A King Dollar Devaluation or Collapse?….Will Anyone Notice a Difference…?

Almost two years ago we discussed the question in the above title here at ‘roguemoney.net’.  And now it seems the news realities indicate we are about to stare down the barrel of the final answer to this question.  Any & all answers will ultimately be intimidating & painful, thus the barrel reference.  Once the news segment in this installment gets rolling, I will try and approach the evidence trail like a prosecuting attorney, and then close with some obvious ‘real time’ signs.

Repeated from last week; we are now faced with signs that mean “the light switch moment” has already happened.  In fact, the entire wall switch has been removed.  It happened in 2008, and the US 3rd world remodeling event is starting to pick up pace across the nation.  Some areas of the US are already heavily affected, but the nationwide remodeling will include switches that are controlled by others remotely, the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be).  Let’s all get in charge of our own ‘DIY’ economic/business remodeling.  Need I remind you, being in charge will only be available to those with a well thought out personalized DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio).

In last week’s installment we alluded to the possibility of ongoing business negotiations between the Western Paper Ponzi Captains & the BRICS & Associates Power brokers (whether they are negotiating or not will not matter, the result for us will be the same).  The surmised keynote of these negotiations being a discussion of ways to smooth out a trade transition for the debt strapped, import dependent US populous, via an equitable devaluation of the domestic US dollar (home of the King Dollar).  This would temporarily put off the fiat record of 100% failures.  Only temporarily, that’s for sure….!  Why do I say that?

Because, just like I theorized almost two years ago, will anyone really care?  As in anyone who is the holder of these devalued dollar legal tender units.  As a reminder, does anyone truly doubt that the most minor of devaluations for a overly indebted country that relies on imports for the majority of it’s needs based products will collapse the purchasing power completely?  Especially when factoring statistics that indicate the potential purchasers & holders of these legal tender pieces of crap, “the US Sixpacks,’’ are now reduced to living off their savings as well as their declining paychecks.  Why?  Because of the ill-perceived necessity of living a bit “TOO LARGE” over the past couple decades.  Living too big for our britches, as Grandpa Wolf Gray would say.  

This is the negative side of being the world’s reserve currency, and at the same time not having made productive use of your own vast natural resources.  In our case getting lazy and relying on the labors of others off our shores, others who ironically also hold our debt.  You can’t get much dumber than that folks.  Wolf Gray

If you can’t pay for the ‘debt holders’ goods output (imports), and you can’t even pay for your debt either without resorting to the printing of the same colored paper they already hold, you guessed it, you have got one big big problem.  As mentioned nearly two years ago, when things are rolling your way being the world reserve currency has lots of perks like the natural “vig” on the paper transactions.  But, when you are at the ‘obverse’ scenario, then adjustments to your life style will soon be ‘a-comin’.   They’re here!

Whether dollar devaluations are being negotiated or not, the US based purchasing power is going to take a major hit, and you need to prepare for the evils that come with it.  In this installment we will discuss the dollar devaluations and how they will affect or coincide with the dollar’s eventual collapse.  A collapse that in my view is already happening, and if you are still oblivious to it’s ‘road signs’, then let’s just say your ‘blinded to reality’ nature will be a temporary condition.  A condition that will soon lead everyone to the question, “Will anyone in the US notice a difference between a collapse or a devaluation of the fiat dollar?”  Will it even be distinguishable to the holders of these legal tender pieces of crap?

More in a second, but first the news, with the later news offerings providing evidence for the prosecution team’s “Ongoing Fiat King Dollar Collapse” argument, beating the crap out of the fiat paper economic defense team’s final standard argument of, “Who could have seen this one coming?”…….

