”Cut..Cut!!”…This Guy Forgot his Lines, Send Him a Gift Wrapped Nail Gun

It wasn’t that long ago “The Guerrilla,” made a few headlines by predicting the deaths of mid level, and eventually a few high level bankers.  Unlike many, and even more prescient than most, “The Economic SilverBack” made the predictions right before the hit teams made themselves known, a very telling prediction to say the least.  Who could forget this one….


Yeah nothing like using a nail gun “repeatedly” to commit suicide????  Might this method of demise make a come back?  Who knows, but if the recent trend of major players “bucking the system” on the investment playing field continues, a return of bankster, or investment pro deaths may not be surprising.  Actually this time around it might be to avoid much more devastating weaponry, in the form of very sharp pitch forks & torches….!  Might this be a new trend in clearing the conscious by investment pros? Time will tell, but one thing is for sure it is a new & major warning signal of the end game for the King Dollar.  A signal not verbalized, or written about in literal form by the investment pros, who are constrained by the rules of the “Paper Playing Field (PPF)” orchestrated by the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be), until now!  Could we start seeing a repeat of…….??????

Outside of Rob Kirby, Dr. Jim Willie, maybe a few others, and The Team @ Rogue Money, I hadn’t seen any investment pros step outside the lines, and call a “Spade a Spade”, until now!   This big name pro didn’t step over the line with in your face terms, but did it in a form of “code speak” that said, “the ponzi scheme is coming to an end”…!  This is a bit of a first, as it is coming from a member of a group that seldom steps outside the “paper lines”.

So how does that rank in the King Dollar end game timing?  The Wolf Gray sense of smell has a strong sense of people, good & bad, screaming behind the scenes “Oh Shit….!”  An analysis for your review coming up, but it also needs the opinion of the astute RM readership to chime in as they see fit at the end of this installment.

                                                  First a Quick Hit @ the News:

In this first news link, maybe the ECB should try what we are doing with the appearance of our currency.  I think after 2025 we are slated to use “Looney Tunes” characters to ID our currency units.


In the prior installment we discussed how debt velocity is growing, not money velocity, and it is turbo charged by the illicit use of the consumer debt, via gambling by the banking industry.  Thus the term, gambling debt velocity, “GDV”.  Like the DHAP acronym (diversified hard asset portfolio), we @ 'roguemoney.net' will lay claim to “GDV” if it is popular.  Otherwise, who said that?   That being said, this next link illustrates a by product of “GDV” expansion.


Honest real business with tangible products doesn’t necessitate phony financial engineering of the economy.  The bully enforcement is now failing, so the ponzi scheme is ending.  And btw based on history "p. schemes" always do, so why should this time be different?  We are trapped in our own “GDV” nightmare, no election will change that, one way or the other.  Best take personal responsibility for your own survival folks.

This next news link is great, “US productivity slumps at worst rate in 23 years”.  Gee there’s a surprise, what the hell do you expect from a services based economy.  I can hear it now, “How’s that stop watch look Joe, is Martha improving her times going from the kitchen to table 12?”  There is only so much, “Measurable Productivity Gains”, you can achieve from watching, and measuring the advances in the “leisure & hospitality” industries.   And, from my cigar smoke filled office, it is a waste of frickin’ time.


In fact the only measurable form of productivity as applies to the western product world, just might be……”Hey Bob, how’s that new strain of GMO doing, has it increased the marketability of our new drug line?”  “Not in the mainland George we have bled the sheeple dry, now we’re waiting on our top sales pro John “Potato Spud” Kerry to sell our new GMO products to the “Eurasian Trade Zone!”  Don’t hold your breath for that one folks…!  We are screwed one way or the other, if this sales moron is successful we are poisoning people, and if he fails we suffer financially.  That is what happens when the ship's captains are putzes.

Check this next one out, in the “What the heck is going on here,” category….


O.K. I got the answer the guys at the BLS (bureau labor stats.) rounded down from oh say something along the order of 35-50% unemployment all the way down to 5%…$^#*^%+%^@&(!(*Y&#)!(&^_@!_0&^…Come on Man!

This next link details that the US has added a ton of waiters & bartender jobs, and additionally zero manufacturing jobs, since 2014 (alluded to above).  Now there’s an economy cooking on peanut oil.  Especially since they involved the restaurant market……well they probably used a GMO substitute, instead of all natural peanut oil.


And, to tie the jobs farce into a nice neat little bow, check this out….


