The US is being Isolated, As are the Western Paper Equity Markets?

One of the most common questions I face is, “when will the stock market and or the paper equity markets, reflect the true state of the economy?”  The answer is, “it already has, the media just will not report on it in a factual manner.”  Whether by stupidity or by “orders given” they aren’t telling the whole story. 

The truth is, things that are in motion, both up or down, have a measurable life to them. When motion stalls long enough, things give up and die.  WG

Imagine you are running a business and your “product line” has dwindled to “few & far between”.  Regardless of the reasons you have become a business outpost, you are now isolated.  Without a quick resolution to the stagnation of your product and lack of business movement, your business entity will most likely die.  Trying something and failing beats doing nothing, as you can at least learn from your mistakes.  Can’t learn diddly-do sitting still.  Are we there yet?

A business with no tangible output has to resort to paper ‘bs’, and once it stalls, the end is nigh.  Are we there yet? No, we are there, NOW!  “There Yet”, is soon to be so yesterday for users of the dollar as legal tender.  More in a second.  WG

Mrs. WG will be happy with me in this installment, as I had to back off the lengthy pontificating to work with “The Guerrilla” & the rest of the team on a new project.

                                    News that Leads to the Subject Matter

I was going to avoid the WG, “Who Gives a Shit Category” segment, but some things can’t be avoided……..

The above crap stayed on top of the “Yahoo News” crawl for two consecutive days.  Folks it ain’t staying near the top without some sort of demand for this form of voyeuristic ‘bs’.   This is starting to go well beyond “taking our attention off the true news you can use” material.  There is more than misdirection and or indoctrination involved here.  I now believe there is an actual demand for this mindless drivel.  

For example; at the beginning of last week I walked through the Mrs. WG tv viewing zone, and caught one of her favorite shows “Family Feud” playing.  Believe it or not the question up for discussion was, “What word best describes Kim Kardashian’s rear end?”  

Oh lighten up Wolf, quit being a prude..!  Hey, I am a Wolf, a.k.a. a dog, and the misses still throttles my arse for my roaming eyes, but 30 years ago that type question would have been on a late night SNL (Sat. Night live) version of “Family Feud”, not in a time slot right after the evening meal.  Ready for K-6 ears & eyeballs.

Actually, maybe I should do an entire installment on just the “Yahoo News Crawl Crap”, or “YNCC”.  You really could take the temperature of how dumb we are, and the direction of the economy based on the stupidity of the public’s viewing demands.   There is a time for everything, and in the west the time for productive enlightenment is no where to be found.  And in the same vein……here is another WG “WGSC,” but with a more business related question involved……

CITI should call the Wolf Gray.  He could tell them how to price the Brexit into the market.   Here is the complicated answer, “YOU DON’T!  I’m getting slightly into the subject matter here (ahead of schedule), but the paper markets aren’t legitimate anymore as supple/demand isn’t measurable.  Don’t waste the damned time.  The fund managers are legally bound to conduct trading with your money in paper instruments, and those instruments, outside of the debt markets have been stagnant or range bound for two years.  Too boot it all, as reported several times recently the fund outflow, or redemptions are breaking records over & over & over, but the plunge protection unit pulls in the other direction.  Eliminate the PPU, and the equity world would have died long ago.  Check out the following link for proof once again…….

Bear in mind, if you spend enough time furiously running back & forth, back & forth, but staying on the same playing field literally going no where, all you end up doing is wearing the grass out.  The “GREEN” is wore out folks, it is stagnant, it is becoming seriously isolated.  The green paper that is!  More after these important news messages………WG

Hey, have you noticed that precious metals are moving up, in spite of the concurrent rebounding volume-less equity markets?  Typically they go in opposite directions.  If you haven’t achieved your metals ownership goals, I would move quickly to obtain them at the current bargain basement pricing.  Act now, or I will let Harry Doyle (Bob Uecker) describe the necessary equipment to catch the price rise……

Sorry for the crass illustrations, guess the “Yahoo News Crawl Crap” has affected me.  That being said, do not settle into relying on the paper pricing for measuring it’s value.  I suspect the real measurement will finally surface and it will be the “Actual Price to Obtain it.”  That price will move up dramatically over the next few years, or until the “sold out” signs appear, likely to be followed by an even more abrupt price move upwards.  

Let’s get serious with regards to a really pressing question, “why would we be forced into isolated from worldwide business relationships?”  The reasons are obvious, and self imposed.  For example note this article from the “Health Ranger,” Mike Adams.

Note the following excerpt from the above article from Mr. Adams, as if the title didn’t say enough..…

"In other words, the so-called "compromise" proclaimed by the Senate committee is actually a law that bans clear GMO labeling nationwide and only requires foods to be labeled with digital codes that can only be read by machine (which don't even eat food).

You can't make this stuff up. Somehow, all the other mandatory food labeling requires words or numbers, but when it comes to GMOs, the Senate's attempts to hide and bury this information are so insidious that they've gone with machine language code. Can you imagine if they stripped away ingredients lists and nutrition facts and replaced those labeling sections with machine language code, too? It's basically one giant "F-U" to food consumers from the United States Senate"   ........  Natural News

Think about it.  You are a business owner or sovereign business representative, and the product presented to you for purchase is the crap described above.  With that being one of our primary export products, it ain’t too hard to understand why we are being isolated.  Shunned…!  I am reminded of the “Potato Spud King” John Kerry being left on a Russian runway for hours, no executive transportation in sight.  Rumor has it he was going to try and force feed Mr. Putin a Monsanto GMO food deal for the Russian people.  Only to find himself months later getting an audience in front of the Russian elite holding a couple real natural spuds in front of the camera with that classic JFK “Lurch” smile on his face.  

Personally, I wish Mr. Putin would have sent the executive limo during the first visit to let the “Potato Spud King” fire away with his sales pitch.  I wonder what the over/under would have been for “spud boy” getting pitched out the window in that scenario?  Don’t know, but I would have paid to see it.  It would sure as hell beat game show questions about Kim Kardashian’s arse.

I can distinctively remember the msm asking the question wonder what the meaning is behind the potatoes Mr. Kerry is holding?  I got the answer, “We don’t want one of your most important export products!”  That’s what it means.  It means temporary economic isolation.   “Temporary” yet to be defined.  Kudos to the Health Ranger for keeping this health issue in front of our eyeballs.

                                        A Quick Aside for a Health Update

Continuing with a health theme (this probably only has a minor impact on economic isolation, it’s more for RM educational purposes), here is an interview with my homeopathic friend Mr. Manfred Mueller.  Here he tackles the circulatory system, and the dangers of misdiagnosis via some western medical techniques…...This guy is worth reading...

Just for reference to some of the health issues discussed in the above interview, way back in the stone age when Wolf Gray got married, a physical was required.   There is a history of blood pressure issues in the Wolf Gray lineage, so I was all ears when the doc told me my bp was 130 over 80.  I said, “what does that mean?”  He said, “it is a tad high, but nothing to worry about as you should be 124 over 80.  I said, “Which number was high?”  He said, “the top or systolic number should be 100 plus your age, thus 124 for you, and then up to age 60 and beyond it should stabilize around 160, and the bottom number (diastolic) should not race over 90 by much at older ages.  Older ages being 60 and up.”  BTW it ain’t easy, but if you search the web hard enough you can find articles about that being the proper way to asses normal ‘bp’.  I suspect the "Drug Gang" hides the truth.

Ain’t it amazing how that changed with drug companies sponsoring almost 100% of all medical research?  Hey Wolf, you are full of crap, my doc is a good guy and he said normal is 120/80.  And to that I say, “you & your doc are lacking in common sense, and too lazy to do your own due diligence.  You are going to make me believe your eyes, your ears, your skin, your digestive system, and so many other system falter a bit with age, but your circulatory system should magically stay the same?  If so you are a moron!”  

