Russia vs. 'the West' is a Scam, There's No 'West' Anymore, Only Pockets of Western Civ in People's Hearts and Minds

The Russia Analyst watched an interesting video this weekend about the election of Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim Mayor of London and of a European capital since Spain was al-Andalus -- before a Catholic Reconquista drove the Muslims out of Iberia.

While the big story in Europe and among Anglo-American media correspondents in Russia this weekend was Ukraine winning the 'apolitical' Eurovision song contest (which strictly bans the flags of Arab Palestine, Crimea, Transnistria, Ngorno-Karabkh, South Ossetia and Abkhazia) with a song about the 1944 Soviet deportation under Stalin of the Crimean Tatars, the bread and circuses on the emasculated Continent are all about distracting people from the forthcoming #Brexit vote in the UK and the EU's tyrannical plans to punish states resisting the immivasion like Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

As in 1938, the Czechs have already knuckled under to (the greater German Reich) Chancellor Angela Merkel's demands that they take in their EU-mandated quota of Muslim refugees without a fight. Those governments that are resisting like Prime Ministers Viktor Orban's in Hungary or Beata Szydło's in Poland are facing fines of up to €250,000 (£200,000; $290,000) per person that these countries refuse to take in per year. As the BBC reported on May 4:

“Countries refusing to accept their quota would effectively be fined - with the money going to frontline states such as Italy and Greece that have carried the burden.

The proposals for sanctions alarmed Central European countries that have refused to implement the refugee quota deal:

Poland’s foreign minister wondered if it was “a serious proposal”

Slovakia’s interior minister complained the proposed “fair share” system failed to respect reality

Hungary called it “blackmail” and “unacceptable”

The Czech Republic said it was an unpleasant surprise as it returned to a concept of mandatory quotas which had been rejected

The four countries were outvoted when the quota plan was agreed.

Poland had agreed to take some 7,000 asylum seekers and could face a fine of at least €1.75bn if the proposal goes through.

Hungary’s government on Tuesday announced plans for a referendum on the EU’s resettlement plans.”


Notice anything about those countries dear RogueMoney readers? That's right, they make up the Visegrad bloc of post-Warsaw Pact nations within the European Union. The same countries that Brussels and Washington claim to be defending from Russian 'disinformation' subversion via propaganda outlets like @EUvsDisinfo / EU StratCom East, and the same country in the case of Poland that NATO cynically claims to be defending along with something called 'the West' from 'Russian aggression'.

Central Europe: Fertile soil for pro-Kremlin disinformation. More in the new DisinfoDigest:

— EU Mythbusters (@EUvsDisinfo) May 13, 2016

So, after all the talk of trans-Atlantic solidarity and there being no second or third class countries within the wonderful EU, the guarantor together with the U.S.-led NATO of "a Europe whole, free, and at peace", it turns out Denmark gets to opt out of the EU(SSR) refugee quota system without fines, whereas those silly former Eastern Bloc Poles, Hungarians and Slovaks once occupied by the Soviet Empire will get fined good and hard.

EU has become drunk on its own self-perception—at least the UK is pointing that out

— The Conversation (@ConversationUK) May 16, 2016

Oh, and just in case any members of the toy European Parliament, that great debating body that has no actual power, want to actually read the TTIP that Washington is demanding Europe sign off on, they have to go through this routine:

Does this look like the national rebirth, freedom and democracy you were promised when the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain came down dear patriots of Europe? We don't think so.

Do you Poles, Swedes, or Czechs still think it's 1968 or 1980, and the threat to your sovereignty and well-being comes from Soviet Russian tanks, and not from your real globalist adversaries who despise your national traditions and heritage in Brussels and Washington? Are you really that foolish as to think it's the Russians, and not the globalists and their nation-hating multi-culti Quislings who are flooding your streets with young Muslim male strangers? How much longer will you go gently into the not good night of national and cultural oblivion by the turn of the 22nd century, if not bloody intra-European country wars across the Continent well before the 100th anniversary of WW2?

Former London(istan) Mayor Boris Johnson is spot on. The European Union IS the Das Europische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft aka the 4th Reich Hitler's planners envisioned, minus the death camps and Hugo Boss-designed SS uniforms. It's not just a matter of Johnson or other British euroskeptics opinions, but of historical fact. The EU is THE soft tyranny that was to be implemented under American tutelage that Nazi SS officers like Bilderberg Group co-founder Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands plotted way back in late 1943 and early 1944, when it became obvious a military attempt to unite the Continent under one superstate had failed (and incidentally, the SS began secret negotiations in Switzerland with the OSS aka the Operation Paperclip implementing Dulles brothers).

Now where Hitler's Panzer and SS divisions failed to destroy European nations, the insane bureaucracy and multi-cultural demographic transformation being wrought by the EU branch of the New World Order hopes to finally succeed. Unless, of course, a nationalist revolution and cultural revival takes place first: