Bild/DW Say Hundreds of Spetsnaz Lurking in Germany; Obama Admin Announces German Battalion in the Baltics Before Berlin Does

As an American Prussian married to a Russian, and an annual visitor to Germany, the Russia Analyst has keenly observed the shifts in German politics and society over the last few years. To a great extent, whether for jobless Spanish professionals or Syrian refugees, Germany has become 'the promised land' of modestly prosperous living to those fleeing mass unemployment or civil war at home. But the dark side of mass migration, crushing political correctness endlessly exploiting World War II guilt and a Chancellor who promotes disastrously open borders has yet to fully sink in from the Rhine to the Oder.

— Jürgen Riedel (@Hevellia64) May 1, 2016


Peaceful German Resistance to Merkel and the EU(SSR)'s Open Borders is Rising

Nonetheless, judging by the thumping Merkel's ruling Christian Democrats took in recent regional elections and the rise of the Alternativ fur Deutschland (AfD) party from unknowns to serious contenders at the state or lander level, unease with their Chancellor is turning to deep discontent with the status quo for millions of Germans. After years of weathering the European and global economic collapse, the sudden influx of over 1.2 million Muslim and cheap labor migrants into Germany last year has poked the raw nerves of Germans that had been quietly treading water with their stagnant wages while much of Europe sank. But now the combination of pressure from Washington to re-arm against Russia, to open Germany's borders, and to accept the anti-trade union, anti-sovereignty and negotiated in secret TTIP trade pact has become too much for Germans of the 'Left' and 'Right'.

I'm SHOCKED that the global hegemon and its opaque protectionist bloc TTIP WOULDN'T care for Europe's interests! ;)

— Nina Byzantina (@NinaByzantina) May 2, 2016

Merkel Has Humiliated Germany by Bowing Before Turkish Refugee Blackmail

It was one thing for Angela Merkel to sacrifice Germany's burgeoning trade with Russia in 2014 for the sake of sanctions over Ukraine that Washington demanded. It's quite another thing for Germans to realize that the 71-year-old negation of their national sovereignty extends beyond the American victors of WWII to the upstart neo-Ottoman Turks. The Turkish issue is especially raw because of concerns, seldom voiced but often thought by many Germans, that Ankara may exert a disquieting influence over the 3 million plus Turkish diaspora in Germany.

Furthermore, by noisily blaming Russia for fueling the flow of Syrian refugees into Europe despite Moscow's bombing campaign starting weeks after the Mideast immivasion surge into the EU last summer, NATO's Supreme Commander Air Force Gen. Phillip Breedlove unwittingly pointed the finger back at Washington, and the Soros/globalist interests seeking to destabilize Europe. Many Germans who are 'awake' recognize that without massive covert and overt support by the U.S. and its Sunni Muslim allies for the jihadists trying to overthrow Assad, there wouldn't be a Syrian refugee crisis in the first place.

And now NATO Stoltenberg & Gen Breedlove are trying to lay blame on Russia for refugees. The hypocrisy

— MRG (@truthhonour) March 4, 2016

When #BlameRussia and #BlamePutin Doesn't Work: The Donald's Criticisms of Merkel's Policies and Failure to Defend Europe's Borders Have Stung Not Just Berlin But NATO Too

Politically, attacks by likely GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on the North Atlantic alliance's dated Cold War architecture and its inability to act decisively against either terrorism or the immivasion sponsored by NATO member Turkey have stung Brussels and Berlin alike. The recent fuss over the alleged Kremlin influence over the anti-Islamic migration AfD and PEGIDA movements and supposed presence of elite Russian spetsnaz infiltrators in Germany may be the Atlanticist German Establishment's attempts to deflect attention from the Turkish and related immivasion question.

However, a widely publicized scandal has overshadowed Atlanticist media like Der Spiegel's efforts to highlight alleged 'Russian information warfare' against Germany, confounding attempts at pretending that Berlin isn't subservient to Washington and now even Ankara. We're referring of course, to Merkel's decision to prosecute a German comedian for publishing an Internet video that insulted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the man that Trump said 'may be helping ISIS' at the time of Turkey's ambush shoot down of Russia's SU-24 in November.

