Talk is Cheap! Get Focused & Just Do It….!

The time to tally the numbers of folks who have to “put up or shut up” draws even closer.  In this installment I am going to jump into what could be a harsh reality right off the bat.  After all, if your system goes into failure mode, then the problems that are perceived as vitally important become an after thought.  New problems, and new levels of pain are soon to be dispensed.  And that problem will very likely touch those that were wise enough to be holding gold and silver.  Ridicule will be on stage soon……

Even those wise souls who protected themselves with GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) are about to be ridiculed for their insight.  You read that right, and I will cover it in a segment below that includes “The Guerrilla’s Brexit Update”.  But first, an in your face illustration with a re-post of a music video used in an installment by yours truly at the end of a 2014.  The folks depicted in this video are going to be an after thought, or at least their signs will be, not even a minor disturbance……And you say, “An afterthought…how is that possible?”

The answer to the question in the last sentence is:  “A ‘cooperative operational system’, crappy or not, allows for systemic job problems.  But an economic system in transition due to it’s own failures will probably have no jobs until stability, and business visibility is created.” 

Until that day, baseline supply will disappear, profit motives will be in a confused transition, and the “2 day just in time delivery system” written about by by ole' WG a year ago will be in failure as well.  Early on during the coming SHTF (shit hit the fan) moments the signs on display in the above video will be be replaced with, "I need food!"... "I need Medicine!"... "I Need toilet Paper!"... "God Help Us!"   Will they be the new messages of the King Dollar collapse/demise transition? 

The Wolf Gray isn't 100% sure, no one could be, for we are entering uncharted territory…… ”BUT CAN YOU AFFORD TO RISK BEING COMPLACENT?  PLEASE GET YOUR ARSE IN GEAR, TALK IS FRICKIN' CHEAP.  THAT IS ALL I SEE OR HEAR THESE DAYS!  BUT IT WONT BE FOR LONG…..!   

With or without you, life will still find a way.  "Necessity will take center stage, and once again be the mother of invention.”   Your advanced wisdom, may very well allow you to be one of the inventors.  Wolf Gray

Recent geopolitical/economic events prove this has gone well beyond being just a talking point.  First up, the titled subject matter and then a chiding for those that are informed.  You will be taken to task, it is a lock!

                                      News Leading to the Titled Subject

First up the hands down winner of the “Who Gives a Shit Category” starring Kim Kardashian.  Check out the headlines in this next Zerohedge offering ……

But, moving up the food chain, I can say this was a worthy runner up in the “WGSC” highlighted above….

Here he comes to save the day, mighty Lurch is “IN” the way….

Next up Fox Business News proves that CN’BS’ has nothing on them in the “morons are us” halls of business academe.

In the above link from “Investment Research Dynamics”, the author says it better than I can, “Fox News Goes Full Retard on Gold”……

I haven’t referred to Mr. Celente lately, but his overall 2016 predictions are worthy of review, and somewhat coincide with ole' WG's…….

Nice to be in pretty good company, especially since I have been wrong on timing for 3 to 4 years now.  In this next Zerohedge headline we find the “Clown that just keeps on giving”…….Alan Greenspan.  At least he is giving of late, when applied to my installments for the “Why & Why Now” questions.

In this next link it is time to leave the theoretical, and venture into the realm of reality, and let Mrs. Economic Mother Nature do the talking……

The headline in the above link says it all.  But if you really want something that is surreal, then check out the magic munchkin Janet Yellen in the next headline from Yahoo News…..

I couldn’t even make it past the first paragraph, as I couldn't finish the first sentence completely, without laughing my arse off.  In fact I could get past the first 2/3 of the first sentence.  Check this out…….

"Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen warned Tuesday that the US economy faces "considerable uncertainty" from slower domestic activity"

What happened to great expansion ya "magic munchkin"...?  Oh that’s right, she’s got magic on her side, in the form of a “slow recovery”…!  I guess this actually would come under the category of “the rats exiting stage left”.  BTW this announcement was pre-Brexit, curious heh..?  She’s all knowing.

                                         You are About to be Taken to Task

Next up is an update from last week from “The Economic Silverback”…....

In this exceptional update from "The Guerrilla”, one thing stands out to the Wolf Gray and that is "The City of London" has possibly decided to let it (the paper 'bs' economy) all go down.  Time to step back into an installment time capsule.  

