It is Covertly Obvious???…The Human Factor & Core Groups Unite

“Covertly obvious”, now there is an oxymoron.  But after an insightful visit with one of Wolf Gray’s old classmates, my mind wondered down the trail of the human factors in business, and it revealed that news events are truly hiding the oxymoronic.  The fingerprints of the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) are all over this one, with the msm as it’s marketing tools.  More in the final segment, but first up a revisit, and expansion of some “Hard Asset Tips”, followed by a trial visit to a “Spiritual Idea Segment”.  The last one is very risky as I don’t consider myself to be an expert on spiritual matters, but I will continue as the WG disjointed mind wonders into unknown territory sometimes.

                                            Hard Asset Tips

We have a couple of tips this week.  First is #29 on the DHAP list (see 5/17/2016 archived installment), binoculars.  Let’s get a little bit fancy on this item, if the budget permits, a low light set of visual aids may be in order.  Night vision is a bit out of most people’s budget unless you have cool connections, but I would still recommend a possible check into the low light visual magnification product markets.  All this would be in addition to your daylight needs.  Don’t pooh pooh this item folks, a bare minimum of something to assist your vision for protection in daytime, as an aid to food gathering is not wasted money.  Next up…….

As pointed out in prior installments, it is my belief that natural & effective farming is the next breakout business venture.  Mrs. WG & I visit the local farmers markets regularly (especially this time of year) to load up on as much natural food & vegetable sources as is possible.  Additionally we also go to stores that promote more natural food products, but the real note worthy item here is these places are gaining in popularity.  GMO is taking it on the chin...GOOD!  Note this very instructive article sent to me by a Wolfpack associate & the friend mentioned in the first paragraph….

Once real supply & demand forces replacing the garbage in place now, you will most likely see people flock to natural food sources, and eventually demanding honest, healthy, natural, quality products for their families.  

Let’s look at the opportunities in the ‘dirty here & now” that will provide nicely as well for the “sweet by & by”.  Though it comes during the hot times of the year, and the kitchen is going to get heated up, it is a perfect time to grab up as much natural fruit as possible for “preserving”, with some canning down the road (more veggie oriented).  Then if you are so inclined, like Mrs. WG, you might want to start preserving for a full season of first class eating.  Nothing beats natural fruit in the morning, and knowing you have a years worth or so on hand may be a very timely benefit.

Timely, as in sleeping easier with not only knowing you have a nice stash of real money at arms reach, now the same can be said with knowing you have a future supply of real sustenance at arms reach.  It’s just common sense.

Buy natural & preserve natural.  At the risk of sounding condescending, learning these skills prolongs a healthy life, and the experience may promote some brainstorming on a future entrepreneurial venture into what I still see as one of the next big industries to be revived, "FARMING"..... Revived by the "REAL DEMAND for it" is happening now, so it will damn sure happen when people soon recognize they have been lied to & cheated.

Second Hard Asset Tip:  This one is also inspired by the same childhood friend (friend through high school as well) mentioned in the first paragraph.  This gent received a major league contract, and through the ages I played thru, was the best baseball player I ever saw.  His life experiences apparently led him to decide to share his knowledge by making a business out of teaching up & coming youth to be the best they can be in the batters box, by opening a school to help fine tune their skills.  The Wolf Gray brain was spinning the whole time and made some post meeting observations.

It occurs to me that once this beat down happens, or anytime for that matter, but especially after the economic King Dollar toilet bowl moment, that many parents will want a quality outlet for their kids to burn off their energy.  Structured sports programs with good moral leadership during tough times might just be gladly paid for as a replacement for bullshit tech devices that actually helped screw things up (a rant for another day).  Quality sports leadership teaches many productive things, and in many cases does a better job than the traditional classrooms.  Without it Wolf Gray would probably have been in a lot more trouble than he was.   I know what some of you may be thinking, “hey Wolf that hardly fits in with your “Needs Based Thesis”.   I politely disagree in this case, though you may be right temporarily, having productive outlets for children to learn in may be a true "needs" based item, and getting them out of the way at certain moments is additionally productive to the entire family unit.  

