Can the Banks Collapse Completely, With a Public that’s Fiat Entrenched?

Unfortunately, when considering in the short run, the answer is most likely “NO”.  For those of us in the US, most “needs” based products are imported, so payment will be left to the only thing we have left for payment, fiat paper.  Which of course is held at our friendly Wall Street shyster bank.  And as mentioned many many times here @ ‘’ since the importers of our needs based goods are also holding our debt, which is becoming worthless, we will have to suffer some form of currency devaluations to satisfy our trade needs.  Needs, we will soon be forced to pay up for, since fiat King Dollar toilet paper is the only thing most will have to meet their obligations at the World’s import trade windows.  

Banks survive by the public’s need for them, and sadly we need them.  INITIALLY, that is!

As one of my favorite Wolfpack associates says, we have two alternatives; learn to live without money and or have hard assets on hand to barter with.  Since very few people in the west have made those preparations, banks will still exist because currency will be needed.  But not forever.  Therefore, and I hate to say this, most of us will still need the banksters.  This should give you enough motivation to make your own preparations so you can avoid these criminals entirely.  “Get out of the system” should be the rallying cry…!

So why bring up this very depressing fact?  In order to understand the cure, you have to understand the actual diagnosis or nature of the illness.  After a brief review of the news, we will also take a close look at Professor Rob Kirby’s insights in a great interview. Finally, I want to get in the face of the economic doctors in the alternative media, and start humbly flushing their apologies down the toilet.   More in a second…..

A US Citizen Personal Aside:  As mentioned by The Wolf many times before, it is humbling to be conversing with the contributors here @ Rogue Money.  Especially when you consider the credentials of our sideline coach & mentor “W”, but even talking with him is not as humbling as a routine encounter with some solid American citizens.  A couple of days ago I needed to make a stop by the local “home improvement store”, and the lady at the checkout counter looked at my t-shirt, and said, “Did you know that might have been an inside job?”  

Actually I had to look down at my shirt to see what the hell was on it.  “The Twin Towers with an Eagle”.  Well well well. I detect another alert inquiring mind, in search of the “Truth”.  I told her to check out ‘’, as I thought she would like the subject matter.  I know what you are thinking, big deal WG.  And all I can say is, yes indeed, it is a big deal.  Aside from the fact she reminded me of Wolf Grayette, she didn’t know me from Adam’s house cat, and therefore had no clue what my response would have been.  In fact, had I been in her shoes, the best I would have done is “checked the old fart out and moved on to the next person in the check out line.”  The numbers of people questioning the status quo’s message is growing, it would appear.

The “wake up calls” continue, and the Trump movement, like him or not, has some teeth to it.  Again, prepare yourselves.  After all, it’s only you that can properly fill the job description.  

                               News that is Becoming Redundant, but Illuminating

It looks like the WWE has a new ‘tag team’ combination ready to cripple anything productive that gets in their way, check this out….

As RM regulars know, the reason the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) might attempt the headlined helicopter suicide maneuver.  To prop up the phony equity markets, for just a few ‘tic-tics’ more, post the Brexit statement of “NWO FAILURE”.  Which brings us to the next news item with a theoretical question tied to it.

Might the US’s fiat money printing path to failure have started several decades ago, when their ‘lap dog’ Japan went down the road to an experiment in moronic “Yen expansion”?  It ain’t called “the Yen carry trade for nothing”.  I smell an ESF pile of mastodon dung somewhere.  Need I mention that in a prior installment you could trace back the morning “up-trends” in the western markets by rescues from the “Lap Dog”?  And as detailed once before, remember where the “Lap Dog” has been seen lately?….With Mr. Putin.  A transition is clearly taking place, and the King Dollar is not a part of the transition, unless you want to consider the negative direction.

