Will Putin's Promised Declassification of KGB Files With Some "Very Interesting Names" Include Ли Харви Освальд?

Lee Harvey Oswald banner graphic by:
Soul of the East's Mark Hackard and associates blogging at Espionage Archive

Dear George Soros and everyone at the State Department and CIA who thought pushing a Putin angle to the #PanamaPapers was a brilliant idea: are you sure you thought it through? The most devastating active measures (активные мероприятия) may be when the Russians start telling truths Western governments would prefer to keep buried...including about the KGB's most notorious American 'walk in' defector, one Lee Harvey Oswald of Dallas, Texas.


The release of the #PanamaPapers last month was hyped using the image and person of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the President of Russia. Yet as the UK Guardian was forced to admit, at no point did Putin's actual name appear in the documents released by organizations funded by the U.S. government and billionaire globalist speculator George Soros. Instead, the Anglo-American media sought to portray the hundreds of millions in accounts held by a musician and friend of Putin's, classical cellist Sergey Rodulgin, as illicitly maintained in trust for the Russian leader.

However, many mainstream reporters soon realized that by that same logic, prominent Western individuals like Bill and Hillary Clinton could also be stashing money abroad through the cover of their rich friends and campaign donors. Thus without actual proof that the money was indeed regularly or had indeed ever been accessed by Putin or one of Putin's admittedly affluent daughters, the latest Cold War 2.0 information war attempt to create a 'scandal' for the Russian leadership flopped.

Out of a Failed Soros/CIA Psyop Against Russia, May Come a Soviet Blast from the Past

Since information about rich Russians or Chinese' accounts (besides that of martial artist and action films star Jackie Chan) turned out to be a very small percentage of the overall document dump, the focus of the Guardian and other British and American news sources reporting turned to British Prime Minister David Cameron, whose late father had an offshore account with Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. The mainstream media, prodded in part by Zerohedge, also began to dig deeper into the issue of offshore-ization itself and admitted that the reason so few Americans were featured in the Mossack Fonseca leak is because the U.S. itself is becoming a premier destination for the offshore-ization of private wealth, whether accumulated legitimately or in the case of the Mexican drug cartels transactions via HSBC and Wells Fargo, through organized crime.

Nonetheless, just as mainstream media exercises its waning power through choosing which stories to highlight, it also works for its masters by ignoring stories they would prefer to keep buried. For example, after Putin came under fire from the UK Guardian and other western media outlets, the former KGB officer hinted at push back by speaking public ally about "some interesting names" to be found in Soviet archives that Putin had personally ordered the Kremlin to take charge of. Naturally, only the so-called 'alternative media' which is rapidly becoming the real media took notice of what Putin said, and the possibility that in the U.S.-Russia information war Moscow could punch back by revealing explosive aspects of the first Cold War that Washington and Langley would prefer to keep secret.

From Ft. Russ on April 5, 2016:

The Russian President said that he has decided to declassify many archival documents, and that he will sign the decree today. And it was signed. Here: http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/51635

And he quietly added: “This, as far as I know, according to the information from archive agencies, concerns the period from 1930 to 1989. In these documents there are cases, excuse me, of snitches as well as the innocently repressed, with very interesting names, some documents will surprise society...”

— http://www.fort-russ.com/2016/04/putin-to-declassify-documents-that-bear.html

One of the 'interesting names' Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin may have been referring to from the Soviet archives is possibly the most notorious American to have 'walked in' and volunteered his services to the KGB of all time: Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Despite the Warren Commission and numerous TV shows and films depicting the never-convicted Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone to kill the President, a slight majority of Americans polled by the Gallup organization continue to believe JFK's death was the result of a conspiracy. So too, did Oswald's Soviet born widow Marina Nikolayevna Oswald Porter (née Prusakova), who spoke out after decades in obscurity upon the 30th anniversary of the assassination to insist that her husband was not physically or mentally capable of carrying out the killing of JFK. Marina also insisted that her husband did not murder Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit.