As predicted many times, and as early as late 2014, I have maintained that, the western banksters will implode the system, or just let it implode once the ponzi participants funds are tapped out.  The theory was based on business, and business assets being bought up.  Thus they can't let the party go much further, especially with China & the BRICS, now more appropriately RICS & Associates, continuing to absorb the western bankster's USA landscape.  It would honestly appear they are letting go of the "economic crapper"! 

Pop some popcorn and enjoy the show if your preps are in order, and if not, get in gear A.S.A.P.   Here is a Wolf Gray installment link from January 25th of this year that highlights this sort of out of control game plan.......

And, as a supplement to that installment, here is one from 08/13/2015.  We now could very well be entering the final negotiations of the LBO of the USA.  Again, it is my wager that those negotiations revolve around what to do with us.  Here is the link….

The pace of the workforce negotiations should be picking up dramatically and will be finalized soon.  Whether they are agreed upon by any of the parties involved will be irrelevant, if the Brexit stands the test of economic time, it makes it clear that the plug has been pulled.  Signaling it is time to cover your own paper hidey holes, and put them to work in hard assets, A.S.A.P.   The USA LBO is in it's final bargaining stages…….and it will likely concern how to confiscate, “you & some of your assets!”  We were sold out folks, deal with it.

So Wolf what does this have to do with us, the real money informed crowd, being taken to task?  Hold that thought a tad bit longer, as more evidence is needed.  Then I will lay something on ya.  Something that will require you to have on your “big boy britches”.

Next up Dr. Jim Willie in a two part interview, but I am only posting part 1.

@ 6:20 Dr. Willie delves into the question of “How did the elites let this happen?”

@ 9:00 “Pitch Forks & torches” are addressed.

@ 10:00 I love this next theory, and agree with it.  The yield on the 10 year note will go lower, due to a moronic flight to safety.  Actually it is bigger than that, it is also fund managers having no other place to go due to prospectus language.  Flight into the dollar & US debt instruments will pick up.  Temporarily!  And as Dr. Willie says, it is into a black hole.  Get your money out of there folks.  Also note in the following couple minutes, the brilliant explanation of the dangers to the derivative world for the financial entities.  And thanks to the repeal of Glass Steagall, the ranks of the "financial entity world" has far more members and much more leverage in the “betting on market moves/with attached insurance” A.K.A. the derivatives.  Thus any and all moves in rates with attached volume are dangerous to “ALL”.  Need an example?  Then check out this remedial math……with the 10 yr note around 1.5-1.6%, rate moves of a piddly twenty basis points results in a double digit percentage move on the overall yield.  When in more stable or normal ’10 year rate’ periods (6% plus or minus), a move of twenty basis points would be a low single digits percentage move.  Derivatives are teetering on the edge of disaster.

@ 15:00 Try visualizing a financial laboratory making moves that are now having no impact.  Mrs. Economic Mother Nature is breathing down their necks folks.

The last half of this interview is focused on a good discussion of fundamentals, charts, heavy price trading zones, and the current and future effects on the precious metals pricing structures.  But, the 30:50 mark stands out, and reiterates the “panic and fear” motives to upward precious metals pricing as mentioned in prior installments.  I love what Dr. Willie calls it, the next major “vote” will be “gold against the dollar”.  Good stuff, and it clearly bolsters the fact you should be “backing up the truck” for real money.  Right now!

A couple more pieces of evidence before we tackle “being taken to task”.   Like where will the ponzi scheme fuel come from?

Share buybacks are plunging, which means the PPPTB realize the sucker money is drying up.  Or better put, when the paper money that is applied to the system is having little positive effect on their portfolios, then they will feel it is time to shut the game down.  Talk about a sign that things will soon change.  

Next a unique quick revisit to a WG 2016 prediction of states flexing their muscles here in the US, with an assist from this article from “Mises Institute”…….

Note the reference to Texas folks.  System failure in sight, wouldn’t you say?

As a follow up to that potential disruption to globalism, here’s another globalist throwing in his two cents worth.

Another clear sign that time is drawing short on your opportunities at buying items to protect yourself, here we have Soros throwing in the towel.  I know…I know…that’s good news, but it ain’t if you aren’t getting prepared.  Pain is a lock, and those pieces of cow flop have made some preps, and are going to be popping popcorn as well.

This next one may truly be evidence that the PPPTB and their messengers are saying, “Game Over….Let the collapsing begin!”

The “Moores Law King Dollar Oh Shit” moment is just around the corner, or maybe it has arrived finally.  But no one will believe you, and you will be taken to task brutally for saying, “I told ya so!”  So don’t say it, and here’s why.............

First, a sporting analogy to ease my bad English explanations.  Let’s say Tom Brady left the New England Patriots, and thus gave them a giant quarterback problem.  Not surprisingly, the following season would be a disaster for the Patriots.  So, was it just Brady leaving, or WAS THERE SOMETHING CAUSING HIS DEPARTURE, THAT SHOULD BE BLAMED FOR THE LOSING SEASON?  You probably see where this one is headed.

Picture this conversation:  Mr. RM’er now confident in his DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) preparations, “I told you guys something like this was coming…!!!!”  Angry listeners, “What the hell are you talking about moron, you didn’t know shit?”  Mr. RM’er, “I told you guys that over reliance on debt, and the faltering fiat paper system would create a ‘kick-off’ domino event like the ‘Brexit’, that’s what…!”  Angry Listeners, “Mr RM’er you don’t know when to give it up.  Don’t you listen to Fox Business, CN’BS’, and Janet “yes I have a great Beatles hairdo” Yellen?  All of which said, it was the Brexit that caused this market calamity, and the subsequent King Dollar devaluations…?”  Fist fight erupts……

Guaranteed accurate summary: Tom Brady/Brexit were primary causes for the failure (if they follow thru), and the reasons for their actions are irrelevant, at least to those in need of a lobotomy.  Don’t waste your breath folks, it’s too late, and will be too late even in the near future.  The Brady/Brexit events are reactions to external stimuli, other reactions will come into view real soon.

The Wolf Gray recommends keeping your mouth shut, and moving forward in a positive direction, helping those with an open mind, while trying to find like minded folks who are now ready to create new opportunities and value on the other side of this collapse.  If it really matters to you, rest assured once the proof of your wisdom is in full view, the doubters will follow your footsteps.   Wolf Gray

No words will be needed.

Brief RM Think Tank Item:  Might the UK banksters stay on point, and really push this “get away from the EU elites” voting stance (see the prior news link).  After all, it does make them look smarter for the upcoming, “we’re back, and ready to save the one world currency day” moment.  If the City of London PPPTB representatives recognize the collapse is unstoppable, then why not let the votes be counted normally (by hand in this case).  Then come back even more omnipresent when everybody is starving and needing a savior.   Food for thought.

                                                       Dire Conclusions

More & more these past weeks you may have noticed me reviewing prior ‘’ installments.  The rehash of prior works is not to lay down the “bragging real money gauntlet”.  It is instead to verify that some valid, common sense, business reasons have been provided to get to this point of truth.   It ain’t worth bragging over, after all it had no other logical place to go.  Sadly though, logic is missing these days.  Things will get a lot lot worse before they get better, and that destination will not be altered by whoever is elected president, YET!

For over a year now a primary thesis has been maintained by yours truly.   One that the PPPTB would give up control while the biggest putz in history was in power, ready to be used as a scape goat.  Additionally it has been harped on that the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) would also run for the exit doors once the ponzi participants, “us” ran out of money.  Both items are now on center stage.  The ‘con’ has run it’s course, and the con-men are not making money any more.  Whether the east is ready for it or not a King Dollar collapse/demise moment is knocking on the door (been ongoing).   It ain’t that the RICS are so smart, it is just the competition is so damned dumb.

As detailed by “The Guerrilla”, the hidden holes for dumping dollars and unwanted US Treasuries may be about to come to an end via this Brexit.  No more BLICS for example.  As “The Guerrlla” stated, the CEO’s of western civilization, the city of London, may be saying it is time to let her blow (paraphrasing).  Once again, this is the WG thesis set up nearly a year ago.   The bankster will let it blow once the ponzi participants are tapped out and stop the fire sale to the east of the hard assets in the western landscape.

The PPPTB have lost control of the monetary markets, and of the societal norms, this is the current theme from the alternative media, and rightfully so.  After all no panic induced announcements hinting at a loss of control would be made, if…….there was more debt blood money to be squeezed from the proverbial turnip eating sheeple.  Pure and simple it’s business.  In our case, there is no money left in the ponzi participant pocket books.  Therefore, this is probably an expected event, an event of coming “excuse making”.  

If a country rube like me can expect it, then I suspect so could the central planners.  An additional “final” indicator of failure was highlighted at the beginning of 2016.  In this case, reports would come in that the final pocketbook to start faltering the ‘neat guy/neat gal’ wanna-be rich dude pocketbook” would be zipped up, and tapped out as well.   Resulting in the "debt money well" finally running dry.  Quick summary, as long as money was flowing, “CONTROL” existed or was at least perceived.  The consumer fiat debt flow meter is at near zero, including the neat dude’s monies, and therefore so is the control.

Additionally from a political perspective, two things will logically be witnessed for those of us that reach it to the other side of this calamity, with some stable winds at our backs.  One, the putz who is in charge best get on board with the real Americans in charge, and put some positive moral business constructs to work, then get the hell out of the way.  It ain’t complicated, dudes in charge, just do your job.  It is what supposedly inspired you to swear an oath.   Or Two, run for cover from the pitch fork and torch crowd.  

Meanwhile, we aspiring survivors need to keep things like “Dodd Frank, NDAA, The Repeal of Glass Steagall, & The Patriot Act in the back of our mind.  The Brexit may trigger other spooky market and banking issues.  Actually it is probably a lock, and the aforementioned laws are the advertised measuring sticks for the system’s current status and or failure.  Thus, they serve as the PPPTB’s coming excuses, should they want to exercise their now legal rights to our money.  Sorry folks, they instituted legal documents to take it.  We were asleep at the wheel.  Wolf Gray

So what is the primary alternative to protect yourself?  A DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) and the removal of yourself from the system.  The sooner the better, because late arrivals (And only the PPPTB know when that is) may never have full access to their monies.  Act now…!

For those of you who have taken action to protect yourself, evidence is being admitted “rapidly” to Mrs. Economic Mother Nature’s courtroom in the case of “Real Money vs. the Fiat King Dollar”, and associated penalties are being handed out.   Wolf Gray, a ’’ analyst, just does his best to report these business events with a translation of their meanings.  And I can confidently say those are the ongoing motives of the entire team @ Rogue Money....!

Just like in junior high or elementary school fire drills.  Exit smoothly and calmly to the nearest exits.  At which point review your surroundings, and then make your moves into real hard assets.  Moves to protect yourself and your family.  Stop and take a look from outside the building, or outside the box, and make a “Heads Up” move.

Talk is getting very cheap folks, almost fiat King Dollar cheap.  It is clearly time to make your best judgement, and “Just Do It!”   I will let Mr. Steve Miller deliver the final musical message……

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future

I want to fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle
Till I'm free
Oh, Lord, through the revolution…Steven Miller Band

Stay tuned, final sentencing is not far away, and then we shall see what we shall see.

God Bless, and stay vigilant…!

                                                   Hard Asset Tips

In the food category it is the time of the season to preserve food the old fashion way, especially fruits while in season.  A little pectin, sugar, some jars, and some heat.  The pictures below are before and after, yielding a half a year’s supply for the misses, and myself.  One more kitchen heating to go, and we will have a full years worth.  If you want to do this with fresh fruit, I advise acting now, as the season will soon be at an end.  After all a collapse ain't going to operate on "Sheeple Standard Time"......

In the common sense category, a reminder from the past is worthy.  Don’t enter a weekend with less than (I used to say a half tank) 3/4 of a tank of fuel in you most prized vehicles.  Who knows what future Monday’s may bring.   And during the week days I wouldn’t let old reliable(s) go below a half tank if possible.  

Also remember that the common alternative media talking point of GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) being insurance, doesn’t tell the entire story.  GSBC’s as pointed out last week are more than just insurance.  Most paper insurance products issued are not of a variety that you really want to collect on.  GSBC’s on the other hand are a form of insurance you can utilize as you see fit to take care of your real time needs.   A major, yet outstandingly positive difference, to paper insurances.

Wolf Gray

ps....I did more bragging in this installment than I would have preferred, but it is time to add up the evidence as it will help reveal "Economic Mother Nature's" final verdict.

Credits to the thought of: Opie, Dixie, Team RM, The Guerrilla, Special notice to a Fallen Wolfpack member J.R.B. (r.i.p.), The Wolfpack, Zerohedge, Investment Research Dynamics, Mises Institute, Dr. Jim Willie, Silver Doctors, Wolf Street (no affiliation), Gerald Celente, Ryan Star & The Steve Miller band