                                                 Last Week’s Abysmal News

First up the really important stuff…like this proud to be from the USA moment……courtesy of one of our youthful heroes…….A paci', "Come on Man"


And in the same illustrious category of massive lobotomized stupidity check out this “banking high IQ moment” …..brought to you by “Lobotomies are Us”


This is what countries or businesses do that have run out of options, and have no moral compunction about papering over existing unproductive paper crap.  This is 3rd world ‘bs’ pure & simple, giving mortgage loans to millennial who live at home, make very little and are saddled with debt they can’t possibly pay.  Brilliant absolutely brilliant!  I love to say “it’s just business”, well that’s true here as well, just add…“BAD”….

Getting a little more serious, the Wolf Gray sense of smell was not so damaged from smoking his cigar while sitting atop his lawn tractor, that he couldn’t smell a potential rat in this next headline…..


Might this be another attempt to raise the oil prices?  I smell a bankster somewhere nearby, albeit a very desperate one, based on this feeble attmept……!

Oh your sense of smell is way off as usual WG.  Might be, but something sure does stink in this next headline……


I think the last line in the above Zerohedge link pretty much says it all…..

"With everything that is going on, one can only wonder if desperate times have led to desperate measures... or, of course, this could simply be a "technical glitch" which just happened to occur on a Friday evening - the busiest time for cash withdrawals."  Z.H.

Oh yeah, move on folks, nothing to see here, move on…….quit kicking that ATM, and come back after the weekend is over.  Oh btw, for you doubting Thomas’s, this will very likely be coming to a neighborhood near you……After all, this wasn’t the “Lazy Crossroads Bank & Haircare Center”, this was one of the largest banks in the world, Deutsche Bank.  Curious isn’t it?  As this is coming from the bank that is now coming clean, and getting ready to be a ‘tattle-tail’ on other PPPTB bankster puppet masters.

And this leads nicely into the prosecution team’s presentation in their case against the banksters, and is only part-n-parcel to the evidence that just keeps on giving ……. giving on an almost daily basis……..check this 'bs' out.......


Are you kidding me, “the crazy growth in corporate debt is finally noticed?  Really?  Like this is news!?  If you can’t see that the rats are abandoning the debt ships then you are blind.  This is as in your face as it can be, and it’s not the first time this fact has been highlighted in a Wolf Gray installment.   This is sticking it in your face and saying in multiple reminder form, “Don’t blame us, we told ya so, over & over!”  And if that doesn’t irritate you to the core, then read the body of the article, or just let me sum this up Wolf Gray style. “They are adding to their excessive debt levels courtesy of shareholder dollars & employee layoffs, the very dollars & layoffs used to pay themselves more money for losing your money & eliminating your jobs, all with an up yours smile on their faces….!  

To summarize, it is frickin’ bonuses for being incompetent, pure & simple!  It’s an inside the beltway thing or something, a disease that has spread to the business sector.  "GREED!"

But there really is a more devious underlying motive in there, one that needs to be brought to the RM presses, and one that is very obvious to those with their eyes open.  Much of their wasted paper motions are because they know the “fiat game” is coming to an end.  Therefore, they need to weasel as much cash as they can out of their companies before everything grinds to a a halt.  Hell, the prosecution could rest it’s case on this evidence alone, but let’s take this beyond an “O.J. courtroom evidence moment.”  Moving on…..

If you can’t ask why & why now to this next article, then once again please stop reading now, & proceed to your nearest head doctor for proper treatment.  Look at the headline, and look who is talking, nothing else needs to be highlighted...........


Folks here is the long & short of it, with the prosecution first calling Ken Schortgen Jr. to the stand, and then Mr. Gold-Jim Sinclair of ‘jsmineset.com’…let’s set the stage from a business perspective….