Marina's aborted interview with NBC's Tom Brokaw in 1993, who doesn't bother to hear her out and frequently interrupts her before Larry Howard and her end the 'interview'

Team RogueMoney Salutes Two Brave JFK Assassination Researchers:
John B. Wells and Roger Stone, for Exposing the Truth All These Years Later

At least two JFK assassination researchers, one our friend Caravan to Midnight host John B. Wells of Dallas, Texas and the other former Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone, have appeared on the Rogue Money program. It is in tribute to them that we present here, not only the videos of investigative journalist Wayne Madsen discussing the suspected involvement of Texas Senator Ted Cruz's father Rafael in the plot to kill Kennedy, but also the recollections of a KGB officer who met with Oswald inside the Soviet station in Mexico City.

Whether the revelations about now pastor Rafael's youthful work with the Cuban exiles of the Central Intelligence Agency had any role in forcing Ted Cruz out of the 2016 presidential race may never be known. What we do know is that the evidence is considerable that Ted Cruz's father is in fact the heretofore unidentified young Cuban man seen handing out flyers alongside Lee Harvey Oswald in photographs of Oswald's 'work' for the CIA-created group 'Fair Play for Cuba Committee' taken in New Orleans.

Trump, Stone, and the MSM/'Conservative' Media Damage Control About Young Rafael Cruz (Sen. Cruz's Father) Being Photographed with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans

While usually we are loathe to link to the sleazy hive of hipster scum and villainy known as Gawker, we have to admit it's remarkable that some parts of mainstream media stopped ignoring The National Enquirer, which broke the story of 'Lyin Ted's philandering and likely affair with his bizarre VP choice Carly Fiorina's campaign manager, to 'pick up' the Enquirer's reporting about Rafael Cruz and Oswald.

According to Gawker, which lamely tries to debunk the story and fails to give any credit to Washington-based journalist Wayne Madsen for uncovering it, Rafael Cruz has lied about his past long before Trump (possibly under the influence of former aide Roger Stone and Stone's book The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ) brought up the possibility, Trump stressed, that Rafael had been hanging out with Oswald weeks prior to JFK's death. Here's the audio of what Trump actually said in case anyone wishes to listen -- note contrary to Lyin' Ted Cruz's indignant response, DJT did NOT accuse Rafael Cruz of helping to kill JFK, only of being with Oswald days before LHO was shot to death by Dallas night club owner and Mobbed-up underworld figure Jack Ruby:

Thanks to the translation work of Stanford Russian studies MA Mark Hackard for his site Espionage Archive, we have the professional opinion of Soviet Army and KGB trained pistol and rifle marksman Nikolai Sergeyevich Leonov, who insists the Oswald he saw in Mexico City (who like any other American or foreign visitor to the Soviet Embassy was logged by the 24/7 surveillance the CIA maintained around the USSR's diplomatic/intelligence station) was a nervous wreck incapable of accurately firing a pistol much less using the old Italian WW2 surplus rifle that the Warren Commission concluded killed JFK with three expertly timed shots. That Oswald's mental health or lack thereof may have had a great deal to do with his 'double life' as a CIA asset who got in over his head as a fake Communist and provocateur has been the contention of many JFK researchers for years if not decades.

Here from the Espionage Archive is the extended quote from Leonov, with his recollections of Oswald:

Among the many visitors to the embassy from among Americans, there were also people who would later become widely well-known. Once on a Sunday in the autumn of 1963, several weeks before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, I was playing volleyball with my colleagues at the [Soviet] embassy’s athletic field [in Mexico City]. Suddenly a somewhat agitated duty officer appeared and began to ask me to receive an American visitor and speak with him. Swearing under my breath, I ran over in my track suit, hoping that I could get off with a request for him to come on a workday.

Entering the reception room for foreigners, I saw a young man with an unusually pale face. A revolver lay on the table, its cylinder loaded with bullets. I s[t]ay nearby and asked him how I could be of assistance. The young man said his name was Lee Oswald, that he was an American, and that he was currently under constant surveillance and wanted to return immediately to the USSR, where he had earlier lived and worked in Minsk [Belarussian SSR], and be delivered from the constant fear for his life and for the fate of his family.

The question of restoring citizenship was extremely complicated. One had to write a well-founded request to the USSR Supreme Council Presidium and then wait without any great hope for a long time. And if a positive decision came, then bureaucratic red tape would a lot of time. With the softest, most calming tone I could use, I informed our unusual visitor of this. He began to write a request, but his hands were trembling strongly. Suddenly he set the pen aside and firmly stated:

”I’ll shoot them all today. In the hotel everyone is following me: the manager, the maid, the doorman…”

[Oswald’s] eyes shone feverishly, and his voice became unsteady. Images and scenes unknown to me had obviously set upon him. It was clear that behind the table sat a man with an overstimulated nervous system that was on the verge of breakdown. There was no purpose to speaking with a person who was in such a state. We had only to calm Lee Oswald down as much as possible, try to convince him not to do anything that could hinder a positive resolution to his question of restoring USSR citizenship, and accompany him out of the embassy. I let the embassy consular department know of what had occurred...

When some time later I learned that namely Lee Oswald was accused of assassinating US President John Kennedy, I saw on television the moment of his murder in a Dallas jail. It was a murder camouflaged as a random assassination, and it became clear to me that he was an obvious scapegoat. Never could a man with such a shaken nervous system, whose fingers couldn’t steadily hold a pen, calculatingly and in cold blood produce the fatal shots accurately from long distance.

— https://espionagehistoryarchive.com/2015/12/19/oswald-the-kgb-in-mexico/

What Can Be Expected from Any Russian Truthbomb on Oswald -- the Failed CIA Plant Who Was Quietly Pushed Out of the Soviet Union by the KGB as a Suspected Double Agent

It is our hope that Mr. Putin will take advantage of the upcoming 53rd anniversary of the Dallas coup d'etat to release Lee Harvey Oswald's KGB file, as well as any notes the KGB officers on duty who met with him in Mexico City months before the assassination took as to his state of mental and physical health.  

Of course the reaction to any Kremlin KGB archive dump on Oswald, particularly any document from the KGB's Second Directorate responsible for counter intelligence in the USSR that labeled Oswald a mentally ill person or even worse, a 'too loudly Communist to be true' CIA double agent, will be predictable and furious -- just as 'the most trusted man in America' Walter Cronkite was dismissive of the Soviet response to the JFK assassination at the time:

The 'case closed' or 'the KGB killed Kennedy' historians like Edward Jay Epstein will dismiss the documents as a Kremlin fabrication, part of the present Cold War 2 information war. Ex-NSA counterintelligence officer and former U.S. Naval War College Professor John R. Schindler will brand it part of the continuing KGB campaign of 'active measures' to convince Americans that rogue elements of their own government led by then Vice President Lyndon Johnson, rather than the Soviets, had Kennedy murdered. No doubt Schindler will try to concoct some conspiracy theory of his own tying in Roger Stone, Trump, and The Donald's adviser Paul Manafort in an elaborate Kremlin plot that ascribes god-like powers of reflexive control to the Russians, including over MILLIONS of American voters backing Trump who probably have never heard of RT much less watched the channel. In fact, spinning such pro-Establishment conspiracy yarns is what known CIA stooge and longtime Col. Oliver North crony Cliff Kincaid of the fake conservative group Accuracy in Media does for a living, as disinformation asset. "Deny everything, make counter-accusations" is precisely what disinformation spreaders are trained to do, and Schindler who used to keep that motto on his XX Committee blog is no exception.

In any case, the Establishment and Epstein's response will - as always - duck difficult questions such as: why if Oswald noisily declared his allegiance to the Soviet Union, his transfer of U.S. radar secrets to the Soviets that could help Moscow detect and shoot down U-2 spy planes, and his expressed written to his brother willingness to kill American soldiers in any U.S.-USSR war, was he permitted to simply return to the USA without so much as an interrogation that we know of by the FBI, much less an arrest on treason charges? It is on this point that the likes of Schindler and other 'always blame the Russians anybody but a CIA conspiracy' historians talking points falter, with lame claims like 'Oswald slipped through the cracks' of FBI as well as CIA counterintelligence under the leadership, respectively, of those legendary paranoids J. Edgar Hoover and James Jesus Angelton -- really guys? Given the tens of thousands of files on known Communists including Barack Hussein Obama's real father Frank Marshall Davis, does anyone seriously think a loudmouthed Communist like Oswald who boasted in a conservative town like Dallas of taking shots at General Edwin Walker would have escaped the long arm and eyes of FBI surveillance?


CIA spook William Buckley would write the first major book on how Angleton went crazy after Philby was unmasked. Buckley is Skull & Bones and card carrying member of the oligarchy, just like Angleton, only maybe a little higher on the pecking order. But Golitsyn was a fake defector seeding disinfo. His major thrust was that many highly placed people in Western power were really KGB, just like Philby. Golitsyn even claimed British Prime Minister Harold Wilson was a KGB spy. And he also claimed there was another KGB spy was very high up in the US government as well.

Obviously, these rabbit holes served mostly to amp up Angleton’s paranoia. He’d spend the next few years hunting for an imaginary highly-placed mole in Washington DC, and at one point accused just about everyone in power [that the KGB deliberately targeted Angleton and Hoover alike with false evidence of KGB agents everywhere is undoubtedly true, we have confirmation from the legendary former station chief against ‘the main enemy’ Yury Drozhdov that Angleton was made to see phantoms KGB assets everywhere while many of the real moles escaped his dragnet - JWS].

Did Golitsiyn also finger JFK as well as Wilson? I think this seems pretty likely. Strangely, Golitsyn became an Honorary Commander of the British Empire. And what do you think would have happened if Angleton had written a report saying JFK was a Soviet spy? Would that have justified a national security project to remove JFK from power?

But after JFK was assassinated, along came a real Soviet defector name Yuri Nosenko, who arrived in 1964. Since Nosenko did not concur with much of anything Golitsyn had been saying, and, in fact, was more highly situated and knew more than Golitsyn, Nosenko was held prisoner for four years and tortured continuously and fed LSD and other drugs in an attempt to break him down. And the entire time Angleton kept telling everyone Nosenko was a fake whose only mission was to discredit Golitsyn.

In retrospect Angleton seems borderline incompetent since he’d been played by Philby and Golitsyn. One wonders how Angleton kept his job so long, although keep in mind his files were probably more explosive than J. Edgar Hoover’s.

And then, of course, there’s Angleton’s vast connections to the JFK assassination cover-up. It’s no accident Angleton was named CIA liason with the Warren Commission and swiftly replaced John Whitten as official CIA investigator of the incident. Moves like that are made when a fox is needed to watch the hen house.

The dead bodies piled up pretty quick around Angleton, especially his wife’s best friend Mary Meyer and his former friend Win Scott, the Mexico City CIA station chief who launched his own private investigation into JFK’s assassination, something Angleton seemed desperate to shut down before it got started.

— https://stevenhager420.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/james-jesus-angleton-is-a-key-to-the-jfk-assassination/

Here are just a few questions for the Establishmentarians dismissive of any new evidence that should come to light from the KGB side regarding Oswald:

Why was Oswald such a misfit in Soviet society as recalled by those Russians who are still alive who remember him, portrayed in the Russian-language documentary above?

If Oswald was a dimwit who struggled with such daily tasks as driving a car or holding down low-paid menial jobs, why does a letter from a prominent North Texas attorney produced months prior to the JFK assassination list him as a fluent speaker of Russian?

How did a not high IQ Oswald manage to get selected for the prestigious Presidio at Monterey defense language school while in the Marine Corps, an assignment that requires fairly high or certainly well above average test scores for military recruits regardless of service branch?

Why did the committed Communist not remain in the USSR with his then pregnant wife Marina Prusakova in early 1962, before their first child was born?

Why did the KGB never fully trust Oswald? Was this only due to Oswald's history of mental problems, or was it due to the KGB 2nd Directorate's suspicions from the moment Lee Harvey defected to the USSR that he was a CIA plant?

What possible motive did the Soviets have to kill Kennedy while JFK according to their very good sources in Washington was at odds with men like fired CIA director Allen Dulles that the KGB considered to be deadly enemies, and Kennedy was aiming to deescalate the American involvement in Vietnam?

Why if the Soviets intended to kill Kennedy would they entrust such an important, Politburo-approval required mission to a mentally disturbed individual whom the KGB had ample opportunity to evaluate up close and speak to for months in Minsk?

None of these questions have ever been adequately answered by those who would deny the obvious, fifty years later: that those who had the means and the motive to kill President Kennedy consisted of elements within the United States government, and what happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963 was a coup d'etat. A coup that not only set the ominous precedent echoing down to our present day of Presidents being unable or unwilling to confront the darkest elements of the American Deep State at the risk of their own lives, but which also set our once great Constitutional Republic on the road to the brink of death. If the CIA's slogan is "ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set ye free" from the Holy Gospel according to St. John, than Americans should welcome truth-telling from any quarter -- including if it comes from the self-interested motives of our old Cold War rivals, the Russians.