Now we have that piece of cow flop Bernanke meeting with Kuroda, why not send the magic Munchkin, Mrs. Yellen?  Hmm, maybe so no one can lay blame for this soon to be monster failure on an acting FED wizard.  “Theoretical” my arse.  It’s called cya (cover your arse), and it appears that the only option on the PPPTB table is to carry the game to the very final second of the Moore’s Law Economic collapse (see prior installment).  

Don’t look now fascist fiat NWO pecker heads, the people are starting to catch on!

In the Wolf Gray’s “you can’t make this crap up category” this week, check this out this headline from ZeroHedge……

ZeroHedge best be careful with their WG-ish cynicism, on display in this excerpt from the above link……….

Judging by the 12% jump in the stock on the news, perhaps if STX had not stopped there and had instead fired 50%, or maybe all employees, it may have even doubled in after hours trading. ZH

After all, Seagate may read ZeroHedge and get some ideas about assisting some future attacks on the BLS numbers.  In fact, for some proof that the equity markets have become true “window dressing”, check out the next bit of wisdom from BoA (Bank of America)……

The Wolf smells a game plan to keep paper investments in a very controlled docile state, before corralling your funds into the US bond markets.  Don’t sweat it though, it is just a way to protect you, of course.  A prediction we discussed from long ago, one that is even made legal via some language in the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act.  Want a clue, that it is nearing a climax event, an event necessary to make you believe US debt is the best thing for your investments?  How about, do race riots and political chaos happen when things are just peachy-keen on main-street USA?  You be the judge...!

In need of more proof?  Check the fund outflows numbers in the face of a rising equity market now establishing new all time highs.   As harped on before, don’t be fooled by the media noise.  Maintain your focus, the corralling act is continuing unabated.

Wolf, your mystical theories need some substance.  And to that I say, here is Charles Hugh Smith followed by David Stockman….

As always, great analysis from Mr. Smith.  But one thing is left out, and seems to always be left out, "dark money" by the ESF.  The assumption that trends of volatility, and some form of perverted supply & demand, are now leading the markets to a ‘no where to go but down’ scenario.  A decline in the standard of living, is only part of the story.  Unnatural fuel entered "Economic Mother Nature's" engines, and it is now being spit out, but the good stuff, the real stuff, is finally taking control. 

A 're-boot/re-set' is a forgone conclusion soon to be witnessed, and in fact it is being witnessed, but only visible to those with an open mind and a thirst for the truth.  The standard of living decline headlined in the photo to this piece by Mr. Smith is a lock, and will be the driving force to final recognition of the western fiat paper failure that is upon us now.  The new sputtering engine with the wrong fuel in it is the world's equity & debt markets, while "Economic Mother Nature" is getting ready to gulp down some high octane super fuel, GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins).  Don’t get caught in her path, she is pissed.

The formula is simple. The nations with natural resource distribution channels and contracts, and/or a good manufacturing base will have a shot at stemming the decline in their living standards, especially if they have one insurance policy in good supply.  GSBC’s….!  Wolf Gray

The times we are living in are exciting, and the reporting on it is getting boring and redundant.  Yours truly included.  There is just not much left to say except prepare yourselves.  Only the news items change, the message is still the same.

In the next link I am not even going to try and over analyze Mr. Stockman’s analysis on the bogus BLS practices.  He blows them up big time check this out…..

I do have to pull one excerpt from his work though….

Janet Yellen and the other 100 clowns who run the world’s central banks, of course, have no clue as to the financial doomsday machine they have enabled. Indeed, they apparently think efficient pricing and allocation of capital doesn’t matter.  David Stockman

To that I say bingo, though I still say the magic munchkin is nothing more than the mouthpiece for the monolithic meaningless structure that is the FED, a front for the US Treasury in the form of the ESF.  A much more powerful force than the buffoonish spokesperson from the FED.

Special thanks to Mr. Smith & Mr Stockman for shedding light on dark subjects, as the PPPTB’s goal is to keep us in the dark.  And though I can’t see the aforementioned authors rocking out to this next musical message, it still potentially fits well.  Listen if you so choose……Deny the dark side, and don't be captured.  Once the final score is tallied, it will be clear we don't need them, they need us....!

