Who is Going to Take Charge?

A ‘roguemoney.net’ reader asked a good question last week in the comments section of the prior installment, “How we, the good guys, can fight to ensure the next system is in fact honest?”  The gist of it was he didn’t like sitting around doing nothing, and eating the popcorn as was referenced last week.  For the record once again, I had been telling my financial clients to get out of paper since 2012, and was doing it with gusto in 2013 (during that year the word was finally out to all).  I felt the need to do so was in the dirty here & now, but I was wrong.   The standard of living collapse in the USA hadn’t hit that “Moores Law Standard of Living Collapse Moment”, via my predicted time schedules.  Fast forward to today, and it is still (been so for 14 months now) my view the “Financial Moore’s Law” moment hits before the spring of next year.  

Brief aside:  “Moore’s Law” …"Moore's law" is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit has doubled approximately every two years.  It is applying the powerful math of doubling, like the example of a penny doubled every day for one month equals over 10 million dollars.  In this case I am applying Moore’s famous Law to the necessary momentum in the numbers of US citizens required to recognize we are screwed due to our dollar addictions.  Back to the story line….

It is my gut feeling that the good guys will come out on top, but it will first require some patience to see what transpires during the immediate aftermath of the “King Dollar’s” ‘collapse/demise’.  I can tell you this much, a great deal of conversation between some of the team members of “Rogue Money” was bandied about regarding the “Who … What … When … & Where” on my RM commenters question this past week.   Sometimes I cut & paste the email conversations between myself & others, but out of respect I seldom make public the more private conversations of the Team @ ‘roguemoney.net’.  In this installment I plan to answer the above reader’s question to the best of my ability, and you can rest assured those email conversations had an impact on my views (I will show my actual email’s).  BTW, the consensus view of those emails was…..”We all felt that the good guys would win, and the bad news is, it ain’t going to be no cake walk.”  My take on it later in this installment.  First…..a rant

                                                            Rant One

The BRICS & Associates continue to dump US treasuries.  And as highlighted by “The Guerrilla” this past week, note the rather curious attacks on a BRICS member, Brazil.  No more Tianjin sized events to the bigger financial players, China in that case.  It appears it is time to attack the smaller guys, not Russia or China anymore, we can’t bully them effectively.  We are the weaker financial team for once.  Folks it is time to go back and visit with my proverbial 5th grader for good ole’ fashion outside the box common sense thinking.  

What would a 5th grader call a bully who quits bullying the toughest & strongest in the crowd, and turns his attentions to the weakest in the crowd?  A bully heading out the door, that’s what my 5th grader would call him.  And good riddance!  And this means what to RMer’s?  Thanks to incompetent leadership, it means we the bullies have lost our worldwide mojo.  The only frickin’ way to get it back, is we, that’s right we do the heavy lifting, with no bankster in sight or sitting in the directors chairs giving orders.  

How can you trust a group of people who supplement (clearly under the table) Ireland’s US paper purchases to the tune of an investment holding that is greater than their own GDP (hello BLICS once again & credit to the Hat Trick Letter & Dr. Jim Willie)?  Would Ireland do this to their own balance sheets for some other country, or purely for the US’s benefit?  Would another country out of the goodness of their heart, increase Ireland’s US debt holdings, because they had nothing better to do with their own money?  “No” to both.  I smell a ponzi scheme of “print & go with it or else” that was put into place by “The Empire of Chaos”.  

Meanwhile, I also smell something going on in Japan, our biggest lap dog puppet.  I smell them turning east due to our dirty dealings, and the handwriting of the King Dollar dumpings that are already on the wall.  Though I can’t prove it, and it is speculation, but we are running out of patsies.   Well that is unless you count…..The only ones left, YOU!  Time for them to turn inward folks.  Which means it is also time to just say NO!  

BTW, they have been turning inward for sometime, especially with respect to covert strategies, hello “ZeroCare”..!  The turn inward is about to pick up steam, and lead to the kick off of the first half of the next “Dollar Chaos” game.  A game against us.

It appears to the Wolfpack, and yours truly, that the US is doing what?  Absorbing US paper with illegal proceeds to keep inflation at bay, but with said illegal sources now saying they are leaving the party, can you say “Problems for team bankster?”  Meanwhile, what are the foreign entities like China doing almost simultaneously with these transactions?  It appears to my group of deep thinkers that they are buying our soil & idle business properties, thanks to the illegal dealings of the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be).  It’s (PPPTB) business strategies are dirty, and somewhat unpatriotic, but it really is just business.  The Chinese didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just business…bad for one side, and good for the other…….!   You want to make a bet with me over whether these criminals (banksters) will fess up to their dirty dealings?  What is done is done, but it was done on our watch, after all it is “we the people”….!   This should piss you off…

