Once the Fog Clears, What System Will You Use?

So you fancy the idea of starting a thriving business, after this giant transfer of wealth finally seems to have gone your way.  Before overextending yourself, or your private stash, you might want to hear what the “Wolfpack Business Owners Think Tank” has to say.  It just might be a bit of a wait before you hear the words, “All SYSTEMS are Go!”

For anyone with their eyes open, the economic collapse for the west is an ongoing affair.  The search for a hollowed collapse light switch continues.  The light switch is just not available, and never will be for the pre-notifications necessary to meet the sheeple’s desired definition of a collapse.  Once the fog clears from the western mindset, each person’s position of strength or weakness will be exposed.  Several Wolfpack members, and yours truly delved into the subject of the aftermath last week.  There clearly aren’t any precedents that give you mental, and physical cover for this event.  One thing seemed clear, “system insecurity” dominated the Pack’s views, more in a moment.

The powerful “Economic SilverBack”, and the rest of the team differ somewhat from yours truly as to the severity of the coming definable King Dollar collapse moment.  In this case it is a question over the “Moore’s Law Moment” defined by, a time when a majority of the western populous “Get It”….!   We all agree that life will find a way, and good moral people will come out victorious, it is the level of pain, and devastation that we differ on, and possibly the density of the fog that follows.  Yours truly believes this event will be far far worse than anything seen in the past, and possibly anything described by my Teammates.  I guess variety is the spice of life.  

It is my view, and most of the Wolfpack’s that our over reliance on ‘The System” will dictate a more painful paper end game, and it could slow the recovery to follow.

For a good solid baseline regarding “The System,” I am going to revisit several installments from the fall of 2014. One was centered around our “Paper Entrapment”, one around "Worship of the System", and I will try to integrate those two around “Media Noise & Your Common Sense Meter”.   Additionally, and at the request of an RMer from last week’s installment I will cut & paste the 32 item DHAP list from August 2014 (cut & pasting is required since that installment hasn’t transferred to the new site yet)

                                        Media Noise & Your Common Sense Meter

An RM reader made a comment on the last installment, ripping Dr. Jim Willie, asserting he had no proof to some of his assumptions, and or conclusions.  Guess what neither do I, or anyone else for that matter.  Thus, you are right my friend, but it also applies to everyone, especially when the bulk of the numbers used as the foundation of the assertions, have been manipulated for decades.  Excerpts from the old 2014 installment on, “Media Noise & Your Common Sense Meter”:

So so many numbers, and so little time. GDP…Non
farm payroll..CPI..retail sales, is anybody really
listening, I ain't unless my comedy channel is on the
fritz (financial news channels are great comedy
releases)? And, regarding media noise, how about
those great 'spot on' msm reports on 'shine-ola /
ebola', the Ukraine, and "the US economic recovery
juxtaposed beside the Russian collapse". Fits right in
with the US GDP, retail sales numbers (at best I smell
same store sales only, with far fewer stores en-total),
and the ultimate 'bs number' the employment
numbers, so what could I complain about.

Followed by this a few paragraphs down in the 2014 installment:

How about a lack of the truth. Question: How do I, or
you for that matter know most economic reporting is a
"lie" devoid of fair and honest reporting? I can't
speak definitively for you, but I bet your "common
sense meter" blew a gasket many GDP's ago, that's
As an aside, why should I trust "The Guerrilla", or Jim
Willie, or John Williams of the famed 'Shadow Stats'?
After all, I wasn't looking over their shoulders when
they applied their financial numbers to the realities we
face. So what makes their reports laced with "Truth"?
Good question.
Ironically, a good part of their sourcing numbers come
from where? They all pull some stats from the same
corrupt source, the US government! Wait a second
aren't those the guys that were fabricating total 'bs' to
begin with?…..(End of of quotes from that 2014 installment)

This is where common sense has to be applied, and I will do my best to stick with that thought for the remainder of this installment.  For example, do I believe GATA’s reports (Gold Anti Trust Action committee) to be an attempt at honesty in the precious metals markets?  Yes, I “think” (thinking, as in using my common senses) they are an honest organization.  But, do I believe they are exposed to honest gold & silver numbers?  Hell no, so why should I trust their conclusions?  Most of you are as smart or smarter than me, and now recognize we are all being forced to use our common senses.  I suspect that is exactly what an educated guy like John Williams of “Shadow Stats” is forced to do, as the data he receives is in many cases, bogus.  Let’s revisit one of my favorite subjects for a little background……

The repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 created what I have alluded to many times before as the “Triple Headed Hydra”.  The merger of Banking, Insurance, & brokerage, then supplemented by future governmental permissiveness (easy money, as in bail outs, QE etc.), that allowed the PPPTB foxes, to consume the paper hen houses with a giant bubble blowing machine.   And only a few years later to be followed by a very corrupt version of western bankster warfare with the eastern BRICS & Associates.  But guess what…..the eastern economic reaper cometh….

