A Team RM Announcement from the Russia Analyst

Tempus fugit. As the pace of global geo-economic change accelerates and the financial balance of power tilts eastward, the Russia Analyst is changing tactics to keep up with the times. Henceforth, per our promise at the start of 2016, we plan far fewer lengthy analyses here at RogueMoney -- save for those which have already been 'in the pipeline' and which will be contributed in three to five page length for an upcoming paid subscription analysis product the Guerrilla will announce soon involving the whole Team RogueMoney. 

We've read the comments from RogueMoney readers who've jokingly told us that the reason the average reading time on this site is eight minutes is because it takes them at least that long to get about halfway through the typical Russia Analyst post, which often require two sittings or more to read -- especially if you watch the embedded videos!

Truth be told, Wolf Gray's articles are not always so skimpy either. Nonetheless, it was the sage advice of Team RogueMoney's ex-spook mentor 'W the Intelligence Insider' in a telephone conversation this past weekend that convinced us to shift to a newer format, one that will hopefully drive traffic to a paid product that will gradually aid the purchasing power and personal preparations of every Team RM member while helping others accelerate their own adaptations to the inevitable global economic reset. 

The Saker a Friend of Team RM's Russia Analyst Interviews with https://t.co/0dV6Vhaj7G and @TheSolariReporthttps://t.co/IHEsDMFkqU

— Rogue Money (@theroguemoney) June 8, 2016

Inspired by the 'SITREPs' we see over at the Vineyard of the Saker blog run by our White Russian Floridian friend Andre Raevsky, we've decided to try and pace ourselves with more short summary articles in the 500 to 1,000 word range which will feature bullet-point style links followed by short paragraph commentary. We hope this will enable RM readers from Seattle to Sydney and Asheville to Auckland to keep up with geo-economic events, particularly the cascade of stories related to de-dollarization and Eurasian nations seeking new security partnerships outside of 'Exceptionalistan' aka the Anglo-Globalist 'Empire of Chaos'. We also think these SITREPs will 'set up' potential audio recordings by the Russia Analyst at one or more of our RogueMoney YouTube channels (we're still in the process of setting up and mastering Google hangouts on our rather slow and soon to be replaced laptop). 

Going forward, our more lengthy analyses of Russian and Eurasian developments in the three to five page range (1,500 to 2,500 words) will be preserved for the upcoming paid product magazine. For those seeking more details, be sure to listen or download the podcast of this Friday night's 8 p.m. Eastern time program with the Guerrilla Economist featuring special guest Bill Holter.

This Friday….The Guerrilla sits down w/ The Legendary Bill Holter. Thermo Nuclear Truth bombs will be dropped. Stay tuned.

— Rogue Money (@theroguemoney) June 7, 2016

Best regards,

James "Winston" Smith the Russia Analyst

P.S. RogueMoney commenters may have also noticed our avatar changed from an icon of Prince Alexander Nevsky to the more recognizable 'troika' of George Washington, Lenin and Mao's faces on the respective currencies of the U.S.A, the late great USSR and China. Overall we think this will make our 'brand' more recognizable to more RM readers around the world, particularly in Asia.