It will be time to set things right soon enough, and it will only be a question of who will do the heavy lifting.  Personally I have already seen what the corrupt heavy lifters of the recent past can do. “Piss on Them”.  It is time for them to lose their jobs and leave the heavy lifting to us.  After all, it was them that decided selling out was the best thing to do, Why?  They cheated foreign holders of “derivative bubble, un-crap-worthy paper”.  They have forfeited their right’s to any rebuild jobs by violating the US Constitution, and violating a 5th grader’s common sense with respect to honest business behavior.  They’re fired, and you/we need to be interviewing for the frickin’ job.   Heavy lifters to the front of the line, please…! .......End of Rant……

                                                      The News Tea Leaves

Check out this headline from Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter, some really good tea leaves to study in this one:

Dear Comrades in Golden Arms,
I was there and considered by some to have been the largest gold trader from 1968 to March 1980. I recall every day of it like it was yesterday.
    1.    I do not believe that gold has registered its all-time high by a long shot.
    2.    I do not accept the recent decline from above $1900 as a gold bear market.
    3.    I believe all accepted tools for market timing will fail in the long term super bull market.
    4.    I believe the recent long decline to be but a reaction in the giant bull gold market.
    5.    Into a new New Normal, all previous relationships between gold and anything will not apply.
    6.    The basic motivator of new gold prices to come finds it basis in the physical gold market, not in the paper gold market.
    7.    The 1% are not stupid or in the main would not have the positions that they have if market jerks.
    8.    Knowing without any doubt what is about to occur, they have been for 8 years cleaning out the physical market.
    9.    China and Russia are not gold speculators, but know exactly what is about to occur, having made it a policy to accumulate gold on a continuing basis.
    10.    Like China and Russia, the right time to buy gold and therefore silver is when you have spare cash to do it.
    11.    The demand for physical gold will eventually overcome the physical market, forcing deliveries to be taken on all the world’s paper markets and demanded in the forgotten large OTC derivatives of gold, written naked.
    12.    The sign that this is taking place will be the ever increasing margin requirement of paper gold until it hits 100%.
    13.    At that point the paper exchange is no longer a paper exchange but rather a physical exchange because physical gold supply will trade at a large premium to paper gold.
    14.    This is the point in time when the question will be asked what is the value of a metals contract that cannot perform, the paper gold contracts.
    15.    The answer to a non-performing contract is that its value is zero.
    16.    Paper gold will trade down to the value of the paper it is written on, zero.
    17.    At that time the value of physical gold will be whatever the major owners of physical wish it to be.
    18.    The value of gold producing companies still functioning will be determined by their over the ground stored physical at full gold value and its underground gold at a modest discount to the stockpiled gold.
    19.    Very few gold miners can grasp that concept. Investors do not have a clue.
    20.    Talking heads seem to be getting a hint that something has changed in gold but have no clue as to why.
    21.    This transmutation of what gold is, is happening right now, not some time in the future.
    22.    The gold market is reflecting this in this minor recovery, making all fishing line market movements a great buy while gambleholic traders still can sell modestly into Rhino horn moves up.
    23.    I do not think trading is correct because the final change will come overnight. You will go to sleep in one financial market and wake up the next day in the new New Normal financial world where gold, not paper, is King.
    24.    The 1% makes this one of the first choices of assets to own on their decision tree.
    25.    This explains the strange action of gold with the manipulators to the dirty work of their masters.
    26.    As the paper price of gold is capped, the 1% are the major buyers on the physical metals, mostly direct from refiners and producers.
    27.    This means that trillions of paper dollars need to be covered.
    28.    The USDX may well be the most useless indicators of the value of the dollar.
    29.    The value is not to be registered against other fiat currency, but rather in buying gold versus gold.
    30.    As such, the USDX falls out of its traditional relationship to gold. This also reduces the SDR to a joke.
    31.    Therefore the 1% is on the bull side of gold in the physical market while the Banksters have been on the short side of the gold price via paper.
    32.    Time is running out for the short of paper gold to be a riskless trade with the Federal Reserve at its back. The intrinsic value of the silver and gold contract is zero and zero cannot fulfill the contract obligation of the paper gold contract. That is how the paper metals exchanges go boom. Therefore zero value for a delivery month on paper gold or silver is zero profit to the short of gold and silver paper contracts.
    33.    All those long gold anything will have the wind at their back for a long and deserved change.
Questions are answered by Bill and I on the premium service where we have recorded numerous conversations on
what may well be the most important subjects you need to understand. Some of these conversations have over an hour of in-depth material.
Best Regards, Jim

My immediate observations were; Note numbers 12-17 in this release from Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter…..Wow.  The timing issues stands out to ole’ WG, just as harped on throughout the pages of ‘roguemoney.net’ over the past few months.  What will the time lag be between, numbers 15 & 16 & 17…?  Be patient my friends, physical is going to have it’s day, and the sun will probably be shining brightly for those holders of GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins).

                                    Rant # 2, Before Getting Back to the News

When you don’t have a physical economy, then by default you probably have a fictitious economy.  I heard this statement on the Guerrilla’s 5/20/16 radio show, with credits to Harley Schlanger.  Let me add, that if you have no real money in the coffers, no real manufacturing or industry in real tangible, or real natural resources then, “You also have NO, let me repeat NO negotiating leverage with your trading partners, period!  Smart businesses and / or countries do not do business with entities who have empty physical vaults.  And at the very least, if they do risk trading with them, they will be operating with an extremely advantageous position of strength.  The King Dollar is on the way out, period!”  Ya think not….???

