You Can't Stump the Trump, Volume 26 (America First) -- That's Not Exactly What Putin Said, But Wouldn't It Be Nice if We Got Along with Russia Anyway?

My favorite part starts at 5:50, "How dare you call me a genius Vladimir! (Actually Putin called Trump an exceptionally 'bright' or 'colorful' personality -- not all a bad thing, but Vladimir Vladimirovich was quick to add the American people would decide this November). National sovereignty and minding your own damn business -- what a concept for all the European and paid NATO/Kiev trolls we see attacking AMERICAN Trump voters on Twitter every day

This is a fine example of 21st century globalism -- paying foreigners using Americans' tax dollars (and German taxpayer funded IMF euros) to troll Trump voters around the clock for not wanting conflict with Russia, or bashing British patriots for wanting to #VoteLeave and #Brexit the #EU!