Clearly anyone who was considering the establishment of a new business and has the world as their oyster, is not considering the US fascist state as a possible business hub.  For evidence, witness the lowest number of new entrepreneurs ever as a portion of the US business community (see prior installment).  Why is that?  The costs associated with doing business are far too great in the US and the support structures are rickety at best.  Paper scaffolding rickety to boot.  Speaking of business, I hope all of you caught Ken Schortgen Jr’s post last week regarding the collapse in auto sales, his article will be admitted into evidence as Exhibit C.  Again this was one of WG’s pre-2016 forecasts, but in addition to this exhibit check out this amazing conversation between Mr. Gold Jim Sinclair @ ’jsmineset.com’ & one of his readers on June 01, 2016……..(no changes made to the conversation)

Reported on Fox Business, sales of new cars for the month from GMC down 18%. That is a very significant drop in new car sales and pretty much all of the auto companies experienced serious auto sales declines. If the new car sales go away and new homes slide how will the banksters convince the sheeple that all is well in the economy?
CIGA Larry:

Dear Larry,
I asked the Federal reserve management this morning your key question. They said in unison that we, the Fed, need to show our confidence in the USA economy by increasing interest rates and therefore confidence in the Federal Reserve’s consistent level of economic and employment judgement.
Best Regards, Jim Sinclair


As a reminder, the judge in these proceedings is EMN “Economic Mother Nature”, and she just threw the gavel at the bankster defense team for objecting to Mr. Schortgen’s expert testimony.  Referencing the conversation above, it is the Wolf Gray’s ongoing opinion that ‘home building’ is not an industry (I have probably dealt with more high end home builders than anybody in my state), it is a beneficial offshoot of quality manufacturing jobs, and industrial output from your God given natural resources.  So with that in mind, what the heck is the US going to do now for an economic encore?  Especially with the domestic oil businesses, and the ‘domestic auto manufacturing & sales’ operations swirling around in the toilet bowl exits?   These stories aren’t just WG flying wild & blind.  No, these stories are all over the US news wires, both the msm & alternative media.  

I got a simple answer, “What they have already been doing for the last few years, “financializing the crap out of these industries with real production and real numbers no where in sight.”  Need proof?  In the US we have multiple derivative layers (reference any bank’s quarterly or 10K reports) applied to cover the tracks of costly oil extraction methods, (once again derivatives are only simple gambling with the existing original contracts), and for our former mainstay in the industrial world, auto sales, how about 7 year loans for the product end user.  Loans on a product that declines in value at a rate that nearly outpaces the standard wear & tear during a 4 year time frame, let alone a 7 year note…!  Now that is over-financializing a product.

This is papering over the only major remaining industries that haven’t been given away outside our jurisdiction with the only methods of profits left, PAPER ‘BS’.  Papering over something that should have been given the opportunity to go through a natural cyclical downturn.  And that, as the folks reading RM know, is called capitalism, which has been replaced with fascism.  I ain’t through with all the evidence, yet your honor.  

Do you want to know where the rubber really meets the road?  How about when you have given away your autonomy, or literally your sovereignty?  Drawing upon a past installment thesis, can you really have sovereignty in a global economy, when you have a reported 50%+ of your total outstanding debt residing with “outside interests”?  Outside meaning other countries and how about this, other countries that are now pissed at your phony business techniques…! Wolf Gray

You have lost your sovereignty, you have lost your leverage, you have lost any honesty tied to your corporate labels, and you have lost something WG has preached on all the time here at RM ‘YOUR POSITION OF STRENGTH AT THE NEGOTIATING TABLES”…….!  The devaluation will happen to the domestic dollar, our trading partners will have it no other way.  But the ensuing domestic dollar collapse may be much sooner than anyone expects, due to the lack of legal tender effectiveness at the transaction cash registers.  Which will initially, and in vein, result in causing the brainiacs in charge to print even more dollar currency units.

The prosecution could rest it’s case here, but it is time to move on to the meat of the argument in the form of, the people, the work force, the labor that makes it all happen.  The real wheels of the industrial & manufacturing machines…without them, the wheels wouldn’t turn at all.  Time for more evidence to bolster the prosecution’s case.