And whether you like it or not, “We, in the west, have lost, it is over!”  Import inflation is a common sense mathematical answer, soon to be realized.  We will suffer dramatically, and in my view more dramatically than most experts estimate.  Good!  That’s right, GOOD…!!!  It will force the future honest entrepreneurs, and American citizens to show what they are made of sooner than later, by getting back to honest work.  Not financialization, and gambling with derivatives upon the derivatives of the originally issued paper financial products.  Let’s get on with it, folks!  Get on with real business.  Beat the “Triple Headed Hydra” back into it’s cave, seal it up, and let’s get on with honest business.  But, the fog of the system will still need to be cleared, and replaced…..more later……

Back to earlier story lines detailing good common sense analysis.  I have plenty of evidence that “V” is on target with his numbers, I put him through my own “personal historical predictions review” that lasted about 6 months (during 2013), and Jim Willie and others as well went through the same “historical rear view mirror” test, WG style.  They passed my tests, but my common sense meter got the largest of wake up calls from Mr. Rob Kirby………And I will let it serve as my prime example of common sense as applied to “HOW”  The very “how’s” that are necessary to help clear the fog blocking our ways to new business stability, again more later……but first for a common sense example……

Business A can’t run trade deficits year after year, decade after decade (all the way back to my college days, late 70's) with it’s business trading partners before eventually suffering the pains of product price inflation?  No specific numbers needed, common sense says so.  So uh, where’s the inflation for business A, in this case the USSA, or at least where is the currency devaluation at, if there is no price inflation?  They got me on that one, hell if I know, that is until Rob Kirby alerted me to something a little over a year ago.   

I just needed a dose of a good common sense reason, any good common sense reason, as to how “Business A” mentioned above, again also known as the USSA, could have avoided tremendous inflation or currency devaluation, when it should have registered LONG AGO?  Enter Mr. Kirby, and his explanation of the ESF (exchange stabilization fund) possibly the most powerful economic entity on the planet, and surely the one that gives the magic munchkin Janet Yellen her marching orders.  This gives common sense answers to the “How,” of no inflation via incoming King Dollar absorption.  What a surprise, it’s a laundry list of illegal activities courtesy of the ESF’s own mandate to protect the dollar hegemony.  This “big mac daddy” has been working behind the scenes, since it was initially funded via gold revaluation back in 1934.

The Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) is an emergency reserve fund of the United States Treasury Department, normally used for foreign exchange intervention. This arrangement (as opposed to having the central bank intervene directly) allows the US government to influence currency exchange rates without affecting domestic money supply.

Mr. Kirby’s revelation (I know, discussed many times before) is an example of using common sense, to explain the lack of transparency in numbers that don’t come close to making sense, and it helps to lead into how tenuous, and important the system is.  

Ya know the groundwork was laid long ago, in our education systems, with that new fangled math.  Picture this:  XYZ Technology is about to report their quarterly earnings, and this ensues:  CEO to CFO, “Hey junior I just got back from visiting with the Vampire Squid (Goldman Sucks), and they said they are relying on ‘silicon valley’ to report weak numbers this go-round to influence the Fed, into some more easing, get it!”  Young CFO, “Duh No!”  CEO, “Remember how you learned in school that 2+2=4, but an answer of 3 or 5 was close enough?”  CFO, “Yes sir.”  CEO, “Junior we need to come up light this quarter, oh say 25% light of estimates, and thus 2+2=“3”…And if you like your job numb nutz that is what I want to see!”  CFO, “25% light earnings coming up boss.”  

Do I really believe something like that happens, except on a larger more advanced scale?  What do you think?  Just use your common sense………

But first, do we have more evidence of the US getting set up for an economic spanking?


In the above article from Michael Snyder, you see numbers reported by government hacks, and CFO lackies, and guess what the numbers still “suck”.  Just imagine how bad they really are, but WG keep your eye on the DOW baby it will save your arse.  Again not with Dodd Frank lurking in the back ground.  Oh yeah don’t worry all’s well…….


Let’s see what kind of economy are we, oh yeah that’s right “a consumer economy”.  I suspect “Economic Mother Nature” is too busy at the moment kicking arse and taking names in the real business world to worry over the piddly ass DOW, just yet.  But, don’t despair she is making a list and checking it twice, and I suspect the equity markets aren’t too far down the list any more.

In this next one, and here we go with another “big wig”, “The Vulture”, speaks up for probably the second or third time in the last couple months, regarding what?  The importance of Gold!  Folks common sense demands you ask once again, why & why now?  And, in this case why & why now for another billionaire to break the paper ranks.   Could it be to route money to paper investments in precious metals for the moment (remember stick with the common sense choice “physical”), or could it be to cover their arses long enough to make some tailor made pitch fork proof vests.


And, did you note who else said the same thing, in that link?  JP Morgan, the US banking God Father, once again beating on the table for gold.  A new trend, but why & why now?

Next up a guy with a pretty stellar resume, that is also on the get out of the paper casino band wagon, here is David Stockman……But in his case, he is not new, to the get out of paper argument…..and I don’t think he runs a hedge fund or banking institution…..