At the right time, especially post the King Dollar beat down, this sort of business model should be modestly profitable, and to the right business owners very rewarding.  Patience and good temperament being a huge plus.  Wolf Gray Sr. kept coaching youth long after WG grew up, and he loved it, in fact he talked about it all the way up to the last day of his life.  Keep it in the back of your mind.  There will be some likely start up risks, but what the heck, that is the way it is supposed to be.  Risk is a part of honest business, in which there are no guarantees.

The human factor has to come to the fore once again…we have trashed it with technical crap…we are becoming “Perfect Strangers”, which eventually leads to conflict.  The dark images in this video are what you get with a disconnected society, disconnected from the human portion of business relationships…..I will let Ian Gillian give the message, listen if you so chose….


                                        Spiritual Idea

This one is in an area that I don’t consider myself to be an expert (thus I hesitate to call it a tip).  It is something my shaman buddy told me, and it may be worth mentioning.  Limit prayer requests to the day you are walking in.  He says the spirit world tends to ignore future requests, and as he says, that way you keep making sure to check back for more each day.  I am convinced God likes us to talk to us daily, so maybe it should be that way with everyone, just my educated guess.  My shaman buddy told me that you never ask for help beyond a day.  Therefore thank him, and save most of the conversation for the day you’re in.  Tomorrow will be another day, and another conversation.  RM feedback on this one is welcome…….Musical message will be provided by one of the best female voices of all time Lisa Fischer (famous for backing up the Rolling Stones on concert versions of Gimme Shelter)….Well worth an open ear…!


                                        News to Lead to the Titled Subject

First we have to get the Wolf Gray’s “Who Gives a Shit” category out of the way…..

It is hard to believe, but someone must give a hoot about that crap.  Or is it’s meaning covertly obvious???????

In this next link, I think someone needs to bring back Victoria “F the EU” Nuland to help refresh the memory of the author….

I have posted either 3 or 4 of the above magazine’s "brilliant", (yeah right) geopolitical articles over the last 3 months, and in every instance they are completely "bass-akwards" to the truth.  In fact, the comments below the article (at least the ones noticed on 06/11/16) were scathing with respect to the phony propaganda being spewed by this “hack” publication.  And that, my friends, is actually good news, though I suspect they might have been deleted by now.  The wake up call is spreading ever so slowly, & the heat is on folks, the heat is on...

If someone is not paying close attention to this next headline, let me provide the proper diagnosis “They are brain dead”…..

Going right from the macro announcements above to the micro events below, it is becoming more & more apparent the time to safely prepare oneself is closing…..

Michael Snyder was all over the EBT ‘failure to deliver’ material last week.  This summer looks to be a hot one just like “The Economic Great Ape” predicted.

This next link brings more macro effects to the micro world, and in this case it ain’t promising for the job pursuing Sixpacks in the US…..David Stockman provides the article, but I am coming up with an additional business observation.

Granted the online retailers picked up some of the “final sales” slack of the closing bricks & mortar retailers, but I would presume not all of it.  Why?  The bigger question is, how does it equate with the job loses at the bricks & mortar retail levels?  Does anyone suspect the online folks are picking up the ‘job loss slack’ at the same pace as they have helped on some of the sales slack?  Common logic says no way.  Thus the online retail sales gains will start choking off as the loss in jobs kill the consumer side of the demand equation.   Pre-planning no where in sight…..way to go globalist fascist hacks!

Mr. Stockman also highlights the obvious problems in the commercial real estate market, that are fueled by the empty shells of the bricks & mortar retail buildings.  I am sure there are even more categories of profit pitfalls that can’t be replaced with the online business models.

Keep in mind the possibility that online retailers will never replace dollar for dollar the sales loses, during more robust times, at the bricks & mortars stores.  Some things have to be bought in person, where the human experience is actually an important part of the business equation.  

This next line is my view and not necessarily the gospel of business reality.  We are becoming technology dependent, and dumber as a consequence.  A balance is needed to satisfy the human condition.  Wolf Gray

That last point is probably covered in much greater detail by the work of Patrick Wood (a past guest of the Guerrilla Radio show) in his literary offering, “Technocracy Rising”.  Something I am ashamed to admit I haven’t read yet.

