Fortress Europe Awakens

French patriots were taken aback when, following the horrific terrorist attack in Nice, France earlier this month, a prime minister of Paris advised his countrymen to just get used to it. It was time for the country to buckle up and prepare to "live with terrorism." The hashtag "Je suis épuisé" (I am exhausted) began trending and betraying a somewhat defeated, gonna-lie-down-and-take-it attitude in the heart of Europe.

Germany isn't France.

Germany came up with a better hashtag to reflect their own nation's reaction to the now daily occurrence of either outright terrorist attacks or migrant-related acts of violence. A rising cacophony of German voices are now clamoring:

"Merkel muss weg!" (Merkel must go!)

None of this comes as any surprise because the ultra-nationalist, far right groundswell has been building all year. As noted in the "PEGIDA" information page in Wikipedia (linked here):

On 23 January 2016, representatives of fourteen like-minded allies, including Pegida Austria, Pegida Bulgaria, and Pegida Netherlands, met with Lutz Bachmann and Tatjana Festerling in the Czech Republic to sign the Prague Declaration, which states their belief that the "history of Western civilization could soon come to an end through Islam conquering Europe," thus formalizing their membership in the Fortress Europe coalition against that eventuality.... 
Úsvit's Marek Černoch said that the meeting was, among other things, a reaction to the attacks on women in Cologne in Germany on New Year’s Eve, which took place as celebrations were being held to usher in 2016....
Others who joined Fortress Europe or participated in Pegida-organised demonstrations are: Identity Ireland, Pegida Ireland, Pegida Switzerland, Pegida UK, Reclaim Australia, and former French Foreign Legion General Christian Piquemal's group in Calais (lists may not be comprehensive).

Far-right activists at a Identitarian Movement of Austria rally in Vienna on November 10, 2013. By Ataraxis1492 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Interesting story about that phrase "Fortress Europe." Again according to this Wikipedia notation (linked here), Fortress Europe (German: Festung Europa) was a military propaganda term used by both sides of the Second World War which referred to the areas of Continental Europe occupied by Nazi Germany, as opposed to the United Kingdom across the Channel.

In British phraseology, Fortress Europe meant the battle honour accorded to Royal Air Force and Allied squadrons during the war, but to qualify, operations had to be made by aircraft based in Britain against targets in Germany, Italy and other parts of Nazi-occupied Europe, in the period from the fall of France to the Normandy invasion. [NOTE: the region where the Catholic priest was butchered by an ISIS terrorist only yesterday.]

Simultaneously, the term Festung Europa was being used by Nazi propaganda, namely to refer to Hitler's and the Wehrmacht's plans to fortify the whole of occupied Europe, in order to prevent invasion from the British Isle's troops. These measures included the construction of the Atlantic wall, along with reorganization of the Luftwaffe for air defense. This use of the term Fortress Europe was subsequently adopted by correspondents and historians in the English language to describe the military efforts of the Axis powers at defending the continent from the Allies.

Fast-forward to 2015: 

For conservative parties (e.g. the Freedom Party of Austria) 'Fortress Europe' is a positive term. They mostly claim that such a fortress does not really exist yet, and that illegal immigrants can enter Europe far too easily. They often charge the southern states with insufficient border control, claiming that the latter are acting on the knowledge that immigrants tend to be more attracted to western/northern states with more generous welfare systems (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, etc.). Conservatives all over Europe want to end the Schengen Agreement and to re-install border controls because they say it did not only lead to mass migration of illegals but also to free traffic of criminals.

Now, take the prevailing German mood and fit that into the geopolitical jigsaw puzzle along with all the other pieces we have seen recently:

1. The Brexit led by City of London banksters as they turn Eastward
2. The Turkey Coup and week-long shutdown of power to the NATO nuclear arsenal at Incirlik
3. The impending collapse of Deutsche Bank and/or Monte Paschi and/or whatever other Italian banks are on the appetizer list
4. Today's announcement that the Catalan parliament has approved of seceding from Spain
5. The terrorist siege against France and its possible connection to a LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) protocol being directed by France's Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve (per Webster G. Tarpley, linked here.)

So what picture is emerging in this puzzle? As we've said before, watch Putin.

Oh did we forget to mention one of the puzzle pieces? All year long, Team Rogue Money has been talking about PEGIDA and the rumours that these movements are receiving support from Vladimir Putin. In our blog "Culture Clash" (linked in the list below), we pointed out that Joseph P. Farrell speculated that Russia isn't sending sleeper cells across Europe to destabilize it; Frau Merkel has done a good enough job of that all on her own. On the other hand, Russia may be providing support to enable the re-stabilization of Europe. Dr. Farrell further went on to say:

In this light, and in the current geopolitical situation, and with its economy weakened, Russia can hardly afford nor welcome a continuing destabilization of Europe. The possibility arises, therefore, that if the refugee crisis should - perish the thought - reach the stage of actual "civil revolt" in European countries between their native populations and "foreign cultures," that these cells could be called upon to restore order....
And repeatedly, we have heard the Russian Foreign Minister Mr. Lavrov, up to President Putin himself and other Russian government spokesmen, stress the idea of the integrity of the nation-state, and the necessity for such nations to determine their own polity, culture, and policy.

