Losing "The Full Faith & Confidence..."

To Protect The Faith


“Cheap money always seeks the highest risk, typically in the form of dubious equities and fraudulent financial instruments.” – “V” The Guerrilla Economist


“Many things are possible but not all things are probable. Life is a school of probability.” – Walter Bagehot


In May 2006, the Fed stopped reporting the M3 money supply in preparation for the 2008 economic collapse and bailout of bankrupt U.S. and European financial institutions. The M3 supply has historically been a major indicator of trouble ahead, so when the needle entered the red zone the Fed simply did away with it. How convenient for them and their cronies in the financial and political worlds.


Fast forward to our current debt-stricken era and what do we find? A replay of the nefarious activities of the Fed and their partners in crime at the U.S. Treasury. This past week alone we witnessed another round of make-believe economic reports and “bad news is good news” spin doctoring. Oil slid and the latest jobs report showed the U.S. economy swirling around the bottom of the toilet, yet the sham that is the U.S. stock “market” broke records, the dollar rose, and bond yields remained as attractive as they have ever been. Keeping the Hopium main line injected into the “market” via the hot needle of the Fed is the last plan standing. It amazes the Economic Silverback that as the world barrels toward the cliff’s edge economists and pundits whose minds have been addled by Fed Hopium celebrate the virtues of an oxymoronic jobless recovery, manipulated economic indicators, and fictitious news bites with glassy eyes and Cheshire Cat smiles.


All is not well in Exceptionalistan, however! Thanks to hardcore detective work by The Guerrilla’s ally and friend, Rob Kirby, and assisted by others who added key pieces of intel (hat tip to Wolf Gray),  Rogue Money exposed the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) for the criminal organization that it is. Without going into detail, if you want to know more about the origin of the ESF and what it’s about, look up Rob Kirby’s excellent work on YouTube and on his website www.kirbyanalytics.com. You can also check out Wolf Gray’s work on the topic once we dust off the Rogue Money archives and get those articles posted.


If you’ve been paying attention to events like we “non-mainstream” market research types have been, you’ve surely been wondering how on God’s green earth the dollar’s value remains high. After all, what is happening is not historically consistent with a strong dollar. All the real metrics scream that the dollar should be weakening. But no! Like an 80 year old man on Viagra, the darned thing stays up!


Thanks to Rogue Money the mystery of the Federal Reserve Note’s Priapus has been solved. In a nutshell, the ESF buys the U.S. Treasuries dumped by foreign nations like China and Russia. These unwanted USTs are then cleared by the 5 largest Too Big To Fail banks and taken out of the market as what Rob Kirby calls “Dark Dollars.” Dark Dollars then become the currency lifeblood of deep black covert operations, narco funds, child sex trafficking, human slavery, bribery, and political subversion. The ESF directs trillions of Dark Dollars into the government’s nefarious activities and weighs its success in the price of lost human lives. The problem with Dark Dollars, though, is that once they’ve gone dark there is no way they can return to the surface world of living currencies. Dark Dollars must stay dark and off of the books. Is the cycle clear now? Never ending war spending stabilizes Western markets while it destabilizes countries around the world.


Recently, we have seen emerging markets crushed yet again by the “strong” dollar. The Guerrilla has listened with a furrowed brow as so-called “experts” proclaim the strong dollar a boon to financial markets. These shills are idiots who forecast in a bubble detached from the global reality that emerging markets are currently dumping their dollars by the hundreds of billions. Why? Because holding dollars is killing their balance sheets, destroying their economies, ravaging their trade, and vaporizing much needed imports. To these nations the strong dollar is an accelerant sprayed atop a pile of worthless paper and it is the ESF and it’s cronies that are going to set the whole thing alight.






It comes as no surprise to The Guerrilla that hybrid war recently erupted in Alberta, Canada. Chinese assets there have been targeted and thousands of acres burned to maintain the Petro Dollar standard. Why are the Agents of Chaos embarking on such a desperate course now? Simple, because Iran has entered the oil fray and along with Russia they are speeding up the demise of the Petro Dollar. Burning a few thousand acres of Canadian timber is a small price to pay for maintaining the empire.


The importance of Iran’s arrival on the scene is not lost on industrialists and those with business sense in the Eurozone. Airbus, Peugeot, Renault, Royal Dutch Shell, and German giant, Siemens, have all expressed interest in the Iranian market. In fact, Airbus recently secured orders from Iran for 118 of their latest aircraft.