Last week the alternative media was “silver” in color, and it was repeated over & over & over.  A rather curious fact to the Wolf Gray sense of smell, but a welcome one.  Here are some examples, from sources I pay attention to…….with some displaying headlines that do all the talking necessary…

In this next one also from King World News, Stephen Leeb, endorses the statement in the above link from Michael Belkin (also a KWN interview).  In fact, check out this quote from the end of the article just below the associated hyperlink, with a different take on what to do with silver in the final analysis……

I rue the fact that America will lose the solar race, but for investors take consolation in buying silver and in particular investing in silver mines. Why mines more than coins or silver bullion? Because as silver become scarce, governments could well forbid individuals to hold the metal. Moreover, silver’s role as a currency will likely turbo-boost the bull market in this metal once its scarcity starts coming into focus. The price of silver will easily top three digits, while virtually any credible silver mine will also shoot to the moon…Stephen Leeb

The above is an interesting view on the availability of silver, and the possible pitfalls of holding it too long, as the price gets a bit too high to easily unload it, or convert to legal tender.  That doesn't mean holding physical is a mistake, it just means one needs to pay attention as an efficient exit point is part of "heads-up" investing strategy in valuable real money.  Always will be!   I got a feeling that staying tuned to ‘’ may provide some solutions to this problem.  

For those wanting a perfect down to earth explanation of the value and need for silver in the fiat paper crisis facing us, check out this excellent video from SGTreport….

And as a video supplement to the SGTreport check out the following interview with David Morgan, and the host Greg Hunter.  The Watchdog is on fire in this one doing what he does best, guard the man on the street……

An additional item that caught my attention in the above interview during the 4 or 5 minutes following the 14:05 mark, was when they discussed the debt clock, and the mathematical values of gold & silver.  Values on display from possible governmental authorities…..??????  

Gentlemanly character kept both of them from speculating too much on the motives for making the true mathematical value of gold & silver public via ''.  Greg rightly asks David why is this being highlighted of late, late being the last couple months.  The gentlemanly conversation doesn't go into an in-depth 'why or why now', so allow the Wolf Gray to speculate.  The PPPTB wants to be able to point to something in the past that says, "Hey we told you about this stuff, don't blame us, heck it was even in online billboard format!”

Quick Sidebar:  The Wolf Gray will go against the grain of a lot of people on this next point.  I suspect solar to be responsible for the next major technology break thru.  A break thru that will help catapult silver’s values.  Break thru, as in finally making solar energy a cost effective solution.  China is diving into it deeply, and I have a feeling technology is going to jump on this item big time.  Harken back to an installment from a couple months ago where we discussed the headlines that detailed the Rockefellers getting out of their oil holdings.  If true, it kind of fits in with something new on the energy horizon.  Back to the regularly scheduled news briefs…..

As detailed before, the macro & micro worlds are almost running neck & neck these days, and this next headline is one that tells me it is going to become a photo finish.

If these people had tuned into the “RM Team’s Annual Forecast Show” at the first of the year, they would have seen the above headline coming well in advance.  And along those same lines, this next guy, although one I don’t agree with entirely, has some note worthy points in this next article, especially since they jive with my views.  Now I don’t agree with Mr. Dent’s theories on the reasons for future dollar strength, and gold weakness, but this next item is a prediction I am totally on board with…

In the above article he is reporting on what I am hearing & seeing.  Primarily that "Neat Guyville" is about to take it on the chin. Living off upward price trends in real estate, as their main talking point at most ‘neat guy & neat gal’ gatherings, is dying on the vine.  A truly moronic view that “real estate always goes up!”  This is still one of my final indicators that lead to the "Moore's Law King Dollar Collapse Moment" (see prior installment for clarification), and it seems to be coming on stage to take a bow.

Hey you want more proof on the “real estate always wins” gambit hitting a brick wall, check this out from ZeroHedge…

I can’t repeat this enough, home building is not a “needs based industry”.  ‘Wants = Bad’ / ‘Needs = Good’, that will be the future equations that will make you or break you.   As stated before, real estate may still pop upwards as it may falsely be defined as a “hard asset” once the dollar demise kicks off in earnest, but it will be a very brief rise, after which it will crater.  Forget flipping a house, as the only thing you will be flipping is your bank account, if Dodd Frank hasn’t already done it for ya!  Yeah that’s right, flipping your bank account, upside down that is unless you really know what you are doing.