                                   You never listen to the voices inside
                                   They fill your ears as you run to a place to hide
                                   You're never sure if the illusion is real
                                   You pinch yourself but the memories are all you feel
                                   Can you break away from your alibis
                                   Can you make a play, will you meet me in the dark    Billy Squier


                  A Quick Re-visit to the Agricultural Side of the Economic Equation

In recent installments I have harped on natural farming being the rebound industry in the US.  Or it at least, it needs to be in order to get back to an honest system.  GMO crap is far from honest.  With that in mind, check out these next couple agricultural economic signs….Regarding the headline below, just when would you have expected Russia to pass the US as the number one exporter of wheat in the world?  2016, with sanctions to boot, is rather impressive.  Check out the following RT link…….

Add that link to the link from last week highlighting some news from the “health ranger” Mike Adams, and one has to ask, “can we be any dumber?” …….Here is last weeks installment link related to that article.

Regarding a rehash of the above link, “just what is the importance of it’s message WG?”  How about we are being poisoned, by our own food resources....!  Check out this next article from "New Eastern Outlook"....

Here is an interesting excerpt that tells it like it is….

After introducing food import bans against Turkey in November 2015, President Putin declared, “Russia is able to become the world’s largest supplier of healthy, ecologically clean and high-quality food, which Western producers have long lost.” Russia last year also announced a complete ban on planting GMO crops or importing GMO crops from the West.

Images of John "the potato spud king" Kerry come to mind trying to jam GMO foods down the Russian's throats.  As highlighted before, I expect smart Americans to make demands for healthy natural products.  And if it has to come from elsewhere, well what would you want going into your kids, and grand-kids mouths?  A renaissance in honest farming, and natural product development is what I expect to be demanded soon by most Americans.  Especially post the King Dollar collapse/demise.  Can we really afford for it not to be, especially if we are to be respected at the tables of negotiation with other potential foreign trade partners? 

Just imagine expecting a negotiations victory as you bring well publicized toxic food to the table for the rest of the world to enjoy?  Yeah, that's the ticket, that will work.  Think about it, we were number one in wheat export, now ironically passed by the country we put on sanctions.  Somebody doesn't want our crap that's for sure, sanctions or not.  Anyone getting the message?  We better!

I got an idea…let’s take a step back in time, and check out standard western PPPTB business strategies…..Strategies that are on display in the following link from two years ago…..I give you the BNP Paribas farce.....

Here is a simple business solution for the US mental midgets: quit executing law suits against foreign banks who try to do business with the Russians.  It ain’t working.  What would you do, continue conducting business with the guys trying to sell you food that will kill your kids?  To boot it all, doing business with the same clowns who sued one of your country’s largest financial institutions..!  Or would you do business with a land mass neighbor.  A neighbor who seems to suffer from a lone weakness, they want to do honest business with you while avoiding poisoning you, and not throwing blood sucking attorneys on your doorsteps?

Can we be any dumber?  Yes we could.  We could decide to execute terror attacks on our own soil to put the citizenry in a state of shock and fear.  Might we do that?  I will let you be the judge based on the latest in news headlines.  And then, I am forced to weather the storm of people asking me, "Wolf, why do you claim we will be isolated?"  Oh, I am sorry, I don't know what I was thinking, amazing!   If it were to be asked at a neat guy & neat gal party (note I never attend those type shin-digs)……then maybe I would point this out…..

As discussed many times thus far this year, the "Leisure & Hospitality" industries will start to roll over, and though restaurants aren't 100% tied to them, they are part n' parcel to those sorts of monetary "wants" based product.  As mentioned at the first of 2016, "Leisure & Hospitality" industries rolling over would be one of the final signs that we are nearing a significant King Dollar demise/collapse moment.  Additionally, it was predicted at the beginning of the year that we will probably be seeing that by the spring of 2017.  Time will tell, but here is a link with more proof folks.....

