The Fuse Is Lit.

I hope it is clear by now, given the ongoing spate of monumental lies and manipulation of public opinion, that a tyrannical cabal focused on death and destruction sits at the heart of a systemic global criminal enterprise. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, what The Guerrilla likes to call “USIS,” is a well-funded and protected terror proxy group that has the blessing of Wall Street, the City of London, MI-6, and the CIA. It is an artificial construct based on contrived pretexts, propaganda, and Hollywood-quality media productions.


The Guerrilla always gives it to you straight, dear readers. I have told you before that the biggest exports of the United States are trash, recyclables, pornography, and DEBT. However, The Economic Ape must now venture to say that terrorism should be added to the list of Exceptionalistan’s exports. A cursory glance at the Empire of Destruction’s operational manual reveals that it is has taken a page out the old British imperial playbook and used fabricated extremist groups to destabilize entire regions. It creates rebels to play both sides off of each other. Then, while these “opposing forces” are busy dealing with all of the chaos, it robs them of their resources and creates pretexts for military intervention.


The bigger game at hand is genocide, plain and simple. Who cares that millions of Muslims (of which there are many denominations who live in peace with Jews and Christians), are slaughtered? Let them all die. After all, it’s about the oil for the Empire of Destruction’s war machine, right? Who also cares if said “Muzzies” come into the U.S., are radicalized, coddled, and directed by the FBI to walk into night clubs and work places and blow these places to hell?! After all, a few dead Americans are always good for  keeping the pedal to the metal in the “War on Terror.” There’s nothing like dead Americans or Europeans on domestic soil to keep the populace distracted from the real enemy. Readers of Rogue Money need not be distracted by this charade.


The Middle East’s problems are caused by two things: oil and the fact that culturally observant Jews and Muslims cannot charge interest on bank loans (aka usury). That, my friends, is the one thing that sends the Atlanticists and the Empire of Destruction into a tizzy. Wall Street and City of London bankers lose sleep at night over the thought that there could be a financial market somewhere in the world that operates without a central bank or lends without usury, the unpardonable banker sin. Usury has always been the Banksters’ modus operandi and retaining this power is always been their foremost concern. NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF THIS FACT.


The relentless pursuit of political and economic domination, however, has never worked out long term for any nation or empire. The Empire of Destruction has enjoyed more than forty years of unencumbered dominance by using graft, fraud, and force. When the Bretton Woods era gold standard gave way in 1971 to the modern petrodollar it enabled America’s dominance to explode. The designation of world reserve currency status caused all global wire transactions to be conducted with only the blessings of the Fed and it’s vassal, Exceptionalistan. Any nation that won’t kiss the ass of Western bankers is deemed to have “gone rogue” and faces sanctions imposed with extreme prejudice.


America’s rise to preeminence after WW II and the foundation of the petrodollar standard caused immeasurable damage to the developing world and emerging markets, but of course this was the plan all along. Using one of it’s proxies, the International Monetary Fund, and operating by stealth with economic hitmen and jackals (aka assassins), Exceptionalistan shoved unsustainable, unpayable loans down the throats of developing economies. When those nations could not pay their resources were taken, they were bombed into oblivion, or their governments were violently overthrown. The “most exceptional democracy loving nation in the world” has manufactured the overthrow of more than THIRTY democratically elected governments in the last fifty years. Marinate on that, dear readers. Let the bile from it build up into your throat.


The Circle Jerkers of D.C. have run roughshod over the rest of the world, harming the lives of untold billions and NOT for the better. Now nations everywhere, including Russia, China, Iran, and many, many others, are standing up and screaming ENOUGH!!!! Payback, as The Guerrilla likes to say, is a spiteful bitch with sharp teeth and claws.


The reality is that the same Hegelian Dialectic employed by Exceptionalistan works both ways. As the tentacles of the U.S. have spread throughout the world, there has been blowback. Take for example the embattled BRICS members, Brazil and South Africa. Both nations have been worked over by the Atlanticists, but the natives have fought back. In Brazil, the coup against Dilma Rousseff is starting to backfire as Western stooge Michel Temer’s interim administration collapses. It has gotten so bad in Brazil that protestors stormed the Presidential Palace demanding the resignation of Temer and his corrupt ilk.