Smart entrepreneurs will get this relationship real quickly, or they will die a horrible economic death, ‘Wants = Bad’ / ‘Needs = Good’!  Rotate your business pursuits to needs based products, and their technological advancements.  I think the rewards will be long lasting, and note cell phones ain’t a needs based product.  How stupid can we get?

If you insist on a more pragmatic view of the economic statistics here is one of the Wolf Gray's "Online advisory board," John Williams of '' in an excellent interview with the folks at the “X22report”. 

The discussion of inflation at the middle of this interview is excellent.  Mr. Williams highlights that the CPI numbers, just like the unemployment numbers, are a grand lie.  One thing of note, I don't think Mr. Williams factors in the 'dark money' courtesy of the ESF (Exchange stabilization fund) as discussed many times here @ ''.  This has to be kept in the back of your mind, as it is real & it does exist, but for pragmatic practitioners like Mr. Williams it is not something that can be applied to paper or in an interview.  Does he know about it's massive effects?  I bet so, but it's effects aren't measurable in any metric.  Please keep that in the back of your mind.  Also note what he says regarding when the collapse “happened” @ the 32 minute mark.  I like the way he thinks.  Regardless of his methods of measuring the economic patient, I consider it wise to factor in his analysis whenever possible.

This next interview with Dr. Jim Willie leads nicely into the title’s subject matter…..

Here are some great highlights from the above interview, at least I liked them…

@ the 14-16 minute marks, the Chinese schedule of projected events with respect to the King Dollar collapse is discussed.  In this segment it is back to the “slow boiling frog schedule”, but never fear it is my observation the foundations are cracking far too fast, and things will come apart in the west at schedules that aren’t of anyone’s doing but of Economic Mother Nature’s instead.  That point is backstopped @ the 46:20 mark, and mentioned below….

@ the 17:30 mark, a very interesting point is brought up that confirms what RMer "SOF" wrote in the comments section of the prior installment…..China may be using Deutsche Bank as leverage on the western banking system.  Theory being DB was easy to infiltrate due to the supposed lack of US, and London control over Deutsche Bank....interesting analysis.

@ the 19:50 mark is interesting with respect to the ESF & the 3 trillion in Saudi US treasury bond holdings.

@ the 45:00 mark is the start of the best point of the interview.  At least that is my take.  A discussion ensues on the behind the scenes negotiations with the US banksters, PPPTB, and the BRICS leadership primarily the Chinese representatives. This was mentioned last week or the week before, but some interesting numbers were thrown around this time by the doc. Several big items hit the Wolf Gray numerical brain stem, like the US gold price on the devalued dollar will be well in excess of $5,000.00. No if's, and's or but's.  The numerical big one for me was the fact China is supposedly offering the US a cheaper price than today's market price to secure a 10,000 ton gold leasing base.  If these are ongoing negotiations, I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear what is actually being said or argued.  That being said, though these items were interesting it was the 46:20 mark that is in the Wolf Gray's view of great interest as Dr. Willie states….”The systems are breaking"...this is what's most important, as it will cause a race to finality. 

“The Wolf Gray’s cigar smoke filled office says the controllers on both sides will lose grip (highlighted in the 01/19/2016 installment), and it appears that is already happening, which will accelerate the return to a true supply demand market metric from the primary macro overseer Mrs. Economic Mother Nature”…which leads us straight to…..

                                          Covertly Obvious..?

The heavy western cognitive dissonance permits the PPPTB game plans to be in your face & obvious, yet still covert to the masses.  This next headline brought that idea home to me in great detail.  Please don’t tell me I am getting riled up over nothing, and to go back into my Wolf’s den, and chill.  This next headline will not allow it…..

Yep all that bitching about our western paper markets being bogus, a club for those who don't believe in true price discovery, it's just a figment of my imagination.  Yeah right!  Though this isn’t new news, it is the very foundation of price discovery failure, and in your face to boot.  The surprise is it isn’t being hidden, it is in your face….”Covertly Obvious!”

Who am I kidding?  It is perfectly normal for the equity market indices to be at or near all time highs, when the fuel that drives the prices, at the margin of "either up or down" keeps racing for the exit doors.  No it's not!  Meaning all things being equal it should be going steadily down.  Or I suppose all things being unequal, in our case.  Until we get a reboot of the paper system, with all the pain that goes with it, there will not be a true repeal of the fascist system.  The subject matter from the above link, as discussed in this segment by yours truly, is a paper indicator that capitalism is currently on a forced retirement program.