Clearly the “wants” pocket books are starting to be more frugal.  A wise move by the way, but if those being frugal haven't made any other preparations to date for a King Dollar demise/collapse than just cutting back on their unneeded eating expenses, then they will soon be served as canary 'a la carte' at the "Hard Asset Mine".  The "restaurant mine" where real money talks and you know what walks…FIAT PAPER..!  Wolf Gray

Along the same lines of what the neat guy & neat gal types think will always work in the world of money, real estate, check this out…..

So my question is, if the foreigners have finally called it quits on US real estate, just who is going to keep the upward price listing gravy train going?  I got the answer, “No one!”  Housing is going to eventually get beat to a pulp.  It may not be a lock, but it has a good 90 to 1 odds.

This next item from Clif High is truly interesting.  And even if it doesn’t come true, the fact that the linguistics data sets have chatter of this sort coming through, says fiat is in big trouble.  The ole saying, “where there is smoke there is fire” comes to mind.  By the way, paper fairs poorly in fire!

In this next video, one segment hits on something we have been harping on @‘’ for several years….

The fact that government retirement accounts would be forced into the government debt option.  Thanks to Dodd Frank language added to other 'bs’, this stuff will hit private accounts.  As far as I am concerned, they nailed it in the above interview just before the 8:00 mark when they said they are herding the masses into these accounts.  This dovetails nicely with the corralling theory of the sleepy sheeple we have discussed for some time now.  Put simply, it is becoming a reality.  Don’t be the sheep following the misguided herd…!

In this next public article from Dr. Jim Willie, the ‘doc’ lays it out in pristine form, and this excerpt says a mouthful……

"Several important factors work in a powerful manner to debilitate, to distort, and to wreck the global financial and economic system. It is long past the point of effective remedy. After the Lehman kill event, every conceivable wrong move and policy was made and implemented. The investment in the corrupt elements has been so profound in the last several years, as to make remedy impossible. The official policies have been so errant and heretical, as to make remedy impossible. The distortions with the broken elements have been so dedicated in service to the ruling banker class, as to make remedy impossible. The degree of destruction has been so comprehensive and complete from desperate measures taken to preserve the system, as to make remedy impossible. The only working goal and objective for the ruling banker class is to prolong the inevitable death event, the collapse, the breakdown assured to cause a powerful sequence of events where the financial and economic system is seen as totally wrecked by even the naïve and ignorant unwashed masses. The ruling bankers realize no remedy is possible. They are just trying to steal as many assets and accumulate as much gold as possible before the main bust event."  Dr. Jim Willie

Folks, the Fiat Paper train has no brakes.  It is wrecking, and the King Dollar is on board, on board the last car in line.  The impact just hasn’t reached the passengers yet, “in full”.  But it is getting close, and the reverberations are being felt right now.  Once the full impact is felt it will be game over.  My betting line is game over before next spring.  Wolf Gray

                                        Can the Banks Collapse Completely?

Last, but certainly not least, is the following interview highlighting key aspects of business, and economics from Professor Rob Kirby.  I know he ain’t a professor, but he is one smart cookie when it comes to the money & debt markets.  Note this interview will also serve as the “Hard Asset Tip” this week as Mr. Kirby lays down some very actionable view points.  I will also take the liberty of expressing my own views on several key points….

@ :56: Elijah Johnson asks Rob which is better to own, “gold or silver”, and Rob answers it the same way I would…no comments necessary from yours truly.  “Today is the time to make silver a heavier percentage of your holdings.” (paraphrasing)

@ 3:15: Where is the silver & gold coming from to satisfy the huge demand?  Short answer is “paper”.  With most of the paper never being capable of satisfying physical demand.  The trouble for westerners is that physical metal is heading east from a furious appetite for GSBC’s.  Therefore, once we decide we have to have it, it will not be there in adequate volume.

