Did SPECTRE Foreshadow Brexit? How About the 2012 London Olympics Ceremony With Bond and the Queen?

There are moments in writing for alternative or new media where you come to a certain hunch or conclusion, only to find someone else halfway around the world has discovered the same thing. Call it synchronicity or just the wide dispersion of common sense, but when these moments arrive they can often bring a smile to your face amidst the gloom and doom that so often passes for analysis -- because you see at least some pieces of the puzzle coming together.

(See previous article from before the June 23rd vote: Bond, Brexit and SPECTRE and Bankster Slayer's piece from Friday, July 1, 2016: European DisUnion)

SPECTRE: Bond Prevails Over Blofeld's Shadowy 'New World Order' Type Cabal

Reading Deb "BanksterSlayer" Caruthers' take on the Brexit situation, and the certainty that at least part of the British Deep State and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II were in favor of leaving the European Union, directed my attention to a translated article at Southfront, "What is Happening on the Island? Ask Bond!". This article confirmed our strong hunch from before the Brexit vote about SPECTRE: the latest Bond film is a metaphorical depiction of Queen and Country prevailing over archetypal globalist, mass surveillance panopticon-creating bad guys, complete with Ernst Stavro Blofeld sitting in shadow at the head of a table in Rome (! right next to The Vatican in case anybody missed the reference) directing other shadowy power brokers, whispering "Welcome, James".

Guess which country the actor who played the bad guy in SPECTRE is from? Austria!

When people on both sides of the Atlantic imagine the 'New World Order', besides old Dr. Henry Kissinger or David Rockefeller coming into Bilder/Googleberg on their walkers or with oxygen tanks/life extension blood purifying IV lines attached, they picture something like the SPECTRE organization depicted in the eponymous Bond movie. Which as it turns out from this honest (spoiler filled) trailer below, are pretty bumbling bad guys by Illuminati standards.

Jay Dyer and 'W', Meet Nikolay Nikolayev on Bond as the Queen's Magician 007

Still there's a certain amount of cross-pollination when it comes to the alternative media kingdom -- even when it comes to ex-spook contributors to mainstream media who like to read sites like this one or the so-called red-pilled Manosphere blogs but pretend they don't. Thus when we read Nikolai Nikolayev's article published Friday at Southfront.org, we had to do a double take to be sure Kolya wasn't cribbing too hard from the ample free as well as subscription material produced by Kentucky resident Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.com. It also brought us back to what W the Intelligence Insider, RogueMoney's very own former spook, had to say about the occult symbolism linking Bond to the British monarchy in the films and during the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremonies:

The number of Osiris is...the one Bond always bets in Roulette’...Black 17...

Another little known secret Bond is the only ONE of the double OO’s who works directly with no buffer with the Queen. That’s why 007 parachuted into the [2012 London] Olympics with the Queen, not 001 or 002 or three...007 is the one...in gematria 0 is not a number.

Bond is John Dee. The queens spy, occult astrologer and magician/Merlin.

Hes a hidden Osiris worshiper [ancient Egyptian diety - JWS] and secret society overlord. One of the clues is that he always bets black 17 in roulette which is Osiris number

When he breaks into M’s private residence and she can’t figure out how he got past all her security [in the Daniel Craig/Judie Dench scenes of Quantum of Solace when Bond ‘goes rogue’ and off the MI6 grid - JWS] and codes its because he’s not working for her he gets it from the Queen...he’s on ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Service’.

That’s also why when the Queen jumped out of the helicopter [during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics] and ‘fell to earth’ she was accompanied by Bond. Also John Dee’s coded letters to the queen were signed with two balls followed by a cane which looks like two zeros followed by a seven.

