#TurkeyCoup Open Thread

If you're going to aim for the Sultan, don't miss.

As of this Friday morning July 15, 2016 a military coup to overthrow the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has apparently failed. However, claims that all of the coup plotters have been rounded up -- particularly those in the Turkish Air Force who apparently bombed the parliament building -- appear premature at this hour [6:27 a.m. Eastern time Saturday, July 16].

UPDATE: This post has been updated as of 10:40 p.m. Eastern Time, July 16, 2016. Please check Bankster Slayer's new post "The Erdogan Purge Begins" for more information on the aftermath of the failed coup d'etat in Turkey and its infiltration and co-opting by Erdogan loyalists. Below is a discussion of how Team Rogue Money accurately predicted this coup, as well as some analyses of Russia's reaction to the plot and various players including the Russians potential foreknowledge of the putsch. - JWS

We should start this post by saying those of us on Team RogueMoney called this military coup in Turkey many months ago. In August 2015 the Russia Analyst suggested that Erdogan could eventually be overthrown in a coup and blamed as the 'fall guy' for the spectacular rise of the Islamic State, rather than Washington or Riyadh. In an early January appearance on the John B. Wells Caravan to Midnight program, Team Rogue Money's Ken Shortgen Jr. forecasted a coup in Ankara sometime in 2016. In a post here at RogueMoney on March 20, Deb "BanksterSlayer" Carruthers, citing the reporting of Damascus-based French analyst Thierry Meyssan and Washington-based independent journalist Webster Griffin Tarpley, also wrote that Obama and Putin had come to a secret agreement: Erdogan must go. Rising Turkish Army casualties at the hands of the PKK using both Western and Russian-made weapons, as well as Erdogan's desperate about turn to Moscow and noises about making peace with Assad prior to this coup, have all vindicated our reporting.

In other words: if you want to keep track of what's really going on in the rapidly changing and confusing world of geopolitics, Team RogueMoney is where it's at!

The Washington Establishment and Mainstream Media as House Divided: 'Realists' and Anti-Islamists Support Coup Against Erdogan, Neocons and Neoliberals Oppose It Along with the Obama White House

Anglo-American media after showing a remarkable ambiguity for several hours have tilted decisively towards a Narrative of 'people power' defeating the efforts of the military, which for the most part hesitated to open fire on crowds quickly assembled in the streets to defend the elected but increasingly dictatorial Erdogan. Television cameras captured the images of many soldiers surrendering to police without a fight and being beaten by enraged mobs, with many conscripts saying they were told to participate in an exercise and knew nothing of a coup.

Neoconservatives desperate to see Turkey continue its support for the anti-Assad jihadists in Syria are gloating at this hour on Twitter. They should probably check back in a week to see whether any of the anti-Erdogan elements of the military decide in defeat to take out some of the warehouses full of TOW missiles and other CIA goodies for Syria's 'moderate' rebels on Turkish soil.

As the pro-Damascus Al-Masdar News reported two days ago, the Saudis prior to the coup had threatened the Turks with their own state potentially being dismembered if they stopped supporting the partition of Syria in favor of Riyadh's jihadists. In a 'coincidence' that surely is not indicative of foreknowledge of a planned coup in Ankara, Washington decided to release the controversial and long hidden 28 pages of a U.S. House of Representatives Committee report on Riyadh's involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks Friday as the coup dominated U.S. and international headlines.

At any rate, this coup likely had less to do with the defeat of Ankara's proxies in Syria than the Turkish military's decades-old enemies: the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood who support Erdogan and who were crushed by a popular military coup in Egypt, and the Kurdish PKK militants. According to Southfront's analysis and many others this coup may have represented the last gasp of the old NATO Gladio aligned Kemalist or secular military officer corps, which Erdogan now has the chance to finally and fully purge Stalin-style.

Russia's Angle and the Odd Coincidence of Alexander Dugin's Being in Turkey

Russian television is reporting that before holding a press conference and rallying with supporters to try and project an image of still being in charge and unafraid, Erdogan had sought political asylum in Germany -- a request which NBC news also reported was rejected by Berlin. [UPDATE: Some have dismissed these reports as disinfo put out by the coup plotters to discredit Erdogan and demoralize his supporters, which clearly did not work - JWS] Oddly enough, Alexander Dugin the controversial Eurasianist ideologue was speaking in Turkey on Thursday, the day before the coup. In remarks cited by the pro-government Daily Sabah newspaper, Dugin blamed the Turkish Air Force's ambush shoot down of a Russian SU-24 jet last November on a CIA conspiracy to destroy Russo-Turkish relations. Dugin also argued that Washington now wants to carve Turkey up through the Establishment of a greater Kurdistan that would also include much of northern Syria.