@ 10:20: Do you expect GSBC’s to be a valuable element for barter in the US?  YES, period, the end! (WG)

@ 11:25: Do you see a digital currency or gold taking hold after the collapse?  His views are the same as mine, as I don’t have full confidence in digital currency as of yet.  But of note, it is my opinion that some diversification into digital monies isn’t too bad an idea.  A very small portion of your DHAP items (diversified hard asset portfolio).  Put simply, physical metal is still my favorite and Mr. Kirby’s as well. 

@ 13.44: This next question is very important.  Will the western world governments put heavy taxes on GSBC related investments?  I agree with Professor Kirby’s views, that a hard attack via heavy taxation is likely on things the government can trace, such as paper investments in gold & silver.  Investments like the miners.  Hold physical metals folks, it will have the greatest odds of holding the most value (WG).

@ 15:44: The US dollar is currently a haven for safety. How long will that last?  Rob’s views are spot on.  But my answer is who cares? The dollar will probably be the last to crater.  With that in mind, do you really want to delay your exodus of fiat King Dollar holdings?  Especially when the primary historical indicators you need for timing have fallen to the wayside, no longer capable of being canaries in the coal mine…!  It is the Wolf Gray’s opinion that the crash of the King Dollar will be epic, so get out period.

@ 19:20: What will happen to personal debt in Canada and the US?  Listen to Rob’s Wiemar currency demise example from the 1920’s.  Which had the government tie mortgages to the gold price, not the devaluation of the currency.  Thus he advocates no debt, or as little as possible.  In the US, this is a big big problem, so do the best you can.  It is my view that another alternative scenario may evolve in the US.  One where so many of the “armed” citizenry start to realize they have been ripped off by the banksters, that they might just take the stance that says, “go ahead try and take my house, but bring some body bags.”  That being said, it is still the Wolf’s opinion that the less conspicuous the better, therefore the less debt the better.

@ 21:21: This question hits on the title heavily, but Mr. Kirby doesn’t approach it that way.  With all the volatility in the market, why haven’t the big banks collapsed?  Brilliantly he goes to the 1934 date, which allows banks to be excluded from accounting if they were deemed to be a national danger, which ironically also includes the date for the ESF inception (the dark money kings).  Going back to the first few paragraphs to this installment, can the public afford for the banks to fall to pieces, when they (the public) are in need of their fiat dollars to pay for their needs based items?  No, they can’t, and no, the banks can’t afford it either.  So for the post collapse, near term moments, the banks will probably survive with a deep devaluation of the public’s monies held therein.  If the banks don’t survive in the near term, then GSBC owners will possibly be hunted by fiat sheeple, eventually to be a lonely lot.  A reduced “lot” that is, with respect to the former pre collapse population totals.  

So banks survive, and I hate to say this…..because we need them.  Actually, this applies to most of us in the west.  Once again, try to separate yourself from this crowd.  Wolf Gray

@ 25:08: If a bank fails (note I just said most will not or some will not), will you have the ability to access your stocks held within that banks’ paper statement’s apparent custodianship?  Note the reference by Professor Kirby in the answer, to MF Global.  He deflects this answer to legal advice.  I say, no you will not have access if the bank fails.  In the wake of a failure they can run with your money, or stock funds due to the MF Global precedent, and especially with Dodd Frank language having been put into place.  Let’s put it this way, do you doubt they will not give it back right away?  So instead of waiting for a blood sucking attorney to tell you the bank’s & your ownership rights, try extricating yourself from their greedy fingers.

@ 26:48: Where does the money come from to prop up the markets?  I love it as Rob K says it perfect in short form, “Thin air.”   Perfectly said.  Once again, I smell the ESF, an organization that came to my attention via Mr. Kirby a year and a half ago.  Plus I smell a “Lap Dog” somewhere.  But I wager not for much longer!  Easier to go home, and to real business partners in the east than to deal with the fascist protocol in the TTP.