Speaking of the auto business, next up is a Wolf Gray “guesstimation,” but a “guesstimation” with some good cigar smoked lawn tractor time to test the mind’s speculated offings.  It is my best guess the same problems that have beset the ‘auto manufacturing and end user sales machines’ will soon hit the real estate markets.  Soon as in right now in some areas.  Check out this next link from “Wolf Street” (once again no affiliation)……


It’s time for the prosecution to start putting it all together in a more macro perspective……Look at the headline of this next link……


Regarding the above, "Business is business". ..! Get over yourself, grow up, and do what is right for your country.  Oops, not with this administration, led by bankster stupidity.  Two things are coming to the surface by this dumb arsed move.  Zero is pouting, "They can't do without me I am the greatest", or the banksters said, “show them a major temper tantrum or else!"  Probably both, but the disheartening after effect will be to inspire the BRICS & Associates to isolate us even further.  Way to go team USSA………How about this novel idea, “put your big boy britches on, and try doing some honest business…your country deserves it!”

With the world stage still providing plenty of evidence against the “Fiat King Dollar’s misuse of power”, we the prosecution would like to bring to the court's attention, last week’s installment. With the news release, wherein Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated, “the world was on the verge of a global financial crisis.”  Then let’s follow that, with a tip of the hat to my “Hat trick Letter” subscription, and some insight from Dr. Jim Willie (note out of respect to Dr. Willie, I will only give you a smidgen of the huge volume of information in his standard monthly news letter). He notes that Abe & Mr. Putin have been meeting regularly of late, and frequently to boot.  Dr. Willie feels energy deals are the suspected business motives behind these multiple meetings.  Sounds reasonable to me, but what difference does it make to those of us in “Economic Mother Nature’s” courtroom (the sheeple/Sixpacks)?  Answer in a second, first let me admit this piece of evidence from the following link, as Exhibit B (headline alone says a mouthful)…..Thanks to "Sputnik-news"...Keeping in mind last weeks' Abe statements.......


Whether energy is the primary motive or not, the prosecution guarantees you that one of the prime motives is that Japan is clearly willing to face any future strong arm tactics from the US bully machinery in order to diversify their options.  Looks as if they feel it is time to be on board with the winning team.  And though I am sure you get it, the question is, why now?   I suspect it is because they don’t want to be drug into the business isolation chamber that the US’s moronic leadership is building.  Built with a load arrogance and stupidity.  It is just business.  And as dumb as Japan has been over the last couple decades, even they are facing the King Dollar collapse music, regardless of a potential violent response from western sources.

How could the evidence presented thus far be possible, since it appears to be self destructive, and with a purpose to boot?  And in that vein let us admit the message in this headline from Zerohedge as Exhibit A, for the court’s review…..

Yep that article says a mouthful, and note the esteemed authors involved.  Our prosecution team would rest it’s case now, but we want to exceed that O.J. level of evidence even further, check out this whopper…….


Regarding the above link, let me say, “I got an idea morons, quit wasting our tax money fighting against something that is legitimate and concentrate on doing our own manufacturing rebuild right here at home.  Hey there's a novel concept.  Can we be any dumber?  Think about it, “PROBABLY NOT!”  If you actually thought about what could be the stupidest thing you could do while walking headlong into an economic downturn, this would be very high on the to do list….! 

Waste money threatening the competition, knowing full well they ain’t going to back off of their pursuits.  Now that is stupidity you can count on.

And for any of you jurors, and members of the press in the national courtroom audience that are still brainwashed via the great Zero and his leadership, check this out…..


As Michael Snyder seems to imply, why & why now?  Liberal or conservative, msm or alternative media, Trump or the opposition, the prosecution could rest it’s case right now.  The King Dollar, with whatever face turns up on it’s paper, is headed to the fiat dust bin of history.  If you can’t figure it out from all this evidence, evidence that is in your face and currently active on the ground, then listen to our vaunted leadership in the above article.  How many sirens do you need to hear?

                           Initial Summations for Mrs. Economic Mother Nature

It is time to change things up a bit and present the court with some damning evidence that comes from the playing field of the Sixpacks’ in the US workforce.  The following examples are the most important ones, not examples from over paid big shots or world leaders who couldn’t even complete a take out order at Burger King, but the folks who make the game something worth watching.  The Sixpacks across the working world.  The true measuring stick of business and the only one that counts, and I will present my reasons for that in my final summation.