The blood vessels are flexible items, and they are going to get less flexible with age.  At least they used to be that way, until the drug companies decided they can magically defy physics.  The circulatory system is an engine, and like the engine on your car, do the hoses remain flexible indefinitely?  The vessels at rest (rest being the operative word) represented by the diastolic reading probably shouldn’t vary much with age.  But the systolic, which is on the heart pumping or pressure side, should, per modern retard medicine, remain the same as a 20 year old’s reading when you over 60, because the blood vessels are the one item of the entire frickin’ body that never loses elasticity?  Again yeah right!”  Oh, and in addition, can some folks have ‘bp’ readings that are low even at older ages?  Yep Mrs. WG 110/70, and she is also over 60.  It’s her genetics, and btw that low reading is damned near as big a problem for the heart as exceeding 160/90 for old dudes like us.  

We are being Hoo-doo’d by the medical profession.  Like I said before it is being made into an industry, when it is a service.  Are they wrong about everything?  No, but do a little research before jumping into some drugs. The side effects of some of these drugs, (like in the above example) that try to protect your circulatory system, can cause worse problems, even heart attacks…they deserve a second frickin’ look!”  Wolf, this stuff is way off base?  “WRONG!!!”

This gets back to pure greed.   Greed that is guaranteed to eventually drive an economy into failure when it relies on growth via service related industries.  And those type industries have no hope of maintaining long term healthy capital formation, which is necessary with an increasing population.  They eventually are exposed as “crap recycling centers”.  Health care is not a frickin’ industry.  Rant over back to the “isolation” news…….WG

                                       News that Leads to the Subject Matter

Boy, there is nothing like solid (yeah right) business mergers to bring about positive job news.  Check out this sentencing for the unemployed, courtesy of some superbly “stagnating business mergers”.  Don’t worry, pecker heads in charge, Economic Mother Nature is waiting in the adjoining courtroom, and you are on her court docket……

Standard downstream characteristics of isolation are the business mergers that are highlighted by employee layoffs.  “Cannibalization of the isolated entity's employment rosters”…. all in an attempt to maintain those tax favored gainful stock options for the upper management dudes, who are clearly incompetent.   

You want an example of typical characteristics of a business, or sovereign entity driving down a one way bridge to an island of isolation?  Check out this excerpt at the end of this great article by David Stockman……

"In short, Bubble Finance is a giant engine of reverse Robin Hood redistribution. It embodies a sweeping fiscal intervention in the natural flows of the free market that punishes savers, laborers, self-funded main street entrepreneurs and the retired populations in favor of speculators, the holders of existing financial assets and the dealers in money.

Bubble Finance is an affront to both democratic governance and true capitalist prosperity. The Trump voters, the Brexit voters, the masses rallying to the populist banners throughout Europe above all else represent a reactivation of the political machinery in a last ditch campaign to stop the financial elites and their regime of Bubble Finance.

Yes, this time is different, and this time there will be no reflation of the financial bubble like there was after Black Monday, the S&L bust, the dotcom crash and the great financial crisis of 2008-2009.

Needless to say, the Wall Street dip-buyers and perma-bulls who take their cues from the modern day financial ruling class are in for a shock. And today’s statement by Martin Schulz, the President of the EU parliament could not more aptly explain why.

Said Schulz,

“The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate“.

We think Schulz is dead wrong." ..... David Stockman

At the risk of being condescending, I concur with the statements by Mr. Stockman in the above link.  Note where he says the “Wall Street dip-buyers and perms-bulls who take their cues from the modern day financial ruling class are in for a shock.”  Which came right after the prior paragraph’s point that there would be no reflation of the financial bubble like there was after Black Monday.  Folks, the west has hit a isolation/stagnation “brick wall”!  If you don’t think so then move on to the segment below…….