Need real proof, not just my conjecture?  Here we have a stat from yesterday on Zerohedge…..

Clearly they can’t support the whole market, or they don’t care to.  Might they be running out of phony money, or just plain digital funny money?  

                             Final Thoughts & Arguments & No Apologies Included

If you are worried about your bank collapsing, you probably do not need to worry.  After all, we need them too much.  Some banks may die, but not all…not yet anyway.  We have become too dependent on their resources, fiat paper dollars.  So in order for us to survive, they have to survive.  Only for the near term though!  Note I said their resources, that's because thanks to the “Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act”, it ain’t your money any more.   Your funds are instead the property of the bank’s in a time of economic crisis or uncertainty.  And they solely define that situation, especially since they define the government’s policies.  That is what fascism does!   Even though they may not go away, the value of your account holdings sure will.  Go away in purchasing power for real goods and services.  Needs based goods and services.  

Personally, I would get out of the banks, and leave only an amount you need for conducting business within their corrupt vaults.  

In the fourth paragraph of this installment I mentioned I am tired of the alternative media dudes & dudettes apologizing for the fact or downplaying the fact, that the economy may collapse.  I say to hell with that, bring it on sucker!  Too many commentators like to say, “for our sake, I hope I am wrong.  I hope the economy doesn’t collapse!”   Bullshit.  We can’t get the system corrected without it collapsing!”  What the hell, is it going to magically go back to a properly weighted system, and the world’s debt holders are going to magically say, all is forgiven?  Not happening folks.  And it’s not going to happen without a cleansing collapse of the fiat paper system.  A very necessary cleansing.  Let’s get this party started A.S.A.P........Wolf Gray

I would quit worrying about changing the world.  I sure have.  The world ain’t listening.  Change your own house, and then we will meet in the middle and do some real howling.  Do it, “right now”……

                                    Miss the beat, you lose the rhythm
                                    And nothing falls into place, no
                                    Only missed by a fraction
                                    Slipped a little off your pace, oh
                                    The more things you get, the more you want
                                    Just trade in one for the other
                                    Workin' so hard, to make it easier, whoa
                                    Got to turn, c'mon turn this thing around
                                    Right now, hey
                                    It's your tomorrow
                                    Right now… Van Halen

Like I said earlier, 100+ articles over a two year time frame, nothing new is truly being said.  Only the sign posts are changing, so why would I keep writing?  Because one of these sign posts may cause another person to turn away from the crowd, that’s why.  Additionally keep in mind, they need us, not the other way around.  I typically use 1910, and the Jekyll Island meeting as an example, because at that time the PPPTB’s primary purpose was the need to lure us back into the system.  I also used the example of the NFL players being more important than the owners in a prior installment, let’s extend it one more step.   The most important group of them all is the fans, without them the game is pointless.  They ain’t God, and they don’t have control, and if you think we don’t matter, then what is the motive behind this buffoon’s speech…….We are still in the game folks….!  Wolf Gray

Some question the accuracy of the words in the above video, but the lip reading is spot on in parts of it.  Real or not, who doubts the portrayed message is from the real thoughts.  You be the judge…..!  The next musical message was posted before, but it is time to post it again…….


                                    He doesn't look a thing like Jesus
                                    But he talks like a gentlemen
                                    Like you imagined when you were young
                                    Can we climb this mountain
                                    I don't know
                                    Higher now than ever before
                                    I know we can make it if we take it slow
                                    Let's take it easy
                                    Easy now, watch it go…The Killers


God, then your family, then the land of the free & the home of the brave!  Survive then thrive!  You have been warned, once again!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team RM, Especial thanks to “W”, David Stockman, SGT Report, Dave Kranzler,Finance & Liberty, Rob Kirby, Jim Willie, Charles Hugh Smith, David Stockman, Clif High, RT News, New Eastern Outlook, Mike Adams, ZeroHedge, Billy Squier,  & Van Halen & The Killers