The Empire of Chaos will not stand by idly as the world turns away. Exceptionalistan is trying to undermine the Iranians via sanctions unrelated to the nuclear deal. By utilizing something called the Specially Designed Nationals List (SDN), whomsoever Exceptionalistan deems a “security risk” can be put on the Empire’s blacklist and have their assets frozen. In theory, the SDN is warfare at its most “asymmetric,” but in practice it is disastrous and will accelerate the dollar’s demise. King Dollar is built on universal acceptance, you see, and those opposed to it around the world know that if you kill the dollar you kill the Agents of Chaos.


Mark my words! The Middle East is where the final execution of the Petro Dollar will be carried out. The average moron, I mean pundit, on financial TV wonders why it is necessary to develop alternate fuel sources when the U.S. is awash in a sea of shale oil. They miss the point entirely. The Middle East is not about oil, it is about DOLLARS. More specifically, it is about U.S. Petro Dollar hegemony. As long as OPEC (Saudi Arabia specifically) accepts the dollar as the currency du jour then Exceptionalistan can continue its unbridled quest for world dominance.


Proxy Wars are Banker’s Wars


Have you noticed the uptick in world chaos, dear readers? Just about every nation in the world that is a major player in the BRICS, or is involved in de-dollarization is under attack. Recently, we saw the nefarious hand of Exceptionalistan at work in Brazil where hearsay, conjecture, and flimsy accusations led to the suspension of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. Now the Vice President of Brazil has been elevated to the presidency in her place. Michael Temer is a Rothschild puppet and globalist fluffer with deep ties to Wall Street and to The City of London, as well as to the Cocaine Import Agency (CIA) where he served as an informant. If there is anyone responsible for the overthrow of Dilma Rousseff it is Michel Temer and his Exceptionalist pals.


Under Temer’s corrupt rule we can expect Brazil to descend further into the economic abyss. This is the goal of Exceptionalistan and its corporate lackeys. They will push Brazil into a Greece-like scenario where her assets will be sold off for pennies on the dollar. Be warned! The Guerrilla has sounded the alarm about Brazil’s coming collapse for some time and even reported his dear friend “W’s” dire prediction of Brazil becoming like war-torn Sarajevo.


The question now is how will Russia and China respond? The smartest thing for the Sino-Russian nexus to do is hang back and let Washington do in Brazil what it does best – rob, rape, and pillage. Brazilians will revolt in the face of the imposed austerity. They will reject the Western Kleptocrats and their minions by taking to the streets in fierce resistance against the old boys’ club in Brazil. We can expect Brazil to become a mutant combination of Greece and Ukraine until ultimately it morphs into a failed state like Venezuela.


The Guerrilla is on record stating that Russia and China will probably let Brazil go to the dogs. After all, they don’t need it. The country has always been a powder keg riddled with socio-economic, racial, and tribal tension. So be it. The best outcome for the Sino-Russian alliance would be to leverage Petrobras’ assets and tie them in with Venezuela’s oil giant PDVSA. As long as the Chinese and Russians retain some stake in South America things will work out for them, despite the fact that the nation is falling victim to Exceptionalistan’s hybrid war model across the continent (keep an eye on Ecuador as the next to fall).


Brazil’s descent into chaos is all but guaranteed by the fact that Wall Street errand boy, World Bank stooge, and Israeli citizen, Ilan Goldfein, has been named head of their central bank. This ass hat also happens to be the former head of Brazilian banking giant Itau Unibanco (formerly Banco Itau), the same bank that was used for money laundering operations related to the Japanese Yen–Russian Ruble inflation schemes that brought down the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Unibanco has also been linked to FIFA money bribery, Petrobras money laundering, and narco fund funneling. A fraudster stooge extraordinaire, Goldfein will over see the strip mining of his country’s wealth like the true patriot he is.


The Road Ahead


When it comes to its debt-based currency, the “faith and trust” of the U.S. government is a giant joke. Although it may not be readily apparent, the dollar’s days are numbered. Count the ways that the Petro Dollar has been undermined. Parallel international payment systems like CIPS have been established to bypass SWIFT. Nations around the world are dumping U.S. Treasuries. Oil-rich nations like Iran and Angola are taking Yuan or Euros as payment. The Shanghai Gold Exchange is undercutting the fraudulent London gold market and China’s ICBC bank just bought a massive gold vault in the heart of the City. Count the ways that the life is being choked out of the Petro Dollar. You’ll soon run out of fingers and toes.


Heed my words! The days and months ahead will be some of the most critical in all of human history. What we do now and how we respond to the actions of those in the corrupt corridors of power will determine our fate. Keep your eyes focused on the far side of the crisis! As “W” and the Economic Ape have always said, the future belongs to those who control the conversation on the other side of the transition. Look into the mirror and smile, dear reader. Thank God, the universe, or whatever you believe in that you are alive at such a time as this. The future belongs to the bold. We need only to go out and seize it!




The Guerrilla