Strange Bedfellows: Unlike in the 'Maidan Revolution' in Kiev, This Time It Really Was a CIA-Sponsored Coup According to Longtime Kremlin Critic Robert Amsterdam

In response to the coup, Dugin's think tank Katehon is taking the same line as Erdogan's spokesmen. In another irony of the situation, a former Kremlin critic and lawyer for anti-Putin oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Robert Amsterdam, is saying that the military coup was inspired if not directed by the CIA sponsored and Pennsylvania based cleric Fethullah Gulen, and his network of sympathizers in the military. Here in an updated insert is Robert Amsterdam's statement on what his 'Turkish intelligence sources' have told him [note Amsterdam appears to be a registered lobbyist for the Erdogan government]:

According to Turkish intelligence sources I have spoken with, there are indications of direct involvement by the powerful fugitive cleric Fethullah Gülen, who has lived in self-exile in the United States since 1999, and who had previously been involved in a separate attempted coup in 2013.

For months, my firm has been engaged in a global investigation of Gülen’s criminal conduct and his extensive political lobbying. We have attempted repeatedly to warn the U.S. government of the threat posed by this organization, however, at the same time, the Gülenists have been waging their own campaign to undermine the legitimacy of the elected Turkish government.

These efforts may have culminated just two days ago with a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing featuring much grandstanding and lobbyist-drafted talking points, attacking Turkey’s democracy. Is it possible that Turkey’s putschists in the military saw this hearing as the final sign they were waiting for to move forward with their plans to stage the coup? What seems clear is that they were expecting acceptance, if not a warm welcome from Washington in their overthrow of a sovereign elected government.

It appears that it is now an unspoken U.S. policy to tolerate and even encourage coup attempts against democratically elected governments so long as said government isn’t a vassal of Washington’s interests.

After Thailand, after Egypt, and now, in the months leading up to the events taking place in Turkey today, we are seeing a pattern of conduct of recklessly self-interested relativism. Some democracies are “good,” while others are disposable. The rationale that divides the two is surprisingly flexible and unburdened by any allegiance to principle. We often hear our leaders express lofty sentiment that the only legitimacy that exists is that which is chosen by the majority in a free and fair democratic process. However, when tested like today, we see another calculus taking place.

Turkey has experienced at least six military coups since 1913, and there is a long memory of the informal power of the so-called Deep State of military elites which sat above and within the democratic system. Whereas in years past, Gülen’s massively powerful organization eventually succeeded in purging these military elements through trumped up trials and false arrests, they were only replaced by his own agents belonging to his religious sect – which turned out to be even more dangerous, more abusive than the military-led Deep State. The fact that now there are signs that Gülen is working closely with certain members of military leadership against the elected civilian government is indeed a very alarming sign – and the people of Turkey, as demonstrated by the massive outpouring of anti-military protesters tonight – will not stand for any more of this repeating history.

— http://robertamsterdam.com/statement-on-events-in-turkey/

Needless to say, to the average alternative media watcher much less the ordinary American or European on the street, these Turkish intrigues are all very confusing. Nonetheless, as with the terror attack at the Istanbul airport blamed on ISIS member Caucasian jihadists linked to ex-Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili's intelligence service, the timing of this coup, after Turkey sought rapprochement with Russia if not directly with Syria stinks.

At the same time, given Erdogan's extensive support for ISIS and his family's profiting from the Islamic State's illicit oil trade, there will no doubt be millions in the Mideast and around the world today who will wonder why the Turkish coup plotters learned nothing from the failure of Operation Valkyrie, or didn't wait until July 20th so that no one, especially the Germans, would miss the reference to the failed plot to kill Hitler. On the other hand, the fact that Erdogan was not physically harmed will fuel speculation that the plotters only received a 'green light' from Washington and Langley on the condition that the Sultan not be touched. As it turned out, that may have been partially what doomed the coup. But it remains unclear, even if the plotters had reneged on their 'deal' with Washington and taken Erdogan out, if the Turkish President's legacy of de-secularizing Turkish society would not have seen to it that an even more hardline Islamist would succeed him.