We Are There Yet.....

The Pump is Primed


It’s no secret that the financial situation of European banking giant and derivatives bolt-hole, Deutsche Bank, is approaching Lehmanesque levels of danger. Alarm bells are screaming that disaster is dead-ahead, but unlike Lehman Bros., the implosion of Deutsche Bank will be one hundred times more destructive to the global financial system. You may not have noticed when Lehman Bros. went bust. Oh, sure, maybe a headline or news story caught your eye, but the birds still sang and the sun shined in the sky. Life went on as usual.


This won’t be the case when Deutsche Bank goes bust. Everyone will see the thermonuclear financial mushroom cloud on the horizon. There’ll be no coming back from this one. Promise.


Exhibit 1. DB announced recently that its profits are down 98%!!!!! This is the hair-trigger on the pistol pointed at the temple of the global financial system. Something BIG stinks in Frankfurt, a gangrenous stench emanating over the entire Eurozone, sickening Italian, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and Austrian banks. These nations’ insolvent institutions are already stuffed to the gills with worthless European sovereign debt, but the worst is yet to come! They are also daisy-chained to Deutsche Bank credit default swaps and collateralized debt obligations, spreading risk and increasing the likelihood of an epic, mind-blowing financial catastrophe. These are the makings of a perfect storm.  


Right here and right now, The Guerrilla is putting everyone on red alert. We are merely a short time away from a major financial downturn the likes of which has never before been seen. The weakness of Italy’s banking sector alone (not to mention that of Portugal, Spain, France, et al.), paints the picture of a nation that is in much worse financial condition than Greece. The only difference is that Italy’s economy is EXPONENTIALLY BIGGER. The Eurozone isn’t going to shrug it off when Italy goes down. Oh, no! This one’s gonna hurt everyone, the Italian people most of all. Paisans all over the boot will soon remember why they’ve always distrusted banks and governmental institutions. Cue the bail-ins.


No Longer Moving Targets


Failing banks in Europe are but a symptom of the inescapable disaster that the Narco-Sex-Trafficking-Fascist-Lords-of-the-West have created for themselves. Their grand plan for globalization is crashing and burning before their very eyes, subsumed by storm of rising nationalism. Free and decent people around the world are beginning to wake up and as they do they are rejecting the debt, war, fraud, corruption, and criminality that are the hallmarks of today’s globalist system. Puppet politicians are going down in flames, their ideas resoundingly overruled by public opinion and the wisdom of crowds.  


Most importantly of all, the elites of the world are no longer the elusive Pokémon Go creatures that they once were. They are being exposed. Their control mechanisms are being laid bare. Their agenda is on display for all the world to see. Every move they make prompts a Hegelian counter-reaction that wrecks the globalist mantras of open borders, un-free trade agreements, militarism, and manipulation. Instead, nationalism, freedom, self-determination are rising in the context of a new multi-polar world where shared interests and common responsibilities will evolve into the new normal.


Those of us living in the critical year of 2016 are entering the transition period that marks the beginning of the end for globalism and far-left politics. Socialism, folks, is DYING. It is withering on the vine, the life choked out of it by the overwhelming burdens of debt and corruption. The Guerrilla has said for years now that the elites have greatly underestimated the power of national culture and identity. Human beings cannot be thrown into a melting pot of uniformity dictated by the nanny state. Mankind must and will rally around the principles of decency, humanity, fairness, and basic justice. Only the free market model of unadulterated capitalism has the power to deliver the results that are desired.


Chicken of the Sea


As their power slips away, the only option left for the Western elites is to monger war. I promise you this! These chicken shits don’t have the stomach for World War III. This is why these petty fascists are engaging the Russians and the Chinese in a ridiculous game of nuclear chicken in the South China Sea. The lackeys of the West and their stooges in so-called legal entities like the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague have tried to paint a thick layer of legitimacy and legality in opposing China’s right to operate in its own historical, territorial waters. When the kangaroo court tribunal in The Hague voted unanimously to deny China’s claim to six (6!!!) islands in the South China Sea, it sided with the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia, nations that lay claim to nearly 100 islands in the same waters. Naturally, these claims are called legitimate while China’s are bashed as false.


