Opposing Forces Ultimately Ending Up Going the Same Direction

The headline picture depicts what I believe is going on at this very moment among the world’s power brokers.  As highlighted in many of my installments the business macro events are now nearly running hand in hand with the micro events, no time differential at all, with respect to business/economic visibility.  Also as reported on multiple occasions, witness the announcements of layoffs, preceding the actual quarterly earnings reports of western based businesses.  Not a time honored practice of any honest businesses.  A sure sign of weakness, and a sign of an impending disaster.  For most of us, it simply means “batten down the hatches and be prepared”… problems are coming on multiple fronts.   

A recent interview (shown below) with Dr. Jim Willie, provided some support of this Wolf Gray theory.  A theory that signals the western elite are working at this moment with eastern power brokers to come up with a viable solution to help all concerned.  All except for us, the little guys.  I have been of the opinion that once the western PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) recognizes the BRICS economic momentum is unstoppable, they will implode things ‘ASAP’ to keep as much ownership rights of their home turf from being titled to the BRICS & Assoc.  Theory being, “they can’t afford to lose everything….!”   

And why is this important to the little guys in the USSA, and by little guys I mean almost anyone with less than a 9 figure net worth (might need to be north of that to boot)?  This group which comprises over 99+% of the western populous will be left, “To Fend for themselves, for an unknown time period!”  We are the sacrificial lambs in the LBO (leveraged buy out) of the USSA.  Our side of the negotiating table is manned by a bunch of limp wristed numb nutzes, pounding their chests like Tarzan, but deep down knowing nothing can change things for the moment.  Time has to play itself out on this business chess board.  We aren’t always the good guys….I suspect I will piss off many of you by the end of this installment……

Whether this theory is accurate or not matters not, as the western business/economic foundations will be upended.  And are in active upheaval now with no return trip yet in sight.  We gave away the advantages of God given bounty, while tending to these gifts with no respect…no respect whatsoever.  That will change, and soon if we are to survive.  As a reference to another ‘roguemoney.net’ article by Ken Schortgen Jr., caused my feeble brain to go into deep think overload, more in a second.

That being said, it appears to the Wolf Gray’s sense of smell that enemies are now forced to reluctantly work together, loosely but together for the moment.   A very necessary overture for one side to stem it’s economic bleeding.  On the outward surfaces, reported by the msm and alternative media outlets, they might be fighting (recently still active in some cases, Ukraine, Syria etc.), but the big dogs at the top seem to now recognize the end games are in sight.   Thus the possibility that they are working to salvage as much of their own rights as is possible.  The losers included, of course.  And make no mistake about it, we in the west are the losers this time, and our elite overlords may very well be trying to assess the damages at this very moment.  But, for the first time in several centuries, the west will be deciding from the loser’s side of the equation.  Now a quick review, of only a few news briefs……..

                                                       Recent News

The answer to this first headline from Zero Hedge is?


Because market supply & demand fundamentals & metrics have no meaning anymore.  I suspect in keeping with the theme of this installment, it is a ‘front’ to keep the 99+% at ease will negotiations are ongoing for the ownership rights to the world’s assets.  Quick insert here, “God owns said assets, we are just tending to and or leasing his gifts.  Poorly at the moment I might add.”

Next up is more stock market high-jinks….


Amazing, equity fund outflows at record highs and the stock market does what?  Stays at or near it’s all time highs.  Makes sense doesn’t it folks?  “NOT!”  Many of us have witnessed businesses that are flying high, and have nothing of value to offer.  And we always left saying, “That won’t last long!”  So if “it won’t last long” is defined by the bubblicious equity rise from 2009 to now, then what will “LONG” be defined by in the aftermath of the end of this Miss Bubblicious Equity Market?  It will be defined by “Pain”……..”the time frames, only in question”....