Ironically, the criminals that started this ponzi scheme are stuck with the hands they dealt themselves, or in this case stuck with the game plans currently underway.  Why, you might inquire?  They can't correct it without incriminating themselves!!!  They are too deep into the lies, and therefore it will be up to us to reboot it all, in order to kick start a system of true business weights and measures, which by default creates the framework for honest businessmen & women wanting to reestablish new businesses.  A renaissance of spirited entrepreneurs coming to the fore (see prior installment on renaissance).

The genius of the US Constitution & Bill of Rights is that it created the very framework for honest entrepreneurs, and in addition a time tested boundary (now tested) to repel entry of total deviations and or deviants to honest business.  Sometimes I am a bit slow on the uptake, especially since I preach thinking outside the box to visualize the mistakes being made.  Well I think that is what happened, and it is happening right now as well, but in the opposite direction.  Opposite being to collapse the capitalist system, except in this case, "thinking outside the box of honest weights & measures".   It would appear the bad guys realized you can't defeat the current system as supported by moral constitutional principles, without stepping outside the box for a vantage point allowing them to see the changes needed to screw everything up.  Got to know the enemy to some degree.

The PPPTB decided the very boundaries that protected “free market capitalism” had to be destroyed, to introduce their fascist state system, which gives more to them and less to us.  Not that this is earth shattering news to most '' readers.  But it is if you desire to recognize the opponents strategies, especially when they are similar to some of the good guy's tactics, only in reverse, which can be very illuminating.   It just appears they also thought outside the box.  Deciding they had to destroy the constitutional box, with an assist from a long term play of a combined pincer move aimed at destroying the moral fabric of the family.  Possibly with outside the box thinking that is as large as trying to destroy the family of God.  The destruction of the foundation's framework, was the target, in the form of the US Constitution & the Bill of Rights, plus an attack on the strengths found in the family of God.  W is right, these guys are satanists. 

"Know the Game & Know the Truth”….!  I am afraid that is the PPPTB’s game, and that it is their truth.

It's an outside the box/covert, in a frontal attack mode on the rules, with a focus on ripping the spirit or soul from the opponent.  I can hear it now, WG we got the rules stuff a.k.a. the US Constitution, and we got the spirit or soul stuff, the destruction of God & family values, but what the heck does this have to do with being covert?  Many of you already get that as well, but for those like myself that didn't grasp it fully until now, look at the headline above. 

Anybody that understands business/economics knows that if the volume of investment monies is headed to the downside, then the underlying equity prices should initiate in that same direction, and if the that trend exceeds 50%, as in massively, like 10 out of the past 12 weeks, then equity prices should be cratering.  Clearly that's not happening so it is COVERT!  Covert?  What the hell WG, it is in your face, it can't be covert????? That's the beauty of it, or evil of it.  Wolf Gray

Thanks to the other coinciding pincer move of destroying the family values, you also destroy the common sense teachings of past generations who would have never let this crap get past the light of day, or the darkness of night. 

These guys used massive distractions, leading us to the id', to the self, to keep us preoccupied with "ME", and therefore leaving us "common sense impaired"...!  Wolf Gray

Hey I love it, ‘common sense impaired” another 'acronym alert', and this one is like the TV series, 'CSI'.   Headlines like this and the others, like the ones from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) are also used as tests that appear to be asking, "Are they paying any attention, do they hear me now?" 

It's like playing tricks on your kids to see if they are doing as they are told.  It's covert, because the sheeple are just like the kids, who would never believe their parents wouldn't play fair with them?  No one believes their elected leaders would be so evil or dumb or both, as to subvert the very core of their duties...!   WRONG…!

The covert part is using the naive belief that the guy in charge has something close to your values, or at least well within a measure of the law, just like a kid figuring no way would my parents purposely try and lead me on.   Interestingly I keep meeting people who get it well enough to know that the lies are now starting to get personal.  The Trump popularity is proof positive that even though people may not be as deep a group of thinkers as the RM crowd, they are still getting it well enough that they are tired of saying....."Hey Mr. don't piss down my back & tell me it's raining!" 

