the park. Why will it be worse? Consider just two simple facts: first, supply chains are much longer and considerably more intricate than eighty-five years ago. As they fail (due to bankruptcies and business failures of those in the chain), basic necessities will not get to those in need of them. Second, compared to eighty-five years ago, the world has billions more mouths to feed, and many fewer people, including millions fewer farmers, who actually know how to produce the basic necessities.

Yes, central bankers can print currency units, but not food, energy or other commodities necessary for sustaining life. As basic commodities become more scarce or are priced out of the reach of average folks, wars, riots, rebellions, diseases and repressive governments will result. All of this human suffering will be the progeny of ZIRP, QE and NIRP, which in turn are the progeny of the replacement of the gold standard by the Ph.D standard."

It is all academic, but not headline approved via the msm, and ignored by ‘alternative media’s get rich quick inspired gold bugs’, who are stuck on “we holders of gold will all get rich just wait and see, no depression for us”… The headlines ignore the medicine to cure the problem.  Swallow your frickin’ egos!   They are getting in the way of progress and boring the hell out of anyone paying attention.  More on this in a second…..But first the transition to the east continues, and the proof is undeniable…..


Speaking of headlines, based on the above shocker from ZeroHedge (not a shocker to RM readers) China is moving forward with business, big big business too, and meanwhile team USSA is doing what?  Trying to goad the east into an unwarranted war.  Brilliant!  For more proof that the west is in decline (via ARAMCO), but not in the msm media, check out the Saudi attempts to move into a battle with Russia for Chinese energy contracts in the following Sputnik article……


The above link proves the move east continues, and the striking note in this article is that Russia passed Saudi Arabia in crude sold to China.  Who would have ever dreamed that would happen?  Note this excerpt…

"Russia has surpassed Saudi Arabia as China’s largest supplier of crude oil in May, according to customs data revealed in late-June"......Sputnik

Doing a walk through geopolitical history, with questions about how did the west in particular the US get into this mess?  A mess that I say leads to isolation.  Let’s revisit the first hyperlink in this installment, and reference some excerpts from the history lesson courtesy once again from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts…..


An excerpt from Dr. Roberts article….

"Europeans are already suffering from the economic sanctions that their overlord in Washington forced them to apply to Russia and Iran. Why do Europeans want to be destroyed by war with Russia? Do Europeans have a death wish? Have Europeans been Americanized and no longer appreciate the historic accumulation of artistic and architectural beauty, literature and music achievements of which their countries are custodians?

The answer is that it makes no difference whatsoever what Europeans think, because Washington has set up a government for them that is totally independent of their wishes. The EU government is accountable only to Washington’s money. A few people capable of issuing edicts are on Washington’s payroll. The entire peoples of Europe are Washington’s serfs." PCR

The transition of power continues to move east, and our only hope of stopping it, doesn’t exist.  Our hope is to take out the trash at home, and then work through it all.  More in the final rant, from the final thoughts segment.

Over the past few weeks when enjoying my July edition of Jim Willie’s “Hat Trick Letter”, I noticed something that had a 100% accuracy rate, and it wasn’t even advertised.  It is something I would ask each of you to try and debunk.  Check this out………

As I worked through the recent writings of Dr. Jim Willie in his “Global Money War Report” (one of two reports in the Hat Trick Letter), it occurred to me that there wasn’t one, not one piece of evidence that the dollar was in any way shape or form the currency of choice.  It was instead the currency of existing contracts, with the contracts starting to go by the wayside.  

Think about that for a moment.  Not one positive statement…not one.  But Dr. Willie isn’t the lone ranger either!!!!   Why this just hit me is a bit strange as it has been that way for years now (I am a little slow sometimes).  Folks clearly the King Dollar is on the way out, and as I said before, the light switch moment was 2008.  And it will be so written into the history books many years into the future.  The “King Dollar” light switches have been removed, and the remodeling is taking place, with new switches being put in when the electrical framework permits it in each room.  New switches outlined in gold with each room representative of each sovereign.  With this summer heating up, courtesy of the “Empire of Chaos” and it’s calling card the “Warring King Dollar”, you can expect the exoduses from the King’s court to pick up.  

Again, it just hit me reading my July “Hat Trick Letter” that not once have I read about a western King Dollar victory in any of my favorite trusted resources, not once…!  And that is over a time period, that goes back to…..well how about that…..back to 2008.  This ain’t going to get better until it gets really really bad, and I know that message is redundant, but it won’t be as redundant as not having anything in the well, but devalued green toilet paper to pay for a tenth of the groceries you used to get at your favorite just in time retailer.   Practice makes perfect, so better to be productively redundant right now so you can afford to say, “Honey what are we having for dinner tonight?”   Instead of, “Honey are we having dinner tonight?”

