#Munich #IranianGerman Terror Attack Open Thread

After considerable disinformation in the hours after Friday's attack, and confusion about whether there were up to three shooters (not unlike the recent attack on police in Dallas), German authorities now say a single 18-year-old Iranian-German killed nine people at a Munich shopping mall, before turning the gun on himself. Where of course this radicalized young man got his firearm/s in a country with some of the most strict gun laws in Europe will be a subject of intense interest on both sides of the Atlantic. Other questions include why the shooter reportedly engaged in shouting matches with angry victims during his rampage, in which eyewitnesses recounting him screaming "Allahu Akbar!" as he gunned down children at a shopping mall and adjoining McDonalds.

There are claims that the gunman was called a 'sh-tty foreigner' and 'wanker' by angry onlookers in response to his shouts of "I'm a German", which may have sparked mainstream media attempts to falsely connect the attack to white nationalism or anti-Muslim migration sentiments

Like many others, the Moscow-based Globalist Hipster™ and 'Russia Without (Actually with Plenty of) BS' blogger Jim Kovpak badly wanted the shooting to fit his Narrative. But he wasn't alone:


The angry reaction on Twitter to what many are calling another jihadist terror attack like the horrific attack in Nice, France has led to complaints that the social media company's search engines are deliberately blocking the hash tag #Munich or the subsequent search item #IranianGerman. 

Is this latest attack in the Summer of Chaos another way to distract the German people from the pending collapse of Deutsche Bank and the financial implosion of the EU, as Jeff Berwick hinted in his discussion of accelerated chaos during Friday's Guerrilla Economist radio show? 

Please share your thoughts related to this apparent mass shooting terror attack, Munich, or German/EU politics in the open thread below.