Why all this theorizing?  It is extremely important, as it is indicative of timing triggers, or economic points of inflection.  The ponzi participants (the sheeple) are just about out of money, and they don't trust the system's honesty for once.  These unwitting participants feel they may be good guys but the guys in charge ain't, and the Wolf Gray sense of smell says the PPPTB are starting to see these very cracks in their plans.   BTW, those cracks are possibly the most important timing keys that the PPPTB are watching.  I suspect they knew this day would arrive, so what will their next move be?  Especially now that the rather stout outside forces of the BRICS & Associates, (may have to take the "B" off as Brazil is looking rather weak) are starting to squeeze the King Dollar's blood flow a bit.   

Folks we are reaching an extreme point, where you absolutely have to be prepared, because the PPPTB’s hands-on teams have lost control.  I suspect they recognized that this day would come, at which point they would let it go naturally, thus it is still somewhat within their planning controls, but certainly not hands on anymore.  It is reaching a point that it has nowhere else to go!  The King Dollar is going down, and as stated in a past installment, the master controllers are to some degree losing control of the collapse speeds.

Final thought on this subject: They can still afford for a minority of the sheeple to be suspicious of the system, as long as it remains covertly obvious, but if it ever becomes overtly obvious a micro minority could be come a macro majority, which might signal opening day for “Pitch Forks & Torches”.   They can’t afford for the cracks to get much larger folks.  And, on the obverse side, neither can we without preparing ourselves.

And, for those of you that will say, “Oh Wolf you need to calm down again & take a deep breath…the pincer move you describe with the family situation ain’t that dire!”  Sorry, check this in your face sad sad statistic out……Maybe we need more “LGBT Pride” months….

There’s nothing like living at home with mom & dad to hike the ole' libido to the max, in spite of this vibrant QE economy with maximal employment via 4.7% unemployment,   “US Baby Bust” indeed, and what was it we had right after WWII?  A baby boom, and a resultant booming economy.  Maybe we are on to something here, “money is good, and the bedroom is good”, makes sense to me folks.  Uh oh, the baby problem is still a problem in the growing LGBT community.  There is a method to the PPPTB pincer move madness, and it is the destruction of family values, and “Our Dependency” is their game.

Make no mistake about it, they are going to carry this to the end, they now have no other choices.  Prepared or not this will happen, “With or Without you” & SOON!  (a WG 2015 repeat, this version chosen for the drummer’s Carl Palmer-ish final 2 minutes).  Feel free to listen if you so chose.


                                            The Human Factor

This title is off "tense" in this next link (see the link below this paragraph).  It is off in it’s present vs. past tense, as it is my view it should be "came" not comes.  It is only the degree of fascism now that is debatable.  That being said, the entire article makes points that any reader of '', could apply constructively to their lives. This guy is a different type of smart.

In his reasons for pessimism segment, number 3 is a great explanation of the unwarranted (unwarranted if honesty is a motive) exporting of inflation to other weaker nations (he didn't say weaker nations I did).  Tense is still an issue in the entirety of that segment as well, as I believe what Rob Kirby says, dollars have already been coming home, the tidal wave just hasn't hit our shores, Yet.  But note the point Casey makes in the first lines of that segment....

“The third is the export of dollars.  This is unique to the U.S. and is the reason the depression in the U.S. will in some ways be worse than most other places.”  Doug Casey

That is a powerful statement, and one I believe to be entirely accurate.  The math involved says it couldn’t be any other way, this depression will likely be one for the record books.

The reason I brought up Mr. Kirby again (not involved in Casey’s article of course), is he introduced the 'dark money' concept, at least he was the first I heard to highlight the subject of the ESF’s powers (exchange stabilization fund).  Which is the only explanation that fits, as in fits the concept to absorb those dollars that have actually already been coming home, and thus one of my issues with tense in the Casey article.  That off the books absorption is the only way to explain why these coming home dollars are still not affecting our out of pocket expenses in a noticeable inflationary tidal wave fashion, YET!  Off the books ponzi scheme shenanigans folks, that’s all it is.

As has been noted in prior installments, announcements have been made by high level controllers that this dark money concept may stop.  Even with the dark money "put" for inflation, our inflation is still a problem at the consumer level.  It is clearly much higher at the consumer level than is being reported, as noted by John Williams in the above video.  After all, as most RM regulars know, food & energy for example are excluded from the inflation estimation apparatus.  Boy, I bet that makes sense to the SixPacks.

Also note Doug's advice in the final segment, with 4 excellent points to be considered.  The only problem I have with these points is he ain't talking to everybody, in fact he is only talking about solutions that would be available to the top 5% or so of earners.  And if everybody did what he proposes, no one would "officially" be home.  Not belittling what he says, but active pursuing of skill sets that are usable in "needs" based venues requires on the ground "intel" with the client base to be serviced.  In this case the at home client base.  

I predict the fancy technology he discusses in his reasons for optimism ain't going to be worth a shit unless it is applied to 'needs' based products and solutions.  “Wants” are what the top earners have been focused on over the last few years for product development, so I have little faith in anything they have on their drawing tables.  I could be proven wrong on that one pretty quickly as well, so stay tuned.  But once again our current methodology & m.o. focuses on ‘wants’ at all economic strata, and not ‘needs’.  Anything focused on 'wants' is the "id" to failure. 

The satisfaction of ’needs’.  It can't effectively be done any other way, if long term positive business relationships are the goal.  Broad based business being done without shaking hands and/or looking your client base or partners in the eye will eventually fail.  Hey, forget all the monetary 'bs' for the moment, and consider the human level, that's actually what we are doing now….Not being human...!  Being phony baloney good time rock & rollers, farming the human element out of the equation to someone else’s labor.  Wolf Gray

Get your damned hands dirty, there is no other way to make business work.  At least work...if there are long term goals involved…!

The 4 points he makes are accurate, but all 4 are only available to a small percentage of the population.  In the meantime,  I will fall back on the knowledge of one of my favorite Wolfpackers, and try to figure out a way to 'live without money' (his major thesis).  Don't tell me it isn't practical, this guy who said it is worth 7 figures plus, and is still down to earth enough that he could easily do it.  Live without money.  For those of us that can't, like yours truly, a well thought out personalized DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) is what is required. 

I am not cutting Mr. Casey down.  In my view he is one of the greatest outside the box thinkers in the world, but he is not talking to everyday Americans.  And, that is part n' parcel to the problems we are facing right now!  We the people are treated as micro in the equation, when we should be macro…..!  Don’t worry, we will be… I just hope we are all alive to see it take place.

                            Conclusions with a Revisit to the Micro vs. Macro Thesis

From the Orlando shootings, to the Russian soccer fans beating the hell out of the British fans in France (yeah right), “The Economic Great Ape”, Clif High, and a few others said this summer would be a hot one.  Score one for the banksters, as that appears to be their intended goals.

As most ‘rogue’ regulars know,  at a business level I believe the timing of the penultimate King Dollar Collapse event can be tied to the compression of the time lag between macro events, and their directly affected little brothers the micro business events.  The current differentials are now infinitesimal, with some micro events now preceding macro events to cover the pocket books of the dolts in charge, at the expense of the working stiff.  Celebrated by wall street pantie wastes, yielding higher equity prices that are sporting over bloated PE ratios.  

On a personal level I was reminded of this macro vs. micro timing phenomena, but in a non-business venue.  Last week I got hit over the head with the proverbial mental hammer image. when a 12 noon lunch with the sporting friend (mentioned at the outset of this installment) ran to 4:00 pm,.  I hadn’t seen this guy in around 40 years, and the memories and the analysis of the current business/economic chaos was running at full steam.  Good stuff, too.   His down to earth business take on things was similar to WG’s, but with different lighting and angles.  He is now, whether he likes it or not, not just a friend, but an honorary member of the Wolfpack.  I will be paying attention to his business & life stories for signs & intel. should he care to share them.  To the proverbial mental hammer……

The landscape & the background:  It is my view there are macro environments, within other macro environments.  For example, the World PPPTB over the micro of the nation state, then the nation state macro over the micro of the smaller municipal world.  We the little people are the bottom line of the micro in all of these scenarios.  And the US has sadly gone down the merger road of the macro & micro governmental bodies with the most powerful of business entities, the banksters & others, yielding the growing fascist state.

On the human factor of this meeting (background), my buddy was a year ahead of me in school but our history went back to elementary school ages in little league sports, and up to the first few years of high school.  The first few years of high school line is critical here, as it will trip the “Human micro manipulation meters into overload”.   I hate to admit it, but this is something I missed completely.  For explanation…..

At one point in the conversation, I mentioned to him, that at the end of my sophomore (high school) year, the head coach of the football team called me to his office, for a little confab.  In the prior season, because I was just a sophomore & I was behind my buddy & some other senior classmen that were the TD heroes, they stuck me on “cornerback island”, and had me returning kicks.  Guess they figured underclassman or not, they couldn’t leave the fastest guy on the team gathering splinters.  I told him at that meeting the coach told me, “WG we are going to pull you from cornerback and put you on offense next season to take advantage of your speed.”  And he also said they were going to feature my lunch buddy as the primary running back (he was also a starter from the prior season).   He went on, “WG, we think we can make a run at the state title next year and we want to use you in a way that causes the opposing defenses more problems having to defend your quickness (we 4 legged dudes are fast, 4.4 sec. 40 yard dash fast).”  

I told my buddy, “man I remember being so pumped up, back to offense the place all my prior years were spent, plus a serious attack on pursuing a state title.”  But pain was soon to be dispensed.  In just a couple months, and only a couple weeks prior to the start of summer football practice, the macro boys from the very very top, the PPPTB, were about to beat the dog shit out of all of us.   Busing & forced integration.  It was not until this meeting with my buddy that I realized that it was coming from the very very top.  I suppose with respect to this subject I had been trapped in the “covertly obvious” zone.

My buddy followed up with a comment regarding one of the toughest guys on the team, and how he would have done about anything for that “Core Group” of guys.  A “Core Group” of guys with no identity anymore.  Again for reference, my lunch buddy was a good football player, but he was a great, pro contracted baseball player right out of high school.  For the most part we all lived within bike riding distance of one another, and played little league ball together, and that dates all the way back to elementary school.  

It dawned on me at that moment that the WG’s family used to take vacations with the family that lived right across the street from my buddy.  My buddy was right, it was a “CORE GROUP of guys”.  A core group all throughout elementary school & up to the intervention point of a bunch of “Macro meddling punk ass PPPTB overlords”.   Hello busing students right off of their home turf, hello to a break down of the family that was a “Core Group” of guys, and hello once again to what I now realize is part n’ parcel to the break down of the human element of the family.  Possibly an attempt, that will ultimately fail, to break down the family of God.

My friend’s statement about a “Core Group” of guys had my mind racing over the next few days.  It occurred to me it was much bigger than the simple integration of the school systems.  It seems clear that the biggest of the macro boys skipped right down through the chain of command and handed out orders, cloaked in false reasons, to break down the population’s unity.  It was a power play disguised as a better way to unite the education system, when they knew all too well it would destroy it.  A lot of tv & radio pundits love to say the libs’ were just misguided by their attempts at feel good crap.  I now say bullshit, they knew damned good and well what they were doing.  At least at the upper echelons of command they did.  It was a desire to breakdown the family, it was the breakdown of community, and it was the gradual indoctrination of your home isn’t your home, your “District of Corruption” is.  

As detailed in the two pronged attack earlier in the installment, this was and is a long term pincer move, a move designed to make us more subservient as the fascist state is rolled out.

On an earthly level their plan has two big problems, thank God!  First, they didn’t anticipate losing their control over the eastern world, and second, they may have underestimated the strength of the home based “CORE GROUPS”……..  It is not Trump that is interesting to me, it is the reactions we are seeing to his initial blustering, as the micro world may just gravitate right back to it’s “CORE GROUPS”…!   Moving it from a disjointed micro status to a merge yielding an improved “Super Macro” status.  Another possible miscalculation by the piss-ant PPPTB.   

The Wolf Gray is now much older, and just down right tired…running from defenders on a football field is not in the cards.  It shouldn’t be in your playing deck either, and only a well thought out personalized DHAP will keep you from getting out of breath.   Unfortunately by necessity some running is coming, the question is who will it be……


God Bless Be Well….Survive then Thrive!  Like stated in the March 7th, 2016 installment, we need to go home to regain our strengths, as it is now clear to yours truly, they were purposely taken away.  Find your family, and your CORE GROUPS……!  

                        And that my friends isn’t covert, it is “Overtly Obvious!”

Wolf Gray

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