                                  US Isolation & Western Paper Market Isolation

Unfortunately for us, the items in the subtitle above are now finally one in the same, a result of the only product we have left to peddle outside our borders, “paper”.  We tried pushing GMO products and phony health care down peoples throats, but our salesman, par excellence John F…ing Kerry couldn’t close the deal.  They aren’t as dumb as us.  The paper equity markets have been range bound for almost 2 years.  Directionless!   I know, I know, gold & silver have been directionless for even longer (not after last week), but ignore them for now, let’s focus on the paper world.  Check out this next headline from ZeroHedge….

With reference to the above link, keep in mind that stock fund managers via their prospectuses are stuck in the paper matrix, thus if an equity index collapse happens, it will then be followed by a volume-less run up.  There is just no where else for these guys to go.  Equities have gone no where for close to two years now.  They are just as isolated as the US sovereign nation is becoming.  Don’t forget, I still maintain we lost our sovereignty once we farmed out a reported 50%+ of our debt.  Thus we can also conclude that farmed out debt was a major assist to our isolation.  But in this case, we will stick to the never falling equity markets in question in the introductory paragraph to this installment.

Again, equities are truly range bound, even with the exodus ongoing (record mutual fund redemptions month after month & yes still ongoing), but free money is replacing it via back door QE, and or dark money or overt QE itself.  Thus the Brexit takes it down with redemptions galore, and then a scramble by fund managers to bet on the downside if the prospects allows it.  But, guess what…..

And then the fund boys have no choice but to take equities back up, probably so they can make their upcoming year end closing numbers look decent, or be fired.  They therefore push it back up within the trapped range moving to the buy side.  Note the chart in the Zerohedge link above depicting the FTSE 100 retracing almost all it's loses surrounding the Brexit.  If this doesn't prove paper markets are meaningless with true supply/demand no where in sight, I am not sure what does.

Smart money gets out, typically defined by higher trade volumes, and dumb money gets in typically defined with lower trade volumes.  The fund jockeys just ride the easy to detect roller-coaster moves up and down, betting accordingly (again if the prospects permits downside betting).

Many will argue that the debt/paper machinery has been under the control of the banksters since the infamous 1910 Jekyll Island meeting, or the 63’ Kennedy assassination, or the 1971 removal of the dollar from the gold standard, or possibly the Wolf Gray theory, when the ESF was created in 1934.  Or for those still sitting on the fence as to a start date, it was clearly “all-in” for the banksters when they took unabashed overt control in 1999 with the repeal of Glass Steagall.  That was a true statement of “in your face” overt control.  WG

Whatever your starting date argument, no one will argue that well over 99% of the non elite current western wealth, above and beyond expenses, is tied to the paper machinery.  So how can it be directionless?   Wait a second WG, what about real estate, it ain’t paper?  The short answer is, “Yes it is, after 1999 it also became a bankster “captured paper debt market” being falsely churned for paper profits.”  

Real estate is a far cry from the historical “needs” based norms that existed prior to the repeal of Glass Steagall in 1999.  Real estate is totally range bound as well, when you consider the Joe Sixpack market over the past few years.  The average numbers have only been skewed to the upside due to the over priced “neat guy/neat gal” markets, but even they are now clearly starting to roll over as well.  It ain’t going to be range bound forever, and neither will the equities.

We all need to start telling our cell phone addicted buddies, "Look out below!"

So what does all this range bound stuff indicate?  It indicates a dead product, with no new marketing ideas or even any scams to raise hopes, and pilfer pocket books in search for upward movements.  That’s what happens when you outsource most of your needs based products.   Your productivity starts to freeze up, and become stagnant.  Your paper markets freeze up and become stagnant.  If you were a company with the descriptions in this paragraph staring at you, this is your own self imposed “isolation”.  Stagnant/isolated until you bring back real tangible products to your business portfolio. Until this is done, you will continue to have no new business partnerships, no new growth in productivity, and thus no new wage growth, no growth in real estate, no growth in hope, and no anything from a business/economic perspective.  

