V the Guerrilla Economist on #Dallas Attack and Open Thread

By now nearly all RogueMoney readers are aware that the authorities in North Texas have dropped the Dallas police chief's initial claim that multiple snipers triangulating together from rooftops shot DPD and DART officers Thursday night, killing five officers. This change in the official story and in the number of detained suspects raised eyebrows in the mainstream media and in the alternative media, fueling claims of a cover-up or a black ops provocation by snipers who, as after the Maidan killings in February 2014 Kiev, all conveniently got away.

If the goal of the #DallasPoliceShooting is the same as was for the US #Maidan coup, the US is in for a hot summer. #SummerOfChaos#Dallas

— GrandeFormaggio (@GrandeFormaggio) July 8, 2016

At the Maidan, the snipers opened fire from buildings controlled by Andre Parubiy's 'Maidan self-defense' fighters, and apparently Yanukovych or the FSB's men who allegedly did it were wearing invisibility cloaks, because they slipped past Ukrainian nationalists armed with pistols, hunting rifles and Molotov cocktails without a single one of their number being killed, wounded or captured. Mr. Parubiy, a longtime CIA asset among the Western Ukrainian ultra-nationalists/Bandera cult fascists, has gone onto being a ranking minister in the Kiev government, who regularly visits the EU and Canada as an honored guest, rather than facing arrest as one of the prime suspects in the 'Heavenly Hundred' myth creating mass murder.

As Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.com wrote:

“Ukraine is of particular significance given the similarities between the false flag scenario of the Maidan sniper(s) and the 7/7 purported racially-motivated event in Dallas. For both Right Sektor’s Ukrainian Nationalists and Black Lives Matter’s Alinsky-style Revolutionary there is a similar modus operandi of background financing and manipulation. In a piece I authored last year, I compared these similar tactics and discussed the think tank and ‘soft power’ meta-strategy involved in geopolitical re-engineering, both domestically and abroad. Keep in mind that according to even mainstream fixture The New York Times most “terror plots” are hatched and aided by the FBI. The Soros-style NGO and soft power approach has seen the aiding of both far left and far right with the overall intent of duping progressives into war.”

— https://jaysanalysis.com/2016/07/09/dallas-attack-dialectics-summer-of-uncle-sam/

In the case of Dallas, a group of trained operatives could've easily slipped away from the police cordon in civilian clothes after shedding their paramilitary gear and rifles. The MSM has been reporting that a 'lone gunman', Army Reserves veteran turned militant Micah X. Johnson, was cornered and killed by a DPD robot in the El Centro College parking garage early Friday morning. A leaked photo taken from inside the parking garage after a robot allegedly exploded a bomb appeared to show the body of Micah X. Johnson and his Russian-made for the U.S. civilian firearms market semi-automatic Saiga IZ-240 5.45mm rifle.

Interestingly enough, the Obama Administration imposed sanctions on July 16, 2014 (one day before the false flag shootdown of MH17) against the importation of Izmash-made rifles into the USA, citing Russia's 'occupation' of Crimea as a pretext for the 'gun control' measure. There was no indication from any source as of late Monday night as to where Johnson purchased his Saiga rifle, whether new prior to July 2014 or in the after-market. It appears thus far all of Johnson's firearms were purchased legally after he passed criminal background checks. According to the Kalashnikov USA website, as a result of the Administration's sanctions, it is shifting to US production of semi-automatic Kalashnikov rifles for civilian as well as law enforcement customers.

The photo seems to have been first published early Sunday at SOFREP.com, a defense, special ops and firearms oriented website run by former U.S. servicemen and women, and was then picked up by the UK tabloid The Daily Mail. Dallas Police would neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the image as of Sunday night. SOFREP had initially reported that the alleged shooter Micah X. Johnson used an old SKS semi-automatic rifle to shoot cops before reporting on the Izmash-made Saiga model appearing in the leaked crime scene photo.

“These Police officers gave their lives in Dallas:

Officer Brent Thompson -Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Senior Corporal Lorne Ahrens -Dallas Police Department

Police Officer Michael Krol -Dallas Police Department

Sergeant Michael Joseph Smith -Dallas Police Department

Police Officer Patrick Zamarripa -Dallas Police Department

Details have emerged about the shooter. He was a member of the Army Reserve for six years starting in 2009 and received basic combat and marksmanship training. He served in Afghanistan from November 2013 to July 2014, assigned to the 420th Engineer Brigade as a carpentry and masonry specialist. There are reports that he was sent home from Afghanistan in 2014 charged with sexual harassment. He later received an honorable discharge.”

— https://sofrep.com/58896/dallas-police-murders-know-shooter-rifle/

Besides the issue of this being the first time law enforcement has used a robot or drone to not only observe but kill an armed suspect, other questions remain about the ambush killings and how the authorities responded. Did Johnson actually act alone? Or was the repetition of the words 'lone gunmen' in multiple media accounts deliberately intended to evoke memories of another assassination that occurred three blocks away from Thursday's crime scene 52 years ago, at the hands of the supposed JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald? Was Johnson radicalized or manipulated in some way by handlers or agent provocateurs acting through the Black Lives Matter or New Black Panther Party who have yet to be identified? What we do know is that Johnson will never be able to tell the Dallas police or his defense attorney, because he's been killed by a robot.

George Soros Predicts Riots, Police State and Class War Coming to America https://t.co/cOXwHQu5CPpic.twitter.com/PdSiO9Rp7y

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These are the questions RogueMoney's highly astute readership will be discussing in the days and weeks to come, as the 'Summer of Chaos' and manufactured racial tensions rolls on into the planned provocations at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. But as our fearless simian leader V the Guerrilla Economist says, don't be distracted by all the tear gas smoke, sound and fury from the big picture, which is the financial collapse of the (post)West. Below are V's 'Mornings with V' and main program videos from Friday July 8, 2016: