There's a Metaphor Here Somewhere...WaPost Mouthpiece Whines While Russia Builds Megabridge (And Hacks/Shoots Down U.S. Drones Spying Over Crimea)

Foreign Policy, the magazine owned by the Washington Post company, (not to be confused with the CFR-owned Foreign Affairs) is unhappy that Russia recently released an English subtitled video promoting the multi-billion dollar, 19-kilometer long bridge across the Kerch Strait connecting Crimea to the Russian mainland. Foreign Policy writer Henry Johnson refers to it as an 'illegal bridge' because its lawfulness is not recognized by the U.S. supported Ukrainian government. Jackson does not mention the illegality of the gigantic, but ultimately far less useful military base called Camp Bondsteel that the U.S. military plopped down in occupied Kosovo without the consent of Belgrade after an unprovoked aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999.

Somewhere in this juxtaposition though, is a metaphor. The (post)West as I now call it whines, it preens about its moral superiority because the mentally ill adult male can now decide he's a woman and use the stall in the ladies room next to your teenage daughter. The East builds, slowly, patiently, often with setbacks including those caused by hostile acts tacitly approved if not applauded in the (post)West -- for example last November's destruction of the power lines from mainland Ukraine into 'Russian occupied Crimea'. This thuggish act by 'glory to Ukraine' shouting morons only hardened the resolve of the vast majority of Crimeans and made them thank God they escaped the failing state of the Ukraine in March 2014 -- without paying the price in blood and terror that the peoples of Donetsk and Lugansk paid.


By the spring after a tough winter and millions of dollars in spoiled produce and meats plus lost business to resorts, the damage had been repaired. Today it is the Ukrainian utilities that were masters of determining whether the lights would stay on in Crimea which now plead for the chance to sell power to Crimeans. Crimea no longer needs unreliable electricity supplied from the mainland thanks to undersea power cables installed across the Kerch Strait.

While the European Union announces that it is extending the sanctions against Moscow over the return of the Crimean peninsula to Russia, European businessmen especially Italians and Frenchmen are quietly visiting and eyeing coastal real estate with Russian partners for vineyards and gourmet mussels production. In addition to the mega-bridge to Russia's Krasnodar Krai a large amount of construction is bringing the peninsula's dilapidated highways, neglected for over two decades of Ukrainian independence, up to modern standards.

Meanwhile, as the U.S. does not accept Russia's claim that the issue of Crimea's territorial status is now closed for all time, American drones have reportedly flown over the new Russian airspace and been shot down after Moscow filed diplomatic protests over the UAV intrusions. Russia Insider reported this fact translated from Russian media to the world, and Team RogueMoney's friend Dr. Joseph P. Farrell prominently discussed this disturbing report in his weekly Nefarium YouTube video cast.

Back on the mainland, where Ukrainians are told via daily TV propaganda that they're much more free and better off than the 'occupied' Crimeans, does Foreign Policy ask what the U.S. State Department-showcased Kiev regime is building for its people, both literally and figuratively? That is besides war, permanent indebtedness to the International Monetary Fund, and mass emigration? Times are hard in Russia as well as Ukraine, though the economic situation is far more desperate in the latter than the former, otherwise there would be millions of Russians fleeing war or poverty westward, rather than Ukrainians headed east AND west for those reasons. What is the light at the end of this dark tunnel for millions of Ukrainians, besides an EU visa free regime and the ability to leave their homeland? And how many will eventually leave to study, work or permanently settle in the 'aggressor nation' Russia, whose tongue and centuries of intermingled DNA they share?

We're told by (post)Western and Kiev's media that the bridge -- which should last many decades -- is going to cost between 4.5 and 5 billion dollars. It's also reported that the cost overruns are likely benefiting some of President Vladimir Putin's buddies, like the Rotenberg brothers. Nonetheless, the Ukrainian oligarchs have likely stolen almost that much from IMF/EU and U.S. taxpayer provided funds to Kiev since the Maidan 'revolution of dignity' in February 2014, and Ukrainians have nothing to show for it but an unending civil war and impoverishment.

Maybe it's time for Americans as well to ask what their government is doing in Ukraine and where all the money -- theirs and ours -- has gone. Has it been spent to create and rebuild a country whose infrastructure has basically been decaying since independence from the USSR, or has it been spent on bribes and destruction?

Kiev says the Russian-funded Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic authorities are terrorists. What other group of terrorists in the world repairs and patiently rebuilds kindergartens and clinics, even while under constant shelling, as well as apartment blocs and streetcar lines that the 'legitimate' authorities destroy? Ultimately, the greatest victories are not won by force of arms, but by the perseverance of the creative and loving human spirit.