More about that "integrity of the nation-state" in just a moment. Meanwhile, for reference, here are some of the recent RogueMoney articles that have mentioned the PEGIDA movement and the coming showdown (or planned resignation?) of Angela Merkel.  

1. Jan. 26, 2016: "Merkel Suffering a Nervous Breakdown?...."

2. April 26, 2016: "Culture Clash"  

3. May 04, 2016: "Bild/DW Say Hundreds of Spetsnaz Lurking in Germany...."


Ms. Frauke Petry is a German chemist, businesswoman and politician who was one of three elected party spokespersons of the Alternative for Germany from 2013 to 2015. She became party chairwoman on 4 July 2015. (per Wikipedia, linked here.)

"Alternative for Germany," or, AfD, is associated closely with the PEGIDA movement. Do keep an eye on that word PEGIDA in the news as there are rapid changes coming down the pike as the wave of nationalism begins forging ahead through Germany. In an article posted at today, Ms. Petry stated: (linked here)

“I think we must finally set a deadline for the EU or all EU governments: if we don’t achieve any radical reforms in five years then the [exit] question will be raised also in Germany.” goes on to comment:

Welcoming the UK’s referendum vote, Frauke Petry predicts other countries may follow Britain out of the door, including the Netherlands, Denmark and “at some point” Austria. Germany is behind the rest but is “waking up” to the possibility....
Ms Petry’s vision of Europe is one familiar to other rightwing nationalists: she wants a “return to the status of a common market ... a Europe of sovereign states”.
Of more immediate resonance with many German voters are the AfD’s calls for restrictions on immigration — demands that may have wider appeal after recent terror attacks carried out by refugees who pledged loyalty to Isis....
[In] the autumn 2017 Bundestag election, [the] AfD plans to become the first rightwing party since 1945 to win seats.

Therefore, the stage is set and the players are on-cue. Even President Donald J. Trump may have a role to play in the break-up and/or deep reform of the European Union. Certainly, the prime minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, has placed his bets on the outcome of the U.S. presidential election.

"Hungary's foreign policy has borne an eerie resemblance to Russian diplomatic interests in recent years, and indeed has been little short of an extended arm of the Russian government in foreign policy matters," Political Capital analyst Peter Kreko said. "I don't think Putin is behind the budding relationship between Trump and Orban but both are interested in improving Russian ties so theirs is an alliance of interests." (Reuters, linked here.)

It's all in the Art of the Deal, right?

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Bankster Slayer

"When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school, it's a wonder I can think at all." -- the "Kodachrome" song by Paul Simon, 1973

I grew up in a quiet, small, city east of the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, in Palmdale, California. I'm not quite old enough to remember the assassination of JFK, but do remember the assassination of Brother Bobbie on an early summer's day. I was finishing up my first grade at the elementary school just up the street from our suburbia house. Maybe that was when I became self-aware that something wasn't right. When I saw the events of that day unfolding on our new color TV, I remember a thought passing through my 6.5 year old mind. And silly me assumed that everybody else was also holding this same belief because it seemed so obvious to me:


"The President and his brother must have been killed by the same people."

I don't know how a little first-grader was able to come up with that conclusion. That certainly wasn't the sort of idea you would expect to be rumbling around the brain of a little kid. But it kept rumbling in mine and still does, to this day.

The people of my generation passed through the Space Race, the Vietnam War, Watergate, the Disco Era, Yuppies, the World Wide Web, and Irrational Exuberance. Throughout this entire period, a relentless Matrix Machine has been whirring in the background of our lives, unnoticed and largely unchallenged. In fact, that Machine has been whirring for centuries.

I guess it was inevitable that the 6.5 year old kid who once questioned the official doctrine of the Kennedy assassinations would one day swallow her own Red Pill. And so I did, following the 2008 Crash, as I watched the financial lives of my parents and myself collapse into disaster as the equity of our homes evaporated into the dry Arizona air.

I finally came to that moment as have so many readers and contributors of Rogue Money, that day when you finally stop and ask "Why did this happen?" I started reading, researching, listening. Gradually the bricks of The Matrix began to crumble. The monstrous beast was no longer hidden from view. 

And so I join this team of writers and readers who are all trying to Slay the Bankster Beast in their own way. We carry on with confidence because no Evil has ever stood forever against the onslaught of Truth. Undaunted, we move forward.

You will find that my contributions to the Rogue Money web site will focus on the deep history that created The Matrix in the first place. In other words, you won't find any opinion forthcoming on this-or-that presidential election ... unless you are talking about the overthrow of regimes 2- or 3- thousand years ago. In that case, I might be interested!

I make no apologies if what you hear steps on the toes of a long-cherished paradigm. I am just A Messenger. In fact, you will find that my blogs will invite your comments to provide additional pieces of information that perhaps you may have gleaned from your own research. I have many holes that need filling.

You've been told what, how, when, and where to think your whole life. I leave it up to you to exercise your own Mind and take appropriate Action to slay the monster for yourself.

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