Speaking of Miss Bubblicious, how about this stunner from the moron of morons, a magna-cume-laude in the “I haven’t got a financial clue” category……next up Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe……


Clearly one has to ask “why & why now?” that this comes from one of the most lost societies on the planet when referenced to business/finance.   I got an answer, one that I know is a large part of the “why & why now” reason, FEAR!  C.Y.A (cover your arse) before the chaos begins.  And speaking of chaos, one of the other contributing factors to the “why & why now”, might just be the sinking ship of their world masters, “us”…..the Empire of Chaos.  The guys rumored to have stolen 1.2 trillion dollars from Japan's public pension fund.  

Another “why & why now” possibility, is they probably took a deeper look at the full details inside the fascist manifesto, the TPP, and realized it was a real “shit sandwich” of a trade agreement.  All speculation, but does this sort of news see the light of day at the news stands, when times are good?  You be the judge.   Wolf Gray

Next up a great article by Charles Hugh Smith…..


In the above article a variety of thought provoking questions, and bullet points are thrown to the reader, but the final two paragraphs are the highlight of this article…….and worth absorbing...

The political winds are also changing. The public's passive acceptance of central banks' let's make the rich richer and everyone else poorer policies may be ending, and demands to put the heads of central bankers on spikes in the town square (figuratively speaking) may increase exponentially.
It's looking increasingly likely that third time's the charm: this set of bubbles is the last one central banks can blow. And when markets free-fall and don't reflate into new bubbles, pension funds will expire, as they were fated to do the day central banks chose zero interest rates forever as their cure for a broken economic model.  


           Recent News Tying in with Opposing Forces Reluctantly Walking Together

In this next video Bill Holter covers some very important timing theories that tie in nicely with the theme of this installment….

Holter makes the brilliant point regarding the 2018 time frame for the dollar collapse, and it coinciding during the same year as the rise of a world reserve currency, as per the bankster “Rothschild Magazine”.  His theory is that the time table isn’t reasonable.  The collapse of the fiat king has to happen well in advance of the phoenix rising in order for the required pain to be administered, pain necessary for the sheeple to accept the new phoenix rising in a world reserve currency (note from 11:58 mark to 18:17, the ending is great) .  I agree, the collapse has to happen with pain in-between, and then the rise of a new currency.  And they didn't really get into the fact that if the BRICS & Associates are true competitors, a dollar failure could be sooner than later, as other forces contrary to a healthy dollar would be in play.  Not to mention a 1988 bullshit magazine cover.  The last 2 lines highlight the way the Wolfpack & I see things, as well.

Logic…Let’s get real!  If they have lost control, then their predictions from 30 years ago are a bit frickin’ irrelevant.  Right?  They ain't got God like powers, so I have zero belief that they are in control of diddly shit.  Just my opinion.  I will let this Blue Oyster Cult classic do the talking, a song played two times in the past by yours truly here at RM…..& as I said before, I love the album cover as it truly depicts what the banksters are, magicians nothing more….absolutely nothing more!

As a follow up to that great video interview with Bill Holter by SGT Report, here is one from the X22 Report with the “Economic Silver Back” swinging for the fences regarding timing issues.  One of the most level headed pieces of analysis I have heard recently.

The Economic Silver Back & I are on slightly different time frames, but only by a scoosh.   I think the merger and ongoing alliances within the BRICS, plus their establishment with CIPS (China Inter-bank Payment System) actually has them in official "Game Mode” Right Now!  Things in the west are collapsing aggressively as well, Right Now!  Remember it is my view (mentioned in a prior installment) that it ain’t a light switch moment.  The light switches have been totally removed and a remodeling is afoot in the west.  A remodeling with possible 3rd world decor for all.

To reiterate, it has always been my contention that the western banksters will fold as quickly as possible (as mentioned in the intro to this installment) once they realize there is no chance at a world domination victory.  By the way, I think they already recognize this fact.  Thus all the “Why & Why Now” segments reported over the last 20 or so installments.  

Reasons: ..... they have to have something left over in the western world with respect to a land mass and working subjects or slaves to support their agendas.  In short they might as well just blow it up, before China owns everything in the US.  Once again, it is my belief this 2018 stuff is just crap, and so is a picture on a magazine by people who think they are Gods.  But, it still leads to this installment’s headline & picture……

Meaning the BRICS & the western banksters behind the scenes will be traveling down the same road.  Simultaneously, I suspect the PPPTB will be racing to crash us.  China with a lot less motivation will lose the “western land mass & slavery race”, as they have bigger fish to fry.  So it will be the banksters over their normal turf, but with some internal damage, and a minority share of the world’s pie.  Then we will see what we shall see......!  3rd world or otherwise…..Wolf Gray

And, speaking of the apportioned shares of world pie, pay attention to the Wolf Gray’s theories following the posting of a brilliant article by Ken Schortgen Jr. at the end of this installment.  “RM Think Tanker” comments are welcome on this one……but first up a little more US ponzi scheme evidence from the “USA Watch Dog”

Helen Chaitman clearly has had some inside views of the western banking operating systems (starting @ the 1:55 mark).  And she is of the opinion they are all corrupt.  Hard to dispute that one effectively…!  One thing mentioned in this interview that I would tend to disagree with is the idea that the government is the promoter of the criminal activity.  Timing is the issue here.  Early on it is the banks that lead the way, as they appear to be telling the government hacks & lackies what to do, not the other way around.  But the government clearly does promote this behavior during the fully fascist conversions we have witnessed.  Fascism being “the merger of state & corporate powers”.  It being the antithesis of real capitalism, capitalism that inspires real demand/supply supported business entrepreneurial growth.  

In keeping with the Wolf Gray theory that the macro & micro events are becoming indistinguishable anymore, I really like her analysis of the relationship of Madoff’s ponzi scheme & it’s ties with JP Morgan.  Great insider views. Though the Madoff-JP Morgan micro vs. macro relationships come from a slightly different backdrop, the premise seems similar to the Wolf Gray’s theories on business.  When things start to fall apart the time lag between macro & micro events compresses dramatically, and soon disappears.  In some cases with the suffering of the micro events leading the macro events, all in an attempt to protect the event manipulators who are normally on the macro side of the equation.  

Helen Chaitman has some great analogies on the “Robber Baron Era” starting at the 14:00 mark.   Well worth a listen.  I would also listen to the final third of the interview, especially for what I consider to be a major on the ground indicator.  An indicator that highlights the fact you have to choose your information sources carefully, because the media companies totally ignored this woman who had an inside view of an event that makes Enron look like a “girl scout stealing a marshmallow from another scout.  They are all anxious to hear her story, as long as it involves Madoff only, but……..Her detailing of how Fox Business News dealt with her casting shame on JP Morgan’s ties to Madoff are “Hello we here at Fox are bought & paid for, just like MSLSD & CN’BS’ & the Cartoon News Network…!”

I think I hear David Byrne in the background…..

                                   Hold tight wait till the party's over
                                   Hold tight We're in for nasty weather
                                   There has got to be a way
                                   Burning down the house … The Talking Heads


                   Wolf Gray Theory on Opposing Forces Headed the Same Way

It has been a long held theory (closing in a couple years now) from myself and the Wolfpack that the western PPPTB will need to start helping the US implosion along.  This will be in an attempt to keep from losing everything to the BRICS’s US paper liquidations, liquidations to ironically accumulate US properties. In other words, opposing business enemy forces, bears & wolves (in the pic), reluctantly working together to handle the liquidations.  Remember the theorizing is still irrelevant, irrelevant with respect to the fact that some form of US King Dollar demise/collapse is a given.  So keep the preparations for the “Personalized DHAP” (diversified hard asset portfolio) on pace.  

A big assist on this theory comes from Dr. Jim Willie in the following interview with Turd Ferguson……..In which he proffers the idea that the PPPTB are working with the Chinese, and the BRICS behind the scenes to work out some equitable arrangement to help team PPPTB have some form of operable import & export trade.  


Starting at the 20 minute mark, and with greater detail through the following 6 minutes, Dr. Willie provides some information regarding the theory that the western elites are working behind the scenes to set up an operable trade arrangement for the west.  When “The Turd” & Dr. Willie get together good stuff is the norm, and even though RMer’s are aware of most of the points discussed in this video, the important theories in the 18 minutes that follow the 20 minute mark are explained in a logical way that everyone should listen to.  Once again, if necessary.

I would also recommend taking the time to listen to the “why’s” surrounding the recent “official” negative news circling around Deutsche Bank (starts at the 39:38 mark).  He does a great job of answering some of the “why’s”….next up it is time to piss off some of my buddies…..

                                             The New Parasite is in Town

Much complaining is done over the lack of western work ethic, and the pilfering from the true working class in the US by the parasitic free loaders.  Don’t look now, but the glass is about to break from inside the house from which you are casting stones.  Think about it………My theory from a worldwide view…..

Most of my conservative buddies rightly complain that we need to get rid of the parasites that without cause raid the pockets of the good conscience hard working folks.  And who could forget, that is also with a powerful assist from the “District of Corruption”.   Most of them also recognize that we are in a global based economy that requires fair trade with our foreign neighbors.  What most of them may have difficulty admitting to, is that we in the US are the king of the parasites, busy destroying the world.  

Most of my buddies love to say, “We need to bring our money back home, and quit feeding the undeserving in the world”…  I agree.!  Unfortunately, it would be them taking from us, not the other way around.  We export deathly levels of inflation, that is enforced at gun point.  Why?  Because we don’t have anything to trade, that can’t already be imported cheaper from parts off shore.  Without the military & the “Petrodollar Put” we would have been run out of the “1st world” trading/negotiation rooms long, long, long ago.  

Need examples?  How about the exported inflation that created the “Arab Spring”.  We caused that one baby, with financial instruments of mass destruction “FIMD” (decided to use something different than WMD).   In fact “FIMD” is our calling card, unless you are into illegal drugs, our other primary business tool.  And, thus a FIMD subsidiary.  

Wolf, you are full of shit, we are the good guys!  Maybe you are, but the guys running the show are anything “but”.   And as pointed out about a year ago in an installment from yours truly, we are only 5% of the world’s population.   And the rest of the world, and their in country medias blame us, the USSA.   It doesn’t even matter if it is true at this stage, even though for the most part it is, because well well over 50% of the total media outlets give us a failing grade.  We are the parasites in their eyes, and in many cases justly so.

So who is the real parasite?  Let’s go to our esteemed 5th grader for some business logic.  Please remember…

“Little Johnny, if the boys from the hood are getting a portion of the profits from the businesses in the hood and telling them it is for their own protections, would you call it taking or giving?  I think you know where this one is headed.  We are the instruments of FIMD, and even our institutions have admitted to it.  That’s right!  Admitted to it, did you forget?  

Recall HSBC headquartered in London, who admitted to financing terrorists, and Wachovia (absorbed by Wells Fargo) here in the US, who admitted to financing illegal drugs.  These are confessed crimes, not “claimed ones”.   And, based on information I trust, they don’t tally their totals in these illicit businesses in piddly billions either.   Does anybody want to bet me on the over/under for the answer of this question for “Little Johnny”……who is the parasite, the guys that get the money from the business owners or the business owners & workers?  But WG they admitted to these crimes in front of government committees, so didn’t the ill gotten gains stop?  Yeah right!

FIMD…that is our calling card. And it doesn’t matter whether you want to believe it or not.  And it doesn’t matter whether you think it is true or not.  The jury box, now filled with the rest of the world, presided over by Mrs. Economic Mother Nature, is giving out sentences… Right Now…!  
Unfortunately for us, they are based to a large degree on the truth.

Yes indeed, "FIMD"…the elite of calling cards for parasites the world over.  We need to put a stop to it and get back to real economies based on real goods & services, backed by real jobs providing needs based products.  By the way, most of the folks I know are hard working, patriotic sharp people that have mistakenly placed far too much trust in the benevolence of our leaders representing us on the world’s stages.  They will soon recognize that the reasons for their own financial pain/demise is the extreme marketing of the ponzi scheme tools of FIMD’s.  And once the more sturdy survivors are finished battling for their own near term survival in the unfolding King Dollar demise/collapse, I would not want to insist on arguing with them over methods of straightening out the “Head Troublemakers”….

                                      The True Bull Market that Never Ends  

Many times I fly solo without the benefit of the Wolfpack, and this is one of those times.  But I still couldn’t resist drawing upon someone else’s wisdom.   In this case an excellent article by Ken Schortgen Jr. that had my brain working overtime.  In truth, the subject of his article wasn’t totally centered on this new Wolf Gray brain-storm, but somehow Mr. Schortgen inspired it.   So, if you think my theory is crap, blame him…and if you like it thank….me!  


Thanks to Ken’s article, my long winded brain came to an offbeat conclusion. One that led to the analysis of the hierarchy or ranking of the “natural resources supply/demand” equation vs. “the paper & or currency supply/demand” equation, then both of those two vs. the “paper equities supply/demand” equation.  The last two are the perennial followers, and it doesn’t even really matter their rankings, but the first one “natural resources supply/demand/“ is always in first place.  Wolf Gray 

Natural resource development and usage via real supply/demand metrics is, and always will, be the long standing earth bound champion.  A champion that can’t be dethroned, if people are to survive and prosper.  This leads right back to the concept of “Survive then Thrive”, with the proper fundamentals of “God, then Family, Then (for those in the west) Land of the Free & Home of the Brave……..

Below are my cut & pasted comments on the pages of ‘roguemoney.net’ that hit me over the head like a hammer after reading Ken’s article…..(an extra highlight added for emphasis)

“From the last quote in this excellent article........ "The Federal Reserve will make its decision solely on what it deems best for the US economy, but it is clear that concerns about China have influenced its thinking about the balance of risks facing the US.”

"Solely based on what it deems necessary for the US economy"...........and just 'what & who' defines the US economy these days? Clearly elites & banksters........

You can't give away your real production without suffering the aftershocks. Currency warfare though clearly more important than equity warfare, will eventually succumb to hard asset & natural resource warfare. With victory for those that capitalize on the everlasting bull market therein.

Great analysis in the first few paragraphs by Mr. Ken Schortgen Jr. ....... And, yes you read my comment right there is a never ending bull market in natural resources & hard assets, with cycles of up & down. It is always a bull, bears need not apply. The only thing that can turn it into a bear is the stupidity of war, and the destruction of human life, and thus the never ending demand side of the equation. The west has forgotten the simple concept to take advantage of what God has provided. A return on investment that can't be stopped, by any paper instruments.

A really great article one of the best I ever read, with short and sweet brilliant analysis. Wish I could be short & sweet, even my comments are long winded.”

Wolf Gray


If society moves forward at any measurable pace, it is my opinion that a bull market in “natural resources” is always present.  Do you want a guaranteed winner?  If the answer is "yes", then invest in the God given natural resources this planet has to offer, it is a guaranteed winner.   Man-made stuff will continually need to be redesigned.  And, the God given natural resources will supply the fuel for the next upgrade, paper crap nowhere in sight…..!   Wolf Gray

Future survival will be dependent on the proper usage of your natural resources, just as it should be.  If you don’t have those God given assets in natural forms, or the land has recently been squandered, then you will likely need to have at your disposal the time honored trading benefits of real money in the form of “GSBC’s” (gold & silver bars & coins).  You can debate over it and argue over it all you want, but you best get off your lazy arse, and do something about it.  Or else!  Once again, you have been warned…!

Many good hearted people tell me, “we can’t get any worse WG, we are at the rock bottom.”  That is partially true……Morally maybe, but economically we ain’t even close to the bottom.  Not to worry, we will get there.   And finally at that point, we can “work” toward a healthy recycling, a very necessary one.  When I see people smashing their mirrors, and stomping their cell phones, then I will say we may be near the bottom.   Even non-economic types like Merle & Willie recognize we haven’t reached our destination, we are still ‘going’ to the bottom…

The sins of the world’s ultimate parasites must be addressed...!  I will let “Ten Bears” & “Josey Wales” do the higher thinking.  Amazing isn’t it, that more wisdom can come from the writers of the lines for fictional characters, than is available from our cartoonish real life leaders (though Willie & Merle were pretty good).  This may be the greatest philosophical discussion of the western world’s weaknesses, EVER……And it came in 1976, so clearly an “ego beat-down is still necessary”.  I just wish a “blood handshake” was all that was required to correct the problem.

At 1:17 Wales nails it in just 12 seconds of verbiage, and @ 2:36 “Ten Bears” hits a triple for the next 12 seconds.  But, the home run comes from “Ten Bears” @ 2:49, and it is covered in just 4 seconds of book worthy wisdom.

So you want a progress report, not fictional wisdom, here is verification of a prediction from yours truly, made at the start of the year.


With regard to the above link……At the first of the year, it was my belief, you would soon be seeing one of the final, on the ground signs of the fiat King’s demise.  The “wanna-be’s” (wanna be’s = folks making good money, but not super elite PPPTB money, but they “wanna-be”) starting to lose their uppity mojo, with a resultant final beat down of the leisure & hospitality markets.  It’s happening, and those markets/businesses will go much lower.

                                                    A Positive Update

Once again it is refreshing to see people in the USA delivering a quality product & service.  Hints of good news still exist.  

Real life example: the Wolf Gray lost one of his beloved home based Wolfpack family, a 13.5 year old border collie.  Though she was not a regular consultant to the standard geopolitical/economic narrative, her basic wisdom is missed.  I learned more from her ‘love, patience & kindness’ than I ever did from any CN’BS’ bobble-headed moron.  

That being said the professionalism exhibited over the last 3 decades by the chosen veterinarian offices (one gent in particular) used by the Wolf Gray family has been, and still is exemplary.  The product represented has been outstanding, and the service has always been as advertised.  Not an easy task, in the face of a very blunt, and demanding customer, yours truly.  Many thanks, job well done, and once again signs that “The Good Guys” ain’t done yet.  But they will be summoned in the near future.

The answer lies not within me or anybody at ‘roguemoney.net’, or any earthly soul for that matter.  It has always relied on the most trusted of information, the man or woman in the mirror.  After all we are “ALL” created in his image.  Based on what I see, it surely has nothing to do with earthly human physical characteristics, after all very few of us look alike.  From a ‘pack’ member & my shaman buddy, the likeness in image comes simply from the spirit within, which is within his image & thus yours.……Maybe he truly is one of us……posted once before, but posted this time in honor of the fallen Wolf Gray family member


                                                         Hard Asset Tip

Get your eye-wear up to date and be sure to buy hard cased covers for them.  Depending on the level of “Mad Max-ness”, not having your eye necessities squared away would truly be low IQ-ish.  Breakage is not a good option in this category.  As always bear in mind, money spent on a quality DHAP item is never lost, but only left to be bartered, consumed and or used later.  That is the beauty in “hard assets vs. bullshit wants”.  You’re just pre-paying, and therefore the money is not wasted.  This is a forgotten hard asset technique soon to reemerge, thanks to a subliminal kick in the seat of the pants from our ancestors telling us not to waste money on crappy wants.

WARNING…..The Wolfpack & the Wolf Gray’s theories are in some cases speculations, but damned good ones..!

God Bless & Be Well……..

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thought of: Opie, Dixie, Team RM, Bill Holter, SGT Report, X22Report, The Economic Silver Back, Ken Schortgen Jr., Charles Hugh Smith, ZeroHedge, The USA Watch Dog, Helen Chaitman, Dr. Jim Willie, Ten Bears & Josey Wales, Blue Oyster Cult & The Talking Heads & Merle Haggard/Willie Nelson & Joan Osborne