All you mathematicians out there please try putting the info in the above link into a 5% unemployment basket for me….!  Someone could you please make sense of these numbers...?

I love this next one, “The US trade deficit tumbles as overall imports plunge.”


It wouldn’t be due to the fact our trade partners are cutting any and all ties to the dollar?  Naw, no way, why would they want to get rid of a “deadbeat” trade partner?  Need proof?  Witness the floating empty barges, the sentencing remnants of "Mrs. Economic Mother Nature" saying, "Take that you paper worshiping Keynesian morons...!"  Can you say, “Wake Up Call”?

On the other side of the trade issue, and back on land, one thing is for sure “Economic Mother Nature” ain’t handing out speeding tickets to the “railroad transportation industry”.   It would appear to be more like a freight car load of “cease & desist” orders.


Actually there are no surprises there, as they are going the proper speed for a fascist economic system.

In this next video from just this past week, Dr. Jim Willie, is once again firing on all cylinders…..

He makes some interesting points in the above interview, note @ the 5:50 mark (and the following minute specifically) references made to China demanding our government agencies to pay for fuel refills in the middle east with real "PHYSICAL SILVER"....!  If true, WOW...!  Also noted by Ken Schortgen Jr. on Friday night's show with "the Guerrilla"...

Also @ the 19:00 mark Dr. Willie provides a review of the 300+ paper demands vs. real physical gold, and then provides a really interesting comparison to the paper demands to available physical in silver being in or around 35 to 1.  The surprise in this interesting comparison regarding the above numbers; it is his view that it actually makes silver even more valuable than gold, due to the vast current & future industrial tangible demand.  Well, well worth a listen.  

Of note, at the 30 minute mark, he provides one of the greatest explanations of gold fraud I ever heard.  This guy is on a roll in this one.  You might want to pay attention to the 31:30 mark, and listen to the dumping of bonds at deep discounts, while keeping the ESF in the back of your mind as a way of how it is possible to keep the treasury prices up, and yields down.  He doesn't mention the ESF, but all I can say is "WOW" (as preached here at RM many times).  I am a car guy, so I love the auto comparisons.

                                         Losing control of the Paper Playing Fields:

Having a sports background, I am ashamed to say I didn’t pick up the entire “business / economic” dynamic that compares favorably with sports franchises.  Business/economics isn’t different to a sports franchise when comparing the various positions, players, coaches, management, and owners.  A speech from a heavy hitter last week made the connection loud & clear in my Wolf “gray matter”…!  More in a second first a ‘lead-in’ from an installment that hit the pages of RM a month & a half ago…….I should have seen the significant sports analogy right then & there…….


In the above installment from March 15th 2016, out of the “economic information wild blue yonder” Larry Lindsey (former Fed governor & presidential advisory dude on economics) decided to highlight the merits of gold.  Now that is a change in the standard script, wouldn’t you say?  He is one of the rules ‘makers/enforcers’ typically defined in the subcategories of a sports franchise as the “coaches, managers, or owners” (in his case a manager).  For him to throw something out of the standard script, and then deliver it to the crowd, “us”, in a form that is "pro-gold & therefore anti-paper", is extremely discombobulating.  Fast forward to just this past week…..


He is at it again, but this time he is saying the system is collapsing under it’s own weight.  Once again it clearly indicates many of the rats in the position of "lawmakers" have decided to get out in front of the upcoming King Dollar demise/collapse.  But, it's the players this time that caught my attention, and a "pro-bowl" player to boot!  More in just a second.

He ain’t the lone ranger in the ‘rules makers/ lawmakers’ category to break the ranks of the suspected written & unwritten rule, that “Gold is crap & the Dollar is King”.  This is a major indicator of a near term King Dollar demise, and an attempt by the lower level PPPTB to get out in front of the chaos, and to hope their recent turn towards real money may keep the "pitch forks & torches" from targeting them.  But, while this is going on, it now appears the players on the field may be starting to ramp up the cya (cover your arse) routine……This is very new folks….And, very telling.  At least new & telling at the media announcement levels……

Let us check in on one who very slyly doubles as one of the “crowd/regular folk & an all pro investor”.  In this case I am speaking of Mr. Warren Buffett an actual high level player on the economic playing field.  Add him to the new, and growing list of top echelon players who appear to be getting very nervous.  Could this be right, Mr. Buffet, the “Pimp Daddy King Dollar Welfare Whore”, is gradually going off the proper paper script of "all's well in the western paper economic world”? 