Do we need to rehash the importance of the massive Intel layoffs, a fact that “Economic Mother Nature” is currently whispering in our ears?   Or additionally, rehash that US paper is being returned at a rate that will cause massive inflation, especially with the possibility of the ESF quitting the money laundering biz?  Let’s not forget the tea leaves noted in a prior installment, where it was announced by Jacob Lew that the treasury may not be able to reignite the economy, and no more money will follow.  Note below…from the 5/03/16 installment...


Do we have to rehash the common sense rumors, not really rumors anymore, that the US will have to devalue their currency to be able to purchase incoming goods or they will not get the goods at all?  Without covert help from sources like the ESF/US Treasury, what hope does the dollar have?  The only hope for we the little people, as holders of said paper, is to start converting it to a well thought out DHAP (Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio) .  Why is this important?  Because the elite in charge, a.k.a. the banksters, will not go away just because they were short sighted & screwed up in this current battle with real money.  Nope.  They will still be hanging around, sticking their noses into the rebuild process.  That is my prediction, and one that screams we can not let them or the District of Corruption redesign the system.  They are untrustworthy & gave up the right.  We need to fire them, and take up the mantle of the new engineers of the new economy.  

Recently from “The Guerrrilla”, addressing the issues facing emerging economies…….."Because holding dollars is killing their balance sheets, destroying their economies, ravaging their trade, and vaporizing much needed imports. To these nations the strong dollar is an accelerant sprayed atop a pile of worthless paper and it is the ESF and it’s cronies that are going to set the whole thing alight."

And might I add, the flame could get hotter when adding gasoline to the fire by possibly being in absentia.  In absentia?  No ESF to prop up the purchase of incoming US paper.  We were warned a couple months ago (highlighted above)…..Once again all signs say ……..”Prepare Yourselves!”

                                        End of Rant #2, back to the news……

The Fed has to be taking a page from the “Keystone Cops or maybe even Monty Python”.  Logic, and a consistent message is nowhere to be found, unless your time frames for consistency are defined by a single hour…..!  In fact a little further into this article, Tyler Durden says,

“The Fed has changed the goal posts so many times, everyone is confused. No one knows when they’re going to raise rates and no one knows what’s going to be the key thing to trigger the decision."


Goal posts my arse, these guys are changing the entire financial playing field, the entire sporting venue, forget about the playing field parameters.  These guys can't stay on point more than 2 minutes let alone two consecutive meetings.

Next up, great financial news, unless you want the full story.   Yep all of our primary retail stores reported better numbers, but they once again fail to highlight the fact, they closed a boat load of them, well…duh huh.  


Yeah, what will the excuse be when “Economic Mother Nature” comes knocking on their CEO’s door, with a less than sterling message?  I suspect the covert “Intel like layoff news” will not serve as a proper defense much longer.  Especially while hiding the fact that those stores they “shuttered” left former employees no other option but to struggle with several part time jobs.  In fact, that leads to this excellent piece by Michael Snyder…….


You know, I don’t know what Mr. Snyder is complaining about.  I mean think about it, this adds 3 jobs to the BLS statistics.  Cool “3 for 1”, 3 jobs for 1 person, now that's an economy you can build a life around.   You know that segues nicely with something I grew up with, the fact that most of the folks I knew had one parent working, and the opportunities were greater for those parents to proudly pay for their children’s higher education back then… and guess what …. IT CAME WITHOUT A 1+ TRILLION DOLLAR STUDENT LOAN PRICE TAG.  Looking back, with the help of 20:20 hindsight, it is easy to see the progression of a fascist state. All put into warp speed these last few decades, courtesy of giant self egos, too busy paying attention to themselves to care about business.  Oops I forgot to mention incompetent leadership.

Uh Oh, somebody forget to play by the BLS’s reporting rules according to the numbers in this next link.  Or did a BLS employee forget the standard script, “All’s well, all’s well”.  Or is this truly an announcement shaded to the good side, and yet it still sucks?  I bet on the last one.


As detailed before, who could trust any of this shit?

Uh oh, someone else didn’t get the numbers rigging memo, at least for this reporting period.  Check out the Philly Fed report below.  Nothing like consistent economic/business reporting, the hallmark of a quality 3rd world country.


Wait a second, what was the date of the article posted by Zero Hedge in the first news link in this very installment?  5/19/16 and the date of this announcement by the Philly Fed?  Uh, 5/19/16.  So what WG?  Ya have to recognize that some areas may be doing poorly while others are not. It is the aggregate that counts buddy.”  Nope, sorry Mr. Naive, it’s the deception that counts, and the lies are now seeing the light of day, a light that is forcing “Economic Mother Nature” to hand out termination notices.  Which screams to all of us that are trying to pay attention, “Swallow your egos, and be prepared!”  Ignore this at your own peril. 