Meanwhile, the gutting of Petroleum of Venezuela (PDVSA) and Petrobras in Brazil is exactly the same strategy that The Delusional Nation followed in Iran prior to the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Remember, in 2011 Argentina discovered massive shale oil fields. What happened shortly afterward? That’s right, President Christina Kirchner was ousted and replaced by a Western ball-washer. Coincidence? The Guerrilla thinks not. Western stooges now run riot over much of South America and it’s all part of the Empire of Destruction’s efforts to shore itself up for the imminent destruction of OPEC and end of the petrodollar. OPEC’s disintegration is staring the U.S. in the face so it is trying to create a shale/natgas cartel in South America to rival the Sino-Russian-Iranian alliance and its New Silk Road.


It’s not just South America either where the Empire of Destruction is focusing its insidious influence. In response to the gold trade settlement mechanism that is emerging as a cornerstone for New Silk Road nations, the U.S. is creating a silver alternative. Look at the ten biggest silver producers in the world. Seven of them are nations over which Exceptionalistan has influence and four are countries in Central and South America! Another coincidence? Highly doubtful. The multi-trillion dollar question is how they are going to pull off creating a new silver system given the current market manipulations and fraud that they have created.


Unlike the Eastern gold alternative, the rumored Silver Settlement System will be something kept between the creative parties of such an exchange, meaning that the average person in the West will not have access to it. The Guerrilla sees two things unfolding here – the destruction of all Western-based fiat currencies and the limitation of silver use for transactions and trade by authorized participants only.


The Empire of Destruction is fighting very, very hard to create a cheap knock-off of the gold-based system the Chinese and Russians are creating, except instead of doing things that benefit member nations, they will ram so-called “trade” agreements like the TTP and TTIP down participants’ throats as the necessary framework for doing business. Without the Toilet Paper Protocol and Total Tyranny Induced Pillaging agreements in place, the cheap knock-off of the Sino-Russian alternative can not work. Even here Exceptionalistan is facing massive pushback from Euro-weenie kleptocrats who care more about their constituency than their U.S. counterparts do.


The collapse of the petrodollar system has always been the factor that will speed the transition to a new paradigm. King Dollar is embedded in the global economic infrastructure like a cancerous tumor and gold will be the economic chemotherapy that kills it. The return of gold to a central role in the new global infrastructure will hasten the resurrection of a new hard asset backed economic body; a body that a world tired of fraud and graft is ready to embrace.


What’s holding King Dollar together now are millions of bound trade contracts denominated in USD. Thus, if the USD implodes tomorrow it will crush global trade and bring the global economy to a halt. Much of the East is preparing for just such an event and many USD offshore accounts are converting to alternatives. Following the collapse, some pundits predict it will take years for the world to resume economic normalcy. The Guerrilla doubts this. Normal economic operations will resume in certain places first, while others will lag behind. The benefactors of the USD supernova will be those nations, individuals, and corporations that are hard asset rich (hint – GOLD!), which will allow them to greatly leverage their new found wealth to buy up companies and assets for on pennies on the dollar.


Global trade will be renegotiated in non-dollar terms, something that will be simple to do because much of the necessary infrastructure already exists. Unlike U.S. citizens and corporations trapped in petrodollar fantasyland, much of the world’s populace and companies have access to multi-currency accounts and settlements. Thus, many global corporations (mainly in the East) will have the ability to switch rapidly to the new system and recover much faster than the U.S./Euro-centric crowd.


The reality is this. The non-dollar world is currently operating REAL productive economies based on the physical manufacture and trade of goods. This is entirely unlike the U.S. economy which produces nothing, consumes everything, and exports waste like a gargantuan shit generating machine. Those that have functioning and vibrant physical manufacturing economies will navigate the coming paradigm shift more successfully than the peddlers of vaporware (Silicon Valley), paper (Wall Street), and poison (Big Pharma). All three of the vaunted U.S. economic trifecta are in rapid decline as eastern alternatives are popping up with better, more advanced alternatives, healthier, safer cures, and honest financial instruments with real physical backing. These are mechanisms intended to enrich populations, not fleece and harm them.


Many games are in play on many levels, my friends, but one thing is certain. Britain’s decision to leave the European Union lit the fuse of the biggest economic nuclear bomb the world has ever seen and when it blows you had all better take cover.


Godspeed and GO ROGUE!

The Guerrilla