Even with the above legend of finance, it is still amazing, that in order to footnote a measure of legitimacy, what is it that is referenced in the article?  “Government figures”, and that is where this week’s installment was initiated, the reliance on a phony system for business & economic guidance.  And don’t forget last week’s installment, highlighting the fact another hedge fund billionaire & kingpin, Stanley Druckenmiller, sounded the “get out of paper alarms”…….Did he mean, get into paper precious metal ownership, or is he buying time to have his tailor fitted vest made?

These are prime examples of common sense indicators.  The kind that are superior to the ones that appear far too academic with the backing of fancy calculated numbers.  Numbers that can’t be relied upon heavily due to the fact they are fed by a “System clouded in the Fog of Ponzi Scheme Numbers”.  Numbers laced with 25%+ leniency.  There is no true price discovery in the west based on an honest value for goods & services.  This includes equities, debt instruments, commodities, and yes precious metals.   Thus, academics be damned, and good ole’ fashion business horse sense to the fore.  With that in mind let’s get into the negative, and into, “just what system will you trust when the fog clears?”  

This is the difficult part to mentally construct, the fog will eventually clear, but it will likely clear with “no system” to back check against………??????

                                  The Fog Clears, and the System is “What”?…..

I felt like I was in elementary school again, and Wolf Gray Sr. had just thumped me upside the head, with a “Common Sense” wake up call this past week.  Three key Wolfpack associates joined with me in trying to determine a business model that would be viable in the economic collapse aftermath.  One thing kept fogging up one of the most coveted of business aspects of good “business marketing visibility”.  And more specifically, what would be “The System” we would be operating under?   Coming up with quality needs based products wasn’t hard to envision whatsoever, but marketing was a bit of a problem, visibility was a bit of a problem, but none of these could match the unknown problem of, “What Would Define The Next System?”  When would it affect & finally provide purchasing comfort to your potential client base, and what would it be measured against in a reliable “Time Value of Money” equation?

Folks if they don’t have the confidence to get off the procrastination fence & buy, and they don’t have any “real money (a soon to be real problem in the US), short of large devaluations to offer you, all of which you have no confidence in, then what’s a poor aspiring business man or woman to do?  And it all revolves around the fact that the system that defines these problems is a big MYSTERY!  A mystery that will take most aspiring entrepreneurs out of the new business market.  And the clincher is, the former unit of exchange, the King Dollar, is the primary cause of most of these problems….!   Confidence, the linchpin to any business system will most likely have been crushed, and regaining it will be no easy task.  

One of the statistics highlighted several times on ‘roguemoney.net’, is that the percentages of small business ownership & the percentage of new entrepreneurs in today’s US business community are at all time lows.  Ironically these numbers are supplied by the government, and based on my common business sense, and business contacts, these stats. seems to be accurate.  The reasons on paper are easy to see, banking funds are not readily available if you aren’t a member of the big money club, lack of product marketability especially in a declining services based economy, and nearly no confidence in future business sustainability.  But, it is my view, and the Wolfpack’s that those ain’t the big reasons for so few business start-ups, even for those that are brave enough to consider looking into business entrepreneurship.  Nope, the real issue verified over & over with the Wolfpack, and in my mind as well, is lack of confidence in the the stability of the system(s).  Both now, and heading into a thick fog of business confusion in the future.  The system fog is getting denser each day, and it will be time to do what?  What when it clears?

People sleep easier knowing, the lights come on in the morning, the water runs effectively, the food is in the kitchen, food is at the stores, gas is at the station, & “THAT MONEY IS IN THE BANK ACCOUNT & THE 401K BALANCE SEEMS STABLE”.  This is an abbreviated list, which I suspect RMer’s could add many more, but the last one is significant.  Each one of the aforementioned items will soon suffer interruptions, to what degree is anybody’s guess.  My guess is it will be longer & far worse than what most suspect, but not far worse than the 3 Wolfpack associates I spoke with are suspecting.  We are apparently in the same camps as Clif High or Rob Kirby, with respect to the levels of chaos coming to the west.

So why do I think the pain will possibly be deeper, and the recovery be far more difficult than many think?  For my money, it is the lack of confidence in being able to trust the system.  And that exists right now, fuggedaboutit when heading into the chaos of future change.  A system that is untrustworthy for entrepreneurs today, and with a system change clearly in the existing currency unit’s future (HELLO, new appearances to be put on 3 of the 6 bills), it makes confidence to extend oneself in any new business out of the question…! Brave & bold is one thing, but add in a heavy does of “Systemic Instability”, and stupidity is the only characteristic that will lead anybody to jump too hastily into a new business venture.

Without an entrepreneur’s visions, boldness, & leadership, pain will dig in deeper after the “Moore’s Law” economic King Dollar demise/collapse moment. The Wolfpack & I believe this moment will be much deeper than most may realize.  Please feel free to give feed back on this view point.  But it ain’t all negative, I will also give a positive view in a second, after the DHAP list segment, to help in juxtaposing the “Systemic” negativity.   Wolf Gray

But first keep these facts in mind…..

Most aggressive business leaders have no problem going to bed at night worrying over things like, a product’s sales & marketability, dissension in the employee work force, and other items like future product development costs, those things come with the territory.  But…..If you send them to bed, having to also worry that the value of the unit of exchange they receive for their product or service may devalue dramatically overnight, thus losing it’s purchasing power, folks…..then you have one hell of a sleepless night…!   Not only that, add in this little morsel, we are also talking about the unit of monetary exchange that originally caused the instability to “The System”.  Is that a formula to keep the CEO awake at night, or what?  I can tell you one thing that’s for sure, that came from my Wolfpack meeting, “They did not want it, it being the dollar in exchange, period!”  

One common trait I have noticed in successful business owners is, cut their throats, stab them in the back, or have an employee cheat them, and they will cut ties to the said offender entirely almost every time.  There are too many other options out there to stick with a bad apple that is spoiling the whole bunch.  You see where I am going with this…The King Dollar is the most rotten apple in the barrel….!  Why worry over devaluation before you can even get rid of it or reinvest it somewhere?  Why worry over whether some bureaucrat gets tired of looking at the new Harriet Tubman $20 bill, and decides to discontinue it?  Why worry over the history of all fiat currencies dying, and this one possibly being on it’s last legs?  Why worry over the fact that expanding to more useful markets abroad may necessitate dollar exclusions to trade successfully?  Don’t let the rotten apple into your corporate barrel, if it can effectively be avoided.  That was our conclusion, though sadly a conclusion shrouded in the fog of “Systemic Uncertainty”…..!
Here is an “offshoot” example the Wolfpack & I kept running up against regardless of the product to be promoted.  Keep the current indoctrination of the “just in time” system as a solid backstop in the background, and then take it away, and see what you feel with respect to the time value of the new money & the system….. The future realities are scary!  Just what would you want in return for your business services????????

Example:  If I set up a quality ‘mobile welding services business’, a good idea btw.  Then what do I trust as money?  I know what you are thinking GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins), and that is a good choice, but it is only feasible for a person who has a well thought out DHAP already in place.  Why?  Because, there’s a real life, logistical, systemic problem, ain’t nobody in your marketing area got any GSBC’s.  A very likely situation in this country!  Which means you are going to have to trust, and or nearly guess what the “item” presented to you as payment is worth, and this will include the dollar, and initially it will include GSBC’s.  

Keeping the “Time Value of Money” in the back of your mind, what if it is you in need of the welding service, and you are going to pay in GSBC’s (again for reference ‘gold & silver bars & coins’).  Sounds easy right?   Maybe not.  The welder responds to your payment with, “Sir I understand this to be real money, but it ain’t YET, and the ‘dirty here & now’ is far more important to me than the ‘sweet by & by’, have you got anything else beside those PRETTY ROCKS?”  BTW folks if I needed food, some current legal tender may be far more desirable to me near term, than something like GSBC’s, which would serve me much better once a reliable system is in place in the ‘sweet by & by’.

Giving up on something you know to be very valuable like GSBC’s, when you haven’t seen a system, be it local, statewide, or national, to justify it’s value in a barter or traded market, may not be so easy to part with. Part with some today for $100, and wake up to find a system in place with it commanding $1,000 on delivery, will make you break down and cry.   Even today, and looking to the future we discuss GSBC’s with the “King Dollar System” as the final arbiter of applied value.  Phrases bandied about like “Silver will go to 250 “DOLLARS” an ounce or 1,000 “DOLLARS” an ounce…!  Dollars, Dollars, Dollars!!!!!  The problems today are brutal, but throw in a ton of unknown………like……

The questions for Today’s aspiring “mobile welder”:

*Well, I need to know how much my ZeroCare options will cost me?  

*Well, I need to know the expected inflation costs for my business supplies (not the commodity deflation numbers)

*Well, I need to know how to price my various services, which will be priced in what?  DOLLARS or foreign currency?  And that problem might apply even today.  And, why is that?  Lack of trust in the system, even now!

*Well, I need to know the expected business servicing cost like gas, and vehicle repair.  And on & on & on

****Final analysis of the aspiring “mobile welder’ of today:  I can’t get the money, and the unknowns are too large, so I ain’t starting no damned business in the current SYSTEM as it stands today…!  Smart move apparently, Because no one else is either, buddy.  Next up……….

The questions of the Future’s aspiring “mobile welder”:

*ZeroCare, will it be there or not?  If so what are my costs, and what are they priced in, Dollars, RMB, Roubles…GSBC’s???

*Business supplies, will they be there or not?  Will the just in time deliver system deliver or NOT?  Key is the SYSTEM…????

*What will I charge for my services, and in what units, if there are any units of anything to be had? Again Dollars, Roubles, RMB, GSBC’s, or what?????

*Will there be an ongoing supply of gas & other service items to justify an upfront expense to start this business?

