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There have been a few eyebrow-raising reports published recently at The Saker website that hint that NATO is being sent packing with its tail between its legs. We might have missed the posts entirely if it wasn't for Joseph Farrell's speculation that this might have something to do with the downing of EgyptAir #MS804. There appears to be a plan underway for the economic powerhouses of Europe to withdraw from NATO. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that there is surely a small but powerful network of people who would rather die than see that happen. Or better said, they'd rather see YOU die rather than lose their power.

This first post was published on May 8, 2016 by "Scott" in a blog entitled "Waiting for Yalta – 2, or What the Kerry-Lavrov pact brings to the table". Scott opens first by paraphrasing the thinking of Andrey Manoylo:

This is what Andrey Manoylo says in brief:

Europe is trembling in realization that the US and Russia came to some kind of agreement. On March 23rd, Kerry came to Moscow carrying a briefcase, making it a point to show that he came with some kind of a “deal.” The deal itself is still under covers, but everything has been already decided between the US and Russia, and behind the backs of the EU and other American “allies.” It’s possible that the world has been already divided between two centers of a new multipolar world....

The US doesn’t recognize the sovereignty of European countries. Washingtonians treat the EU like a semi-colony that they do with what they see fit. It’s not known for now, what countries will be in Russia’s sphere of interest.... Their situation is getting more and more desperate. The EU destroyed the agriculture and industries that they inherited from the Soviet Union. Now, NATO is turning the Baltics into one military camp, a militarized zone. If Russia will refuse to “buy” it, the US will at all probability just hand them to Russia at the end. The Western elite tries desperately to maintain an appearance of business as usual, when we all know that after the deal is done, everything changes.

Possible scenario: The Baltic regimes are extremely hostile to Russia. They will use presence of NATO troops for provocation. Russia will respond with ab serious warning and protest. The US will say that NATO is not for participating in provocations, and not for fighting with Russia, and will withdraw. They will simply declare that it’s Russia’s turn to maintain stability in the region.

Now there is covert work being done to realize the deal. Any knowledge of this will start a panic. For now everything is quiet, because the US “allies” think they will get some kind of piece of the pie. In reality, they are the pie.

Knowledge of this may indeed be leaking out, as you will see farther down this page in the discussion of the Trans-European Army that is now coming together to fill the void of the soon-to-be-defunct NATO forces. Even the UK Telegraph raised the alarm only days ago to its readers:

MPs warn voters being 'conned' as Brussels keeps plan for EU army secret until after referendum | via @telegraphnews

— BANKSTER SLAYER (@banksterslayer) May 28, 2016

Scott also mentions these three points as "principles of the new world." These points resonated with me immediately as I have heard from other analysts that this does indeed mirror Putin's analysis of the Israeli state's involvement in stirring up chaos in the Middle East.

1. Color revolutions will not be allowed. At the end of 2014 Russia and China sided to work on this. No one will be able to come and topple the national governments and loot the countries and to destroy economies. The financial channels used to accumulate and transfer those funds are being dismantled.

2. Interests and opinions of Zionists and pro-Zionist lobbies will not be taken into consideration any longer. No one listens to neo-cons screaming, for example, about “horrible” “evil” Iran. The world just went on ignoring them and sky has not fallen yet.

3. As I write this, the US is being squeezed out of Europe and Asia, economically. Mostly it’s being done by China and local businesses standing for national interests. Pindostan (Russian name for America) will be allowed to trade with its neighbors, Canada and Latin American countries. Trade here is a key-word. The US won’t be allowed to organize any more color revolutions and “regime changes.” It’s time for Americans to learn how to earn their living. How to work for money, like Russia, China and India have done.

And then Scott mentions something that should be encouraging. He feels that, not only have we already passed through World War 3, but we're already at the final stage:

Don’t pay attention to all those senseless frantic relocations of NATO tanks, and also to all those statements that NATO would never surrender and never admit defeat. They are all just ritual dance to detract public attention from the last stage of the Third World War (Hybrid). This is the last stage, after that we will witness the complete end of this war.

That last point jives with something that our own James the Russian Analyst posted here on RogueMoney a few days ago, that is: "The (post)West is also in a deteriorating economic, monetary and aging demographic situation compared to how it was in the 1980s -- meaning that the window for Washington aggressively imposing its will on Russia and other rival centers of power is closing fast. But the flip side of such a long term piece of good news for the rest of the planet is the short term bad news of how desperate this makes D.C.'s neocons and neo-liberal hawks."

On the Palestinian question, Scott wrote this about Russia's intent at the #UNSC:

Russia’s envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin at an informal meeting of members of the Security Council on the situation in the occupied Palestinian lands, said that the Palestinians needed international protection. He said this in a way that it’s clear that Russia is organizing this protection, and "when the moment is right, you know ...."

After Palestine is recognized, we should expect a huge case from the International Criminal Court. They collected wagons of materials that documents Israel’s crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. These materials were collected by not just Palestinians. We will watch a huge show of how from perpetual victims, Zionists are being revealed as ceaseless executors.


Those were Scott's thoughts from his blog posted May 8th. He followed up on May 18th with a SITREP report as a Q&A session with "a talented young patriot of Germany" called "C." There are additional website links and videos embedded in the source post, so I do encourage you to give The Saker a look. Meanwhile, here are some points that I came away with and notes posted [within brackets] are my own additions.

“Germany has already asked Russia to support its struggle for independence from the US and NATO occupation. ”

Q.: As a Russian, do you think that in the long run, Russia would be better off with an independent and unshackled Germany? I think the EU e.g. is mainly an institution to prevent a “German Reich”. And when it falls, which will be soon, who knows what could happen.

A.: Russia wants to deal with an independent Germany, free from NATO and the US.

Q.: When the Empire [as in, Empire Of Chaos] begins to lose its grip on Germany and Europe they will simply set fire to it. They have all the charges in place. And why would Russia stop them?

A.:  They would in the past, but they can’t do this any longer. They might be able to create small conflicts like in Donbass. But nothing big.

Russia believes that the European Army with Germany as its leader will be instrumental in preventing any kind of “fire” coming from the US, Five Eyes and Israel.

Europe doesn’t want a war in Europe. The Empire does, because they are not in Europe. The devastation of Europe in a war would solve ALL their problems.

The European Army as designed by Germany, France and Russia will be instrumental in squeezing NATO out of Europe and liberating Germany from American occupation.

Q.:  If I were King of Germany tomorrow, would I go to Putin and ask him to support my purge? The purge that would not even be necessary if my people were not completely brainwashed?

Would I ask for Russian protection if I were to expel US troops from Germany? How else do I get them out of here? Could my army even get the job done? If I need Russia to get rid of US vassalage, would Russia really support me for the sake of my own independence?

A.: Germany has already done this. Germany has already asked Russia to support its struggle for independence from the US and NATO occupation.

The idea is to create a new economic and political union with free trade and open borders between Russia, and Germany, France and Italy with secure energy delivery and common markets. China and Kazakhstan have also invested politically and financially into this project. 

That’s why Merkel is so determined to deal with “refugees” and to pay off Turkey. She just wants to pass this stage of unrest created by the Empire and to continue with a plan of squeezing the US out of Europe. She knows that an alternative is a war in Europe that the US planned to start.

The US has already lost to Russia and its allies (China, Iran, India and others) to some degree due to  new supersonic missiles, that Russia says to be developing.

The truth is Russia already has them. When Russian military say that they are developing something, it means that they already have it.

Russia can hit any location in the world in 20 minutes and destroy entire countries without using nuclear weapons.

Right now, NATO knows what’s coming and they are increasing their presence in Europe, to make their exit more expensive for Europe and Russia.

The US was given an ultimatum and they are bargaining right now to get more for their withdrawal from Europe.

As soon as NATO is out of Europe, Germany will get all those peace agreements and political freedoms that the US refused to give.


That point above regarding "a new economic and political union with free trade and open borders" resonates nicely with something Lada Ray of @LadaTweets just posted earlier this week in her blog entitled "Real Reason Putin Pardoned Murderer Nadezhda Savchenko".

Lada Ray Report: Real Reason #Putin Pardoned Murderer Nadezhda #Savchenko via @LadaTweets#Ukraine#Russia#CIA

— Lada Ray (@LadaTweets) May 26, 2016

She says:

I have been noticing for a period of time that Western investments into Russia have begun accelerating. Recall that I predicted in 2014 that the West would huff and puff for about 2 years after Crimea: sanctions, anti-Russian hysteria, etc. I said in 2014 that it would be just like the 2008 Georgia/S. Ossetia conflict. After 2 years of hysteria, they would begin remembering that they can’t really do much without Russia, such as various peace negotiations as well as business deals and trade relations.

Although Europe seems to be ready to abandon sanctions, US is really standing in the way, stubbornly attempting to prolong sanctions for as long as possible. Obama’s ego is permanently wounded due to his usually looking like a loser compared to Putin. This wounded little ego is one of the reasons....

But what’s impossible to hide is that suddenly more and more European businesses are investing in Crimea and the flow of new Western investments into Russia is substantially up. This, despite sanctions! There is a definite coincidence between Savchenko’s release and sudden blindness of the EU when their businesses break anti-Russian sanctions. This is not to say that it’s all going to be champagne and roses, but I am certain a deal was struck that sanctions would remain in place in name only.

My opinion: this, at least in part, explains frequent recent mystery visits to Russia by Kerry and Nuland (and Kissinger earlier in the year).

Incidentally, this also likely concerns the Nord Stream-2 construction. I would expect an acceleration of this mega-project between Germany and Russia. After Nord Stream-2 is completed, Ukraine will lose its position as the most important transiter of Russian gas to EU. This will make Ukraine un-interesting to the US as a means of blackmailing and inflicting pain on both Russia and EU. As a result, US will release its grip on Ukraine.

In conclusion, if even half of all these opinions are true, it would be welcome news for those who have been waiting for the United Nations' elusive achievement of "peace and security" for the past 70 years. There could be much more news along this line coming soon from the financial sector as we have already hinted in our post about China pushing for a greater role to be played in the world by the IMF's Special Drawing Rights. In a future blog, I will attempt to tackle the changes coming down the pipeline in the world of Islamic Finance as one of the fastest growing demographics in Europe, adherents to Islam, prepares to welcome the return of a Shariah-compliant Gold standard.

‘Our meeting is our message’: Pope Francis hugs top imam during Vatican meeting

— RT (@RT_com) May 23, 2016

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