This is very unusual, and to this point unprecedented.  Major players supposedly trapped within “The King Dollar’s Rules”, handed down from the lawmakers, seldom if ever break the standard script.  Until lately…..

This guy has invested, in advance of the announced trend of the government's cash flow (our tax dollars) for years!  But he still didn't see the fraud that was propping the system up (per the above interview)…!  A “Don’t blame me,” said from the playing field.  That is what they have all been saying for the last few years, until now!

The typical mantra from the players on the field has been, “from 2009 (sometimes they state an earlier date) till now, no one could have seen this collapse coming!!!!"  My view is simple, either they are idiots, or they are liars.  I suspect they are liars, that wanted to continue playing on the field as long as the Fed made money easy, and we the patsies had few options, but to buy into the game. These pros were living off one simple rule.  

"Don't Fight the Fed, especially when you know well in advance what the Fed is going to do.” Wolf Gray

Additionally, one has to ask, did they even know about the dark side of the easy money safety net, the ESF who kept buying back US paper, under the table?  Did they know about the multiple illegal elephants in the room hiding the truth, like 250 billion of US paper coming home over a time span of several weeks in 2015, only to be easily absorbed by unknown sources (the ESF most likely)?  All this was clearly done in an attempt to head off a price dump & yield rise in the debt instruments, both of which the western markets couldn't stand with current debt loads?  Again did they (the top players on the field) know about this?  Which btw if it had been us, the commoners who knew about it, we would have easily been arrested for being complicit in the fraud?  For us ignorance of the law is no excuse, just ask any of our 3 letter agencies, but for them it is a badge or sign of “high intelligence”.

I say for some of them, "Yes they knew! Or else they are just dumb lucky dufuses!"

It now appears some of the players on the field, are breaking from the standard rules, and instead they are preparing to run from the sound of pitch forks being sharpened by those ready to find the alleged perpetrators of their family's sufferings.  Whether these investment pros knew about the elephants in the room or not is irrelevant, as it is clear they all know the sound of a spinning sharpening stone working on the tips of the pitch forks.  Again it appears the rats are scurrying about in fear.

Courage to admit to the fraud portion of the ponzi scheme or not, they are now ‘sneaking-in’ big announcements to a King Dollar storm on the horizon.  The reasons are irrelevant, it is the recent interpretations of the acts themselves, from the players on the field, that matter. 

Next up another big player, in this case, one who’s stellar performances are legendary, and span over several decades.  

Top field level performers getting nervous is significant, but when it is an apparent legit pro-bowl performer, not like ‘the welfare whore’ Warren Buffett, something big is brewing.  My reasoning will follow in the conclusions section, but first the body of evidence from an apparent top notch legit performer.  I will assume that to be his rank, until notified differently.

In this next link, ZeroHedge paints Mr. Stanley Druckenmiller’s blow up, aimed at the Fed this past week as “very very angry”.   From my perspective, this guy also very subtly breaks ranks, and politely calls the Fed & corporate America a fascist fraud (not his actual words).  Check out this link, and another player from the field breaking ranks…..


Why haven’t any of the major players on the paper playing field, called the “King Dollar ponzi scheme” for what it is, a total lie, and a move towards fascism?  In a polite way this guy may have just done that very thing.  He may have just said it is a corrupt game.    

Describing the PPPTB with a true “in your face” descriptor, usually never happens, because they are the vicious rules makers of the playing field.  Instead the players might call them misguided, or dumb.  Therefore they are then just playing within the rules set forth for public announcement protocol.  Take football for example, "The refs were blind out there, and did a damned terrible job, which might have cost us the game!"  Conversely, you never hear this, "The refs were payed off hacks who threw the game for us, had they been on another planet we might have won the damned thing!!!!!"

In other words to put it into the perspective of the above football analogy, and then apply it to the Fed it might sound like this, ”The Federal Reserve is a corrupt entity that is a puppet of an evil corrupt overlord entity (like the ESF) to subjugate the hard working tax paying citizenry!"  He can't do that WG, or he would lose his job, or worse.  Exactly…! 

Folks the Fed, and these corrupt paper policy makers have never been called what they are, by any msm person resting on a higher sourcing, or influence level.  "Why" is simple.  It could cost them their f...ing jobs, and who knows maybe more.  You can call them incompetent all day long, but don't call them Crooks, Paid Off Hacks, Puppets, Pieces of Cow Flop, Punks, Mouthpieces, No Talent Suck-Ups, Servants to the System, & the list goes on & on.  Why do we not hear those terms in the msm from the players on the field?  They worship the system, and themselves.  Until NOW…!