****Final analysis of the aspiring “mobile welder” of the future:  Guess what, until I know what the hell the currency unit system is in vogue, and what system most of my potential clients will draw upon to pay me, I ain’t about to step up to the table laying down the “long green” or the GSBC’s or anything else for the moment on this dang business.  Not until the fog clears so I can understand the system’s structures, and or it’s options.

I have no doubt life will find a way, and therefore by default so will honest money.  But when will that moment arrive, in a society that doesn’t trust the systems currently in place, or the ones yet to even be put in place?  Especially when it is a majority of the society that is hesitant & confused, and adding to that little tidbit, they are also the majority of your potential client base??????  These are the very guys that will feed your profit margins.  Folks the current system has business leadership sitting on the sidelines, and let me repeat, that is with the current “established system” in place.  Imagine a new but unknown system in the works, and or in transition, which is a guarantee to happen, one that will devalue the current unit of system measurement, a guarantee, an absolute “lock”, and possibly even eliminate this unit of system measurement completely.  If it survives it ain’t going to matter whether it is a two dollar system, with a lesser degree of inflation on domestic services (imports will be through the roof), or a no dollar system, the confidence upheaval will be of a “SYSTEM CRASHING SIZE”.

Can you say, “This is going to be EPIC!”  That is the conclusion of some of my favorite deep thinkers.   And, btw it matters not if I am right on the severity, and thickness of the fog in our way, the thought of people jumping up right out of the box, and saying “Count me in I am going to start a new business venture right away, and risk the lives of my family and friends”, is way out of the question….!  Wisely administered patience with your DHAP in safe keeping will be a virtue.

Now those are some blockbuster good common sense reasons to have a good personalized DHAP at your disposal.  Permitting you the luxury of waiting for the fog of system uncertainty to clear, so you can afford, not putting your family’s safety net at risk, right out of the box when buying necessities.  Ah you are over reacting WG the system isn’t that fragile don’t you watch Fox or CN’BS’…?

Ya need further proof the system, en total is cracking, and believe it or not cracking in a way that will cause you to have many more pressing immediate issues than your next business venture? Then check this out, and it ain’t that far fetched either, it is real western life on display…..

Imagine you are peacefully cutting into your next bite of steak at your favorite eating establishment, and your wife needs to use the restroom.  She departs, you then look up as the next bite enters your mouth, and this squirrelly looking dude follows her down the hallway leading to the restrooms…..Ya get the picture now, a picture that the system is cracking?  Hell, now we will have to follow our women to the bathroom, and stand guard every time they get the urge.  Add that to your USSA dining experiences.  The fact we can even debate over this, proves we are a 3rd world country, one in search of system stability, and that is without even discussing the 3rd world economic backdrop.  But, at least we have a 1st world ego.  Hey come to N.C. folks (see 3 paragraphs below).  Sorry for the off subject rant, forget that for now, and back to business……

A reliable honest SYSTEM will need to evolve, so the future entrepreneurs can better lead us in the transition out of the current false system paradigm.  Might that be what the “tea leaves” in this headline from ZeroHedge are indicating……


Oh well I guess man made sanctions didn’t work……Hey I know, if the entire economic world is worshiping debt, with total addiction, then maybe Russia's central banksters are buying their bonds covertly, on the side through weaker patsies. Maybe that's why they are improving.  Why not, we do!  Maybe they have an ESF (exchange stabilization fund) like the US, or maybe just maybe, the Russian economic gains are due to a natural event.  Actually it doesn’t matter, man made or natural event, it appears there is an important settling or equalizing of the various currencies based on their current & future strengths in the face of man made manipulations, or not.  Reference a point made once before, the currency markets are far more important than the equity markets, and it is there that a major war is ongoing.  And btw guess who is losing, badly?  The King Dollar..!

Meaning the King Dollar is going out, and other currencies are coming in, manipulated or not.  Systemic changes are taking place, pure & simple!  Life finds a way, "Economic Mother Nature" will not have it any other way.  ‘Business/Economic’ life is finding it's way.  About time, I say!  “Mr. Scott, have we reached warp speed yet?  Not yet captain the SYSTEM can’t stand it just yet!”  Wolf Gray & Star Trek

It is a fact, a “DHAP fact” that will eventually make it clear……“That those who have pre-insured themselves with a well thought out personalized DHAP, will be better able to ‘navigate & negotiate’ effectively from the current system’s “dirty here & now” to the coming system in the “sweet by & by”.  Aspiring business owner or not!  This very important personal move will yield less pain over a shorter time span, with many more options in the future, than will be afforded to those who are unprepared today.  Sort of like the quote credited to Malcolm X, “the future belongs to those that prepare for it today,” which leads me to…….

                                                  The Wolf Gray DHAP List

Before giving you the DHAP list I need to touch on a couple news briefs, and maybe we need to add popcorn as a specific item to the DHAP list, as it will come in handy while viewing some of the problems brewing.  Check this out, and as one of my 2016 predictions is revisited, the prediction of the states telling the District of the Corrupt to “Go piss up a rope”…….