— - W the Intelligence Insider

Oddly enough, the stunt with actors playing Bond and the Queen parachuting into the London Olympic stadium came up in the recently leaked 2014 emails between now retired NATO Supreme Commander Gen. Phillip Breedlove and "Harlan Ullman...a Senior Adviser at the Atlantic Council and a member of its Strategic Advisors Group". Perhaps this occult ritual left a mark in the minds that it was intended to target, long after the general public and even most of the alternative media moved on to Jay Z throwing up the 'Illuminati (triangle) gang sign'?

The email below has been published online by the mysterious organization D.C. Leaks, which appears to be linked to Julian Assange's organization Wikileaks or at least inspired by them. It gives some insights into the mentality of America's 'Deep State', the players in the defense and intelligence community who, unlike the most prominent neocons like Robert Kagan, often go unnoticed in their role as a permanent '4th branch of government', and by design:

From: Phil Breedlove
Sent time: 07/09/2014 01:22:44 PM
To: Harlan Ullman
Subject: Re: nick houghton


What a visual Angela Merkle free falling into Wales,....

Sent from my iPad

> On Jul 8, 2014, at 7:42 AM, Harlan Ullman wrote:>
> Phil—had a most useful lunch with Nick yesterday. He is fully on board with making the summit influential and inspirational and agrees with the thrust of my arguments. But getting that through to the top is not a simple matter for reasons you understood.
> I made the case that as the Olympics in London two years ago were a resounding success- perhaps Bond can parachute into Celtic Manor—-the summit could be made so thus boosting Cameron’s standing.
> We’ll see if that works.
> Best H

— http://dcleaks.com/index.php/conversation-of-p-breedlove-with-harlan-ullman/

When Populism Meets Years of Planning for the Engineered Immolation of the EU

Although we haven't reviewed all of Jay's material on the connections between Bond and the alleged and real 'predictive programming' in the Bond films, we do wish to direct RogueMoney readers attention to a point Nikolayev makes at the Bulgarian-domain website A-Specto.bg. Which is that the process of Brexit has been a very long time in coming, not only through the 'never, ever give in' Churchillian persistence of bon vivant eurosceptic UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, but also countless articles about the lazy, money wasting 'bureaucrats in Brussels' and the need for Britain to go back to the Commonwealth future.

Such efforts at following Churchill's 1953 maxim of "If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea" were advanced by former aides to the late British Prime Minister and eurosceptic Bruges Group think tank founder Margaret Thatcher, whose adult son married an American woman and gave the Iron Lady U.S. (Texan) grandchildren. They were also notably advanced through the promotion of the 'Anglosphere' concept after 9/11, which sought to link the UK to the demographic and entrepreneurial dynamism of the billion plus souls on the Indian subcontinent as well as (with far less success) cement the Indians into an anti-Islamist, anti-China alliance. Remember, this was after 9/11 when Vladimir Putin was the first world leader to call President George W. Bush and authorize the use of his country and neighboring former Soviet nations air space to bomb the Taliban.

Books by obscure to clueless mainstream media but nonetheless influential authors such as Sir Bernard Conolly's Rotten Heart of Europe published way back in 1995 started the ball rolling towards a Brexit-style breach years ago, as did the UK's siding with then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's 'New Europe' against the 'Old Europe' aka the Franco-German EU founding states that sided with Russia against the 2003 Iraq invasion. Most notably Nigel Farage has used the talking point whenever he goes on Fox News designed to appeal to the Heritage Foundation and Congressional Republican hawks, which is that any European Union Army of the type the French and Germans favor would pose a threat to the American dominated NATO bloc's cohesion (which is indeed, as Joseph P. Farrell points out, precisely the point from Paris and Berlin as well as Moscow's point of view!).

Have Elements of the British Deep State Turned on Arch-Globalist George Soros?

Sir Bernard's book it must be noted, attacking the EU's predecessor the European Economic Community came out in the wake of September 16, 1992's Black Wednesday, "when the British Conservative government was forced to withdraw the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) after it was unable to keep the pound above its agreed lower limit in the ERM. George Soros, the most high-profile of the currency market speculators, made over £1 billion pounds in profit by short selling sterling."

