Three days after ISIS publicly targets Florida, an avowed member guns down over 100 at LGBT nightclub

On the evening/morning of June 11/12, a lone gunman seized an uncountable number of hostages at an Orlando nightclub and over the next three hours, shot and killed between 50 and 100 members of the LGBT community.

According to early reports, Omar Mateen, an American born son of Afghan parents (believed to be refugees from the Soviet-Afghanistan war), planned an attack on a gay nightclub after he saw two men kissing in his vicinity during the past few weeks.

However, there is much more to this story that what is being reported on the surface, and it appears to not only involve the terror organization known as ISIS, but perhaps even a company (G4S) he worked for that has ties to Israeli security agencies.

War on Want has nominated G4S as the world’s worst company in this year’s Public Eye Awards, an initiative of the Berne Declaration and GreenPeace. The winner of the award for the worst record of corporate human rights abuses and environmental misdeeds will be announced on 24 January at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

We are backing G4S, the world’s largest private military and security company, with operations in 125 countries and 657,000 employees, which caught international attention with its shambolic performance as security provider for the London 2012 Olympics.

G4S owns the ArmorGroup and has ordinance management operations in 26 countries. Its Gurkha Services arm trains the British army for combat duties. In 2010 and 2012 respectively, the US Senate Armed Services Committee and the UN watchdog Global Policy Forum published criticism of G4S as a military contractor. According to War on Want, the criticism did not stop the British government from extending armed security contracts with G4S in Afghanistan, understood to be worth £72 million.

G4S owns 90 per cent of its subsidiary G4S Israel (Hashmira) which supplies services to the Israeli police, the Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Prison Service, the Israeli army, and the settlement businesses. Over 4,500 Palestinian political prisoners, including 177 children, are held in Israeli jails. Israel transfers Palestinian political prisoners from the occupied territory to prisons in Israel in breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention.


Omar Mateen was a troubled individual, who's first wife divorced him due to violence, abuse, and other anger issues.  And going back to 2013, Mateen had also been investigated twice by the FBI for potential ties to terror groups and individuals, including one who would eventually travel to the Middle East and perform an act of suicide terror.  However, the FBI not only discontinued their investigation on Mateen in 2014, but they also allowed Mateen to purchase firearms over the past couple days which were used to kill at least 50 people at the Orlando nightclub.

During the hostage situation, Mateen called 911 and informed officials that he was doing his terrorist act as a member of the Islamic State, where later ISIS corroborated his story by issuing their own announcement of taking responsibility for the attack.  Thus for we have yet another instance of Islamic terror taking place on an 11 date, just like the NYC attack on 9/11, the Madrid bombing on 3/11, and of course, the 2012 Sep. 11 attack at Benghazi.

Sadly, ever since the signing of the Patriot Act and the creation of the NSA surveillance state, the U.S. government has stopped zero terrorist attacks on American soil in which they did not have a direct hand in 'setting up' individuals or groups to act upon FBI or other agency stings.  And in just the past 12 months, the American people have now experienced two major terrorist acts in both Orlando, and San Bernadino, where all the perpetrators had been known to have had ties and connections to groups recorded on the terror watch list.

15 years after 9/11, little has changed in the government's ability to protect America in their ideological 'war on terror', and in fact, has cultivated that war through arms shipments (Benghazi), funded coups (Ukraine), and other protections of terror groups (ISIS) to those deemed as such on Federal watchlists.  And while the government has shown to be either ignorant or impotent in actually stopping real terror attacks, both domestically and abroad, they have not been incompetent in using their new tools to spy on and target regular Americans, who more often than not are the ones labeled as terrorists under the Obama administration.