Folks we are entering the “isolated/range bound zone”!   From the the view in Wolf’s den, the way out will not be easy.

You have isolated yourself via your own failed business model.  You are stuck playing the same game with some easy tells to read.  For example:  If you follow “Zero Hedge,” the Drudge of business/economic reporting, and detect a headline report around 6-7 am that the equity market futures are moving upward, there will typically be one extra item reported.  Usually Zerohedge has a sense of humor, and it is right underneath the upward trend in futures.   That being….

Why behold, a sudden shift in the relationship of the dollar to the Japanese Yen.  And that is one giant market tell, the only fuel left to a paper ‘bs’ market, outside of the dark money ESF, which probably has a hand in the Japanese yen trade.  Western market fuel from the satellite lap dog country of Japan via western PPPTB ordered currency movements to push equities higher.  That is the only "outside" player I see consistently supplementing our fiat debt life support game, especially now that the ESF has said we can’t help ya (that is still a wait and see item).  Now that’s painting yourself into a paper only business corner, especially now with Japan’s Abe recently seen in frequent meetings with Mr. Putin.

If you were the owner of a business, and that business was limited to the export of products being manufactured or sold by America, you would be staring at isolation from your soon to be former export business partners.  And then by default it would run concurrently with a period of complete isolation of your current business product line.   The reason is simple.  You are a one trick business pony with no product diversification.  And your one trick product..”DEBT” not the hot ticket item anymore.  You are becoming a joke to the outside business world with things like the “vig” on ZeroCare being your top GDP product.  How the hell is that possible? After all, to put it into 5th grader terms, “you are robbing the consumer, thus taking from his or her abilities to further buy real tangible products and services.”    In addition, you sure ain’t going to export that ZeroCare shit folks.  Check out the absurdity of the next link……

Based on the above graphs in the Zerohedge link, do we really need to ask if we are a fascist state?  You can hear Economic Mother Nature fuming in the next courtroom.  I suspect not long after the msm recognizes our isolated status, with the true world GDP rankings being exposed, our threats to stomp rating agencies with law suits from the esteemed firm of “Dewey Cheetum & Howe” will become rather hollow.  

Think there ain’t no threats to the ratings agencies?  How about post the Brexit, the S&P recently downgrading the EU from AA+ to AA, and get this, the attached verbiage, “the outlook was stable”.   What a joke.  BTW, I am saying what a joke to both those EU ratings whether before & after the Brexit.  AA+, compared to what?  

We are isolated with no movement in our markets or our standard of living, but don’t despair, that is about to change.  Major non range bound movements are about to come a calling, but they will not be up-lifting.  Again, as far as I am concerned, it will likely be a good thing as time marches on.   Let’s get on with it folks.  “Out with the bad, in with the good!”

Uh oh look what came knocking on the ZeroCare door.

Now wait second, this link is just 2 days after the glowing report on how great ZeroCare is for the GDP.  Let me get this straight, the tax penalty is good for the GDP, but clearly bad for the tax payer.  But the increase to the overall GDP, thanks to ZeroCare, should be a boost to the economy.  But wait another second, the rumor mill has been circulating for months highlighted by impossible to pay rate hikes for the health insurance consumers, with the fact that insurers that used to offer healthcare have been dropping like flies!  I now have a simple answer to the confusion, increase the tax penalties by a commensurate amount of the percentage of the coming health insurance premium rate hike.  That should balance the books.  Ain’t fascism great?!

Great if you like isolation, and business stagnation.

And for additional on the ground proof to match the upcoming changes to the current isolation status, with probable changes to the downside, check this headliner out…….

