Jihad Strikes Germany Again: Suicide Bomber Detonates Near Music Festival in #Ansbach, Bavaria

A 27-year-old Syrian man has become Germany's first 'refugee' suicide bomber. According to the Mayor of Ansbach, a small city 25 miles southwest of Nuremberg, the man detonated with an explosive device at a wine bar after being refused entry with a backpack to the Ansbach music festival, killing himself and wounding at least 12 victims, at least three of them seriously injured. At least one victim has reportedly died.

This is the FOURTH attack in eight days in Germany where the suspects/perpetrators were from Muslim countries. It's gotten to the point where the Russia Analyst is tired of doing open threads about terror attacks in France or Germany, and 'red pilled' nationalist-libertarian Stefan Molyneux has clearly grown weary of doing videos like this one: 

Last week a 17-year-old Afghan 'refugee' armed with an axe bludgeoned a family from Hong Kong on a commuter train near the Bavarian city of Wurzberg, before fleeing the train and being shot dead by police

On Friday an alleged 'loon wolf' attacker armed with a Glock semi-automatic pistol used a hacked Facebook account to lure kids to a McDonalds at the Olympia Mall in Munich before opening fire, killing nine people. A Muslim woman eyewitness reported that the teenager later identified as Ali David Sonboly, a psychiatric patient, shouted "Allahu Akbar!" during his rampage. Sonboly, described by authorities as an Iranian-German with no known connections to ISIS or other terrorist groups, supposedly fatally shot himself less than a mile away from the crime scene. The Munich police also said Sonboly was obsessed with mass shootings and that his choice of the fifth anniversary of Anders Behring Breivik's killing spree in Norway to commit his crime was not a coincidence.

In Reutlingen, a town near Germany's 'motor city' of Stuttgart where Mercedes Benz is headquartered in Baden-Württemberg, a 21-year-old male of Middle Eastern extraction hacked a pregnant woman (and her unborn child) to death with a machete, and ran with his bloody machete before being stopped by a man hitting him with a BMW. Police say the man had a record of previous arrests and describe the murder as a crime of passion, not terrorism. But it's clear that with the number of attacks increasing and rising public anger among Germans, there's political pressure on the cops not to admit any connection to Islamist extremism in these separate incidents. The fact that the Ansbach attacker was willing to blow himself up like many other Mideast suicide bombers we've seen makes such political correctness untenable.

"Merkel Must Go!"

What is clear is that the Summer of Chaos has come to Germany, and the country's politics are hardening against the refugees and the disastrous open borders policy of pro-NATO/US Chancellor Angela Merkel. For the U.S., the risks of a geopolitical earthquake and the association of Washington's loyalists in German politics with wars abroad and the jihadist wars of the Middle East being brought home to the heimat are increasing. The fact that these attacks like many of the refugee centers, are concentrated in the Freistaat Bayern (Free State of Bavaria), whose President Horst Seehofer has been an outspoken critic of the anti-Russian EU sanctions and who personally met with Putin in Moscow this February, is an interesting 'coincidence'.

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