Mutti's Surrender to Erdogan Reminds Germans of an Ugly, Unspoken Truth:

They Haven't Had a Sovereign Country Since the End of WWII, and Official Berlin Works for the Globalists and NATO, Not the Interests of the German People

After all the efforts made by the German Marshall Fund, the Atlantic Council, and other NATO/Council on Foreign Relations groups to promote the notion of Chancellor Merkel as a heroic politician who braved a right wing backlash from welcoming the refugees to Germany and 'standing up to Putin', a great deal of PR fluff including the making of Merkel as Time magazine's 'Person of the Year' for 2015 has been forgotten. Instead, the German people see their Chancellor Mutti engaged in humiliating kowtowing to an elected Turkish leader who has turned into a dictator, crushing the Kurds and a free press in Turkey.

Below is the German language video (with English subtitles) that prompted the Turkish authorities to demand action from Berlin against TV station NDR, and which escalated with comedian Jan Böhmermann sharing his obscenity-laced poem insulting the Turkish President, for which he is now being prosecuted.

Even The New York Times and Der Spiegel can't spin away the damage to Merkel's approval ratings and reputation her bowing to Erdogan's immivasion blackmail has done. Consider the following political cartoons (and these are just the non-obscene ones, that don't feature any sexualized dominance -- the Russia Analyst wouldn't want to put that type of imagery in the minds of Rogue Money readers):

Pope Francis to meet privately with Merkel May 6, Vatican says

— Bloomberg (@business) May 3, 2016

Merkel Being Politically 'Brave' = Shoving Globalist Policies Down German and European Throats, and Guilt-Tripping or Labeling as Russian Stooges Those Opposed

To make matters worse for the Chancellery, not only has Merkel used a seldom enforced 19th century law on the books to selectively prosecute a German citizen for obscene but ultimately political speech against a Turkish President made in Germany (just imagine the Anglo-American and German media outrage if the same law were applied to Ukrainian or American activists living in Germany who've insulted Putin), she is also ignoring Turkey's half-hearted attempts to reduce the migrant flow into Europe and pressuring the EU to grant Turks visa free travel to the Schengen bloc.

That's right, at a time when Germany (like France, Belgium and the UK) is a jihadi terrorist target, when Ankara has been caught supporting both ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, and thousands of Turkish nationals have fought in the Syrian civil war or are members of radical organizations like the ultra-nationalist Grey Wolves, Merkel wants the EU to let Turks in for 90 days time visa-free with no questions asked. What could possibly go wrong?

Alternative for #Germany#Manifesto: No 2 #Eurozone, #Turkey & #ClimateChange:#EU#Dexit#Merkelmussweg#Merkel

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In Your Face Globalism and the 'Chancellor of the World'

To say that such a policy is unpopular in both Germany and the rest of Europe would be a drastic understatement. But by praising Merkel's political 'heroism' in ignoring the wishes of the vast majority of Germans who did not want to admit 100s of thousands, but to instead help Mideast refugees already living in Turkey or Jordan closer to Syria, the Establishment has started to back itself into a corner.

In order to be a 'good German', according to the Establishment, one has to now accept that Germany just like America will be an immigrant society, ignoring the drastic differences between small and overcrowded Germany and the North American or Australian continents, and the incompatibility of the German beer and pork loving culture with Islam. Below is an example of the kind of multi-culti propaganda Germans are being bombarded with, depicting PEGIDA members chanting 'We are the people' opposed to the immivasion as Nazis:

By labeling any criticism of Merkel over her disastrous open borders and Turkey-appeasing policies part of a Kremlin disinformation campaign, the most fanatically pro-NATO and pro-EU media outlets like Bild and think tanks such as the George C. Marshall Center are putting their eggs in Chancellor Mutti's sinking basket.

Ironically, by defending Merkel so vociferously from her critics both at home and abroad, the Atlanticists have only cemented her reputation in the minds of many Germans as a globalist or Washington stooge who will do whatever she is told, regardless of the political consequences to herself. After all, 'Mutti' isn't trying to be Chancellor of Germany anymore, but Chancellor (or in the case of the Reuters 'journalist' below, President) of the World:

Merkel for president. Of the world.

— Lucian Kim (@Lucian_Kim) February 17, 2016

Above: Reuters 'journalist' @Lucian_Kim, engaging in another sycophantic tweet for Mutti...

Thus the rumors that Merkel is being blackmailed by Washington/Langley over her Stasi past, or that her own personal behavior and mental health (for example, in inviting America's Asia-Pacific ally Japan to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization this week) have become increasingly erratic, will likely gain a broader audience. 