This ties in nicely with my home state, N.C., telling Loretta Lynch to take her “Who pees in which rest room agenda & stuff it….!"  So what Wolf, it isn’t a big picture item?  Yes it is, and here’s “so what”, they are talking about taking away Fed funding for the state of N.C., and for the moment the governor has still said, “Screw you!”  If this goes much further N.C. is starting to look like their southern neighbor, Texas.  Like I said, add popcorn to your DHAP list, and make it “Jiffy Pop”.  You used to be able to cook it on the stove or over an open fire, which might be handy depending on how spartan things get with say, rolling power outages.

Something Else to Keep an Eye on:

And one more banking thing, keep an eye on Wells Fargo.  They are reported to have extremely heavy oil company exposure, and as we all know the oil businesses are getting hammered, and this fact left most banks recording dismal numbers of late.  Recent news is the US regulators have put some major banks including JP Morgan & Wells Fargo on notice.  That being said the interesting side note for Wells Fargo, is they reportedly have a huge real estate investor in US property, China.  Might this aid their potential survival?  Who knows, but the overall problem needs close observation…. Ya got to admit though, the humorous part is ……. US Fed regulators calling the banks out for financial issues, what a joke…!  The corrupt calling out the corrupt.

I think this deserves a close eye, because you, that’s right you (you have heard it before but I will repeat it again), are the unsecured lender to these banking behemoths thanks to our friendly "Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act."  Simple explanation, “Your deposits are actually investor or “stockholder entities” if you will, sitting under the auspices of the banks, and thus subject to confiscation to save the banks from total liquidation”..!  Which is a misnomer since you will be the one liquidated.  Watch carefully folks, popcorn will not go down to easy if this item is taken from you & given to them, the PPPTB.  

But, it will go down easier with a personalized DHAP on hand, even with the last, but final commodity left in the bankster tool sheds to be put to the test, “You” (see May 3rd installment).  Personally I don’t plan on being in their commodity tool shed, and I recommend you avoid it as well.  At the very least, bear in mind that if the US decides to default on it’s debt, or restructure it’s debt, then you will be looking at the inevitable, a split dollar with a domestic dollar, and a giant value collapse on the purchasing power as measured with imported goods.  The application of common sense dictates, that this will have to be done in very short order to maintain our import needs.   Again to help the popcorn go down easier, have a well inventoried DHAP on hand.  It will assist in keeping you out of the bankster’s tool shed, at the very least.


 From my files Dated August 2014, “The DHAP Part One”

DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio).  The set up for the creation of the DHAP came from the “US Army Survival Manual”, the “US Army Special Forces Medical Book”, & “The Ranger Handbook”.  Clearly I have some pretty cool contacts.  Anyway I had to apply their mobile version or something akin to a ‘BoB’ (bug out bag), and then put together a working version for the home.  Not that hard to do, since either way you are still trying to live or survive, whether it is from supplies in a bag or from supplies in a big indoor structure.   Truthfully, only minor differences exist in a case designed for survival.

The above sources position the list’s items based on two separate conditions hot or cold weather, which for them makes sense, but for us, I tried to make it more civilian, or ‘in home’ oriented.   One thing they emphasis is that footwear is super important in the military.  Though important, it may not be as important to our needs, but it still made the list.  

   BoB                                                                            DHAP for Home

1.Proper Bag                                                Location location location (dwelling)
2.Water & purification                                 Exact same thing on larger scale (note Flojak)
3.Short term Food                                       Long Term Food (mre’s meals ready to eat as well)
4.Clothing to fit climate                               Again the same, but more
5.Foot Wear                                                  Same & keep in mind durable socks
6.Working Gloves                                          Same, with some extras
7.Hat with flex brim                                       Same, but some extras
8.Some Camo                                                Same, but some extras
9.Shelter / tent                                              Good secure roof over your head
10.Sleeping bag                                             Good secure sleeping quarters
11.Heat source (H2O proof)                           Same but with huge source supply (splitting wood)
12.First Aid kit                                                Whole Personalized subject
13.Hygiene (TP etc.)                                       Again larger supplied version
14.Tools (leatherman etc.)                              Much larger & some non gas operated needed
15.Lighting (batteries)                                    Larger (from lanterns to solar)
16.Few hundred currency(a few GSBC’s)     Few thousand currency (larger supply of GSBC’s) 17.Compass & map                                         Same but complete atlas map
18.Note pad                                                    Big supply of same
19.Rescue whistle                                          Same (but not walking around with one in hand)
20.Guns (pepper spray)                                Far too big a subject to cover in a single post
21.Ammo                                                        Ditto the above
22.Para-cord                                                  That & even more types of rope
23.Bandana                                                    Several
24.Sun glasses                                               Several plus safety glasses
25.Duct tape                                                  Even more, plus electrical tape
26.Garbage Bags                                           Goes without saying
27.Sewing kit                                                  Several, plus manual sewing machine
28.Fishing kit                                                  Rods & more
29.Binoculars                                                 Yes, several would be a good idea
30.Communications                                       Yes, & super important
31.Power Source (no need)                      Alt. Sources (Extra gas cans & propane tanks, filled)
32.How to sources                                 Big time important (Encyclopedias/boy scout manual)

Whether you attack all the 32 items on the list or a few or whatever, it is your "Personalized DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio).  Also, I have recently discussed how communications can be of life saving importance (prior installment), but that being said, none of the items listed are in order of importance except #1, which as far as I am concerned ranks #1.  That’s just my opinion.  I don’t care how tough or bad ass you think you are, if you live in an area that supplies many citizens with needs based products via federal assistance, as in some larger metropolitan areas, then TRY to MOVE!  Or be ready to move fast if necessary, with as much of the left hand side of the list as possible in tow.  