Despite Soros web of (G)NGOs serving as useful cutouts for intelligence and subversion operations against Russia and other governments they may wish to destabilize, not everyone in the British Deep State or the 'old school' parts of the UK security services has been willing to forget or forgive the globalist kingpin for Black Wednesday. And as long as we're talking about recent 007 films, recall that the evil fake environmentalist SPECTRE subsidiary Bond was fighting in Bolivia was called Quantum -- the same name as George Soros original hedge fund!

Soros, if you believe this video from Black Pigeon Speaks, is busy trying to organize a soft 'Colored Revolution' in Great Britain to overturn the expressed will of the British people, while shorting the hell out of the European markets he knows are overdue for collapse. This weekend's pro-EU demonstrations outside Parliament as well as the slew of sudden 'hate crimes' which are all allegedly performed by racist and xenophobic Leave voters couldn't possibly be paid or provocateured, ala 'peaceful students' attacking Berkut riot policemen in November 2013 Kiev?

The Anglosphere and Long Term British Faction in Washington Euroskepticism

The early 2000s was also the time when the young intern Russia Analyst was attending Washington briefings by Indian think tankers at which they declared that India was a country where Muslim soldiers had no problem killing jihadist radicals and did so with pleasure. In those heady days of Dubya pronouncing 'I looked into his [Vladimir's] eyes and saw his soul' a grand alliance between the U.S. and several Eurasian nations including two of the BRICs nations working with Washington seemed possible.

Today, there is absolutely no chance of an anti-China alliance actually forming so long as Beijing sticks with its strategy of 'peaceful rise', including the New Silk Road/One Belt initiative that has brought the City of London into the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank -- as well as the Brits' old French and German rivals on the Continent.

Nonetheless, the dead giveaway that at least a significant portion of the old British banking/City of London elites wanted the Brexit to happen was the occult/Biblical Shemitah numerology of the event, in hindsight glaringly visible to the whole alt-media (plus Establishment interlocutors of alt-media death of the dollar/'goldbug' concepts like James "Jim" Rickards). The odds of this 777 date differential between a 09/29/2008 stock market crash and the Brexit vote occurring through random chance are probably billions to one.  This was discussed by Ken Shortgen Jr. on the Friday night July 1 Rogue Money contributors program:

The last major market crash occurred on September 29, 2008. On that day, the Dow Jones fell 777 points, of all numbers…. its biggest one day point drop ever.

On Friday, in the aftermath of Brexit, the Dow fell over 600 points. What’s interesting about Friday’s date?

It was 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks and 7 days since September 29, 2008.

— https://www.dollarvigilante.com/blog/2016/06/25/magic-number-7-brexit-collapse-falls-exactly-shemitah-date.html

The British Commonwealth (Canada/Australia/New Zealand) and the Turn Eastward

As many of us here at RogueMoney including our leader the Guerrilla have emphasized time and again, the AIIB is designed by the Chinese not just to compete with the 'white elephant' World Bank/International Monetary Fund, but to eventually absorb and replace it. IMF chairwoman Christine Lagarde, that strange, giraffe-necked Frenchwoman who gave a speech about 'magick' sevens, has admitted as much, saying that the fund could move to Shanghai if the U.S. Congress continues to not pay for its upkeep. For the British though, as with the founding of the East India Company which in the 17th and 18th centuries assimilated the monarchy as a corporation-state within the British state, the prize lies in the Eurasian and Oceania-n Far East. Or to put it in Orwellian terms, Airstrip One with London as its seat must join with its supposed eternal enemies Eurasia and Eastasia, rather than fighting them in perpetuity as in the novel 1984.

As the Masonic and occult phrase goes in Latin --et orient, lux:. Hence according to 'W the Intelligence Insider' speaking to John B. Wells on their recent Caravan to Midnight program, the Queen curtsies to the Lord Mayor of the City NOT the other way around. 