That's what is significant.......UNTIL NOW..!

I do not know this Druckenmiller guy, but one thing is for sure, everything I am reading is proving he is beginning to break ranks with the system players stuck within the confines of the playing field….! He got very close to calling a spade a spade, and brutally breaking ranks with the paper worshipers with this line, "three more years of unproductive corporate behavior."  "Behavior", boy he got close, to in your face with the word “behavior”.  But, still fell just short of using the language I highlighted in the last couple sentences in the prior paragraph.

Here is a more in-depth version of Mr. Dxuckenmiller’s speech, also from ZeroHedge, and just a few days later.  The fact they ZeroHedge decided to put it out again, but instead this time in full format is interesting unto itself.   


One thing is for sure “abbreviated or in full” he is apocalyptic to say the least on the western paper world, and note once again, this comes from a pro-bowl level player who knocked down 30% returns PER YEAR on the playing field for over 2 decades.  A true “pro-bowler”.  Here are several intriguing excerpts from the full speech…

"Simply put, this is the biggest and longest dovish deviation from historical norms I have seen in my career. The Fed has borrowed more from future consumption than ever before. And despite the US global outperformance, we currently have the most negative real rates in the G-7. At the 2005 Ira Sohn Conference, looking at a more muted but similar deviation, I argued that the Greenspan Fed was sowing the seeds of an historical housing bubble fed by reckless sub-prime borrowing that would end very badly. Those policy excesses pale in comparison to the duration and extent of today’s monetary experiment." ...........................Stan Druckenmiller

That last line is politely saying, by using the term ‘experiment’, “the system is screwed”.  

Another excerpt…..

"The myopia of today’s central bankers is leading to the opposite, reckless behavior at the government and corporate level. Five years ago, one could have argued it was in search of “escape velocity.” But the sub-par economic growth we are experiencing in the 8th year of a radical monetary experiment and in Japan after more than 20 years has blown that theory out of the water.".................... Stan Druckenmiller

Again breaking ranks with other players on the field, with terms like “myopia”, “radical”, & “experiment”.  This is polite business speak for, at least it is from my office chair, “we are screwed due to CORRUPTION.”

Another excerpt from this perennial paper pro-bowler……

"I have argued that myopic policy makers have no end game, they stumble from one short term fiscal or monetary stimulus to the next, despite overwhelming evidence that they only produce an ephemeral sugar high and grow unproductive debt that impedes long term growth. Moreover, the continued decline of global growth despite unprecedented stimulus the past decade suggests we have borrowed so much from our future for so long the chickens are coming home to roost. Three years ago on this stage I criticized the rationale of fed policy but drew a bullish intermediate conclusion as the weight of the evidence suggested the tidal wave of central bank money worldwide would still propel financial assets higher. I now feel the weight of the evidence has shifted the other way; higher valuations, three more years of unproductive corporate behavior, limits to further easing and excessive borrowing from the future suggest that the bull market is exhausting itself." ................Stan Druckenmiller

The last line of the above excerpt (similar to the abbreviated version above) buttons things up quite nicely.  My translation of what he said, “We are screwed, and it was done in full view, and I am an insider who can witness it for all of you.”  

One question stands out for ole’ WG, how long ago did this guy suspect the game was coming to an end, but still kept his cards in the corrupt game before he came to this revelation?  I would suspect a man of his investment caliber, just played the system cards that were dealt to him, system cards that were "juiced", while hoping the paper system would eventually correct itself.   

A speech of this magnitude coming from a guy with his level of experience, simply means a pro bowler in the paper world, sees the system collapsing, with little hope of correcting the problems due to the graft & corruption.  Now for his biggest ‘in-your-face’, the paper maestros are morons, we need to get ready now, or the system will stick ‘up-yours’, statement….Call it what you will, but for a ‘paper pro-bowler’ to break ranks, and say the next line, is tantamount to telling the PPPTB they are a bunch of crooks.  And it may not appear that way to us, but it is an insult to the rules makers,  “Put your money into GSBC’s, gold & silver bars & coins,”……….