Speaking of undeniable “Economic Mother Nature (EMN)” reporting the real economic backdrop, check this out.  The satellite imagery in this link is worth a thousand words, and maybe a thousand tankers as well………


Last week it was the sight of “rail engines” sitting still for miles in Arizona.  This week it is oceans full of oil tankers fighting for parking spaces well well well out at sea.  Yep, ain't going to be no speeding tickets handed out here by EMN, but the printing presses are cranking up big time, for her to hand out, ”Loitering tickets followed by oil company default notices"..........Can't hide this stuff forever folks.  Hey, but the good news is, that the oil prices went up in the face of this sort of glut evidence, and ironically it still can’t hide the fact they are in deep financial do-do…with debt default everywhere in the energy sector over the past 15 months.   That being said, if the sheeple understood the economics of the shipping blockade, I would bet my favorite silver dollar that they would really be getting off on this trickle down effect, since gas prices at the pump are what?  Going up!........Absolutely incredible.  The trickle down we are getting these days may be golden in color, but not in value.

The fact this next headline can be recycled over & over & over & over, quarter after quarter, year after year, and decade after decade proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the US populous has been asleep at the wheel.


We have all seen, well at least I have with Wolf like 20:20 vision, the above type of headlines, being repeated ad nauseam over the past several decades.  That’s DECADES, not days.  It’s like adding another chapter to a soap opera, or for those who weren't paying attention before, but are now, they now feel empowered, and informed after seeing the headlines.  And now these well armed brainiacs are ready to go to the next "Neat guy/neat gal" party, and talk with false intelligence reciting economic policy. 

This stuff is running out of credibility???  Now I am repetitive.   I mean what the hell folks?  They aren't even in charge of their own decisions, and haven't been for years & years & decades & decades.  The Fed is the ultimate front for the system itself.  Something for the more, self inaugurated high IQ-ish economists to waste our time with dumb assed analysis.  And that includes the alternative media nitwits. They, the Fed, ain't had any credibility, in FOREVER....!  They are a front operation for the greater powers in the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) hierarchy, all for the purposes of giving the sheeple in sheepleville a feeling of a “Mighty Fully Operational System”.  Yeah operational, my ass!  Wolf Gray

We are witnesses to: “nothing more than people with great academic skills, who can answer questions in a senate forum with a degree of intelligence.  But, in the real business world they couldn’t open up a lemonade stand, and successfully compete with a well educated 5th grader.  In fact the guys asking the questions are dupes as well.  Do they really think what they are asking or doing matters?  Who cares, it is a damned farce of a show, a farce to do what?  Perpetuate the frickin' system, give it an appearance of "all-knowing-ness".   What a crock of crap, soon to be recognized for what it is, a pile of cow flop to the 10th power.  The belief in the control of this charade of system, is the very problem in the first place.......

A problem that has been well hidden, and kept the sheeple asleep and docile.  Wake up calls are coming with great pain to follow, then we shall see what we shall see…..more in a second……

Now for my personal business rant.  First up I have slammed Mr. Jim Rickards many times before.  Why?  Because one, he is a smart guy, or at least I think he is, and therefore he gets lots of msm, and ironically alternative media air time.  And two, he is fudging the truth a lot for a guy with his cognitive abilities.  

In the following email trail between myself, and “The Guerrilla,” I will expose my statement in it’s entirety with some edits. ……….first the link, with excerpts as they were applied in the email…


My statements sent to “V”…..

If he isn't an IMF globalist hack, I don't know what is.  What a piece of shit, is he sleeping with this Lagarde person or something?

I mean come on on man....WG

"One of the most remarkable events I saw in Washington was Christine Lagarde’s press conference on April 14. This is where Lagarde put on her Godfather hat and threatened Japan."  JR

And then this idol worshiping crap,……I am kind of on the same page as Rob Kirby again, as I think I heard him recently and once again, berate him as well.  WG

"That’s an implied threat that if Japan reneges on the Shanghai Accord, there will be a price to pay. The IMF has leverage because it is the de facto central bank of the world. It has leverage to provide dollars or special drawing rights (SDRs) in the event of a liquidity crunch or market panic in Japan (which may be coming soon).

The IMF has used this kind of muscle on Greece, Cyprus and Ukraine in recent years. Now the Godfather was making Japan an offer they couldn’t refuse — stick to the Shanghai Accord and we’ll be there for you if needed; renege, and you’re on your own."  JR

“V’s” response…& in a summary format, not word for word, some words omitted (he was harsh):

He is a hack, & the IMF is an empty unfunded white elephant....V

End of that email trail…….

What a globalist hack…!  Once again, Rickards is a smart guy, and he therefore gets tons of air time, but if you listen carefully he sticks to the globalist script, while straddling the fence of “Honest Money & Honest trade”.   One is forced to ask, who does he serve, and what are his real beliefs?   The moral of this story, at least it is for me, “Trust your common senses, and not the entire message or the messenger.”  