When NATO Propaganda Jumps the Shark:

#JihadiJulian Covers Syria from Twitter in Germany Where Elite Russian Spetsnaz Sleeper Cells Are Awaiting Their Doomsday Orders from Putin to Attack

The Atlanticists have also hurt their credibility with ordinary Germans by pushing increasingly ludicrous, over the top propaganda memes against the Russians. By far the most notorious outlet for anti-Russian hysteria is Bild, a publication which like the Axel Springer Verlagsgruppe is well known for a condition of employment being that journalists must swear fealty to American foreign policy and support for the Israeli government. Or as the Springer press writes on its own website, in lofty language, its reporters are expected to:

“To uphold liberty and law in Germany, a country belonging to the Western family of nations, and to further the unification of the peoples of Europe.

To promote the reconciliation of Jews and Germans and support the vital rights of the State of Israel.

To support the Transatlantic Alliance and maintain solidarity with the United States of America in the common values of free nations...”


Bild, as its name implies, is a photo-heavy tabloid that millions of Germans wouldn't take seriously, in much the same way many readers of high-brow The New York Times look down on those who read The New York Daily News and UK Guardian readers diss the lads who 'read' the T&A and celebrity gossip heavy Daily Mail in BritainNonetheless Bild employs 'journalist' Julian Roepcke, who has become notorious on Twitter as #JihadiJulian for his sympathizing with radical Islamist forces, including Al-Qaeda's Jabhat al-Nusra, fighting the Assad government in Syria. 

In addition to covering the Syria conflict from Europe while never actually setting foot in the country, a trait he shares with a similar BS artist Eliot "Bellingcat" Higgins, the furious #JihadiJulian has a history of blocking anyone who dares to question him on Twitter. While we're fairly certain #JihadiJulian's fanatical anti-Russian propaganda is a 'loss leader' or a just plain audience loser for Bilderberg Group co-founding corporation Axel Springer AG, Roepcke's hysterical denunciations of Putin and the Russian government on Twitter are more like the spearhead of a much larger propaganda offensive. One that has long since 'jumped the shark', with its latest allegation straight out of the 1980s Tom Clancy novel Red Storm Rising that the Russians have many spetsnaz teams carefully infiltrated into Germany, including into the German police and armed forces (!).

"Putin's 'secret sleepers' waiting for a signal." Deliciously nutty propaganda by Germany's state controlled @dwnews

— Bryan MacDonald (@27khv) April 22, 2016

Again it's one thing for a 'supermarket tabloid' formerly known for beer and boobs and BS 'journalism' to push this hysteria, quite another for Germany's respected (and state funded) Deutsche Welle website to promote the work of 'non-fiction' author Boris Reitschuster using the headline, "Putin's 'secret sleepers' waiting for an interview with DW, the German non-fiction author Boris Reitschuster spoke about his new book "Putin's Hidden War," which is about a secret Russian army group in Germany."

“DW: Your book, released on Friday - “Putin’s secret war: How Moscow is destabilizing the West” - claims that there is a kind of martial arts-trained secret army controlled by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Germany. Or is this going too far?

Boris Reitschuster: Not too far, although I do not like the word “army.” An army is something big and this is not about an army, but instead, a unit. According to estimates made by intelligence services, there are 250 to 300 men involved.

These units develop out of martial arts schools where “Systema” - a combat sport that is linked to the Russian special unit Spetsnaz - is taught.

These schools are shooting up like mushrooms in the West. I must also say that 99.99 percent of people who work out in these schools have nothing to do with the guerilla groups. You cannot suspect everyone of being a secret Russian fighter.

Yet, several people have actually been recruited. They are sent to Moscow under the pretense of advanced training. That is where they are instructed in the Spetsnaz method for Russian special forces. They are taught hand-to-hand combat, how to use explosives and firearms, and how to carry out acts of sabotage. Then they return to Germany and wait for orders from Moscow. Several of them work for the police and some of them work for the German Armed Forces, the Bundeswehr. Once, when a regional Office for the Protection of the Constitution [Germany’s domestic intelligence service, the ed.] detained two such fighters, they said, “We are Russian officers and demand to be treated accordingly.”

DW: Are these fighters Russian or German citizens?

Boris Reitschuster: Most of them are German, or they have dual citizenship: German and Russian. Most of them speak Russian. Around four million people from the former Soviet Union live in Germany. In most cases, they are loyal citizens; this must be repeatedly emphasized.

DW: You’re saying then that there are 250 to 300 Russian saboteurs waiting for the moment to act, is that correct?

