Russian Warnings: Putin, Alex Jones, Catherine Austin Fitts with The Saker and Others On WW3/WW4 Provocations

The interview conducted by Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report with my Floridian White Russian friend The Saker one month ago which had been paywalled is now freely available via MP3. A 38-page transcript of their discussion is also available in PDF format for free download here.

Speaking on the John B. Wells Caravan to Midnight program on June 20, 2016 (and in the terrestrially-broadcast CTM/Arc to Midnight recording published on YouTube June 26, 2016), Team Rogue Money's mentor W the Intelligence Insider referred to Putin's exasperated war warning to the (post)Western journalists present at last month's St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

In his remarks, the Russian President pointed out that Washington lied about the threat of nuclear-tipped Iranian ballistic missiles and had used the non-existent threat from Iran as an excuse to build a missile defense shield in Europe that also had offensive applications. Naturally, the notion that the U.S. might strike first in a confrontation with Russia or risk a nuclear holocaust to prop up the dying fiat U.S. dollar system through war is not taken seriously by journalists who forgot NATO's aggression against two sovereign states, Serbia and Libya. But Putin was speaking directly to the American people and peoples of the world, not to presstitutes who either don't know or barely can fathom the global economic reset that's coming and what it will do to (post)Western institutions like the European Union and NATO.

Putin basically said that (post)Western journalists were not doing their jobs or rather were acting as stenographers for their NATO governments and were not taking the risks of war or a nuclear confrontation seriously. While admitting that the current system online in Romania and soon to be deployed in Poland did not pose an immediate threat to Russia's (largely Urals and Siberia-based) nuclear deterrent, Putin pointed out that the system's range could be extended, and that the land-based version of the vertical launch tubes currently on Navy AEGIS cruisers could be fitted with nuclear-capable Tomahawk cruise missiles (Putin didn't add that this would be a gross American violation of the Intermediate Forces Treaty of 1987 which banned missiles of certain ranges from Europe, including the European part of Russia). That video from last month is posted with English subtitles here:

Putin's indignant speech, criticizing a lazy and propagandistic international press corps a few weeks before Friday and Saturday's NATO Summit in Warsaw, Poland, prompted this video from Infowars' host Alex Jones:

With NATO's annual summit concluded in a semi-locked down downtown Warsaw, Poland, we expected tensions to ratchet up in Syria and eastern Ukraine shortly thereafter. What we did not expect was that the first shoot down of a Russian attack helicopter in Syria would be conducted by the Islamic State, rather than one of the supposedly 'moderate' jihadist groups the Central Intelligence Agency and its Mideast Sunni clients have been supporting. We also did not expect the ongoing row involving the U.S. and Russia, with the tit for tat expulsions of spies operating under diplomatic cover, to include the release of a video on Russia's NTV network showing an FSB guard tackling and beating down a cover-blown CIA officer in front of the American embassy (a place we've walked past many times in Moscow, but never been):

As the Summer of Chaos heats up in the U.S. drawing Americans' attention away from foreign affairs, we suspect more desperate moves will be perpetrated to stave off the defeat of Washington's Salafist proxies at Aleppo and the accelerating collapse of America's position in the Middle East and the petrodollar.

According to the 'silver codes' and other globalist tea leaves the Intelligence Insider has been reading, some sort of financial crisis or other major event is in the cards for July 17, the second anniversary of the Malaysian Airlines flight 17 false flag operation. Alternatively, 7/17/16 (numerologically, a trinity/troika of '7s' or another Shemitah date) may be the start of a trend or development that cultivates this autumn, when 'W' believes a major October surprise event is likely. 

Will it be a banking collapse, as TeamRogue Money's Ken Shortgen Jr. suggested this weekend with the strange report out of Argentina about a post-Brexit British bank holiday? Or could it be another major false flag event or direct attacks on the Russian bases in Syria or warships deployed in the Mediterranean, to provide some international smokescreen for bank bail-ins while domestically U.S. cities are plagued with Black Lives Matter protests turning violent with provocateur-ed attacks on the police?

Watch this space and please post in the comments any relevant intel and its source for the RogueMoney Team.