Great Britain has its own ‘world’ representing the inheritance of the British Empire, united today in the British Commonwealth and headed by Queen Elizabeth II. The organization includes 53 countries, with the Queen being the Head of State in 16 of them, population of over two billion three hundred million people. The British cultural inheritance, the English language and the established trade connections, are uniting them. In the Commonwealth, some of the most dynamic developing markets, especially in eastern Asia, are included, and as it is clear, the Royal Court does not see specific reasons to work out trade deals with these countries through the European Commission. On the other hand, the decrease in the relationship with these traditional allies of the Island, is weakened by its focus on Europe. Thus, in 2016 New Zealand had a referendum for a choice of a new national flag, which would exclude the Union Jack. China and the United States, significantly increased their influence over the countries of eastern Asia and Oceania and in Australia, the Republican Party insists on leaving the British community.

Another key factor for the change of the strategic priorities of Great Britain is the rise of China and the expectations for the global role of the Chinese Yuan in the next decade. We are witnessing the slow but unavoidable shift of the global financial economic and geo-political centre towards eastern Asia, combined with the biggest transfer of capital since the times of the great geographic discoveries. The British Royal Court would not like to repeat the historical fate of the Venetians sinking into internal European conflicts.

— https://southfront.org/what-is-happening-on-the-island-ask-bond/

Nikolayev's reference to the Venetians' decline after the high Rennaissance in favor of pre-modern states like France and England is an interesting one. In recent weeks, it has been precisely Venice, Romeo and Juliet's Verona and the most prosperous parts of financial and economic crisis-plagued Italy like Liguria which are peacefully revolting against the EU sanctions Washington demanded be imposed on Russia. But it was also Venice which traded with the Russians predecessor state, the '2nd Rome' of the Byzantine Empire, and who brought the so-called black nobility and occult banking/monetary alchemy concepts to England. Nikolayev goes on to write about SPECTRE:

In ‘Spectre’, the authors of the movie recreated conflicts of concepts between the globalization and the traditional imperial part of the British elite for the future and the place of the United Kingdom in the world through the combined character of Ernst Stavro Blofeld and James Bond, who following the plot, are brothers.

In the movie, Blofeld, respecting his ancestors in his mother’s line, is a leader of a powerful trans-national organization, he is dressed in a traditional Chinese costume (tangzhuang) [like Dr. No - JWS] and he is supporting the concept of closing MI5 and MI6 and the transfer of the British national security together with the security of eight other countries in a supra-national institution, which his organization finances [a kind of Godzilla enhanced NWO version of the existing 5Eyes intel alliance between NSA, GCHQ and the Commonwealth country surveillance agencies- JWS]. Bond, as we can guess, has been blamed for lack of vision, backward attitude and extreme conservatism, but with his typical British persistence, cool head and mind, equanimity and sense of loyalty to his country, he earned victory [SPOILER ALERT].

In the final scene in front of the Palace of Westminster, the seat of the two chambers of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, circles close to the Royal Court gave a signal of how they see the solution to the question of the power of the Island – the opponents were forced to accept the British rules.

Without a doubt, fateful days are coming to Britain that will make it clear whether the country can regain its position among the great countries in the world. The road is tough, but as the Queen said jokingly in her first appearance after the referendum (“I’m still alive”), the United Kingdom does not intend to give up. One thing is sure, in the future, somewhere in foggy London, people in dark suits with mysterious identities will continue receiving instructions over the globe in service of her majesty.

— https://southfront.org/what-is-happening-on-the-island-ask-bond/

As Team RogueMoney's mentor and ex-spook W the Intelligence Insider says, the City of London at the center of the New World Order has always been THE PLAN. And the EU as well as even the aging Bond villain Mr. Soros 'Quantum/SPECTRE' organizations are expendable in pursuit of that much larger 'great work'.