This matches perfectly the intel Mrs. WG and I have noticed at our local retailers, as the shelves getting more and more dust prone.  Right now your DHAP development should be a high priority, before these type of signs become the norm, “Sold Out”, “Supplies Limited”, “Cash & Carry Only”, “Two Week Delivery Wait”, “Place Advanced Orders with Cash Only”, “Payment with Full-Delivery in Two Weeks”.   Think that can’t happen?  Well I remember a time when it did.  The last time these types of signs were seen the Wolf was a snot nosed teenage canine at college.   Sign painting may be a new hot self employment prospect.   

Well WG, all that is just hunky-dory, but where is the physical evidence of an exodus of the US’s business partners, with highlight reels of them slapping us in the face while departing from our business relationships?  Funny you should ask…….

Keep in mind, when reading the above link, “life finds a way….business finds a way!”  Sanctions or not, business and sovereign entities will eventual go where they are likely to prosper.  This is a big polite “F-U” to the US leadership, and “see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya”…!   “Stagnation” has been on the US stage for quite a while, and “ formal isolation with currency devaluation” has entered the US building, and the announcements to the gathering crowds are just around the corner……..!   This stuff just ain’t that complicated.   But it will be for those without a well thought out DHAP, as they will be caught in the crossfire….Time for ole’ WG to re-post this one again……



Self imposed isolation inspired by arrogance, an arrogance that said, “We can’t get our hands dirty” has promoted business stagnation, and market manipulation the likes of which the world has never seen.  The recent St. Petersburg International Economic Forum stands as further proof that business deals are being brokered even through difficult economic times.  And oh, by the way, the US didn’t attend…something about sanctions.  Where the west is concerned, specifically the USA, these are the characteristics of a spoiled brat pouting.  A brat about to be removed from the negotiation tables.  The only real way back in is to come to the table with tangible goods and services.

The Wolf Gray’s sense of smell detects hard times ahead.  I know, I know, no news there.  Times that will require a rebuild from within, a rebuild with a slant towards “needs” based products.  As we all know by now, a successful transition to that point will require a well thought out DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio).  And in case you missed any of my past installment rants, that is exactly what Russia & China are doing, preparing for a slow down with their own DHAP’s.   We should do the same to protect ourselves from unpredictable economic/business carnage.

Speaking of isolation and sanctions, who is it that was sanctioned and therefore placed in theoretical isolation?  Wasn’t that Russia?  The guys signing business deals this past month, ironically with dudes who signed on to the sanctions?  I can hear Aretha Franklin belting out, “Who’s Zooming Who,” but with a different lyric, “Who’s Sanctioning Who?”  Business, just like life, “finds a way,” and the US has completely ignored that precept.  The beat down cometh, and then it will be time to set things right!  WG

For a final act to this isolation of America’s paper debt, it’s our way or the highway ‘bs’, check this next link out sent to me courtesy of my friend the “James the Russian Analyst”…..

As James added in his email there might be some question to the validity of the entire speech’s meaning, but the propaganda is still very powerful.  Like in this excerpt……..

“The world is on the brink of radical changes. We see how the EU is gradually crumbling and the US economy is collapsing. This will end in a new world order. So, in 10 years we will have a new world order unlike anything before in which the key will be the Union of Russia and China,” said XI.

Forget the 10 years time frame folks, remember that’s for the guys transitioning to the top.  Recall the transition times for the new big dogs after WWII (years not months), on the other hand the pain on the ground was instantaneous for those on the receiving end of the power blows.  

I know what you are thinking, “well that was war, it’s different!”  Your right, but in this case this is potentially far worse, a self imposed economic “beat down!”  Self inflicted pain, the kind that sticks with ya for a long time.   The kind that affects the entire population not just the soldiers fighting on foreign soil.  The cure: Preparations in advance of the first blows to the ego and the pocket book.….