My challenge to you is this.....Point to one recent (last couple years) bit of positive news with regards to dollar acceptance in trade or to any burgeoning US trade agreements on the horizon.   Granted that Dr. Willie will be hammering the King Dollar beat down messages, like yours truly, but think about any evidence of anything positive in any news release (even the msm doesn’t have any) with respect to the King Dollar?  I wager the best you can do is produce western ‘msm’ articles that “proclaims the virtues” of the TPP & TTIP.  Note the verbage “proclaims & virtues”, not signed sealed & delivered deals.  Realists want solutions, not “talk”.

News flash to the TPP, we already are doing business with most of these countries, so what the hell is the TPP & the TTIP got to do with anything?  Quick answer, the paper enforcement of the fascist state.  And amazingly pre-implementation is still losing business partners.  The “King” is dead, good news no where to be found, if that hasn’t sunk in, then think about the actual evidence trail…..!  WG

Not one, not one bit of positive news on the recent western business narrative except….in the phony equity markets.  Enjoy it will it last, dumbed down western buffoons.  

                                    Final Thoughts on the Bull Shit & Trash

Everything written above can be whittled down to this polite statement, ”let’s get on with it for Pete-sake”.  Not one thing written in this very long installment changes the productive solutions to the basic problem.  It boils down to “productive growth & management of your ‘diversified hard asset portfolio’, that is what’s needed.  It is the only solution to everything you read in the news, and anything I write about.  Solutions are what productive people care about.  Talk is irrelevant after a while, and in fact after a period of time just down right frickin’ boring.  I don’t know about you, but I am really getting bored with this crap.

Imagine being the member of a top flight sports team and all you ever do is practice.  You never play the game, you just practice.  Fast forward to our situation and one could say, “let’s play the game that matters most, the next one!”  Get the picture?  We are in a unique “bind” here, a bind where the game clock started in 2008, and it is in the final minutes right now.  The outcome is a forgone conclusion, with the US losing this particular contest.  Smart players from the US based team have already cut their loses and have started prepping with solutions for the games to come.  The games that will matter.  Just like you they have been practicing, while an extended current game with a known outcome, though known only by those with a clue, continues ad nauseam. WG

Are the “current times” exciting?  Yes, but not for those wise souls who have been depleting their excess hard earned stashes for some time now in preparations for an uncertain future.  A future only to be delayed by an ongoing totally unnecessary game that never wants to put us out of our misery with an ending note.  I still say the final gun signaling the end of the current game is approaching, and I figure the election season will trigger it (pre or post election somewhere within those few months).  For example if this idiot, pictured below, gets in office the odds then favor the triggering of a rather violent abrupt ending to the current bogus game…..she will have us rocking’ all right……

Cute ain't she....?


                                               I was a butcher cutting up meat
                                              My hands were bloody I'm dying on my feet
                                              I was a surgeon 'till I start to shake
                                              I was a falling 'till you put on the brakes
                                             Hey, hey you got me rocking now
                                             Hey, hey you got me rocking nowRolling Stones

Looks like Miley Cyrus posed for the cover of the album.  Strange, I don’t think she was born yet.  

A couple weeks ago I was on the air with “Team Rogue Money”, and asked the Economic Great Ape what were his high level contacts discussing regarding our situation in the US, current, past & future?   He said our biggest problem per all the top think-tankers was a lack of knowledge, or to put it succinctly WG style, “STUPIDITY….!”  In my opinion that’s why this damned game keeps rolling on, we are too damned dumb to correct it.  If we had any brains it would be over already, but we continue to lie to ourselves… but that will change.  That will change by default,  Still I am getting damned bored with the stories, and the headlines.  Including my own.

The alternative community has it all figured out, and they are going to get rich off GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins).  Their big, know it all egos precede them.  The moronic sheeple are too busy screaming “USA USA” or “Pokemon-Go” to have a flipping’ clue what time it is.  Their ‘stupidendous’ belief is if “their” guy gets elected the economic malaise will heal itself magicallyWG

Me personally, I am still trying to figure out how to resolve my own little problems within the current system, while applying educated guess work to blend them into a new system with it’s own problems yet to come knocking.  A coming system that not one alternative media wizard has a clue as to it’s outcome, they can only apply a wild arsed guess.  Personally, if they say they have it nailed down, I will ditch their arses…their egos are out of control.

I think “The Guerrilla” needs to let the Wolf Gray in on these meetings and I would howl, “We all need to get our egos under control, everybody.  It ain’t the frickin’ stupidity creating the problem, it’s the belief we are “all that and a bag of chips”.  After all when your ego says you are already the kingpin, how can you be taught anything new?  We are like a bunch of teenagers. WG

Swallow your damned egos, folks.  You are boring most of us to tears.  Swallow your damned egos.  I don’t care who you are and how well you think you have this thing figured out, YOU DON’T!  Your very belief in yourself is your mistake.  The answer is simple.  It’s time to get our hands dirty, and take out the trash...!  While you are out there, put your ego in the can!  Humility and a little sweat will rebuild your belief in yourself the right way, the way real Americans have done it in the past.  Then the chants of "we're number one", will come from off shore, the way it should be.  The way it used to be!

The ego problem is the biggest headline of the year, and last year, and the year before that.  Except it didn’t make the headlines, since no one would believe it, after all “they are all that and a bag of chips…!”  People will argue the big deals are the goings on in the “middle east” or more specifically “Turkey”, or the “refugee influx” into the EU, or the continuing alliances in the “east”, and on and on and on……..And though they are important, for my money it all pales in comparison to the US ego driven cognitive dissonance (“CD")!   Without western “CD” I doubt much of the other problems would have amounted to a hill of beans.  WG

I hear a message in the background……

                    I close my eyes only for a moment, and the moment's gone
                    All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity
                    Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind
                    Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea
                    All we do crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see
                    Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind
                    Now, don't hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
                    It slips away, and all your money won't another minute buy
                    Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind (all we are is dust in the wind)
                    Dust in the wind, everything is dust in the wind (the wind)..Kansas

Picture this headline, “US citizenry the Dumbest in History, haven’t a Clue!”  Not happening folks, but interestingly I seem to remember one Vladimir Putin giving a speech a month ago begging the US populous to wake up.  No way Mr. P, you are the bad guy, and we have it all figured out, hey quit bothering me anyway “Pokemon-Go” is in the house.  Ya want to see cognitive dissonance by the western world in full bloom, then check this out………Note the date & note the whole headline….


How high up does the US cognitive dissonance go?  The excerpt below from the above link is beyond belief, in fact I wonder if it is really on the up & up….???

By 2035, the US could find itself in an environment where Russia or China may match or even exceed the West’s military and economic might in some areas, taking advantage of a “disordered and contested world,” the Pentagon’s research unit said.  RT

Clean your shit stained windows ya moron.  I can hear Johnny Nash in the background right now……”I can see Clearly now the rain is gone”…..

An RM friend, “Derek”, asked me in the comments section of the last installment, “When is this going to get going Wolf, I have been in preparations now for 4 to 5 years?”  I sympathize with him.  Unless you are independently wealthy you can’t complete adequate DHAP preparations without taking a beating to your current personal life.  Sounds like Derek is getting bored as well.  Stand fast my friend, this crap is going to go down, and so will those that aren’t remotely aware/prepared or have their egos in check.  

That folks is one of the primary reason the final “Moore’s Law” moment of the final standard of living beat down in the USSA hasn’t happened yet.  China has nothing to do with it, neither does the PPPTB (though they have some skin in the game plan), our arrogant stupidendous egos do.  Too many morons still playing the game, be it “Pokemon-Go”, or thinking the next Prez will get it done for us, or whatever.  They are clueless to the fact they have already lost.  The opportunities to prepare like their wiser ancestors would have done, like real Americans would have done, is passing them by.  The dip shits aren’t wise enough to get ready in advance for the heavy lifting to come.  Even though the scoreboard reads visitors “70” & the USSA, the home team, ”0”.  With only 30 seconds left, the home team players are screaming “We’re Number one…We’re Number one…We’re Number one…Egos in the way of the fact, we ain’t any more.

It is time to take out the frickin’ trash so we can rebuild.  Which will eventually require someone else to praise us for being number one.  I am tired of this moronic pounding our bowed out ego filled chests screaming how wonderful we are.  Talk is cheap right now, and the trash is in the way!  Let’s get on with it!  And, if you are new to this “Truth Game”, get the ‘Cliffs-notes’ version, stay tuned to ‘roguemoney.net’, and get on it warp speed…..!  For time is running out!  

WG is still pounding the drums, and howling in the background….!  Truthfully we have now all been warned…!  WG


            God, then your Family, and then the Land of the Free & the Home of the Brave!
                                                   Survive then Thrive…..!

                               Wolf Gray


Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, The WolfPack, Jerry5, Derek, Team RM, Jerry5, Derek, ZeroHedge, Bloomberg, silverdoctors.com, USnews.com, John Hussman, RT.com, Egon von Greyerz, Paul Craig Roberts, Dave Kranzler, Dr. Jim Willie, X22 Report, ‘shtfplan.com’, InfoWars, Rob Kirby & the youthful fellows interviewing him, Steve St. Angelo, ‘nationalinterest.org’, Randy Houser & Pink Floyd & The Rolling Stones & Kansas