                                    This city desert makes you feel so cold
                                    It's got so many people but it's got no soul
                                    And it's taken you so long to find out you were wrong
                                    When you thought it held everything….Baker Street/Gerry Rafferty

This musical message goes out to one of my favorite Wolfpack associate, the gent I have referred to in the past as the guy who is as “tough as a 50 cent steak”.   He is traveling right now, to parts unknown, in an attempt to get the hell out of the way for the time being.   God bless buddy, “Baker Street” is for you!  You can take it from me folks, his moving is another signal from “real on the ground” intel that says, you best be ready.  This train wreck of a collapse will happen, and it’s only the depth of the devastation that is in question, the timing is getting more & more irrelevant.

Ah WG you are over reacting, once again?  Really, want to bet your family’s life on the sustainability of a system that the establishment clearly can’t maintain anymore?  Bet on a system that you..yourself, don’t trust at this very moment, and one where you can’t even peacefully take a leak?  Don’t blow smoke up my arse, by saying you trust it.  After all if you trusted it, you would have quit reading this installment many paragraphs up.  But, if you demand that I throw common sense out the window, and give you some proof in numbers, then how about this.  Based on sources I trust, it’s 100%, that’s right 100%, as in 100% of all fiat currencies have failed, normally not to exceed 40 or so years in service.  Oh & btw the dollar is watching that birthday well behind in the rear view mirror.   Stick that in your pipe & smoke it.  Back to the “Personalized DHAP”…

I leave the diversification of your DHAP to you, and also the application of the above listings to your own skill sets.  And, just what do I mean by that?  Some of you may be comfortable as “a bug in a rug” negotiating at yard sales, or picking estate leftovers.  If so, a person with that skill set may feel more comfortable with more barter type items on hand, than a tall stack of GSBC’s.  That is why I call it, and I think it is vitally important to apply this name…..”A Personalized DHAP”, not just a DHAP.  Tailor fitted, to you and your family’s needs, and operational skill sets.  

                                               Recent Positive Observations

OK casting aside the Wolfpack’s belief in an unprecedented lack of “stable system visibility” for business start-up & or growth in a, pre, during, & immediate post King Dollar ‘demise/collapse’ scenario, just what the heck was the good news WG, you pessimistic bastard?   Two things, one personal, and one based on an informal “WG” national pole on traditional values.

This past Tuesday I had lunch with the head engineer (a Wolfpack member) of a major university, who also wanted to meet Grandson Wolf Gray (who had applied for a job with the university) to advise him about the “boardroom multiple interviewer”…interview process.  He told me it would only take 10 minutes, and then lunch’s conversation would be back to Wolf Gray’s intel gathering routine…WRONG!  This guy unloaded on grandson WG, and surprised the heck out of him, and me!  It was a full blown interview with me sitting quiet for the first 30 minutes, as it seemed like the thing to do.  If I had been grandson WG, I would have been totally caught off guard.  

I get back home, and Mrs. WG asks, “How did he do?”  My answer, “Way better than I could have done, and I was a witness to some real ’hope’….!”  Mrs. WG, “UH, hope?”………“I saw two men negotiating for their positions in one of life’s journeys, and our grandson, who had nothing close to the formal education yours truly enjoyed, held his own, and upon reflection probably dealt with the surprise interview far better than I would have. All of which revitalizes my levels of “hope!”  Which inspired me to head straight to the ‘mac’, and do a quick polling check on the web for traditional values.

You are going to think this next item is a bit too far outside the box.  In truth, I would trust the following polling technique, way more than any poll taken by Fox Business, CN’BS’, MS’LSD’, or the Cartoon News Network.  I decide to check out Blake Shelton’s duet with Gwen Stefani, from the night before on Mrs. WG’s favorite show “The Voice”….!  I happened to be watching it with her, that night, and the duet by the two budding “love birds” was clearly putting their feelings on display, in a wholesome traditional fashion.  I know, there was a divorce with Miranda Lambert, & also Gwen with some other music dude, but bear with me on this….

With traditional values taking a back seat these days, thanks to the hot subject of “odd-balls” peeing in the wrong designated public bathrooms, I decided to check out the number of “YouTube” views for this song, and after 18 hours it was @ 900,000.  I waited until the next day for a full 48 hour view count, and the final number had hit 2.9 million views (@ 48 hours).  Folks, the votes are in, and traditional values, with love on display, finally between a “A MAN & A WOMAN”. And as it should be, they win again...!