Boris Reitschuster: Yes. When I heard it myself and read the documents from the intelligence agencies, I was shocked and did not immediately believe it until I checked with another source. When I seriously confronted the issue, I realized that this is nothing new; the same was done in the GDR era.

It is not Putin’s brainchild; it is a continuation of KGB methods. Even if we have no information on their role in concrete exploits, it is not very pleasant to think that an explosive could be hidden somewhere.”


Spetsnaz,Sneaking Around Your German Town Disguised as Martial Arts Instructors!

But Why is the German and Anglo-American Media Promoting this Story Now?

While the Russia Analyst agrees that there could be a few dozen now-old Russian guys who were veterans of the late Soviet Afghan or 1990s Chechen wars with spetsnaz or Soviet Sambo training who later emigrated to Germany, the idea that they would use martial arts academies as clever covers is way too 'Boris and Natasha' from The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle for our tastes.

Reitschuster's sensationalist claims are divorced from the reality of what we know about the real-life KGB and SVR's long term illegals programs (including from the excellent work of Mark Hackard and his Espionage Archive website) and how they operate. Hint: the real Moscow or Yasenevo Center illegals in Germany have probably been much more successful than those arrested in the U.S. by the FBI in 2010, including the red-headed femme fatale Anna Chapman. This is in part, because they would de-emphasize their Russian-ness as real late 80s/early 90s arriving Volga Germans or better yet, by posing as Slovenes or Slovaks. Nonetheless, if the KGB and later SVR hadn't been trying to plant illegals among the hundreds of thousands with some German ancestry or who were married to Volga Germans that applied for German citizenship from the former Soviet Union after the Wall fell, we're certain Putin would have been asking them if they were doing their job properly!

Most Russian illegals in Germany and other EU countries probably don't look like Anya...

As for the GRU or Russian military intelligence, their operations will naturaly be focused on collecting data including signals intelligence of the American military buildup in Germany as a staging ground for NATO's aggressive posture on Russia's borders. The SVR and GRU will also be highly active, and we suspect given the political disenchantment of many educated Germans with the United States and post-Cold War NATO quite successful, in their efforts to recruit members of the government and Bundeswehr to pass on information to Moscow. That German counterintelligence will now be looking as closely or even more closely at German officers with right wing sympathies as much as leftists in the ranks as signs they could be ideologically attuned to SVR/GRU recruitment is one of the many ironies of the second Cold War compared to the first, when leftists and sympathizers with the DDR (East Germany) predominated among the KGB's recruits in West Germany (the one glaring exception to this trend being KGB legend Yury Drozhdov's brilliant 'false flag' operation to invent an old 'Nazi network' within the BND that actually reported to Moscow).

For the more respectable and high brow DW to push these type of stories on their audience indicates several things, none of them good. It suggests, for example, that the rise of PEGIDA, however small its few-thousand strong demonstrations remain compared to the overall population, has alarmed Germany's Atlanticist rulers. In particular the Establishment mouthpiece Der Spiegel has noticed the tendency of the euroskeptic/secure borders party AfD to recruit members among the large German-Russian community, and for Hungarian or Russian flags to occasionally appear at PEGIDA protest marches with signs calling for "peace/no war with Russia".

Whenever one examines psychological operations or psyops, one has to start with the question of: why now? Why is the public being bombarded with this message now? The widespread propagation of the 'Russian spetsnaz are infiltrating Germany' story occurred just days before the Obama Administration announced, and the German government leaked to Der Spiegel, plans for a Bundeswehr battalion to join the three other battalions NATO plans to maintain on permanent rotation status in the Baltic states bordering Russia.

The sheer chutzpah of Reitschuster's claims which lack any real evidence to support them (we might as well start discussing with Steve Quayle all those Russian spetsnaz hiding out in the Blue Ridge mountains of eastern Tennessee) and DW eagerly treating them with little skepticism indicate to us Washington and Langley's propagandists desire to maintain fear of Russia as an enemy among the educated German public. The claim that Russian spetsnaz operatives have infiltrated the police and even the Bundeswehr (alongside both Turkish/Albanian origin and German native recruits to ISIS) is also likely  intended to facilitate some future purge of both forces of ethnic Russians with German citizenship, to better bolster a McCarthy-esque atmosphere of paranoia. In the worst case scenario, one might see this propaganda as the first steps towards ensuring the Bundeswehr would obey orders rather than mutiny in case of a third German war with Russia in the last 120 years.

