The Saker Interview w/Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report

The Florida-based former Swiss military analyst known as The Saker had a second telephone interview with Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report last week. The topics included: the difference between Russian multi-polar diplomacy and Washington's language of threats and bluster, the rapidly degrading U.S. Deep State, and Russia's limited war aims in Syria. You can listen to the interview or download a full PDF transcript of the discussion here. - JWS

Saker joins us this week for his quarterly briefing on global geopolitics and the “emerging multi-polar world.” Indeed, the first part of our discussion focuses on the differences between a uni-polar world (the one we’ve been living in until very recently) and a multi-polar world — and what these differences will mean to you and me.

We have plenty to talk about: from events in Syria, Iran and the Middle East to the risks that Brexit and immigration pose to the European Union. Saker explains why he feels that the European Union will not be able to survive the coming storm. We also talk about the impact of the US presidential campaign on allies and enemies and the likelihood that the current covert war with Russia will turn overt following a change in the US Administration.

In anticipation of our discussion I have reviewed Saker’s new book, a marvelous collection of his posts entitled The Essential Saker: From the Trenches of the Emerging Multi-Polar World (see my book review here).

Those of you who seek to understand the flow of events in Russia and Eastern Europe will find this week’s interview a rich and fascinating contribution.