V and W on Two Caravan to Midnight Specials - Episodes 556 and 558

W the Intelligence Insider and V the Guerrilla Economist were both recent guests on the Dallas, Texas-based John B. Wells program Caravan to Midnight. Below are direct links to where you can download these individual episodes or sign up for a subscription to Wells' excellent talk radio shows and archive. - JWS

"Episode 556 [June 20, 2016] – In this edition we welcome the inimitable “W” for an all around geo-political update and situation report on the apparent proxy war with Russia and more." (Related: Episode 549 – In this edition [frequent RogueMoney guest - JWS] Harley Schlanger joins us from Innsbruck, Austria with a boots on the ground report of reactions to the biggest NATO military exercise since the Cold War).

- John B. Wells and the Caravan to Midnight crew

Episode 558 with the Guerrilla Economist [June 22, 2016]  is here

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