Gee whiz folks the punches have been telegraphed for years, with the final delivery via a damned courier turtle.  Prepare yourselves, there are no excuses.  The Wolf’s sense of smell from his cigar smoked office says, turtle speed or not, he is almost here with a package we will not need to sign for.  After all, we already paid for the damned thing!

The US is about to finalize it's self imposed isolation, thanks to business, and market stagnation.  You can't run around in the same front yard continuously, and expect the grass to keep growing.  What few green shoots remain are about to become extinct. Green is passe', try the silver & gold colors, the new in vogue thing to do by smart business owners everywhere, except here.  WG

                              Hard Asset Tip…Silver & A Potato Trash Can Update

Regarding your personal DHAP, I had several discussions with people who asked about “The Guerrilla’s” recent article that stated silver would be the US’s baby, but with restricted trade access to only a select group.  This article was one of “The Silverback’s” best overall articles and I hope he is right where silver is concerned.  Say what WG?  Remember prohibition?  What was it that became valuable, and what is it that always becomes valuable?  Items being restricted, and limited in their volume.  Especially if they are tangible items, with limited supplies, and with a strong level of sweat to retrieve them (making them even more worthwhile).

Need a recent non-monetary example of items being restricted with just the whisper of a threat on product availability causing a buying spree?  Here is a little one, that most of us have witnessed.  Throw some gun law propaganda on the msm airwaves and watch the southern rednecks make money on guns.  It’s a no-brainer, Obama has been the greatest gun salesman in US history!  Might purchase restrictions for silver happen?  Very possible, so get it now while you can.  As Rob Kirby says, “Everyday is a good day to be purchasing precious metals!” (paraphrasing)

Tangible ‘needs’ based assets that become scarce are clearly going to sky rocket in price in the USA.  Especially to an import based economy where the populous is severally short on real money.  Back up the truck folks, while you can.  Buy your DHAP items, especially precious metals, before isolation takes an “officially announced” full grip.  The time has come today (“Time & Money” still a future Wolf Gray authored project), while product inventory, and purchasing rights still survive.  As they are surviving for the moment, but only just prior to a more complete isolation.  Once this isolation is recognized, with it’s attached drastic changes to purchasing power, then the rules will change dramatically……

The little guy, the Sixpacks, and the Sheeple can’t compete with fraud, unless they face-off with the bankster elite at their own game….OWN PHYSICAL METAL.  Sit on it for a while, and wait for the dust to clear.  WG

                                        The rules have changed today (Hey)
                                        I have no place to stay (Hey)
                                        I'm thinking about the subway (Hey)
                                        My love has flown away (Hey)
                                        My tears have come and gone (Hey)
                                        Oh my Lord, I have to roam (Hey)
                                        I have no home (Hey)
                                        I have no home (Hey)…..The Chambers Brothers

In the 4/25/16 installment I detailed the project of building layer upon layer of tasty yukon gold potatoes in a trash can to maximize the yield per square foot.  Here is the former link with a description, and the initial pictures….

Below is picture taken two days ago, with 3 full layers of planted spuds.   Looks good so far, but I will have to wait until the fall to flip it over, and see what rolls out.  The final step is to create a cool dry place to store them.  Typically in a crate or box with layers of straw separating what I hope to be some tasty golden potatoes.  I will keep you posted on the progress….

And don’t forget the time from planting to harvest is around 60 days, so there is still time to take advantage of growing some food to put back for a rainy day.  I recommend doing so.

God Bless & Be Well….!  Survive, then we will all do some howling later as we thrive….!

Wolf Gray

ps….Mrs. WG may not be so happy, by the time I edited this I went on an unannounced rant on health care increasing the length of the article to non Mrs. WG approval levels.    

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Team RM, Mike Adams, Manfred Mueller, Sputniknews, "Thefiscaltimes", ZeroHedge, David Stockman, Harry Doyle (Bob Uecker), The Saker, Stevie Ray Vaughan & The Chambers Brothers