Some regard it as a metal, we regard it as a currency and it remains our largest currency allocation.  Stan Druckenmiller



The importance of a major player on the football field breaking ranks is normally a clear sign of a team’s system in failure, or a guy about to be contractually blackballed by the league owners.  It is no different for the business/economic field either.  The big differences are, on the more cerebral investment/economics playing field (not sure about the more cerebral part), players breaking ranks, usually include a greater degree of calculation, and forethought.  But, just like in football the players normally make “bigger bucks”, than the rules makers (Larry Lindsey’s for example), so they have much more to risk personally.  Which means it is very late in the game when they feel they can’t be hurt by exposing the fraud & corruption by saying, “Jump into GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins), and be a part of what will soon be the tools of the “Super Bowl Champs.”

Football players who express displeasure outwardly to the media are doomed to being ignored, and or cut from the team, with typically only a “one time hiring interest” by the rest of the leagues managers.  And even then, that is if they are really high quality on the field “talents”.  For high level players on the economic/business playing fields, like Mr. Druckenmiller, to step over the line with “hints” at corruption, is a new (at least new to me) sure fire sign that the paper systems are near a “standard of living failure” that everyone recognizes.

How near & how soon?  My prediction stays the same, “Real Soon”, months not even a year.  There may not be any nail guns this time around, unless court cases hit the dockets, but popping some popcorn to enjoy while watching the show at a safe distance, just makes perfect sense.  And, the popcorn will go down easier if you are comforted with a well thought out DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) in the background.  In fact I have already consumed some popcorn as the show has been playing for a while, and it now appears, it’s major finishing highlights are about to light up the screen.  Could I be wrong on the timing?  Yes, but could being late to the show with no preparations in sight be devastating?  Yes, as well.  But conversely being a little early to this show will actually still be defined as “timely”!

If we are soon to witness a few more top performers from the paper playing field making negative paper assertions, with hints at corruption, then let me howl, “I hope your DHAP preps are in order.”


   Presidential Aside:

At this point the Wolf Gray is on the Trump side of the aisle, but this video with Paul Joseph Watson brings up an issue I still have a bit of a problem with.  Note there are plenty of troubling statements in this video, but people can legitimately change their viewpoints.  But, starting at the 8:15 point & running a little over 2 minutes, it is possible that, arrogance runneth over.  You be the judge, and I also couch my views on this segment, with the fact he could feel it is a private subject, and none of the public’s business.  But, he didn’t say that.  And btw I could perfectly understand that viewpoint.  A viewpoint, that my relationship with God is mine, and mine alone!  Again he didn't say that.

I told the Team @ RM (I don’t think I sent this one to W), ……. paraphrasing…….“Though I may feel Trump is the best suited candidate for the job, I got to say, if I were stuck on a deserted island with him….one of us would be used as fish bait.”  I asked them not to repeat it, but there it is.

And for a more substantive approach to the presidency, and pulling from the files of "Just what the heck is this candidate trying to say"....how about this head scratcher….


A few more statements like those outlined in the above link, and we will be saying hello to a real problem, Hitlery.

A leopard has spots, and a tiger has strips, we are what we are, so I have to ask with bad english.........just what are this guy?

All this stuff ain’t that complicated……

I am just a simple man, working on the land
Oh it ain't easy
I'm just a simple man, working with my hands
Oh baby, believe me
I'm just a simple man, yeah yeah
Freedom is the only thing means a damn to me
I'm just a simple man, yeah ......Bad Company

Hard Asset Tips:

I highly recommend you buy a steel, or large metal wheel barrow.  Wooden frame, and handles are fine, but the tub needs to be metal.  Why?  You might want to add some bags or containers of quikrete or sakrete to your DHAP list, which would be more compatible when put to use with a metal wheel barrow.  Quikrete & sakrete were not on the original 32 item DHAP list, but they could come under #14 “Hand Tools”.  After all, they would qualify as a finished form of a product produced from various hand tools (#14).  I know, I know, where might these items be used?  Who knows, but they are cheap, hard assets, & the foundations for many a finished building project, large or small.

And once again, no one, and I do mean no one has any idea how spartan this could get with a great deal of certainty, thus it is best to be prepared.

As always God Bless & Be Well…! 

It will payoff to be a “WISE Spectator” of the upcoming games on the ‘’economic/business playing field”, especially when relaxed viewing is backed up by the comforting thoughts of a well thought out personalized DHAP.….!

                    “As my spirit passes, I will only morn what I didn’t try”  Wolf Gray

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Team RM, W, The Wolf Pack, ZeroHedge, Dr. Jim Willie, Stan Druckenmiller, Michael Snyder, Paul Joseph Watson, NY Daily News, Queen & Bad Company