In the “told ya so category” of news…..check this headline out, sent to me by an astute RM reader…….


If this isn't in your face I don't know what is?  It is sort of like saying, "Hey buddy, you told us not to do this, but look at what we are going forward with."  The threat is more demonstrative of in your face action than the finalized actions after the project is completed.  This is the middle finger being given to the District of the Corrupt.  I changed it to "Corrupt instead of Criminals", because my tough as a 50 cent steak, military oriented Wolfpack buddy said, be careful there are still some good guys in D.C, especially military good guys.  Use "corrupt" WG not "criminals", it doesn't sound so all encompassing.   He is right, and duly noted.

If you don’t think this “Texas Issue” is important, then put it in the following context.  Would this have been headline news during the Reagan years?  Simple answer “Yes!”  Why, because this is one of the biggest economic citizens in the US giving the middle finger to it’s big brother!  Recall the time table of “amazing” events reported in prior installments, and discussed on the “The Guerrilla’s Radio Show” last fall, by the entire team @ RM.  First, Texas asks for it’s gold back from “big brother”; second, the unexplained explosions & fires to a petroleum oriented business in Conroe Texas last summer, and now the message in the above link.  The message being, “We weren’t bluffing arseholes…!”  Folks, in almost any other time in US history, this event would potentially have pre-empted the election news, or at the very least been a big talking point of the supposed candidates.  Think about it…..”They are hiding a freight train of bad news, with the engineer being an angry Mrs. Economic Mother Nature”

Next up, check out the news from the “Musclebound Silver Back” in this audio update from last week….this one really stood out as far as I am concerned….

I made a point a while back, that it was my view the Petrodollar is already dead, and it is only the funeral arrangements that are left to be finalized.  The example I used was two business partners getting into a fist fight in one of their offices, and beating the crap out of one another.   Each one telling the other, “Go ahead call your attorney shit head, you’ll be hearing from mine as well!”  So when did the partnership end, when the papers were signed months later or when the punches were thrown, with no apologies to come?  An identifiable light switch moment is of no use when discussing the Petrodollar.  Hell forget the switches, the switches have been removed, removed for the remodeling that is now taking place.  The remodeling started many months ago.  To the meat of the installment……….

                                        When to Make Your Feelings Known?

I consider the following topic to be the most important of any discussed.  Why?  Because knowing what you are preparing to face off with in any venue, and then dialing in with the right preparations for making the necessary adjustments in the aftermath, are the foundations to your timely personal preparations.  I mean after all, you don’t prepare to play baseball with football gear.  You have to have the right insurance items and the right physical gear on hand to protect you now, and enough left over to make the final adjustments to thrive on the other side.  All of which is not made easier by the fact no one striding US soil has ever seen challenges similar to those barreling at us.  “Ever!”  The Wolfpack & yours truly discuss this stuff all the time, and as stated in the first few paragraphs of this installment, the philosophical challenges coming, hit the RM email trail heavily this past week.

What follows, after much detailed conversations are my views and or speculations for you to incorporate as you see fit… my theories, with the help of some pretty smart people.

In last week’s installment, in a short segment before the music video by “The Who”, there was some fodder for the next installment.  Here is the question from the RM comments section that guaranteed the segment would be the subject matter for this installment.  

"how we--the "Good Guys"--can fight to ensure that the next system is in fact honest."  “lucidseer’

Here is a cut and pasted portion of my reply in the comments section:

That being said, it is my belief in mathematics, & that says a financial calamity is coming, no if's and's or but's. Thus I agree with the rest of the team at RM that the smart thing to do is prepare yourself to weather the initial onslaught from the storm first, and then get ready to review the options. When a man like "W", who literally spearheaded the cold war victory for Ronald Reagan suggests laying low initially, I pay attention.

A beat down cometh that can't be fought or stopped, but it will still just be the first few rounds. Don't worry the popcorn will eventually be sat aside, and your fighting spirit will be needed. What you said was spot on, and you are hitting on something discussed just this morning with "The Guerrilla".

Popcorn will be traded in on rare red meat soon enough. Fighting chaos, and spending your energies needlessly & too early, ain't the answer. Keep the faith brother, the time will come. Your question is the ultimate 64 thousand dollar question.......

how we--the "Good Guys"--can fight to ensure that the next system is in fact honest.

One discussed this morning at length, and one discussed many times before, and written about many times before. But, about to be once again.  

Wolf Gray


To finish laying the foundations here is a quick recap, of the segment in the installment from last week.  Which for me says how important it is that, you/me & therefore “US”, not the Chinese, not the District of the Corrupt, not the Russians, or any one else becomes the designers of “Our System of Honest Money & Honest Business”……….Those are my feelings, and the Wolfpack’s, more after the excerpt from last week…….

                       Your Powerful Answer & Fodder for Another Installment
“Lighten up Wolf, leave me out of your diatribe, I now admit to my mistakes, and I have steadfastly been working on my DHAP tool shed, and even the pitch forks & torches stand at the ready hopefully to never be used!”  And to that I raise my glass to you & say, “Hear hear...for you may be the designer of, and hear hear...for you may be the builder of, and hear hear...you may be the systems administer of, and hear hear...you may be the enforcer of, and hear hear....YOU MIGHT EVEN BE ONE OF THE SIGNATORIES OF……..”An Honest New System of Business Weights & Measures”……After all who do we want designing this “System”, them the PPPTB, or us?  Our children, and grandchildren are asking us, “To not get fooled again...!”  (May 17, 2016)


Now lets get down and dirty Wolf Gray style with an assist from the deep thinking minds of the Team @ Rogue Money, and with a valued assist from my favorite business associates within the Wolfpack.  First my general email sent to the entire Team @ RM (again I will not post their responses, but they will play into my views that follow) inspired by thoughts generated by “lucidseer” in the comments section from last week….(minor edits to the following emails)

WG's email to the Team....

Having a tough time with these facts......to me the msm is clearly misguided, but the alt. media is going down a dangerous road of cheering the people (foreigners), and not the successful concepts they are implementing.  The laboratory facts, as I see them.....

-East vs. West...East seems to be gaining the winning economic hand, but most alt. media types consider this good.....I have my reservations, more in a second

-West has become totally a fascist operation....honest 'business/market' metrics nowhere to be found.........Alt media once again...that's a good thing, since the East is coming on the scene with 'real money'...and since we in the alt. media recognize this, we will reap the rewards of this fact.......again I have my reservations

The actual events above are happening, but the supposed informed cheering crowd, the alt. media gang, may be cheering, but just maybe neither side is worthy of the alt media cheering throngs.

Now I get it, that if East wins they will just be looking at the owners sitting in the Western owners box & going , "nanna boo boo we beat ya."  Slight change in ownership rights for the moment.

What is bothering me is....you never hear a simple on the ground observation,  "The Chinese are doing this" or "The Russians are doing that"  It's "Russia" blah blah bah & "China" blah blah blah"  In other words it is the state, never the people being cited for any achievements.  No different than us right now.  State owned Rosneft...China TELLING their citizens to buy gold, boy there's a free market concept.........might the citizens being told to buy gold, be smart?  Yeah near term, but it clearly is not oriented in freedom

The eastern guys at the top don't get it any better than our guys, except they happen to recognize "real money" will get them to the winner's circle this time around.  I mean, the alt. media cheering for China, and their gold exchange is rampant in the western alt. media.  OK for my money, fine cheer the concept but not the knuckles heads doing it.  Sorry alt. media dudes, China used to be, and probably still is, some of the most racist MF'ers on the planet.  I don't think they are going to give rat's arse about Joe & Jane Sixpack, anymore than the western banksters.  In fact they may give less of a hoot about us.

****Conclusions.....For the monetary/business system to succeed, just my humble opinion, it has to be devised by the people on the ground (regardless of how misguided it might be), to have any hope of having lasting success. Thus, supply & demand at it's most basic level, simple "Trial & Error", with the guidance of smart modern day Ben Franklin style guy here or there.  Therefore, what the hell are we cheering for China for?  Cheer the concept, not the overseers.  Several of my deep think buddies agree, we don't see this going to well, if we don't get the next system designed via a concept that involves the people who will be trading in it, the folks on the factory floors so to speak.  Unless the design framework involves folks on the ground, with real supply demand metrics not a bunch of top down ego hungry feeding putzes, we in the west could be looking at a "DARK AGES".   We need to work from the bottom up not top down.  China & Russia may be working on proper system metrics, but I have zero belief they will give us a helping hand…or their people, in the long run.  Hey maybe they will, but it still will not include us.  Just mine & the Wolfpack's views.

It could be a razor thin line between our slavery and the proper freedom based economic systems.  All hinging on, if we don't step up to the plate at just the right time and swing away....!

Cheer the design of a proper system, not the people afar, and then implement it as it suits your own supply/demand metrics.

Am I missing something? 


From this, I received some good responses and advice, and even had a detailed phone conversation with “The Economic Great Ape” on this subject.  Some differences in viewpoints existed, but one thing is for sure, trouble cometh, and the first step & best step is to hunker down with a good personalized DHAP (Diversified hard asset portfolio) on hand.    

A few days later after collecting my thoughts, this was my summary email back to the team, which will be followed with a dash of the Wolfpack’s common sense ideas……

Email from WG to the Team 5/20……
Ah yes "guts & glory", extremely important, but they must be contained this time around.  At least for the moment.  The guys that used to bang their heads on the lockers before a football game.  Sort of a waste of time, I always thought.  I think it is time to gauge the response, as it is now impossible to even know who or what to respond to.   It is my opinion the response from the good guys, will be against the system itself, not an individual.  The individual architects of the system will hide in fear, knowing their authorship, if recognized, would be their demise.  Will the fight come, "YES",  but only after enough time is spent in deep retrospect after the pain of monetary failure.  But it is my view that knowledge still needs to be imparted to those that want to receive it.  Imparted right now!  Which hopefully means there will be a group of well informed former sheeple, alerted to the concept of system idol worship.  A group that is now wary & waiting, knowing what is needed, and what is in store.  Leaders on the other side of this malaise.  Family should be their priority for the moment, but soon that very reason may require more.  The big question "WHAT MORE?"