Turning East or Turning Repressive in Service of 'Freedumb'?

Cognitive Dissonance and Bureaucratic Infighting in Germany

In the meantime, this notion that both ISIS and Russian agents are everywhere in Germany supports the arguments of those, like the recently ousted director of the Bundesnachritchtendienst (BND) Gerhard Schindler, that mass NSA surveillance of Germans is for their own protection. Thus the urgent need for the BND to tolerate or at least quickly forgive the NSA's aggressive spying on the Chancellor's personal cellphone, and for German intelligence to accept at face value the Americans' denials that their spying on Siemens and other German national champions has no element of industrial or corporate espionage whatsoever (ha ha). In fact, Schindler argued that the Snowden leaks were part of an elaborate Kremlin psyop against the U.S.-German alliance, designed to sow mistrust between Washington and Berlin.

Nonetheless, the quip by the first Secretary General of NATO that the alliance's mission was to 'keep the Americans in, the Russians out and the Germans down' has not been entirely forgotten in Germany. But by seeing enemies lurking everywhere inside Germany and without, the message is conveyed that only total fealty to Uncle Sam's dictates can secure the Germans within a new (Islamic migrant friendly but firmly Russophobic) 'Fortress Europe'. But there is strong evidence not everyone within the German government much less an increasingly Washington and Brussels-skeptic society is ready to 'get with the program'. In particular, when the Obama Administration is formally announcing the deployment of Bundeswehr soldiers to the Batic states on an ongoing battalion-strength basis before Berlin does, it naturally raises the question as to who is in charge, and whether Germans have a sovereign defense and foreign policy or merely follow orders from Washington.

The selective leaks of intelligence by some members of the BND, Germany's CIA subsidiary, undermining the 'Russian BUK shot down MH17' Narrative in late 2014, the sharing of intelligence by the BND with the Assad government and hence the Russians regarding ISIS and other terrorists in Syria that pose a threat to Germany, and the recent resignation of hard line NSA/CIA loyalist BND Chairman Gerhard Schindler all point to serious infighting within the German government. Regardless of Chancellor Angela Merkel's utter subservience to Washington, not everyone in Berlin or within Germany's security agencies can be considered 100% loyal by the U.S. if by 'loyal' one means 'willing to always subordinate what they perceive to be Germany's legitimate national interests to those of Uncle Sam'.

Merkel's shameful bowing to the demands of Erdogan and the increasingly Islamist Turkish government that BND spooks know damn well has sponsored ISIS and Al-Nusra is unlikely to endear her further to the more patriotic element of the German foreign and domestic intelligence services. If the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (better known by its acronym BfV) is turned loose on any elements within German society considered to be 'too close to Russia' or too critical of Merkel and the U.S., the allegations of authoritarianism in a country acutely sensitive to the first hints of tyranny will be hard to dismiss. So will the parallels, however flawed and smaller in scale, between the last time German troops were on Russia's 'peacetime' borders and the present:

“The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that NATO is preparing to deploy four battalions — approximately 4,000 troops — to Russia’s western border. US Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work was in Brussels today to announce the Western military escalation on Russia’s border, which he claimed was in response to Russian military exercises near the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

According to Deputy Secretary of Defense Work, two of the battalions would come from the United States, with one each coming from the UK and Germany.

This announcement might come as news to German lawmakers, as such a significant German military presence on Russia’s borders has not been approved by Berlin. Although German Chancellor Angela Merkel has given Washington reason to believe that Germany would join the escalation, the move is considered highly controversial in a Germany growing weary of following US foreign policy dictates. In fact, according to recent polling, only one in three Germans supports the idea of the German military defending the Baltics even if there were a Russian attack. A clear majority of Germans oppose NATO military bases on Russia’s border.”


Obama and NATO Play the Psychological 'Germans to the Front' Card vs. Russia

Operation #Barbarossa 2.0

— Kejsj (@realSamHandwich) April 30, 2016

Make no mistake, however absurd the thought that a single battalion of Bundeswehr could pose a military threat to huge Russia and her rapidly modernizing armed forces, the fully intentional historic symbolism of announcing the deployment of German troops to Latvia days before Russia celebrates the Soviet victory in WWII is not lost on Moscow.

Obama's eager announcement and his pressure on the Germans to re-arm against the new 'Russian threat' is just one more proof for the Kremlin's Narrative to Russians that an enemy is again stirring in the West, and they must be ready like their heroic grandfathers to fight the aggressor with everything they have: