The #Dallas Attack and America's #SummerofChaos Seen Through Russian Eyes

Back in March 2016 the Russia Analyst looked at the rent-a-mob riot outside a planned speech for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump in Chicago, and analyzed it from the perspective of the colored revolution tactics used by U.S.-taxpayer financed (G)NGOs and radicals in other countries.

Since that time, many others in the alternative media landscape including Alex Jones' Infowars team have looked at whether George Soros is funding the same sort of tactics used to destabilize the corrupt but elected government of Ukraine in the winter of 2013-14 to create tremendous chaos and racial tensions here in the 'homeland' ahead of the November elections. Some like the Russian Orthodox Christian think tank Katehon run by the controversial Eurasianist ideologue Alexander Dugin have even gone so far as to suggest that the elections might not happen or that Obama will impose martial law to carry on with an unconstitutional third term in office. Others believe that the unrest is being deliberately stoked to provide cover for some sort of banking collapse, including der untergang of the rotting EU bond derivatives-stuffed behemoth known as Deutsche Bank, which analysts like @Clif_High have suggested could start as early as next week's mid-July marker. 

While the Russia Analyst doesn't put much stock in the 'martial law' or 'Obama third term' rumors that were also circulating before the 2012 election (including on a certain Pennsylvania-based father and son Internet radio show) we'd like to present some Russian perspectives on the deliberately stoked racial and class tensions in the USA, in hopes of giving RogueMoney readers a broader perspective than what the domestic U.S. alt-media offers. Below are Russian and English-language videos from Rossiya 24, RT and PolitRussia. The remaining text of Ruslan Ostashko's remarks translated by the team at Ft. Russ blogspot is posted below. - JWS

During the protests in Dallas, a former soldier opened fire at the police, killing five. The same thing happened two and a half years ago in Kiev, when a hundred people, including riot policemen, were killed by snipers. The United States called them ‘democratic protests’. But in the Kiev version, Victoria Nuland came to greet the organizers of the slaughter encouraging them to drive the police out of the city. Then they should have assigned this organizer to the position either of the Minister of Internal Affairs, or the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Somehow, the ‘Ukrainian matrix’ doesn’t work in Dallas.

— Vladimir Kornilov, exiled Ukrainian political analyst, writing for the Vzglyad - Russian online gazette

"Interracial contradictions and deep social conflicts which could undermine the foundations of American stability have once again surfaced in the US. Some experts have compared what is happening to a low-intensity civil war. In my opinion, civil war is still far off, but the fact that American society is ill and could explode from the slightest spark can be considered proven."

"Let’s recall the plot of events: on Thursday/Friday night in Dallas, police were attacked as a result of which 5 of them were killed and another 7 were wounded. Three of the attackers were detained and the fourth was killed. In addition to the attack in Dallas, police officers have been assassinated in Louisiana and Missouri, and one station was shot at in San Antonio. According to Dallas chief of police David Brown, the attacker stated that his goal was “killing whites, especially police” in retaliation for the African Americans killed at hands of white police officers."

"This crisis, and we are indeed dealing with a crisis situation, has revealed the complete inability of the American political system not only to resolve something, but even recognize the existence of the problems which gave rise to these crimes. Discussing racial issues and racial conflicts in the American infosphere is practically taboo, with exceptions made only for those who blame the white police system for excessive brutality. Politicians associated with the Democratic Party have no chance of saying anything that might offend their vigorous black electorate which is very sensitive to any attempts for clarification, especially if such concerns the possibility of the numerous movements supporting racial equality being simply a cover for black racism. An example of such is the Black Lives Matter movement which formally fights against police brutality towards blacks, but whose supporters actively call for the killing of white police officers in their speeches. I’ll repeat again that in the American mainstream media, discussing the growing popularity and activities of such movements, and especially criticizing them, is almost impossible given omnipresent political correctness."

"There is one more important detail which many overlook: the attack on police in Dallas was very professionally organized and, unsurprisingly, at least one of the attackers is a veteran of the US Army who received appropriate training and has gathered a large arsenal of weapons. He had far reaching plans for waging a small guerrilla war against whites. And now let us remember that for the last 10-15 years, the American army has become the last refuge for a large number of people who have nowhere else to go, as service in the army is one’s last chance to achieve something in life."

"The result is that there are tens of thousands of veterans of various wars and former military men who have failed to advance in employment, and who have been unable to fit back into the civilian life in the US from which they fled. These are mainly African-Americans, Mexicans, and members of the most vulnerable groups of the white population. The American state has taught hundreds of thousands of its citizens to fight and kill, many of whom now live in poverty and hoard anger at the injustice of American society. This is a whole army of potential murderers - murderers who are capable of holding a weapon in their hands, which is not at all difficult to get in the US. But once again, politicians are not ready to discuss this issue and, moreover, they are not ready to solve it."

"Despite GDP growth and experts’ statements that the American economy is no longer in crisis, no one besides the 1% of the most rich Americans feel any betterment of their livelihoods. The existing system is in crisis and and lacks the ability to simply pour money into all social and racial problems and give every veteran a home or every African American an iPhone. This means that any worsening of economic problems could lead to a social explosion that would make Ferguson or the race riots of the 19(60s-70)’s look like petty hooliganism." 

"Why is this important for us Russians? Because the last time Washington was in a similar situation at the end of the 1980’s, the collapse of the Soviet Union helped them a lot. By robbing us, America was able to plug all the holes in their system for many years. Today, Washington is once again in a hurry, and anyone who is interested in geopolitics can see this. We need to make sure that they don’t manage to rob us this time, and then Washington will be left with its own problems and for many years to come will be forced to forget about any hopes for world hegemony." 

- Ruslan Ostashko, PolitRussia, July 11, 2016

'Art work' published by Sputnik International depicting the (post)Western culture of death

Writing about the recent NATO Summit in Warsaw which was overshadowed in American news coverage by the police murders in Dallas, our friend Andre Raevsky aka The Saker had this to say - JWS:

many Russians realize that the Western civilization is as discredited, morally bankrupt and, basically, dead, as the Soviet civilization was by the late 1980s.

There are no more “western values”, at least not in any quality other then as the object of jokes and disgusted sneers. Everybody pretends, but nobody really believes any of it. All the grand conceptual building composed of notions such as ‘democracy’, ‘human rights’, ‘freedom’, ‘justice’ has come crushing down and is now beyond repair.

The good news is that this collapse is not final, and just as Russia eventually re-discovered herself after 2000, so will the West, both in the USA and the Europe. I can easily imaging the people of the West eventually turning back to their ancient historical roots, but they will do that in a new, modern way. Just like the Russia of 2000-2016 is not the Russia of before 1917, so the new West will emerge as something new, but with roots in the distant past. But before that happens the West will have to undergo a painful and very dangerous process of disintegration similar to what the Soviet Union went through between roughly 1980 and 2000.

Dmitry Orlov is absolutely correct. The collapse of the West is inevitable and the study of the collapse of the Soviet Union yields many interesting lessons.

But for the time being we are stuck in our current reality. A world split in two with, on one hand, a dying, delusional and weak Empire and, on the other, pretty much the rest of mankind. In this dying and unstable world, the NATO summit in Warsaw played the same role as the XXVIth Congress of the CPSU in the Soviet Union in 1981: a touching show of unity in the face of an inevitable collapse.

If we remember what happened to the USSR and Russia in the following two decades we can only conclude that we are about to enter a most difficult and dangerous period of history.