After all the battle may be with a simple pen & paper.....the battle may also be with other less friendly tools....but the battle will happen.  It is happening, but it is un-explainable to the "fighting Sixpacks".  Their standard of living dropping, but somewhat still in tact. 

The system has to be recognized as compromised, and the reason for their pain.  "Their" is who? Once again the "Fighting SixPacks", pissed & now ready to fight, but not a clue who to go up against.   YET!

Right now, people are wanting to bang their heads on the locker and take the field.  But no one is in the stands, and no one is coming out of the other locker room, Yet!  The understanding of the enemy is a work in progress, but there is nothing that can be done in an effective manner to stop it, YET!  As I pontificate in my articles all the time (don't know if it is right & don't know if it is wrong, it is just what I feel), go home honor your ancestors, and "Swallow Your Frickin' Egos".....!  90+ articles up, and I bet I have screamed “swallow your egos” over 45 times.  Quit beating your head against the lockers, and beating your chest, as the pain will come soon enough from the system we have been worshiping, and soon it will be recognized.  Be prepared, and ready for the pain to come, then be just as ready pen in hand or pitch fork over the shoulder when the dust settles...........It will happen.

Yep, I am going to write about it, once again.  BTW, do I arrogantly think I know what to "cinch up my chin strap for"?  Not really, but I do know that moment is coming, and once the foe shows it's weaknesses, the who what when & where will be answered.  Then it will be time to go in for the half time break.  Time for the good guys to make half time adjustments.  Then we will see what we shall see.  I am still confident.....it will happen.



The above email was the last one on that trail.  It is not something that says, I am right, it is not something that says “look at me look at me”. It is meant to be something you can recognize for yourself, and your family, with respect to your own preparations. And even then, only if it meets your common sense preparedness definitions.  It is meant to be something you can build your plans around, based on facts derived from some fairly well connected guys who have bandied together about some important theories.  Theories surrounding the answer to “who”, “what”, “when”, or “where” with respect to the fight.  Much of which will only be identified after the first half of this event (my opinion btw).  

“Who” is fairly well know (PPPTB dudes);
“What” is a work in progress, but about to be revealed;
“When” is the greatest arguing point in alternative media history (soon to be revealed, math says so);
“Where” is a bit more tricky, we will need to get to half time.  And that is when we, the good guys, make adjustments.  

Wait a second Wolf, I remember you wrote about this football stadium analogy, and you said the game was about over, the stadium was emptying, with the winner to be crowned.  Now you are saying it is empty, and the opponent to focus on isn’t even at the stadium yet.  What gives dude?  The prior example, from over a year ago, was the “Fiat Currency vs. Real Money” Super Bowl, and if I remember correctly I said the score is indicating it is game over, and it is in the 4th quarter with only a few minutes left to go.  That game is over, and you might as well go home, and start preparing yourselves for the next one.   The most important one.

Which starts the moment a majority of the western populations, and in this case primarily the US population, are reduced to saying, “We’re screwed!”  That day will happen, it will happen soon, and no elected presidential person will stop it, regardless of who it is.  If you don’t think so, then I will let Jack do the talking……because



Many smart pundits state that China is buying up the US, and will soon be some of our factory employers.  Makes sense to me, I can buy into that theory, but it doesn’t mean I like it, and it also doesn’t mean you can’t work around it.  After all, do some American based companies operate in China?  The answer is clearly yes, and it didn’t seem to stop the Chinese from building around their own needs based businesses over the last couple decades.  We can easily do the same, we just need to get back to work and quit pretending to be successful overlords with nothing, nothing but paper fluff to back our sorry arses.  

Some pain will be necessary to correct things.  If you want concrete proof, that a beat down is necessary, and that the economic collapse is going to happen, then check this out……


I can hear Grandpa Wolf Gray or Wolf Gray Sr. right now telling me, “WG, if you don’t pay attention, and do as you are told, then you are going to end up learning things the hard way!”  Those paying attention and making the sacrifices for the pain to come will be………….

The leaders from within our ranks, not outside, and it will very likely be someone like you.  Someone attempting to find honest solutions.  It only makes sense, that you will be looked to for leadership during a first half of the new game.  A new game that will likely be filled with a first half featuring inner-city chaos, and a potential breakdown of basic “just in time” services.  There is a good chance people will look up to you to be one of the key leaders in your family & community circles, during the first half of the new game.  After that it will be halftime, and with the opponent having shown it’s weaknesses during the closing moments of the first half, it will now be time for “OUR” adjustments.  Ours, not somebody from some other country, and not some pontificating putz from the District of Corruption or any of the members of the fascist state.  