The tension in the South China Sea is part and parcel of the vaunted “pivot to the east” paraded by the U.S. government and the Department of Defense. Notice, however, that this “pivot” only began once it occurred to mainstream U.S. politicians that their cherished unipolar world is coming to end. Their response? Saber-rattling, of course, and solemn assertions to protect “freedom of navigation.” What the criminal morons in D.C. fail to realize is that China and Russia ARE NOT EUROPE. They will not kowtow to U.S. aggression.


Like the games being played by the U.S. in Ukraine and the Middle East, the dust-up in the South China Sea is about controlling and containing rivals to U.S. hegemony. In South Asia, it’s about containing the Chinese Dragon. In Eastern Europe and the Middle East, it’s about neutralizing the Russian Bear. Military circle-jerkers in the Empire of BS meet annually to “wargame” (i.e., forecast in a vacuum) various military scenarios concerning China and Russia. The Narco-Sex-Trafficking-Fascist-Lords-of-the-West play childish military games that are the equivalent of classics like Stratego and Risk in a fervent effort to determine the geopolitical future. The hysterical thing is that every real wargame done by legitimate think tanks shows the U.S. receiving an ass beating from Sino-Russian alliance the likes of which that few have ever received.


Do you think it’s a coincidence, dear readers, that the Bear and the Dragon announced joint military drills in the South China Sea? It certainly is not! They are putting the Empire of BS on notice that it had better stand down or suffer the consequences.


The Future of 21st Economics and Wealth


Meanwhile, Exceptionalistan continues to play in Asia like it’s the late 19th century. Send a few battleships to the Far East and bully the Chinese into submission, they think. China will fold like a paper tiger. Ah, but today isn’t 1900, is it? Nope. It’s 2016 and the tables have turned! Thanks to Russia’s help, China’s long-standing energy vulnerability in the Straits of Malacca has been addressed by major energy and pipeline deals. Oil and natural gas now flow to China over a well-guarded land route that is easily defended. Check and mate.


The bottom line, my friends, is this. While the nations of the West mutually masturbate each other on the concepts of central banking, refugees, Keynesian economics, the wonders of globalism, transgender bathrooms, LGBTQ, binaries, safe spaces, and emotional triggers, the nations of the East are building the future and that future is for the bold, not the weird.


Mark my words. The 21st century belongs to the East.


America is sliding into the Third World and all it has to show for its excesses is an entitled generation of millennials with the lowest skill set of any demographic group in world history, a diminished middle-class, and a non-existent manufacturing base. While the West was licking its wounds from the after-effects of the BREXIT, which The Guerrilla has called the beginning of the end of the Western financial system, the kings of the East gathered in Beijing to discuss closer cooperation and economic integration over the largest trading bloc in world history.


Many things were discussed in the closed door meeting between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, including infrastructure deals in the Eurasian Trade Zone, high speed rail, trading partnerships, and tighter military cooperation. All of these subjects were considered, as well as how to deal with the “exceptional nation.”


China and Russia are achieving in record time what the U.S. could not accomplish in almost 100 years of war and corruption. From the full integration of the Eurasian Economic Union to the New Silk Road / New Silk Maritime Belt (One Road, One Belt initiative), the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the BRICS, Global South, AIIB, and the NDB, the list goes on and on. From Europe to Asia, from the Middle East to Africa, and even into the Caribbean and South America, the Sino-Russian partnership is on the move and wining BIG. The Empire of Destruction and Narco-Sex-Trafficking-Pedophile-Fascist-Lords-of-the-West can only stare and circle-jerk each other about how great they are.


China and Russia are wining a majority of the G-20 nations to their side by offering lucrative and MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL deals. What is the United States’ answer to all of this? Why, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its ugly stepsister, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP); agreements that are a contemptible and disgusting failure of globalism and a clear indication of the lack of talent that works within the walls of power at Estados Unidos Estupidos.


The unipolar world is over, people. Globalization and hard leftist ideas are done. The elites are obsolete. Someone should read them the memo.




The Guerrilla.