The King Dollar defense team screams, “I object to these forms of evidence, as the BLS reports are excellent, and it appears the prosecution is trying to paint the media as being state controlled, falsely painting pictures of positive economic fundamentals that aren’t there.  When clearly our government agencies stick to hard core statistics, no brainwashing needed.”

EMN has nothing of their whining.  From the prosecution, & first up check this gem out…..


The above article is no surprise to RM regulars.  What one has to ask at this juncture in time is, where will the job & wage growth come from now?  Maybe a wired daisy chain of derivative contracts.  Oh that's right, we already got that industry covered.  Covered in a shit storm of unrecognizable title to the paper….!  I can hear the defense “they object”, but EMN bitch slaps them……once again

Next up are the news headlines from the prosecution that defy the rosy picture, as portrayed per the King Dollar’s defense team……


But maybe the defense is right, your honor, maybe things are rosy.  After all, we did have the following headline put up by ZeroHedge at 11:02 am Tuesday the 31st of May……..which said the US consumer had 70 billion more in disposable income….Oh & btw, how does that jive with the previous headline?  Not too good!


But might there be some lying sacks of crap somewhere reporting these bogus numbers?  Nah, no way…..but just in case there are some, we may want to check out the following headline presented by the same news outlet just one hour earlier on the same day May 31st @ 10:09 am…”Consumer confidence at 10 months lows”…..


I am reminded of catching a youngster, while getting caught up in his own lies, and him or her not remembering what last lie was told.  I mean, does anybody really buy any of this crap they are feeding us..?  Anybody?  The PPPTB have lied so many times they don’t even detect they are lying, even when the time between events is measured in mere minutes or single digit hours.

King Dollar Defense team, “I object your honor, there is no foundation for these accusations, (then under the defense’s breath) well except they come from our own governmental reporting agencies ..!”

Economic Mother Nature (EMN), “Duly noted counselor.  Back to you Mr. Prosecutor, let’s get to the SixPacks, and what they are really facing in the ‘on the ground working world’….!”

Judge & jurors check out this next headline from the BLS, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the defense’s own expert reporting tools…


A 4.7% unemployment number is purported in the above release, but the number of total unemployed Americans in & out of the workforce is now, what....?  102 million that's what, and that is using the number from the same news release, wow…!   So if I use some easy 5th grade level math: if the unemployment rate is 4.7% then the total “working population” by itself must be.......?  Drum roll.......please....2.17 billion in the US.  That’s right, and if you include non-working aged individuals, like the 5th grader who solved this math problem, the US now has nearly half the world’s total population with well over 3 billion happy residents.  I think V is being too nice defining the BLS acronym as “Bureau of Lies & Statistics”, it needs to be turbocharged (just can’t think of anything catchy right now)……

I bet those 3 billion are happy & smiling because they have over 70 billion in disposable income to spend on paper garbage.  Oh wait a second, that equates to 70 billion divided by 3 billion, yielding only 23.33 dollars per citizen, man woman & child.  And I know another reason why they are smiling, it’s because their work weeks have been cut on average to just over 34 hours.  Ya can’t beat fascism folks, lower wages, less hours, less benefits, higher costs of living, and despite all that, we still have an extra disposable 70 billion in our pockets.  BLS my ass.

The prosecution yields to the King Dollar defense team, “Things really are great, we just didn’t know it…!”  In the meantime, every reader that made it this far can bet every last worthless dollar they have on one simple thing…the next rallying cry from defense teams on the PPPTB’s payroll will be???  You guessed it, “Who could have seen this one coming…….?”  Once these rallying cries start coming at ya, I will bet you my favorite shiny silver eagle that attempts at playing “catch up” on your DHAP preparations can be considered well short of hopeless……and next door to “totally-impossible”…!  Wolf Gray

                          Conclusions Without the Staged Courtroom Shenanigans

Allow the following business concept to settle in the back of your minds during the rest of the concluding paragraphs.  A professional football franchise can not operate without players, but the players can operate without the management team.  Do the more successful franchises tend to have top notch upper management teams and owners?  In short yes, but it doesn’t change the fact there is no operation whatsoever without the players.  No show, no nothing.  The players on the western business financial teams have been sold out, cheated, and are part of the LBO (leveraged buyout) of America written about in a past installment.   Keep this simple sports franchise analogy in mind during the following paragraphs.

The larger world stage shows us that the US is foolishly being cornered into self imposed isolation, just like an unruly child.  Even former allies, and bullied “lap dogs” (I say former because they are clearly stepping away) recognize we are a stench on the world’s business stages.  A stench with not only a bad smell, but no bite, and therefore something to be avoided.  Wolf Gray

Once again, there is a need for a revisit of the Wolf Gray views on the demise/collapse of the King Dollar, and it’s effects on the “man on the street”……..The King will be considered in a collapse for most folks regardless of the fact that it may still be used as the current form of legal tender, but now in a very devalued format……….We are too heavily indebted to our unnecessary wants based items, items we “just had to have”, even though nearly all of them weren’t necessary.  As a consequence, we will have to wade through our over indulgences with budgets stretched to the max, supplemented with weak employment opportunities…it all yields “a beat down cometh”.  Thus any legal tender devaluation might as well be classified as a collapse.   That is what I predict…a collapse, regardless of whether the paper survives a little longer or not.  The King Dollar will eventually succumb to the 100% historical figures that clearly show no fiat currency survives forever.  Ever!

Another clear indicator that the “end” is just around the bend is one that yours truly has reported on many times recently.  It is the Exchange Stabilization Fund (the ESF/US Treasury reported on much before) via Jacob Lew saying, “don’t expect the US treasury to come to the rescue.”  It can’t get any clearer than that statement, because there is only one way to explain the King Dollar’s survival, a survival years beyond the light switch death moment in 2008, and that would be “under the table dark money”.  And the ESF, the dark money source has now said, "don’t expect us to save the day."

Quick Sidebar:  The question we should be asking is what the hell does the US Treasury have to do with saving the day as alluded to on the world stage?  That should raise some “they are exposing themselves eyebrows”.  Once again hear the Team @ 'roguemoney.net', the ESF's mandate does allow for such international liberties.  So why is the US treasury guru announcing this, with an international flavor?  They are both one in the same, ESF & US Treasury!  Reference this link again (referenced many times before), and note the headline and the descriptive language surrounding the quote……I don’t know what else to call this other than an announcement that the “Save the King Dollar Spigot”, for whatever reason, is going to be cut off.  


In the meantime, what available capital that still does exists is not being used to expand business.  Still not being used, even after the collapse of 2008, the formal Wolf Gray “light switch” moment.   Please don’t be fooled by things like the positives advertised via heavy purchasing of US paper.  Remember, the ESF’s former involvement in paper absorption via dark money channels, and also remember that paper trapped fund managers have their hands tied by their prospectuses.  Which typically means these fund jockeys are stuck with moving money to the only safety available to them, the US dollar & the US debt markets.  The real fools are the ones whose paper is being moved by these funds, the US sheeple. 

Stuck within the mindset, US debt & the US is dollar is what?  Good as what?  Gold!!!!  I say give me the….”Gold”, and you can send my share of the US paper to Venezuela they need it in their bathrooms.  Wolf Gray

By now, astute RM regulars recognize that easy money leads to risky investment.  And right now, unless financial engineering is utilized, there is no effective capital available for business growth & expansion.  Oops, I forgot there is some easy capital available in the form of profit margins from the big banks, it is labeled as the “bond carry trade”……..borrow @ zero percent & leverage even more with a guarantee of positive returns in the bond market.  Hey, I bet “Joe & Jane SIxpack’s General Store” is taking advantage of the same honest business practices afforded in the bond carry trade.  Yeah right!

Western business models are now cannibalizing themselves, especially with the fascist US.   offshore debt coming home to roost!  And this is what finally happens when you are stupid enough to believe a lack of development and or usage of your home based, God given natural resources will not end badly.  And what visible evidence does that yield that the end is nigh?  Things like ridiculous rigging of the job numbers to hide the fact we are in a job depression.  All in concert with a lack of “real growth” in profit margins, which also led to mal-investment of what little business margins were left over……..

The western method in quick summary…”Fire more people, announce stock buybacks, and give easy money raises to the big boys at the top in the form of rising stock prices & increased stock options.”  Wolf Gray

Back to the sports franchise analogy, where the only way out of this is clear.  Give the players on the US’s playing field something productive to do in the needs based products arena.  It is the only thing that will get some of the idle 102 million working aged bodies (out of what could only be 200 or so million actual working aged bodies) back on the playing field.  This next headline speaks volumes……..


College is not a necessity when there are no “NEEDS based production” jobs are available, and there are only dying on the vine paper bullshit jobs.   Time to get our hands dirty folks.  Time to take the trash out.  Might need to start at some colleges.  

None of our political hacks or greedy disloyal business leaders have anything to do with solving this problem. They only have their fingers on the “Greed Levers”.  The game itself at this point is meaningless, with roughly half the needed players sitting at home.  After all it is only the players that can solve the problem.  The founders got this concept even without a modern day sporting venue, “It’s the players on the field that make the game happen!”  The same concept that applies to “The US constitution & the Bill of Rights,” ultimately applies to the sports & business communities, if success is the goal….then it's “We the People that make the show…!”  Wolf Gray

Billy Joel may have it right, “We didn’t start the Fire”, but that song was served to the public over several decades ago, if a remake were done, I would remove the “n” & one of the “t’s”.  You can decide which one on your own.  One thing is for damned sure, only we can put out the fire….!  


                                                        Hard Asset Tip

The only thing that will stop the fires that have been started…..Wait a second, what fires you ask?  The ones in Brazil, the ones in Venezuela, the ones in Syria, the ones in the Ukraine, the ones in the Saudi Petrodollar separation anxieties, the ones in Europe, and the ones right here at home like in Detroit or Chicago or @ staged protests at Trump rallies, that’s which ones.

The only way to successfully fight these fires is by being viable on the other side of this malaise.  With the potential to survive the “Needs” based beat down, and the dark periods that follow (of unknown lengths).  By being blessed with the comfort of knowing at your family’s disposal is the powerful debt fire extinguishers promoting honest business & honest trade, now fully ready to extinguish & repudiate fascist flames.  Only the surviving, heads up players on the field can properly complete this task.  No elected political hack, no presidential dudes, and no two faced banksters will get the job done.  They just don’t understand the players on the field.

The only way you will be involved, is having a fire truck full of fascist resistant, personalized DHAP items on hand. It is the Wolf Gray’s opinion that any significant devaluation might as well be classified as a collapse, and that classification will only be a matter of short time once the first devaluation hits the US’s paper streets.  But, you probably already knew that….. Which begs the question, have you acted upon this knowledge?  Action is the only thing that will matter in this game, posers need not apply, period!  Get your arse in gear!


Wolf I am getting tired of your condescending lectures at the end of your articles!  And to that I say, “Good, then I can only assume your anger means you must be ready!  We can all “Toast” ourselves later when the job is completed, I am the one howling in the distance."  Howling times might vary slightly depending on the evening’s choice of adult beverages.

God bless & Be Well….Focus on: ”Surviving then Thriving…!”

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Grandpa WG, Dixie, Team RM, ZeroHedge, Jim Sinclair & "jsmineset.com", Dr. Jim Willie & "the Hat Trick Letter", Wolf Street, Sputnik News, Michael Snyder, Yahoo News, Billy Joel & Muhammad Ali