Another Message to the US/NATO: Chinese and Iranian Troops Drill in Russia's Western Baltic Exclave of Kaliningrad

Here's a (partially Yandex Russian to English) translation of the nationalist blog "Polite Russia" (hat tip to The Vineyard of the Saker blog's manager "Scott") which reported on the international army games that included practice amphibious assaults by soldiers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, China and Venezuela.

Logo of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

Baltics are hysterical, NATO is strained. In the international army games “Marines-2016”, which take place in Kaliningrad region, Khmelyovka test ground, held its first briefing sessions with teams, as well as familiarity with weapons.

The games are attended by teams of Marines from Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, China and Venezuela. Moreover, China takes part on their own original technology, and Iran profits are not only the Marines, the Navy, but the Marines of the IRGC (i.e. spetsnaz).

Chinese equipment was delivered to Kaliningrad by ferry and then rail transported to the Baltic. In General, we can say that the first rehearsal of the entry of the Chinese “peacekeepers” in the European Union was successful.

Meanwhile, Iranian officers acquainted with the European theater of operations. Allah Akbar, Khamenei Rahbar. Well, NATO — you began to feel more secure? But this is only the beginning.


During the fighting in Donbass between the Ukrainian Army and the Russian-backed Army of Novorossiya aka the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, correspondent Nolan W. Peterson for the Washington-based Heritage Foundation reported that Ukrainian soldiers hoisted the American flag over their positions to 'troll' the LDNR fighters. The Ukrainian volunteer battalion members wanted to troll the LDNR soldiers opposing them who are convinced Americans as well as Polish and Croatian NATO mercenaries are among the Ukrainian units shelling their towns and cities.

We haven't been able to confirm if there are Chinese volunteers (who are likely former PLA or at least report to Beijing's military intelligence) in the ranks of the LDNR forces, as there are among the Kurdish YPG fighting ISIS in northern Syria. But we strongly suspect if the trend revealed by the Russian hosted SCO military games in Kaliningrad holds, the LDNR will 'troll' the Security Service of Ukraine, the Azov battalion SS rune flag waving neo-Nazis and their CIA handlers and any American 'observers' along the Donbass front lines soon by...hoisting the red People's Republic of China or Iranian or SCO flags over Donetsk Airport or Debaltsevo. And reminding Kiev and Washington that Mother Russia and its proxies have allies too, and some of People's Liberation Army or IRGC 'vacationers' may yet come and pay NATO's own disavowed mercenaries on the Donbass front lines a visit during the next escalation of hostilities.