Call it what you will, that is the reason for that video’s popularity.  How do I know?  One, I watched it, and that was the message.   I doubt very seriously any alternative lifestyle dudes watched the re-do on Youtube over the next two days, at least in enough volume to help it to 2.9 million views in just under 2 days.  Why do I confidently say that the reason for it’s popularity…… “is the viewing of traditional values?”  Simple, the comments section below the video was overflowing with those sorts of heart felt comments.  

Wolf you are getting all sappy, and straying off the reservation, into the “mind controlled satanist, music realm buddy!”

My quick answer, “So what?  You & I may be worse, we knew of the bullshit going on in this country, and still let it happen, and financed it to boot with contributions to illegal monetary covert paper confiscation schemes!  How’s that you say?  Via all forms of unwarranted taxation!”  Most of you “get it”, and understand all the illegal outlets funded by “us”, and don’t even get me started on the unwarranted clinical funding(s) from the “Obama-nation” that is ZeroCare.  Are we really immune from being contributors to the corrupt system, just because we entered a church on Sunday?  I think not!

Yeah, well Wolf this music ‘bs’ don’t cut it either, did you know that Jimmy Page the legendary guitarist for Led Zeppelin, was mystified by, and even bought, Alistair Crowley’s house?  “Yes, and I don’t give a shit!  And btw did you know, that after staying there a single night, the legendary song “Stairway to Heaven” was written.  Is that the truth, I don’t know & I still don’t give a shit!”  I like the song, and the personal jive that goes with it doesn’t concern me, cause I can’t verify it.  “You’re supporting the devil’s work by paying for that tripe, WG!”  “Yeah, well let’s all pound our chests, after we resolve the problem in the second sentence in the prior paragraph!”

                             Your Powerful Answer & Fodder for Another Installment

“Lighten up Wolf, leave me out of your diatribe, I now admit to my mistakes, and I have steadfastly been working on my DHAP tool shed, and even the pitch forks & torches stand at the ready hopefully to never be used!”  And to that I raise my glass to you & say, “Hear hear...for you may be the designer of, and hear hear...for you may be the builder of, and hear hear...you may be the systems administer of, and hear hear...you may be the enforcer of, and hear hear....YOU MIGHT EVEN BE ONE OF THE SIGNATORIES OF……..”An Honest New System of Business Weights & Measures”……After all who do we want designing this “System”, them the PPPTB, or us?  Our children, and grandchildren are asking us, “To not get fooled again...!”  Posted before & it deserves posting again…..



The votes are still coming in, and it appears the ‘Good Guys’ aren’t ready to be counted out, just yet!  Some of the sheeple wake up calls are starting to take hold, with confusion the norm, but we’ll just need to make sure we have plenty of popcorn.  Viewing this event from afar will be the best vantage point.  And those seats are only available to those with a well thought out personalized DHAP.  The good news, positive signs still exist, whether it be the witnessing of an “old military grizzled veteran” grilling a young upstart, with each giving as good as they got, or people voting for symbols of traditional moral values in heavy volume.  Keep your eyes open, some of the positive unrecognized signs may surprise, and motivate you as well.  For me the signs still indicate, that the good guys haven’t gone “AWOL”…!  

Hope, that’s right a hope that stares dead in the face of silly retarded gibberish surrounding the right to pee in peace.  Make no mistake about it folks, and soon to be coming to a neighborhood near you, some husbands & dads might be pulling some pervert’s face off.   And in the name of what, “the safety & privacy to just take a frickin’ leak!”  “Yep we know the bullshit is going on, but are we still going to let it happen, ONCE AGAIN?”

All that said, a much larger beat down will still happen for everyone, whether you are taking a leak or not, and it will make the bathroom issue look small.  When the fog finally clears, those that prepared in advance, and are patient will be the ones best suited to take advantage of the “New Systems of the Future” shining under honest, clear blue skies.

For honest business to move forward, and for honest people to move forward, a repudiation of the PPPTB’s systems must take place.  For the near term, this should remove most of the manipulation from the next operational system.  The installation of a system that limits those easy forms of manipulation, will by default mandate a return to an honest system.  A system that will probably include the honesty that is inherent in “gold & silver bars & coins” (GSBC’s).  A tug-o-war is underway with the PPPTB’s system vs. the honest system of GSBC’s.  The odds now seem to favor a victory for an ’honest system’.  About damned time, let’s get on with it, already!

In the meantime, pop some popcorn, enjoy the show.  Eventually you will be able to congratulate yourself for being patient & prepared, prepared to best position yourself for the coming business renaissance!  All we are waiting for now, is an “Honest System” to emerge from the fog of chaos……….

As always, God Bless You & Be Well….!  

Wolf Gray

ps…the installment alluded to prior to the last music video is deep, and damned near worthy of a book, so give me & the Pack time to “Deep think it”

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, The RM Commenters, The Wolfpack, Team RM, Michael Snyder, Zerohedge, David Stockman, Gerry Rafferty & Blake/Gwen & The Who