                                                    I used to follow
                                                    Yeah, that's true
                                                    But my following days are over
                                                    Now I just gotta follow through.... Lou Gramm

What will define these adjustments is unknown. Will they be defined by strategies for a soft or hard battle, or for both?   For now the most important point is, “No one knows at this juncture, but the battle comes, and therefore you have to insure & prepare yourself based on the existing intel. that is being fed to you”.  Being fed right here on the pages of ‘roguemoney.net’, or from whatever sources you feel are honest.  Doing so will make you the default leader in your world, and after half time who knows who will lead next, it could once again be you.  “You”, that is who I will be raising my glass & saying, “Hear…Hear” to, as one of the new leaders and architects.  After all, you are “We the people”.  

Simple concrete answers to these problems do not exist, “YET”...!  A quote or example from “W” really stands out in my mind, as it seemed timeless. One that came about, when I had the privilege of being on another “Guerrilla Radio Show” with the entire team.  From the wise mind of “W”, “We all need to be like Ali, light on our feet, and be able to move quickly or ‘float like a butterfly & sting like a bee!”(paraphrasing)   Bingo perfectly said, especially during the first half, when we may be in a defensive posture. And to have any chance at “floating like a butterfly”, it will require you to have a well prepared personalized DHAP.  Once it is in place and applied via your best judgements, then it will be time to make an effort at effectively weathering the economic storm of the first half.  All to be balanced with the new Wolf Gray 3 “P’s”….”Prayer, Patience, & Preparations”.  Don’t know if you like them, but I do.  

In the category of being grounded in truth, that lead to the positives, here is a video with one of my favorites Rob Kirby, and he swings for the fences in this one….

A great interview with Rob Kirby, but that ain't what got my positive radar at attention.  The attention getter for me was the sight of another group of younger dudes doing the interview, who seem to be well informed.  Another group of young energetic guys wanting to get the truth out.  A hunger for it.  That's what I am talking about.....And the guy who sent this to me was?  Another reader of RM, if I remember another somewhat younger guy, "SOF"...

Starting at the 5 minute mark in the above video, and over the next 4 minutes, Rob Kirby goes into great detail about the start up history of the ESF, and it’s working m.o.  Well worth a listen.  Starting around the 19 minute mark a great history lesson ensues regarding the truth of the fiat ponzi scheme over the last couple decades, and he also lambasts one of my least favorites, Jim Rickards (starting around 23:25).   Once again well worth a listen.

Good Guy Momentum; it will build when the time is right, when the ‘halftime’ adjustments can be made properly..........Honest money is about to straighten a lot of things out, and you can be ready for it, or blow up your already bloated ego, and worship the outgoing system.  To your demise, btw.  Wolf Gray

The last option doesn’t seem too bright.  Meanwhile enjoy yourself, let the memories of what you think we should be….drive you, as the “Moore’s Law Economic” collapse moment ain’t happened, YET!!!   When it does, and after the first half dust settles, it will just need an adjustment based on the ideas of people who understand constitutional principles.  Be patient as the game gains momentum, towards the end of the first half, then we will see what we shall see.  Meanwhile, I think this video says it well….Especially for the “Good Guys” among us, and with Memorial Day approaching…..

And if that doesn’t deliver the message the way you want, then try this in your face version, Charlie Daniels style….

Who is it that takes charge? At the risk of being redundant from other installments……It’s YOU, it always has been YOU!   It is the only thing that will work effectively.  The US Bill of Rights & The United States Constitution had it right all along…!  
                                                      “We the People!”

A successful first half should use our grandparents methods, mind your own business do what’s right, and if trouble comes your way, deal with it accordingly.  Rugged individualism, to be followed by whatever strategies unfold for the second half, then it will be the “Good Guy’s turn”…!   TAKE CHARGE with the information you are given.  The time will also come to Take Charge with the information you are....“GIVING”! ……. Wolf Gray

                                                         Hard Asset Tip

The next hard asset tip is courtesy of RM reader, and apparently a brilliant engineer to boot, Jerry5.  A hand made washing machine, but first here is the video he used as a model for the designs in his machine.

Now here are some pics. of what the deep thinking mind of a ‘roguemoney.net’ reader can do…..

Folks take it from an engineering grad, that is some good ole’ fashion backwoods engineering.  He modeled it after the video in the video above, and put together what appears to be a superior piece of equipment.  Will things get spartan enough to require something like this?  I don’t know, but if they do, now you can see the concept, and I have no doubt you could now come up with something in a pinch.  Hey no problem, it’s who the hell we are!

God Bless Be Well…….You have been Warned Once Again!

Wolf Gray

ps.  These potential half time adjustments probably ain't going to be to complicated, more in another installment, when the Wolfpack has thrown in their theories....

Credits to the Thoughts of: Opie, W, Team RM, RMer's with tip of the hat to lucidseer & Jerry5, Jim Willie, Rob Kirby, Jack Nicholson, All the young guys catching on, ZeroHedge, Michale Snyder, Jim Sinclari & Bill Holter, Lou Gramm & Jake Owen & Charlie Daniels